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My eye knows your view
And remembers your way

To talk and explain
To say how you are weak
I fell in that plan

When then I see
You, I forget
And listen to you again

I fell in that plan
As I forget everything
And remember any thing

Belongs to your smart
whn one descides to mett his lover with his mind , he falls in trouble and gets his mind in long vacation and remebers only the smart
The beauty of dream is,
Its not real...
Good or bad probably doesn't stay on memory long .
It could be bitter or a sweet song.
100% your own and to only you it belong.
Lu Aug 2019
It's the ocean.
It was and will always be the ocean under the sunset,
That my heart belongs to.
Ashari Ty May 2019

Tomorrow, tears
Will be shed

But today is not
For a sorrowful poem

'Cause I'm glad
That you've been
My home.

And you'll always be
My home.
Forever and ever my home.
To my Family from SRC, to the ones who went with, after, and away, to Batch 2019, and the rest who will be missed, I hope this little poem could give a glimpse of the hundreds of thousands of words that got stuck in my throat. Thank you and good bye.
aniket nikhade Aug 2016
As long as you live
So long as you live
Always remember
There is no such thing as tomorrow
Whatever is there is with regards to the present moment in time and that belongs to today itself.

So always remember
Keep it in mind
Get it registered in your mind somewhere
Give your best for the present only and things will eventually turn out to be fine
Agree or don’t agree, tomorrow never comes
Better to go on with what is there in mind with regards to the present moment in time and life will be fine.

Yet another moment passes by
Yet another day progress
Life goes on
Life continues
Life follows with regards to what is going on in the mind
Life follows.
aniket nikhade Jun 2016
Still remembering the past, what’s the use now?
What has happened is a thing of past and it will remain in the past,
over a period of time it will become a thing of remote past,
however, still remembering the past.

Remember the past is a thing of past,
from where it came,
to where it belongs,
a thing of past is a thing of past,
which will remain in the past,
then no matter how hard an effort is made to bring the past to life,
it's of no use,
since over a period of time it will be realized that efforts are going futile.

Over a period of time it will be realized that the past is a thing of past and as more time passes by it becomes a thing of remote past.

Better way of doing things is to believe in the present moment in time to which life belongs and which has got everything to do with regards to the present and also with respect to an uncertain future.

Definitely life continues along with the present moment in time.
My heart was cold and my walls were high
I felt safe weir I lye
Then you came and you tore them down
now it hurts not to have you around
weir did you go now and are you coming back
I asked you to stay but you had to go
you left me alone and I'm getting cold
I don't know if I can hold
weir did you go with my heart
you said I would see you again
I feel so lost when your not around
pleas don't let me lose you again
My kingdoms falling all around me
My Queen has lost herself
My heart is yours but you are lost now
I think I might fall I have no more walls
now if you can still hear me know i love you
but you've left me with no protection
so say good bye for the last time
I hope you keep my heart warm tonight
let my memory strengthen you
always know my heart belongs to you
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