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"What a day I had"
said the high heel to the boot.
"Up so many stairs, my heels are pooped!"

"You think that's rough, I have you beat.
Try treading mud, in the foulest feet!"

"It's rough out there, for shoes these days,
with all the gum, the mud and rain!"
The boot, nods back
The high heels right,
shoes should really be on strike!

"Let's quit, heel
take a trip
Finally we can truly live"
Jonathan Moya Jun 11
A fossil in foam, five toes under a formed sole,
preserves the flight of a thousand border treks.

A layer of thermite and blood settles the right pad
of every hastily fled soul, a rusty preservation
of the ash of those who were enflamed.

Their left clod is encased with the dirt of broken roads,
the green of weeks of refuge in the forest from patrols,
the gray movement from villages to mountains and back.

At night they would mend and repair, knotting
broken y’s with twigs, rope threads, thatch,
anything that will last one more day.

The young’s heels are scuffed with the abrasions
left from the playful kicking parents endure
carrying them on their shoulders.

The old heels are full of the bristle
of slow moving donkeys led
by sons and daughters taking turns.

Under the shelter of grey canvas
their trek ends with fresh water,
food, a sturdy cot and new sandals.

The old plastic soles will rest in honor
on the mantle of their new hut,
ready for the next journey.
PlaneJane2 May 19
If you saw how close the finish line was,
would you finally decide to run?
Alex Zhang May 11
RIIIIP, they rasped,
A raucous sound, a rattling gasp
But what a relief
Because they hugged me--
My shoes:
They used to have Velcro,
Simple, sound, safe.

My shoes
Not velvet, nor suede,
Leather or the like
Just perfectly plastic
With blue stripes
And broken soles
That bore holes
Where I stepped.

Now I have laces,
Lanky lengths, lethargic strings
They lazily link
Crossing, confused, careless.
They say things get complicated
As we grow up,
But why do my shoes have to
He bought her sandals.
The best ones she ever had.
They were hers and
she loved them.

She was the barefoot
kind of girl.

It came to her
that he had laid a path
for her to tread upon
by gifting her with shoes..

It was up to her
to take the first step.
And to keep walking.

On land
Across the sky
And through the mind.

Keep walking
until the time comes
to stand still again.

To take off the sandals
and feel grass underfoot.
I forgot my broken sandals at the home of somebody special and he bought me a new pair.
samara lael Apr 24
i laughed at all those jokes you made about falling
yet here i am feeling tears fall because i realise
i tripped at every sweet sentence you said
& now i can’t tie my shoe laces to stop myself.

my shoes were dancing with yours
to a song i associate with you now
& although i know someone kicked you before
& that you’re not ready to throw out those old sneakers,

my laces are getting ******* with yours.
you’re kneeling down to undo them,
& i want to do it, too, to protect myself,
but my heart laces are making me fall.

& then they wonder why kids take off their shoes.
oh, the irony; they don’t get hurt.
Star BG Apr 19
In the shadows of your shoes
father, I tried to stand
as a young boy.
Wanting to mirror the tall
figure who had wisdom.
Desiring to get comfort inside
a foot hug so I could feel security.

I watched while the shoes were shined
to perfection, as they emulated greatness
from one who moved in them daily.

As I grew Fathers shadow grew
and I felt the heaviness of
his shoes in mind.

They became like bricks
hampering my movement.
They were weights
that made life difficult.

But I kept walking trying to steady
and catch your view of praise.

I never did and now
I am left with
an empty pair of shoes
and my own tears realizing...
I need only to walk in my own shoes.
Don't know why I wrote it as if I was a boy but that is how it came out so that is what I left.
Ylzm Apr 17
Good heavens!
Good Thursday on a Tuesday?
On a week of Good Friday?
But whatever!
The sun has set, Today is here.
We have eaten, and are ready to go.
Shoes on our feet,
House on our backs;
We have no bread, but thats OK.
We are ready to go.
c Apr 4
They say to put yourself
In someone else’s shoes
But your boots
Couldn’t tell me
Why you left
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