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rob kistner Sep 20

male finch in cypress

bold red flash through lace green boughs

sings in autumn voice


rob kistner © 2018
Male House Finch, which have bold red markingd, begin demonstrating their complex song and dance in Autumn, seeking their monogamous mate for winter mating. The male feeds and vigorously protects his mate.
The Ultimate pairing will remain a couple throughout the year.
Their song is sweet and cheery high register chirping, that warbles through a precise scale, ending in a sustained note.
Rebecca Yong Sep 2
i'm just spacing out
the voice of the singer that flows through the earphones is a pretty as she is
i need something to hold me
and realise that i'm not as fine as i always portray myself to be
i need something to catch me
and cradle my emotions and heart to keep them from being trampled on
i don't know what i'm doing anymore
i started off wanting to write poetry and be something different, but i don't really know what i'm doing anymore
i'll write in past tense in the present and listen to music that's different in the hopes of becoming a different person
maybe someone will come and catch me soon enough
ayumi ebony Sep 1
what would i be if not for you?
i’d be alone, wandering, lovely,
but c’mon i heard your voice,
and suddenly how could i not love you?
we laugh about our stories, we laugh about their stories.
and suddenly i want to make our own.

that night, it got late, and i didn’t want to go home.
the music we were playing, i imagine you singing my words,
and staying lost in this beautiful place with you.

everything, i pretend it’s all about someone else, you think it’s all about someone else,
but everything you say falls into my next poem.
that night we watched stars. the time i told you we should do something together.
and it’s true, i’m afraid of falling for you,
but i’m even more afraid i’m not.

and when i hear your voice, it’s nostalgic, because today i have these memories
-when we didn’t know anything, when all we had was stories,
when we believe in epics and magic and hated real life,
when we were a fantasy, and now we’re a reality,
and i’m nostalgic about our old nostalgia.

i’m also afraid we’ll be just like them,
and i’ll hear another voice, and i’ll be happy, because for a second, i think it’s you,
and then i’ll remember. see?
i’m good at making this about them, because it is about them,
but really i’m hoping you’ll ask me one day, and i’ll say yes to you.
and that night, the night will grow late and we’ll lay down together and just stare upwards.

hey moon -you know that lyrics, don’t you sweetheart, oh god,
what if i said too much?
i’m so afraid you’ll never talk to me again,
but if i love you, this will all be worth it sometime soon.
and pay attention -there’s a line for you and here it is:
everything i’ve written has started to sound like you, and i’m dangerously close to falling off the knife’s edge of my feelings.
and pay attention -because there are lines for you in every poem.
inspired by c'mon, northern downpour and ryden.
There was a person

Sat at the garden

Sat sad and alone

Looking at the roses

It was one of roses

Moved towards him

Saying and telling him

What’s making the moon

Looking upset and sad?

All the world equals that!”

He looked at her

Saying “do you talk me”

She said ,she said”

There must be guy

Sit beside me”

He laughed and looked shame

He said “ but I”

She interrupted” you are the one

You are the moon

Of that beauty garden”

He wanted to praise

She said to him “why?

Why are you sad?

Why your matter is bad?

Who makes you grieves?

Who closes these roses?

Who tries to spread sadness?

He must be the ugly person

He” I am a singer

When I went to sing

I lost feeling and meaning

But I remember every word

The attendance hate me

They lisped by bad word

The producers hated me

They didn’t want to make me

Again as they thought I am frustrate

She said “sing!”

“What ?“ the guy answered

She repeated

He stood

Saying his song

She said “bad, bad”

You must have feeling

You must know meaning

And get it from your heart

Do as I do”

He began to sing

She do some movements

She was imitated

She said “now go and sing”

I will attend your party”

He went there

His turn came

He appeared on the stage

He remembered his failed

He remembered his gained

He remembered every undertaker

Refused to call him as a singer

He remembered how he argued

The last one to introduce him

It was the last chance

He looked at the attendance

He didn’t see her

He felt with big fear

He tried to do a verse

He couldn’t open his mouth

The attendance yelled and cursed

Till he saw her entering

She stood moving

The movements as the verses

He did the same movements

The heat of the party increased

The attendance did as he did

The attendance wanted it more

He repeated it more

He became a famous star

She brought every party

She learnt him carefully

He imitated her very neatly

Till she disappeared suddenly

He stood in the stage

Waiting to her immersion

But she didn't come finally

He couldn't do sing

He went to ask about her

He know her home

He knew she was gone

"Dead ,dead that is bad

Why does the death take every wealth?

Why does the death take the best?

And leaves who does not worth?

To be in that life

Why did you death take her?

I love her , her ,her?

I would marry her

That was after the last party

Then peace on her

Sleep in tranquility"

He went to sing again

After the undertakers argued

He stood on the stage again

He remembered her shine

He remembered her smile

He remembered her hands

How move them to argue him

He remembered her moon

How did it guide him!

How did he bright his mind

And converts his dark to light!

He couldn't sing a word

Till he saw her spirit

Entered the hall

She moved as the past

She was imitated

Till the song is finished

He fell dead

His heart was carrying

The mounts of that world

Of sad and bad think

His river of life was stopped

His air was not blew up

His eyes was closed

Only her face up

At the sky moved up
who fails in life, who lost hope ,there is always light comes every day when the sun rises
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Cry no tears for me

The famous singer walks alone,
Through half-remembered good times,
Through a library of songs
And all she can see at the end of the road,
Is a life without regrets
And a story told.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Jun 11
A psychic connection

I have planted a seed inside your mind,
So read my thoughts from time to time.
Let me become a part of your conscience;
If we move as one through this world,
We can offer each other guidance.

We share an understanding and a way of thinking.
A poet explaining and a song writer singing.
The very best of the best;
The best we have to give.
Life is a constant test
And we must learn how to live.

Forever we are changing, evolving day to day.
In a future version of ourselves, we will know what to say.
From the babies we were, we have grown to become strong of thought.
We have passion and clarification;
We now know all that which we have been taught and so much more.

From school until now, we are constantly learning;
From baby to adult, we are advancing.
A hope is all they had, the Mom and the Dad;
Now I am simply here to give thanks.

The more we grow, the more we know.
After a time of being just a person that follows,
We are now strong enough to walk alone…
We are no longer a clone.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I used to
want to be
a singer
or someone
to bring change

all I want
is to become
a strawberry
with sugar

so once you
might find me
to taste
The trees they speak 2-B
blessed to be spoken for
The Gingerly lemon tea 4 -2
Four letters H-E-L-P me through
Four people Fast Wendy 4 for a
4 burger Amber circus jiggler
pulled together by time why 4:44?
The force love forever 4 leaves
on the clover reading tea leaves
At the four corners
Amber the corner of her lip
ride the
Royce Royce Lover
crash it's over-

Slenderman slumber
Ember hearty
Harvest soup
Amber brighten
the party scoop

1- Hot it is (..)
2- Is it wrong
3-Wrong if not sold out to Uncle Sam
What was?
4- Was she the SOS
5- SOS sweet outburst did she belong
6- Belong and betrayed I made the song
7- Song The redesign, please help
8- Help wanted not just any sign
9- Sign was stolen and Amber rose
10- Rose so ember bright he gulped
11- Gulped left with one (.)
12- One far two stars bygones
13- Bygone the last line 13 I= phones

deleted numbers
Now don't disappear on me
Getting the last word at the end of the sentence then carrying it to the front of the sentence this is not the name game. We are singers at a party but sly foxes like a pandora box  add your number your next
my raspy
voice is
euphoria but
revere sole
of she
that rejoice
with spontaneity
and invariably
my unrehearsed
vocal is
flutelike always
depict its
comp as
discretion with
a valet
in Wodehouse
novels indirect
A song with soul
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