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Shoes crunch onto the trail
Between the fences
Shortcuts, one of the wonders of life
Like discovering
the taste of a marshmallow

School is ahead
People, large hulking guys
Sweet smelling women
Teachers, mostly nice
Children mainly rousing

Stir fears, challenges
Sensations like one gets
When discovering a compelling
Book at the city library

Meeting the day
Sibling love
Even better than marshmallows
snipes Aug 4
tell me
the meaning
of dreams
are they insight
into future
or are they just

the walks of life
guess I’ll just
stick to
what do your dreams mean to you?
S R Mats Jan 21
For miles the white path leads
Silent, still, crisp air

Only a slight crunch beneath feet
Too cold to be damp

Come! We will walk
And feel the stillness of snow
Hope Latoza Jul 2020
i would have agreed to ernest hemingway when he said that one should never go on trips with anyone one does not love, but i said otherwise starting that moment i met you. if you do not love me at the time that we've decided to go on a trip together, then lay on your back, watch me drive and drive you crazy. i'd be your chauffeur, since i am a professional driver i'd keep in mind how safe you should be with me, through the longest ride of your life i'd try hard enough to bring you delight as i fold down the roof of our cabriolet. the cold breezy wind would hit your smooth face, thus windy it would make your hair sway along with it. i'll let you feel macrocosm and hope that you'd know that my love for you is nature-like, we'd grow, then find peace with each other and if destructions hit us, we will heal afterwards we'd find our way back to each other's arm.

i am the one to maneuver the ship we'll use on our sojourn in this fantasy, with high hopes that someday we'd have our longest voyage but we are together evermore. i'd like to be your high-grade licensed mariner until our ship ends sail; but as we embark on this new journey, pardon me for i will wish upon all the heavenly bodies above us. i'd whisper to them if that's what i have to do just to make you love me. i am not certain if you'd swing your body along with the wave of the open sea, so i as your captain, i'd move you back and forth, to oscillate you like a pendulum enjoying the moment. and so, i'll dance with you until my sea-like love for you, be reciprocated with your ocean-like one.

but if us will never happen, tell me. on our way, i am fully aware that we will encounter an iceberg that may cause our ship to sink, or a limestone rock that would cause us to trip–make us stumble and fall on our knees. when our trip ends, that is the time we can say if you love me or you still don't. for a moment, i'll kiss you passionately if you would let me. and i'll drive you back home, so you could finally rest after our tiresome travel. maybe, it came too foolish to travel with someone you don't love, but isn't it where all of it starts? isn't there this need to explore just to find out? if you change your mind, call me. when you find out that you already love me, hit me up. we'll fuel this love, until our end and until the day all the machines be disconnected from our bodies. because my love for you is endless, and my heart hopes that this journey of lifetime would make you love me as well.
Regina Jun 2020
walk with me, my cherish.....the
shoreline beckons, as our feet
leave hot sand
laying in a bed of wild flowers in a clearing in a wood
calms me
a gentle breeze brings the scent of the flowers
cleansing me
the silent sound of the wood
awakens me
and a flap of a bird, the cry of an animal
heightens me
sunlight breaks through the leaves  to
enlighten me
and peace washes
over me
THEN the music from my phone
disturbs me
Turn your phone off when walking in the woods.
V C Vaughn Apr 2020
I don’t want what other girls want.
I don’t need what other girls need.
I need music to dance too,
a roaring fire,
good whiskey and someone to share it with.
I need solitude and sunshine.
I need walks in the rain,
and a comfy sweater.
I need a hand to hold,
deep kisses hugs to get lost in,
I want someone that handles the bold side of me.
I need to write and to read.
I want a love to get lost in.
I need to run wild and free.
But more than anything
I need someone that loves all of me.
You remember the time at the beach,
I remember the long walk we took,
You remember the coffee we drank,
I remember you wiping off the smudge,
You remember the day we met,
I remember the way you saw me,
You remember the joke I made the other day,
I remember the way you laughed,
You remember the day you hold my hand for the first time,
I remember the warmth it spread,
You remember the the gift I gave you,
I remember the shine in your eyes,
You remember all the moments we spend,
I remember 'us' every time in them.
Altering your perspective can provide you the luxury of seeing things for what they are and not what you want them to be.....
-Truth Devour
I long, for long walks
When the moon faintly smiles
And the sun begins to shine
The birds in the trees
And the early morning breeze
Together greet
Empty streets
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