Deemz Jan 7

I find inspiration in the alleys
of my mind,
with late night walks
and roads that I've walked on before,
almost too many times,
and also too many may regret,
but is it really regret
when I am still walking
with my mind inspiring the night..

Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017

My love is as fresh as spring air,
As tender as the a newly born baby,
As warm as the glow of topaz.
It began with honesty and respect,
The first brush of the fingers,
A gentle caress,
Much care,
Trust followed,
The reassuring hug,
Sweet murmurs in my ears,
I glowed.
Followed by romantic walks in the moonlight,
Candlelight dinners,
Passionate kisses that ruined my lipstick.
Every heart beat in me throbbed,
"Love, love, love."
Love has found me!
I am wearing it with a smile.
I accept the rose of love with its thorns.
The Cupid has struck.
I am wired with LOVE!

At last I am in love.My  love is profound.
apiwe Dec 2017

I have been thinking
What do you think of me?
What do you see in me?
How do you see me?
I want us to talk
Express feeling...
Cliché, I know.
I want us to hold hands
Walk together
And have long talks...Plato...Aristotle
Not your thrill, I know.
I want to ask a-
You want to fuck?
I know.
But still
I've been thinking
How do you love, ellipsis

Bret Nov 2017

I used to go for walks.
I'd sit on a park bench by the water
And watch the waves come in
Like they're supposed to.
I guess I found comfort in their consistency.
My legs would freeze
My ears would burn
But I wouldn't leave until I thought
I felt what I needed to feel
I understood what I needed to know.

I don't go for walks anymore.
This town is too small
And I'm too scared
I'll see you
In a car that isn't mine.

I've tried to bite the bullet.
They don't taste like bullets anymore.

Brianna Oct 2017

We felt lost and we felt confused but we pushed through.
It was a cool autumn breeze- it smelled like apple cider and dead leaves.
It was brisk so we huddled together for warmth- your red cheeks mixed with mine so perfectly.

There was something about the way you hunched your shoulders- the lack of confidence when you should have had more was adorable.
There was something about the way your lips looked when you talked- I just wanted to kiss you so bad that day.

The sunset was  orange and yellow with hints of pink- the storm was on the way but we held tight.
I lost my nerve when you held my hand on the way back to the car.
You smiled and I smiled... and it was just so simple.

G Rog Rogers Sep 2017


Goodness never
walks alone...



Lyvana Nyx Aug 2017

Night is the most delicious time
To take a walk
I can drink the moonlight manifest
Pure molten dreams
Spiced with cinnamon heart-fire
Sweetened with sugar crystal wishes
I can make a tiny paper umbrella
From the thin shadow wrapped secrets
To adorn my goblet of curiosity
I can explore the world whilst it slumbers
Refreshing myself
On the refinement of such an elixir
The world is velvet at night
Richly textured in darkness
That the sun burns away
Obligations fill the morning
And inhibitions take the afternoon
Evenings are for expectations
But night has no bindings, no chains
It taste like freedom,
Savory, to be relished
Night is where there is no demons
Only unleashed limitations
Night is the most delicious time
To take a walk

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