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snipes Sep 1
never stop writing
     express your heart

but remember what you write

~as the permeant pen bleeds
   you hope the alcohol can
   scrub it out~

yup the cup overrun with relief
I’m shattered
yup the bottle speaks with emptiness
as I live
the pen comes with a heartbeat
your assaults leave paper cuts
and these words come with wounds
please believe
maria Oct 2021
Be afraid of a woman who changes her hair

All this colours make you blind
It's not a hobby
It's not a style
It's a mental breakdown
or two
or maybe like ten
in a night

when a woman cuts her hair
She's about to change
her life

Written on October 12, 2021
© ,Maria
WickedHope Sep 2021
They say girls like something shiny
And that may very well be true
Bigger is better but I'll take tiny
No matter the size I'll make do

Of course I have my favorites
Or those meant for special occasions
Getting dolled up I want to savor it
Adorning myself prematurely for my sins

Perhaps they get jealous of each other
So maybe I'll take them all out for display
They sparkle perfectly making me stutter
Stroking each longingly before we play
When I get this numb I know I'm supposed to be scared but I don't remember how.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2021
What is expected from me?
You were the half that chose to leave
I'll do my best
Be your friend
Even if leading to another dead end
Never thought we would wash up where we are
Two separate shores
Watching you from afar
Be truthful with me
That is what I most desire
Sick of the games
Fake way through a familiar apology
Promising to be the man I know you'll never be
Like a rolling dice
Have many faces
Expert at bluffing yet you're always holding aces
You gamble my love
About time you lose
My heart not an object to pull apart or use
I'm sick of betting my chips
The poorest hand
For you I go all-in
Don't even understand
I never was good at cards
At least that is what I'm told
Probably should cut my losses
Say farewell and finally fold
But what can I say? I guess I'm just a gambling type of girl...
WickedHope Sep 2021
Torn flesh haunts my nightmares and daydreams

My sanity slips away on crimson puddles that stain my thoughts

Numbness I used to fight with pain has morphed into a nauseating depth I want to fill with a scarlet flood to drown out the feeling
I feel so broken I want to **** myself.
Maniacal Escape Jul 2021
Enjoy the madness, its Mortemer's dance!
Swishing and turning its not wishy-washy,
Slashing and cutting the shapes! Oh lord the shapes!
Slicing and spinning then boom! Red confetti.
Look at him go in his marvelous trance!
Spinning and cutting the dance spins in circles as the audience cries 'now do the slip and slide!'
So he slides in real slow now he's in his mojo
He's feeling himself as he's breaking it down.
Its him and himself in his spotlight lit solo,
A pool of composure for his one final flourish;
A swish and a slit, moves never seen before.
The big grand finale and the crowd goes bananas!
There's roses on roses, they pile on the stage!
Mortemer's touched by such lovely affection from a crowd of individuals with no connection.
He'll lie on the stage and soak up the praise.
His roses smell sweet, and his roses are plenty.
A single tear,
a million cries,
a million fears,
produces a single sigh,
one cut,
leads to a million stitches.
Reopening old wounds.
Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
The art invention AI, the Allsay, I'll-gorithm,
Aiaia ai
let me say this is poetry, I did not write,
but found
Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to set, put."

It forms all or part of:
abdomen; abscond; affair; affect
(v.1) "make a mental impression on;"
(v.2) "make a pretense of;"
affection; amplify; anathema; antithesis;
artifact; artifice;
beatific; benefice; beneficence; beneficial; benefit;
bodega; boutique;
chafe; chauffeur;
comfit; condiment; confection; confetti; counterfeit;
deed; deem; deface; defeasance; defeat; defect; deficient;
difficulty; dignify; discomfit; do (v.);
doom; -dom;
edifice; edify;
efface; effect; efficacious; efficient;
facade; face; facet; ******;
facile; facilitate; facsimile; fact;
faction (n.1) "political party;"
factitious; factitive; factor; factory;
factotum; faculty; fashion; feasible; feat; feature;
feckless; fetish;
fordo; forfeit;
hypothecate; hypothesis;
incondite; indeed; infect;
malefactor; malfeasance;
modify; mollify;
office; officinal;
prima facie;
proficient; profit; prosthesis; prothesis;
purdah; putrefy;
recondite; rectify; refectory;
suffice; sufficient;
surface; surfeit;
ticking (n.);
theco-; thematic; theme; thesis;

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by:
Sanskrit dadhati "puts, places;"
Avestan dadaiti "he puts;"
Old Persian ada "he made;"
Hittite dai- "to place;"
Greek tithenai "to put, set, place;"
Latin facere "to make, do; perform; bring about;"
Lithuanian dėti "to put;"
Polish dziać się "to be happening;"
Russian delat' "to do;"
Old High German tuon,
German tun,
Old English don "t
dondiddondondon just the facts.
fishing with dragnets killed more than a third of the fish in the sea, eventually.
Daisy Ashcroft Mar 2021
They asked me how I knew
That I loved only you.
Do you know what I said?
The first thing that came to my head?

I told them you're like lo-fi indie
One tear and you're there for me
Waiting to sing and help me through
One hour in your arms and I'm back to new.

And, like the music, you fill out the edges
The sharp that cut up my senses
You pad them out and soften them up
So when I fall, I don't feel so struck.
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