I raise my hand up to my ear
Empty without my phone
Maybe it'll happen tomorrow
is what I said about yesterday's tomorrow, because

This is when you would call
This is when you would call
Was told of the end that comes to all good things.

Have you dialed my number only to then take your hand off the latch
of a door where something made of be us
Grunts and screams and moans and pleads

Who do you say "Hey there",  to now?
Did their day make you smile?
Laugh in sync?
Did you pause in mid sentence as your eyes saw the time?

This is when you would call me
This is when you would call me
Why can't you fucking call ME?
Sucks when what you're used to doesn't exist for you anymore
Mahra 1d
Find comfort in the rising sun instead of letting your blinds shut through the night,

keep your phone down and let your eyes wander and breathe breathe breathe.
There’s so much more to life than screens.
Karmen Jul 12
A child i acted, you say as if you knew
But in fact you had no fucken clue
To talk when you weren’t ever near
Never did you get a chance to hear from my side of my own mind
You declared left and right
About my obsession with your ex
Like you knew the thing flowing in my mind
But ya didn’t
Ya didn’t fucken no the thoughts inside
The things I always had flowing my mind
Hunny you’re so heart over mind
That ain’t the care when it comes to who I’m sticking by
See from my side its mind before heart
Only a fool and not to come at you
But only a fool will let the heard lead the mind
That’s just plain wrong
Hunny you gotta let your mind tell your heart
Then you’re really there
The game really is
You fake that your heart leads your mind
In reality your mind leads your heart
It’ll be easier at getting on when you’re aware
But hunny you still ain’t there
And I don’t think you’ll get unstuck from the middle of the path
It’s really fucken sad
You feel sorry for me ?
Oh please
I don’t feel feel that way for me
My mind is leading the path I take
I only wish you’d be able to see it that way
I’m going the opposite way
Suggest you the same
Or you’ll forever hold pain
For the child’s sake
Give y’all a real break
Get the fuck away
Stop living in the past life of what once upon a time
This life isn’t a fairytale
Ain’t no happily ever after
What type of lie you been going at inside your head
Karmen Jul 12
Here’s a good one for ya
Y’all heard this one before in fact
“ you are here for a purpose, we are all here for a better purpose “
Well what purpose ?
Something you ask people back & let sit in the back of your head wondering answers as for what and why .
Am I right ?
How many of ya have found your answer ?
If you haven’t , are you content with the unknown  
See, that statement is what we all hear
Something we’re told when we are in dumps and about to give up
And even though it can’t be stated with an answer it’s something that sort of lifts us up .
And what’s crazy to me is ,
What’s my purpose for walking this earth
That’s no longer a question for me
I have my answer, I know and am aware of my answer to that question .
Silently watching the lives
through my phone
Seeing the smiles and connections.
Sad to see, all the things I’ll never have.

A connection that lasts longer
then a few years.
A bond stronger than the tides
and as bright as the stars.

Someone to honestly share the views of the world with
to show them myself and give them every
minor detail.
For them to love what they see.

I watch their lives through my phone.
I see that world through it.
I so badly want to live there
I so badly want to say

Hello, this is my first poem on this website, and I'm super excited. I'm pretty new to writing poetry so any suggestions would be great! Have a magical day!
zahri Jul 5
Staring At my phone
Smoking a Cigarette
looking At Your Silhouette

hoping that The day Will Come
where I no Longer exist
When my feelings will all Decease

alone alone alone
i fucking hate it when im alone

loneliness is my secret
and my biggest weakness
i don’t smoke y’all, the word just rhymed , haha im lame wassupz
Summer can be fun but lonely when your 6 hours in the future
Bryant Jul 3
Drone in a zone
It's his own private place that he owns
And you think he's got no thoughts
But he isnt awake yet
He's still not awake.
What happened?
Where did he go?
Can he not hear our flow?

Look he opened his eyes!
Maybe he will take off his hellish discuise!

"The trees are dead."
He says.
How sad
The tops of his eyes fell again.
I wonder if he was always a drone.
I guess we will never know.
Due to the fact that he's stuck in the phone zone.
Kagey Sage Jun 29
It's not like the last time when I was younger
I didn't let my aloofness make my plunder go asunder
I stayed open as the season in the boonies
but no brunette bullet shells wanted a coat of peacock feathers

Is it these two gray hairs in my too short hair
with the boring clothes and job scaring the mares back to the woods?

The suburban streets are lonely
nothing but parent shut-ins and  kids on bicycles
So I go to the forests and the cities
where you can walk together freely with the occupants in there

I wanna ask her for the time just so I can talk to her
But she knows that I have a blue screen too
that'll tell me just as well

I log onto the network to look up her haunts
where I see her all the time
I find her name and request she sees mine

I make up a story related to happenstance of mutual friends
We write back and forth a few times
'Till the small talk stops, the replies end
we see each other and avoid eyes
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