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my heart... it's made of glass
you told me it was my fault,
so it shattered.

I cut myself on the broken glass,
which makes me sick,
but that's ok...
KJ 7d
It’s getting bad again.
My skin is scratching, itching, burning.
I want to rake my nails down my wrist
just to relieve a little pressure.

It’s building up inside me.
I’m afraid that I’ll explode
and imbed shrapnel in those
who are closest to me.

I shy away
and leave myself alone.
Better to suffer in silence
than to make others worry.

I want to press a blade
deep into my hips.
To feel the blood bubbling up
and all my pressure-pain-panic
leaving with
each drop that flows down my thigh.

Just like old times.
things I refuse to do again but haunt my mind
Mary Frances Oct 10
Cut the chase already.
It's not fun anymore.
You're just hurting yourself.
And honestly, I don't want to be blamed about it.
Mandalina Oct 9
I'm scared if a lot of things;

The night; for it keeps tricking me into bad situations

My dreams; for they keep turning into nightmares I can't escape

But most of all I'm terrified of my thoughts.
My mind is twisted,
messed up,
and I can't untangle it.

I don't want to,
but I'm so mislead.

I'm scared,
and I need your help.

For the root and spark in all my fears is also a friend I keep near.
It's sharp,
made of steel,
and fuels my dreams.

It's always there in the dark night
and keeps me company.
It paints my canvas red
and it makes me feel again.

My biggest fear is to cut.

_an old poem_
Mandalina Oct 6
It's screaming my name.
The urge is killing me.
I'm trying to stay clean,
but right now all I see is

My vision is blurry,
my mind is a mess,
it all makes sense,
and I know I shouldn't
but in this moment I'm weak.

All I want to do is
   r  e  l  a  p  s  e

_this is an old poem_
Ali Ashraf Oct 1
Hurt me honey, hurt me.
Break me and then cut me
Cut me into cubes of misery
Pour spices and then burn me.

© Ali Ashraf
I kind of like writing ******* poems so here's one.
Blake Jul 3
I tell myself
Think of him
Another red **** on my arm
He doesn’t want you to do this
Another one
He loves you
Again, this time deeper
He will worry for you
I waver
He will see them
Don’t care. I return to the fluid motion
He will ask you why
The blood drips down my arms
He will want you to stop
I want to stop
He will help you if you let him
I don’t need anyone’s help
Yes you do
I know
So get it
I can’t. I will fix this myself.

I won’t make anyone else deal with my ******* problems
Forearms, biceps, neck, hips, thighs, shins, calves, ankles, ribs, *******, bra line, hand.
Mandalina Sep 26
I don't want to tell you,
because I refuse to accept.

I don't want to tell you,
because I don't want to see.

I don't want to tell you,
because I hate the thought;

to look in the mirror and see
what I've become;

to hear the words that make
me a freak;

for you to see me as helpless
and ******* up.

I don't want to tell you,
because I know I have to.

I don't want to tell you,
but I need your hand
and I pray for you to understand.

Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Be heard like a

Cut through like a

Get it off the chest from the
Blake Sep 24
How are you feeling?
You need to eat.
Just get at it and get it done.
I am the grown up
I know more than you
You are the child
Stop over reacting
The phone is the problem
I hope you have kids as awful as you
You’re greedy
Be quiet
I wish I still had a hot little body like you
Just try telling her how you feel
Did you talk to her about it
Did you hand it in
I’m your mother I can touch you if I want to you don’t get to have boundaries with me
Your sister was the same way
Stop blaming you anxiety
Don’t use your depression to get out of things
Just try
You said you were gonna stop
I thought you said it was a good day
What happened
You don’t work hard enough
You’re cute
You just need to calm down
That’s your own fault
Why didn’t you talk to me
Is it my fault
That’s life
There’s about a million more but I have a **** ton of homework to stay up all night doing so this is all I’m going to write.
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