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It's like...

The way, it started
The way, it goes on
The way, it is admired
The way, it is hold

More likely
The way, what we are
The way, how we evolve
The way, time course
The way, how we respond

And this goes on
And on
The sacred calling
Amusing, rest of us

It's like...
A flow
Genre: Observational
Theme: Beautiful Life
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
The human heart

No need to wonder
Why I said

Hearing the rhythm
And the basic beats


They let me know
What to sing
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Muse
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
I put out ANu
ad for aMuse
The first girl to ANswer
hANded me ANude
Wow, Jesus, dude...
I don't know what to do...
I was just looking
for a chuckle or two.
Andreas Simic Jan 2018
A Flower and a book

Saw the picture and had a second look
A flower and a book

What can you say about those two things
A flurry of thoughts it brings

When I think of a flower it is beauty I see
A book brings words of who I may want to be

The smell of petals bring joy
Page after page brings wisdom for me to employ

How are they the same you may ask
This is where I put myself to the task

Both are there to amuse our minds
Even if it is of varying kinds

Is it a stretch to say
Each brings wisdom your way

Texture is found by your fingers
Impressions made live long and lingers

There are feelings evoked galore
By reading into what is in store

Memories tweaked and new ones made
Though some may one day fade

No matter what the occasion or circumstance
They can deliver even in the case of romance

Under the covers they do bring
The possibility of inspiration for songs to sing

Stories yet to be told lay in wait
Whatever you imagine will be great

Andreas Simic©
Nylee Aug 2017
Feel nothing in the heart
Just empty feelings spar
to keep thoughts amuse
my face, little confused
emotions on a still graph
Things play out not their part
Nor do they turn rough
there's no flame, not steam
No smoke, no, nothing!
just emptiness in filling
just emptiness in feelings
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2017
People gifted with voice
Stop making all the noise
Do not speak words to abuse
Just to keep your self amuse
Understand yourself in their shoes
Change your perceptions and views
Then choose the right words to use
A Watoot May 2015
I've been waiting
For a great comeback.
But you cannot supply me
With the truth I deserve.

Therefore, I
will make you a marionette-
controlled by my hands,
and make you dance

For my entertainment
and for my sake;
Because you cannot
amuse me just by
making yourself look pitiful.

Do not try masking
Things that's true
Because I know
What's been happening.

Do not even try masking
And hiding behind
switching topics and
Frequent lies.

I cannot tolerate
these things that you do.
So, I am here to pull your strings
And make you dance for all the

**Lost trust
Lose my trust. Lose your will.
For a friend that I already cut ties with.
You forgot what I can do.
jerelii Apr 2014
That seductive looks will just
Caught an attention to fool
May 1,2014
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