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A M Ryder Dec 2023
If you cut a
Gecko's tail off
It'll grow back

If you do
It again
The gecko
Would be like
Steve Page Oct 2022
Fairies knit tales, but they don’t have tails, I don’t think.  
Dog’s do.
with an abrupt end – that’s usually moving,
while never escaping its tether.
Is that the idea? – that no matter how far the tail goes,
it will never get out of hand.
Unless it’s docked of course – that is the saddest tail,
a stump of a tail that still tries its best,
but is destined for a short and disappointing end.

If I were a dog without a tail, I think I’d think it was the end of the world.

If I were a fairy without a tale – I would be sadder still.

The End.
Written in response to a poetry group given theme - fairy tales.  Thank you to Amy for the 'end of the world' line which I've misapplied.
Casey Rodger Aug 2020
I once met a pup
Who liked to chase his tail
Never once did he give up
Determined not to fail

Badly did he want his wagger
Between his little jaw
After he would stagger
And then fall to the floor

Not knowing what he desires
He strives for what he sees
Even when he tires
Knows what he believes

The days comes that I see
His tail and his tongue
Caught between his teeth
All tangled up as one

After 20 million circles
Tail chasing phene
Jumping many hurdles
Not caring where he's been

Finally achieving his dream
He caught what he was chasing
Success as it would seem
The moment he's now facing

The moment he worked hard for
The challenge he accepted
A journey paw after paw
He let it all go in a second!
We work so hard for what we want, take ****** all time to enjoy it, then we let it go like it was nothing. Make sure what you're chasing is worth it. Take a moment to enjoy your prize. It isn't the pleasure itself we seek but the pleausre in the journey
Diana Aug 2020
So early that day, before the rising morn
The prince kneels at the water, sad and forlorn
And his brothers rise with a solution
That to save him there must be an execution

So they hand him a knife, sheen and bare
Traded for their golden hair
And tell him this **** he must complete
And let the maiden’s blood drip at his feet

Only this way could he enter the sea
But the prince knows he cannot agree
For it is not the maiden’s faught
That it is the wrong man she sought

And so the angels of the sky
Hearing his sad, lovesick reply
Seek to show the maiden the wrong obverse
And fly down from heaven to break his mute curse

And so finally he could speak again
And he sprints to the wedding glen
His voice calling to the maiden’s ears
And hearing it, she cries joyful tears

And as their words of love are spoken
The last part of the spell is broken
So that they will forever live on land
The prince and the maiden, hand in hand
Karijinbba Jul 2020
Neowise comet 07/2020 dearest
take me along with you to another world another galaxy.
Take my children and their kids on your brilliant geneologic vast RAIL.

I have sought thee with all my heart till my orbit yanks you in view
Oh Neowise what a ride that would be
Comet so intriguing beloved!
How I love your great long brilliant cool expanding vaporizing tail.

Please ride me along on your diamond dust trail n tail, let my Aries fire adjoin to your fire ball head's glare!
O what a ride indeed dear
O rescue me and loved ones along
drop us all off into your peaceful galaxy world O graceful heir!
I can't wait 6,800 years for your return Neowise mystery ancient traveler.

Oh sweep me of my feet accept my tender warm wise song
for truth and grace define me alone
ever so strong
" I dreamt that I was a Photon of light streaming through space."
By: Karijinbba
In memory of a great true love best father best husband best lover best friend ( 1974-75-1995.)
Despite its age, scientists discovered Neowise commet only very recently. NASA astronomers detected the snowball on March 27 using a space telescope, also called NEOWISE,
the comet's namesake.
(The name stands for Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer.Jul 19, 2020.
Great name.
Bhill Jun 2020
nonchalantly, and with a nimble stride, the lizard crossed my path
at great speed, it's tailless torso, made it to the cover of desert cactus
the momentum of this little creature was stunning
the desert floor is packed with amazement of all kinds

Brian Hill - 2020 # 167
every one becomes having long tail
trying not to get *****
wanting to throw away
or hide it at any way

trying to be silent
covering your nose
and do also with mouth

as the world does not bear
your breath
if you still go on that road
which was not faith and had bad fault

expecting the worst comes
and the world will wish you to be absent
this causing of virus makes us showing the world into its clear photo. so moderate your self to be so good
Ashlyn Yoshida May 2020
Do not fear tomorrow
for tomorrow will never come
do not fear the past
for the past is already done

do not cry for approval
for approval gives no bread
do not weep for the dying
instead laugh with the dead

follow the path of gravestones
decorated with gold
follow the dark and the light
to see which one takes hold

listen to the bird call
follow the raven's trail
listen to the wolf howl
watch him shake his tail

run as fast as we can

back to where it began
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