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selina Jun 14
humming tunes, singing blues, dancing jewels
miss looking for love is dancing all over your leather shoes
over uneven pavement, over failed engagements
i sent your ring back, i couldn't bear to see it, nor sell it

even now, my six-eight time signatures are still bringing
your custom-length tailcoats to a Viennese waltzing
all while your upper-echelon friends keep pretending
like they don't find satisfaction in my subtle mourning

tonight is all humming tunes, singing blues, and dancing jewels  
i am still lingering, still humming our tunes, still singing our blues,
i am still feigning ignorance, and my finger is still missing a jewel,
i am still center stage, but someone else dances with you
for reference Viennese waltz is sometimes written in 6/8 time signatures and regular waltz is often 3/4 time
I S A A C Dec 2022
releasing this album has to be the hardest thing I have ever done
always wanted to but shame suppressed
hundreds of files, hundreds of tears wept
my heart painted across instrumentals and melodies
nervous, will people get me?
get the metaphors, get the meaning
purpose, will I let me?
embark on a journey toward the sun
leave everything I hated having to become
shed a few layers, re-introduce me
climbing to the top, sorry excuse me
Sasha Paulona May 2021
So many songs to love you
So many gossips to hate you
I hear one thing, I felt another
I'm still in that summer
You sang your first song in dinner

I'm waiting here, despite the odds
That's all I can do
To be young and to be loved
By the songs you sang for your fans
Yes! all those thoughts brought us apart

There is nothing left to do
But to kiss once again
There's nothing for you to rue
Unless the beauty, the passion
Now you up to...…

In the next Cold season
When we find our lovers.
So Don't go far away
I'll be waiting for you
At the empty station
Where no one calls your name...….
Raven Mc Chim Jun 2020
Life is like serendipity
We should filter our sorrows
forgive our lies
And stand for our promises
most importantly, i made this because all my favorite title songs are expressed in this..
i like that singer because i admire and inspire him so much
He is a person who always says that loving yourself is more important before loving others.
Alek Mielnikow May 2020
She’s trying to fly with
crippled wings and join
her dreams together with
guitar strings and when
she sings she sings her
songs of how she tries
to get along with the long
harsh road she’s been
wandering on as she tries
to fly with crippled wings
and join her dreams together
with guitar strings

by Aleksander Mielnikow
I was inspired to write this poem after "This Town Is Killing Me" by Caitlyn Smith kept replaying in my head. Make sure to check it out!

And if you liked this piece, check out my profile for older works, and follow me so you don't miss out on any new ones.
SA Szumloz Apr 2020
I am a white speck in a sea of black
A nail that hasn't been ******* in
A young woman that seems to lack
The gravity to stay on the ground.

Here I am standing, bathing in light
With a microphone close to my lips
The piano plays softly tonight
My only guide at this moment.

I close my eyes and wait for my cue
Soft twinkles from the piano
Electrifies the dark room
I feel the pulling of heartstrings.

A second later, I hear it
I breathe, and start to sing
My voice dips and splits
The roof of the theater above.

That's when I know,
I am on top of the world.
Vampirecadence Apr 2020
If night would've been a girl,
I would've married her.
Night is beautiful,
don't look at her darkness, inside her,
it's her beauty that only those can see
who have sat with her.

I can see how pretty she gets
the darker she gets,
I have touched her
and she touched me too,
I have listened her
and she listened me too.

She made me hers
and I made her mine.
She made me feel I'm not alone
as she let me accompany her.
I love the way she stares at me
like I'm only hers.

- shivamrealmyself
NIGHT - 3:33 AM - 3:44 AM
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