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Hello Daisies Mar 31
Marry me
Marry me
My shining beauty

Dance with me
Dance with me
On this spinning merry go round

I am a fairie
And you are a wizard
Together we make magic
In a world thats a blizzard

Shine with me
Shine with me
On top the moonlit sea

Run away
Run away
Together into the forest

I'll twinkle my wings
As you wave your wand
I'll never lose your reflection
In this glistening pond
When a dog chases it’s tail,
Does it get bored after it catches it?
Or does it hang on tight,
Running circles through the night?

If I chase you again,
Will you continue to run?
Run away forever,
Some sick idea of fun?

And if I become as fast as light,
Will I be the dog that hangs on tight?
Or will I too get bored,
And leave your life fragmented and ignored?
I would give up feeling sad if my cat would chase it’s tail
I saw a cat
outside my window;
decided to write a poem
about that.
It's big yellow eyes stared up at me
and it's long, black tail
looked like a rats'.
I thought that if I'd look long enough,
I'd start to talk to about stuff.
It looked like it
knew so much about love,
his eyes were flying like a dove.
I stared at it
for a while longer,
every minute getting closer
                                            and closer.
I stepped outside,
gently opening my hand.
The cat came closer
and started chewing at what I gave him.
His gently purr
relaxed me
and there we were,
sitting together like we were
friend forever.
I felt like I really needed to write something about the cat outside my window, plus I was kinda board. Hope you enjoyed this! :)
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
Jim was a man from the country
he rode horses around a big fun tree
the horses would buck, which was really bad luck
cause poor Jim cracked his coccyx abruptly!
Cat Lynn May 2018
When they see their off spring being lifted out of their place

Hung by their tail, they squeal and cry for their parents recuse, their heart's race.

Devastation stings their round soft ears as they run for their baby's call

But as they see the hand raise their child over their height of limitation, their hopes and dreams fall...

It was too late... SMACK went the poor, frail body and skull of the little one...

The hand quickly slammed it against the table... Now knocked way to escape or run

SNAP The ******* forced its neck bone to submit to their strength

The parents time of grief and mourning had no length

Frozen shock is the only expression that defines their baby mouses face

In a Blank stare of horror as the blood dripped from their once beloved babies lips... leaving a ****** taste

They scurry away in disbelief to gather the rest of their kin
that still remain alive...

Because they'll never know who will be up next... to be forced to give up their life... and die

*Because... Something always has to be sacrificed... in order to keep something else alive...
In order for something to continue living, it seems like something always has to be sacrificed, whether it's money or food or animals or whatever.  You see, if sin never came into this world, any sort or sacrifice wouldn't be necessary. but we live in a sin-filled, blinded world. We fall into sin, so many times, and death is apart of the fall of sin. We were never meant to die, but now sin has come, death is now apart of this life.  Jesus SACERFICED himself on the cross so he may save OUR LIVES from Hell. So when WE DIE, We may be with Him.

I don't
call me weird but when I had to do this procedure when feeding snakes and other animals mice, this is what I think of... Saving things require a sacrifice...
PrttyBrd Feb 2018
That tail doesn't taste as good as it looks
running in circles to see what's ahead
Breaking backs contorting to accommodate
what is too big for one man to contain
A trail of kibble leads a line of zombies
lost to the truth you pretend to be
16 personalities for 16 needs
and the line grows to criminal proportions
following the hope of a smile
Sneha shenoy Dec 2017
Remember how we met?
I stopped by to see thy smile,
Oblivious me, was trapped in Thy isle.
Stole my kingdom while  innocent,
Thy scent on me are still reminiscent.
I found my prince in life's fairy tail,
Je t'aime mon Amour
My first and my last prince.

This is my last poem to you,
Last? Why last?what's wrong?
Well, not cuz I lack fair words,
Not cuz I'm being melodramatic but,
Perhaps this clock will stop ticking.

This is my last poem to you ,
Cuz I've told em the start,
And I don't wanna reveal the end..
Are they seeking conclusion ?
Well they must cry.. Cry??
tears are the body's way of restoring “emotional equilibrium”.
Why do we cry tears of joy?
Is it nostalgic ? Sigh in joy or sorrow?
I leave it upon them to interpret,
*As they feel so mote it be
IPM Oct 2017
Moonlight shimmers
and sparks the lights
of starlight roads
across the night.

s o m e w h e r e

Gentle winds softly caress
calm and soothing forest
the dark night firmly recreates
feelings of eternal peace.

l o s t

Somewhere below
the stale moon's embrace,
a man wanders lost
without a trace.

i n s i d e

His sanity wavers
his soul rips apart,
the blood pressure rises
in his hollow heart.


M  oonlight blinds
and dampens the lights
of starlight roads
across the night.


Cold winds roughl  y strike
shivers down the lost soul's
the trees, as twisted as the night
****** a fraction of his  m  i n d.
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