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larni Jun 10
so many things i want to say
but it’s just too early
larni Jun 10
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
I’m not much
of a pool

but when you’re drinking
at the bar at 7am with
the other 3rd shifters
getting off from work
and the old men that
start their drinking

you tend to feel invincible
like you’ve obtained super powers
like you can do anything

of course these feelings are feign
but at least you give it a try
when you’re in the moment

and that’s what I did,
challenging my co-worker
to a game of a pool for
a mere ten dollar bet.

I heard through the grapevine
that he was a good pool player,
a hustler even, but I didn’t care,
I wanted to bet against the odds.

I’m not much
of a pool

but I played pretty well that day.
we got down to just the 8 ball
left on the table and he sunk
that into the corner pocket.

he took the ten from me
and it was the only ten
I had left until the next

as I turned my back with
no hard feelings and
walked away penniless
he said,

“hey do you want to make
your money back?”

“sure,” I told him. “what do
I got to lose?”

“see that fat old man sitting
down at the end of the bar?”


“go over there and start shaking
his fat around and scream
while your doing it.”

he held the ten in the air and
without hesitation, I snatched
it from him and walked over to
the fat old man minding his
own business.

“WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I screamed.

and began shaking the fat from
his belly and then stopped and looked
up at the guys who were laughing
their ***** off. I gave them the
high sign and took off out the bar.
as I exited through the door,
I heard the old man say,


a pinch of degradation and
absorbingly desperation  
on my part I must say
but I didn’t care.

when you’re young and in your 20’s
and working an overnight shift, not
much matters.

but I did learn to stay out of the bars
early in the morning and not to gamble
when you’re feeling invincible and
not to live paycheck to paycheck.

if it means anything to you old man,
all apologies for grabbing your love
handles and shaking your fat rapidly.

it was out of my power.

I’m not much
of a pool
Aleena May 4
In the early morning sun
Just barely after the rise
The birds chirp
The wind blows
So the grass shivers
And the trees dance
In the breeze
While the robins sings
To find a mate
The rays trickles down
On every living thing
Through the leaves
And through the trees
The dew smells fresh
From last nights rain
The water puddles
Glisten in the sun
Whilst the morning glows
The world was awoke
Sometimes In the morning I'd drive out In my car park somewhere quite to watch dawns early
seeing the darkning sky being replaced by light drawn back like a canopy staying  there to watch the sun come
on a new day If I was really lucky I'd catch the flight of the wild geese's across the morning
Prior to Early May Day,
Can’t help to driving into flavour of red and green.
Are all duties done?
Or never end with trio ensembles,
May sun stays and birds continue to sing.
It is a real chill out,
The genuine thing.
I am not deceived,
but I do think summer is hidden around the corner
With you and all
By Angel. XJ 30/04/2019
Bus Poet Stop Apr 2015
eye did.   As my prejudices expected, the odd assortment of "characters"were all present and not to be unaccounted for...a romantic comedy on a good Friday, attracts the believers, the well wishers, the ones who think if only the world was.. and I was not re or so tired of life, unemployed, lonely, damaged in some manner of being...

not too many young, just a few... theater darkness is a masque, with a risqué chance of oh no, I've been witnessed by the non-believers.

the infirm with their mobile caretakers and paraphernalia were there.  Odd couples, were there.  If there was one unifying common characteristic, I selected this one.  We all needed haircuts. eye don't know why but it made me think about going to get one's haircut, and the rituals that requires....and it is and is not a bit like being in a almost totally private world inpublic, where you, the individual and some outside force majeure, hairdresser, movie screen engages and temporarily transforms you.  That is why, I, went to the movies on a Friday afternoon, to be transformed and not reformed, in public, in private...
Carmen Jane Apr 27
I only have energy to keep my eyes half opened,
All my words seem to be gathered in my throat, choken
You woke me up, this  morning,  early, as you begged me  for a hug,
I was happy to give it to you, I want to be your daily drug,
I'm really sorry that I was actually half asleep
Trust me when I tell you that my feelings for you are true and deep
My “I love you” that I said to you it's not just an old habit,
It's not either a fat wallet at your feet, that you should grab it,
My “I love you” is your “I love you” when you hold me,oh, so tight!
Is our laughter, we have together, after our so called “ fight”,
It's my first “I love you” that I told you, when our hearts just  seemed to lock,
When towards nowhere, we were walking and for hours, we would talk…
It's the same “I love you”, but  it did gained a little weight,
It is stronger, its got muscles, it's been raised by us and fate!
I love that when I hug you and I say it, 't has this effect,
It chases away your nightmares and it brings our love, respect.
M-E Apr 9
If my alarm clock
Had hands
Like real hands
It will slap me
In the face
And if my alarm clock
Had a mouth
It will scream at me
But instead
Its only a short hour hand
And a long minute hand
And a second hand, going
Tik Tik Tik
And Driiiiiiiiing
Oh man, I am too late
I ve been Snooriiiing
Till its 08:00
Written: 30-03-2019

Missed work today. Lol. Sounds like a good time to post this one.
Val Vik Mar 29
I deeply care for you, even
with the scarring pain...

with your hypocrisy,
unnecessary outbursts,
sullen moods...

Please forgive me for my anger
I still love you most
midnight whispers, tears, and soul consciousness

*Anger don't mix well with love, either you forgive or forgive and let them go. Some people need to accept an apology they will never get, or it will slowly diminish the light inside them.
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