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Ammar 7d
Rebuilt, I have
Wiser, I became
Just, I believe in
Empathy, I spread
Fear, of losing it all again
I came far in this one year of my retribution.
It's like a roller coaster
This thing called life
It's raining outside from the dark yawning sky
The yellow streetlamps are all that makes the drops visible
So it looks like the lamps are raining

My heel bone can be felt through
My skin
People shudder at my face but
Sadness isn't a sin
It's more of a thought experiment
A chance to learn

When everything is hinged
and Yellow - Black tinged
You realize you have changed so
And what you thought you would never be
You have suddenly become
Too many cliched words rhyme with 'see'

Like be

No white
Is as white
As a memory of whiteness
And so the search for
The deep darkness of a dream
Is a fool's chore
I think someone once said
Every choice is an open door
What? Where did this come from? I just found this in my email archive.
I tried so hard.
I tried to be pretty and funny and spontaneous. I tried to be better for you.

I know you’re not supposed to change yourself for someone, but I honestly feel like you were bringing out the best in me.

You didn’t make me change myself. I chose to. So it hurts that I still wasn’t good enough for you.

You didn’t try very hard. You didn’t have to.

I was head over heels for you, and you knew it. You abused it.

Now you’re gone, and I can’t even recognize myself.
no ripple
on glistening pond
bucolic greenery
greeted sweet mornings
like apple muffins
dusted with

pathways through
rainforest's half-light
hushed cathedral
birdsong rang true
retrieved to senses
a lilting lullaby's melodic

then machinery
of life's happenchance
seared through undergrowth
chainsaw's presence
halted paradise
lacerations on earth's

reverberations hit
tremors appear
reach beyond
borders coddled close
as things find a new
place to roost and
sometimes things change perhaps somewhat unexpectedly -  a relationship experiences a different phase, needs are not being met the way they once were, someone close to us moves far away, a sweet friendship can suffer an unanticipated wound - whatever the loss, there can be regret and it can feel like much of value has been lost, yet at times it can lead to certain insights and more...
CM Lee Jan 18
Remember when we were happy?
When we weren’t afraid of anything
When all we could lose was you and me
We weren’t scared and it was everything

My hair was short and yours was long
Now things have changed
We don’t know where we belong
We’re lost and seems like there’s no end

You hair’s now short and mine is long
Now, things are still the same
We still don’t know where we belong
We’re older and maybe a little insane

We might never meet again
We might never find our way home
But that will never ever mean
The moon never tried to chase the sun
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
I used to think with the snap of my fingers I changed the universe in that moment.
Now the years have passed and it feels as though it was all in the span of the snap of my fingers.
Was it I that changed the universe, or the universe that changed me in the end?
Haylin Dec 2018
Somewhere along the way,

We changed
aury Dec 2018
I miss the you I used to know
The you I fell in love with
The you who made me laugh
The you who teased me just to see my smile
The you who cared about me
The you who couldn’t go more than a week without speaking to me
The you who always told me what was wrong
The you who said I’d never lose you
The you who let me into your space
I hate that version of you
Because you made me fall in love with you
You broke my heart and
It’s been months
And I haven’t been myself since
The pieces are too small to glue back together
now I wish I’d never met you
Johnny walker Nov 2018
To side two every street but always thought In
my life the wrong side
of the street Is to where always I
Till the day I met my wife
to be, that day I must have crossed, not being aware to the other side of the street
the day my luck turned
But since Helen has passed away seems as If I've returned back to the wrong side of the street so
many mistakes made since
she's been gone, got to find my way back to right side of
the street In order to survive
Always thought In life I'd walked the wrong side of the street till the day my luck changed
Faith Nov 2018
Does my age affect how people think of what I do?
Do my looks alter what people think of my personality?
If I tell them my beliefs, would they hate me?
Can simply my gender change what something could have been?
Does my outward distract from my soul?
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