melli7 Jun 12

Today I put some
shirts away and cooked some
chicken in the microwave I am
getting better at that -- doing
it is not so hard now that I've
gotten a hang
of it again I even went
outside for a bit in jeans
in the sticky summer four
o'clock (not my smartest
thought) but I went I
felt the sweat and sun and I

Cait May 9

She softly whines to let you know
just how patient she's been.

She sees you reaching for your shoes, and you must know
you're not going anywhere without her.

There is no escape.

You may give in--
frolics and scampers of ecstacy--
and be covered with kisses and kisses
until you come to know
what bliss is.

For Lucy

Out walking in’t woods,
With me dog for company,
Rather a strange thought,
Suddenly occurred to me,
If these trees could talk,
What do you think?
They would they say?
More than likely,
Eh you wit dog,
Can you get him to piss?
The other way!

Daisy Rae Apr 15

Take me to the moonlight
Let me walk in the dark
Find the unknown and make it known
Wander alone
By myself
Whisper to the trees
And write poems on the trunks
Let me hear the midnight callings
And answer them one by one.

Jay Ojha Apr 2

Once again to pen my thoughts down
I had no option but to come hither
What follows from now on,
Is all about A Walk To Remember.

So, now to let the story unfold
A story different from the ones you have been told
That Saturday night, I made a decision somewhat bold
Which was to surprise her, an idea very exciting but old.

11th of April it was, I was told
And down those dimly lit streets, I speedily strolled
Unaware of the memories I would earn, in that night so cold
Memories, one can say, way more precious than jewels of gold.

Now, let’s change the scheme of the rhyme
I want you to be patient, wait for the next line
Yes, I had reached the right place, at the right time
But witnessing her absence, I fell off cloud nine
Cursing the bad luck, as it would always be mine.

I sat rooted to the bench like some weak-stemmed vine
Glaring at the gates, and on the empty bench sitting confined
Waiting for her, as the clock had already struck nine
I saw her walk in, to notice the charisma redefined
But not to forget, she was late this time.

Lost in thoughts, she walked straight past me
Grooving to the music, she circled the park
I felt the urge to stand up, I couldn’t let it be
I walked up to her, surprised as she was
Her breathtaking smile tore me apart
When she looked up to me, I felt a spark
While crackers kept bursting in my heart
I failed to understand why all around me, it was still dark.

Spellbound I was, as she was alongside,
She told me all about the day, but she had something to hide,
I couldn’t hold myself back from looking her in the eyes,
When I should have been busy stopping those tears of joy from rolling by.

In those attempts to embrace her fears and make her smile,
I could swim for years, up the longest Nile.
We were tired and decided to sit for a while.
In those moments of silence, my heart sighed,
As the wind hit my face, which was on a high.
My heart managed to sink in the ocean of happiness
When I realized time flows, swiftly by,
And it was time, time to say goodbye.

The idea of a goodbye had me tombed
When my heart cried, “Think of an excuse you moron!”
I asked if I could drop her home
And we walked towards the place, she would call her own.
I stood there to catch every possible glimpse of her
And long before the reality I had known,
She was gone. Man! She was gone!

My words sought an escape in an attempt forlorn,
"Thank you for all that you have done
You've always been a giver and never expected anything in return
I want you to have all that you want
All that you have dreamt of, ever,
I promise that I'll be with you, always and forever.
Thank you because now I own the beautiful memories,
Of this night which truly gave me, A Walk To Remember."

Rebecca Lynn Mar 19

His eyes shined
like stars in the midnight sky,
he is perfect.
This love is perfect.

The way he talks with his hands,
the way he walks when he stands,
the way he smiles at me,
he's so perfect to me.

The way we can talk for hours,
the way we kiss in the rain showers,
the midnight drives back to my house,
oh how I love him,
everything in life is so perfect to me
he is perfect.

this came to the top of my head. I will go back and edit this when I need to; but for know, I will leave this as it is.
LS Feb 23

I hate you here
I hate you there
I wish not to hate
because I am not one to hate,
but I think about you
way too much
for someone that no longer cares

I think how you were,
the things you asked of me

The things that were said,
the things you screamed,
the pain you charged at me

I still walk by that picnic table
and think of that night
you chased me down
when I wanted to leave

I still look at that park
and think of those nights
full of tears and anguish

The stars we walked under,
barely visible
as if even they knew,
the end was near
the moon shined down a perfect light
for our shadows to leap on

I still drive by that path we walked,
the time you told me things you've
not admitted to others before me

I remember thinking then
that you were a complete mess,
and not mine to fix,
but still,
it was so very hard to let go

It still is,
and after the time that has gone by
I saw your car just the other day
It just set me ablaze

You ruined so many things for me,
you laid out these lies
that I was supposed to trust
you laid out your fear,
your anger
that you held onto deeply
the past,
ours and yours
it rang inside of you like a bell
billowing out like a nuclear blast

I wasn't sure of you at first,
you were adamant
you were misleading
you were comforting,
but the things you became
riveted me in such a way
that I haven't been able to overcome

I'm guilty of a lot things,
but with you I was better

I needed time to become that way
I needed time to heal from the loss I had before you

I wasn't given that time,
and we see the results now

We see the results of two people,
claiming honesty
and getting lies

This is garbage, but I wanted to share it anyhow.
Shivani Lalan Jan 31

you are gentle breeze on
a seashore, and i am small
flitting pebbles stuck in the
sand, shuffling in and out
with the lazy tide. You are
the unending pools of blue
under a cerulean sky, and i
am small ripples of information
across a canvas made of you.

You are the familiar strum of
a gentle guitar on a slow Sunday
evening when the wind tries to
sing songs of me and you, and i
am the trembling, faltering voice
trying to challenge this wind to
a duel of hopelessness.
You are a slow walk in leaf-
covered alleys sheltered from
a busy life, and i am anxious skips
crossing the road, but only looking
at you.

You are the steady gaze of a
warm feeling spreading in my
heart, and i am nervous flits and
distracted movements, a shaking
body, and a cool heart.
You are the welcoming silence
into which my words fold
themselves, covered up with
blankets stitched with sighs,
and you tuck them all in.

And i,
i am the clutter of syllables,
against an electric sky under
which we sit in peace - draped
in rambling silences. Your search
for more, my search for less,
your heavy eyes, and my quivering

And we both go down together.

Whoever is reading this - stay happy.
this is for you - you know it in your heart.
Liam Doyle Dec 2016

Strip the trees down to their bare bones.
The morning starts to bite as cold as night.
A golden arch that reaches up and down, we've walked it and it never looks the same.
It's raining in a picture and the ink has run,
running back and forth across your eyes.
It reaches in your skin and pulls your feelings out but always puts them back again.

Come one, let's take a walk.
Let's take a walk.

A whisper from the Earth where the leaves have dried,
cracking under foot without a word.
The sky is dimming out, it needs to rest - i'll bet - from holding up the clouds again today.
A breeze of only cold brushes on your face, sharp without the glitter of the sun.
The roots are growing old with marks that shape their way,
Crawling in and out of the light.

Come one, lets take a walk.
Lets take a walk, come on.

Oby Oct 2016

The bass bounces
Between my ears like a yo-yo.
I walk to its beat -
My steps helplessly syncopated,
Containing the hint of a dance.

Copyright © 2016 Oby. All rights reserved.
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