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Caroline Aug 27
These winds of restoration
Rise above the rocks of prominence
And drift down the valleys of the Rockies
Like the gentle Chinook in early summer.

These winds herald the coming of the cold,
But in my heart they drift warm
Like shallow waters that carry the sun
To the shadowed inlets of
Hidden rivers.

I will let you in
Breath of rushing things that ends and then in reckless flurries,
Begins again.
I will throw my head back
With my mouth open wide
And I will draw you down to the hollows of my bones
Where you can find the marrow
Of my soul
And carry from it the bitter dusts of regret.

I don’t want them anymore.
I have walked with these sands heavy in my core for too long
And I am done.
I ask these winds to restore this weathered ground to something more;
This wasteland is dying.
Let these winds lift the surface and expose the verdant roots within.
The Denver
Holds the
And the
To the
Hell on
Earth I
I lived
In Green
Right next
If you
That's fine
Are tough
Pills to
Bright Eyes
as night did approach
rapid moving south winds drove
through our township's streets
Nathalie Jul 3
She dances with the
energy of the flame
that burns deep within
She finds her mirror
in nature and flows
with the rolling
rythmic sound
of the waves
She bathes in the
warmth of the
torrential rain
as she is taken
from the sheer
pleasure of the moment,
to the fiery impulses
that captures her whole

Bhill Jun 29
The morning rain was only a colorful mist
Misty red, shimmering, with the morning sunrise in the background
Sunrise showing sure telltale signs of the coming storm
Winds were beginning to push the clouds along the tops of the mountains
Pushing them faster and faster towards us
You could see the mist changing
Turning into distant sky waterfalls that were more beautiful then scary
Winds were becoming more and more harsh
Strong winds, that now had a definite feel swooshing along for the ride
Bringing the rain with a swiftness that only desert winds can bring
The rain began with a most unworldly force
Dropping water from those once beautiful colored clouds
Dropping so much water...
Then it was done
The winds kept the clouds moving along to threaten others in its path....
God I love the desert!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 159
Desert storms bring beauty and violence at the same time...
Shabnam Jun 10
Winds have brought the glad tidings of the first drop of rain;
For the showers of blessings we await..
For the rusky scent of the earth
For the rainbow in the sky
For the heavy downpour
& the water puddles
For the hot fritters with tea &
The season of love for you and me.
Anna Apr 26
A storm brews inside of her.
Winds of the past ruffle her hair.
Waves of darkness crash in her eyes.
Thunder echos as her heart beats.
Lighting flashes when she breaths.

She is power.
She is a force.
She is uncontrollable.
She is beautiful.
She is unique.

But all of that power,
all of that force.
Is it to much?
Can she bear the burden?

She falls.
The weight of it too much to withstand.
She breaths.
She stands,
and she lets the world know that the worst is yet to come.
Let the world know you are a force to be reckoned with and that you wont back down.
Winter without snow
Tranquil and turbulent winds
March into spring
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku #90
oh! My love
put your hand in mine
we will discover a wealth mine

we will be rich
and gain every wish
i know the winds blew up

disturbing all things
the ship sinks
if we follow sail against winds

the clouds appear
making the universe dark
we will convert our black

into good and sweet
if we follow our lights
gain from hearts

the poor will be at land
preventing any plant
we will plant

it will be green
if we plant tree
of love which is free

the Satan will appear
announcing war at angels
it will stay

if we we only obey
the lover which is clear
love is the tree of honest, faith , believe
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