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chi 7d
i don't see the stars in your eyes anymore, they look dull, sad—empty even.

i don't see the fire in your eyes anymore, they burned out and there was nothing left but darkness.

i don't see the life in your eyes anymore, they seem lifeless and full of agony.

i have always loved your eyes, for they unvail who you are and what you feel. i have always loved seeing the ocean in your eyes that drowns me and hypnotizes me; you have changed.
a poem i wrote while looking at the mirror.
Spriha Kant Sep 30
Some people erase my warm feelings for themselves by their blindness and deafness for my feelings and tell others in my absence that Spriha has changed.
Some people are like this.
Have you ever had such experience with such people ?
We think it's gone
In better times we could have played
As weather's changed
You slipped away
Remembering those blessed days

September sun invigorates
Glimpses of glory warmed
It's riches clasp the back of neck
Absorbed in chest and flow to rest

Time be spent so look ahead
Aim to be your best throughout the test
This place is finite so be our heads
More to life than meets the end
Undefined redemption led
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
I'll give this dress a new occasion
Maybe then it won't feel so painful
When I see you with her again

I'll fill these picture frames that are vacant
With new memories you haven't tainted
And I'll convince myself you've changed

I'll plan a new trip to San Diego
So I no longer think about graduation
When our families went on vacation

I'll walk away from the future that we painted
Redirect my destination
And I'll watch you become a stranger
I am different now
All has changed for me somehow
Cant see who I was
Time changes your perceptions of yourself and others, but it doesnt make the hurting stop or the memories fade
Forget the old me
We are not the same
I do not belong to you anymore
Tides continue to turn
Though Rome has changed
The sun still circles as people pray

Prompted to pace
Echoes of rage
Darkness seeps in the shadows
of her longest day
Still we afraid

Little bubbles rise from the fireside
Frustrations heard on the mount
Count in reverse internally and observe the confusion or clout
Why do you serve one of the two when collision rules for the powerful
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Bhill Jun 22
looking ahead towards the end is intoxicating
knowing that you are able to conquer obstacles previously out of reach
hurdles, that before, were not obtainable
what changed so that victory existed on your journey
your ideas of what could be done, can be done
your view of the end changed....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 170
What is in your view?
Nylee Jun 10
Is everything the way you thought before?
Has nothing changed,
The lessons learnt
Forgotten the very next day?
Is perspective still the same way
The memory is disappearing
Life is moving on
Time won't slow down
Am i still the old me,
I dont feel changed at all
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