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Royce Apr 9
I am a peasant longing for you on autumn days,
Without the rattle of a single dime in my empty pockets.
The thought of you ruptures my dreams
And treads with me among the dead leaves.

     I feel hunger pangs down to my weakened soul
As we pass Erik Satie’s ice cream parlour
And through the park of last year.

     I push forward, closer to what you want
Towards uncertain doom,
Farther, and farther.
Osiria Melody Mar 31
"SRSLY?" you shot a text like tequila.

i'm in this bar and hope to die, the age
old promise of hidden lies.
i don't think that you really love me.

i wait for you to reply, but my eyes
quiver underneath my smile.

"Are you okay?" a lady asks beside me.
my eyes shimmer tears of joy that
mask how much pain i feel from you
ignoring me.

i smile and excuse myself from her.

"You're not the one," he replied.

i went outside to let my anger
subside, a volcano of pent-up
distrust. he sees me.

drink in my hand—
[glass crash to the ground, a
cringy sound]

she's wrapped around in his arms
like the music that resonates in
the bar. she sneers at me.

with a bloodied hand, i grip the
shards and stab them with my


he jolts up from his bed and cries
to me. "I had such a bad dream,"
screams he.

[quivering smile shines]

i caress his statuesque Instagrammy
face as if i'm preparing for a selfie.

This scenario popped up in my head.
PrernaK Feb 26
Lets just walk a mile
for a while
not thinking
about where to go

all the places
I stroll with your
hand in mine
would be our destination.

We are home. Together.
Bhill Feb 24
Today's Haiku

Early morning walks,
Wake up the soul of the world.
Has yours awoken?

Brian Hill - 2019 February
I walk my dog every morning and witness dawn waking up.  It is very inspiring.
Mark Wanless Feb 21
Now Is Not A Time Of Wind And Cloud,No
A Forest Fly's Away The Sky Of Place
Landing On A Moon Lit Shore By The Sea
The Turtle World Sails Far Across And Goes
To A conscious realm, of cars and t.v.
something walks
d = dimitris sarris
Arianna Jan 19
I can trace all the routes
To and from
In my mind,
Remembering grey skies,
And my footprints wear into the concrete
With incessant pacing
Over these beloved miles...
Loyko - "Turn and Spin":
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I have never read a bad poem to me there's no
such thing, a person puts
pen to paper those words
are so Important to that
They want to be heard express their emotion and  feeling through words they write so Importantly are their words to themselves and especially to those who read
We all know of the great
Poets, but we sometimes forget the unsung poets those who write In between their working lives
Those who write In there spare time after arriving home from school, the mums and
Just the everyday guys In the street who write beautiful poetry expressing their feeling,
they are all so Important
to poetry writing and should be given recognition for their poetry
A dedication to poets of all walks of life you're ordinary
guys In the street the unsung
of poetry
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Of all my thoughts today
to all my memories of
yesterday's are still so fresh, stored In precious moments within my
Pick a memory at anytime
and anywhere so strong my love for my girl, as If
I'm never without her, and that she still walks with
Memories so strong It's as If Helen still walks with me,were ever go to were ever I walk she walks with me
Michael Kelly Nov 2018
Passionately in love with language, with the irony of how I only speak one.
Minutes... hours... days...
I wonder who you've become.
You couldn't stay.
I understand.
I wouldn't say I had a plan.
You knew your course and I was drifting...
Infinitely shifting I was missing all at stake.
Caught inside those minutes,
Stuck behind those lonely days.
Sometimes I go walking
There I look to find your face.
Different strangers passing by
Another time
Another place.
Across the lake I spread my glance
Where tucked away are quiet homes.
I contemplate the times I once saw us with our own.
There upon the shimmer of the hopeful golden rays
Are the days of summer dimmer
Where I test the waster's grave.
Dreams turned to regret
I'd have far rather seen mistakes
Yet you know most of all
I'm too quick to give insecurity it's space.
Now the pavement echos back with every step I dare to take
I've lost track of what I'm counting so I listen...
Hear the hum of roller skates.
Soothing as I walk
To think of conversations past
Far too painful when we talk
Knowing we aren't meant to last.
I watch a fisher cast
Think of what I hoped to catch
If I'd have known it'd be this long I'd have drawn on every breath.
Make it last
Make it last...
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