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oh! My love
put your hand in mine
we will discover a wealth mine

we will be rich
and gain every wish
i know the winds blew up

disturbing all things
the ship sinks
if we follow sail against winds

the clouds appear
making the universe dark
we will convert our black

into good and sweet
if we follow our lights
gain from hearts

the poor will be at land
preventing any plant
we will plant

it will be green
if we plant tree
of love which is free

the Satan will appear
announcing war at angels
it will stay

if we we only obey
the lover which is clear
love is the tree of honest, faith , believe
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 2018
in a fragile state
underneath the rocks
in a cave far away
as loneliness is the most
terrible poverty they say

slow moving oceans
winds of ascendancy
tired waves meet the melted shoreline
in an eye of mine
in a different space and time

it's always strange, when the coldest nights
are the ones amongst the hot city lights
and the warmest
amongst the spirits found in the cold freshwater
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
I could see the storm in the sky.. It was broadcasted and televised..

I got a quick glimpse and it was heading up our way..

I felt very unprepared for such a massive storm.
From the side of my eye I seen how massive and strong of a storm was brewing..

I seen close loved ones and the most precious of them all.
Even the newly gifted one.

We all made haste movements to prepare for the storm approaching..
My sis had opened the windows widely.

I said I thought it was said to keep them closed.

This storm hit and it hit super hard.
I felt the precious gift almost slip through my finger tips.
As we all were under the attack of it.

I captured our gift and held it securely in my *****.
The massive winds shook the foundations as we all prayed.
The winds causing loud alarms in our ears.

I can't believe we outlived this massive hit.
It passed through.. but the damages around our surroundings was clear.

We'd need to repair, rebuild, everything.
and even our relationships. Would need to be fixed.
The one of many dreams about storms...S.A.M 10-18-18
I have had many dreams of seeing weather and storms ice winter ones and floods of waters.  Then winds of hurricanes of which I always survive. And each time I dream I can hear myself praying..through the storm.
Praggya Joshi Oct 2018
October reminds me
To be cautious
And pack enough
Warm clothes
For wherever I go
Cause I might not know
That this weather
Is known for its
Uncertain winds
Vacillating between
Pleasantly warm and
Bitterly cold temperatures
So I need to prepare myself
And protect myself against
Highly prevalent
Capricious temperament
Of this season
duncan Sep 2018
i swear i was born for the train.

slow and convenient.
high maintenance
and free if youre lucky
but cheap if youre not.

i can

get you close enough to
know youre lost.
a kink in these wheels
might send us flying.


i am so far gone
and past. the mold on
these leaves smell
much of home.
and i am giving my
skin for impossible deeds.

to rid us of time.
to live when i please.

in some way i feel
as though i am not living
if im not being hit
by the scaffolding.
a world is being built
while i check my
clothes in a passing window.

i will say words i regret
on this train, but they are
words i mean. like cyanide
for the agent i will die
for my cause if it cant
**** me first
Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
Cold winds, unheard whispers and a lonely street light.
For a small town, it is such a typical night.

This calmness and this warmth,
All like the silence before the storm.

A few hours, just a few hours more,
Ships don't always have to sail to some shore.
Let it sail now on this ocean of silence,
Without a sound, without any violence.

Let there be only sounds of heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.
Just heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
This is rather recent, I hope you like it. Happy reading!
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
As the Spring's winds make azure curtains billow,
the rose wilts.
Danielle L Cook Jul 2018
with the wind blowing my hair back
the plain brown,  not much to look at
the straight nose and long legs;  it looks
great on somebody,  anybody else

but not me

with the wind blowing my hair back
it steals the words from my lips,  lifts
them up into the sky;  it's a clear night
and though I'm dead,  I feel alive
it's a pun if you didn't notice - also my way of saying I don't suit anyone's aesthetic

but **** them right?
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