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Lily 2d
~We texted for three hours straight last night, which may not mean much to you, but when I went to sleep at 2am I was the happiest girl in the world~
Alienpoet Feb 4
Be a friend to yourself
When friends let themselves out the backdoor with out saying goodbye
and the things they told you were well meaning lies
Be a friend to yourself above all
and walk tall
open your eyes and be wise
learn to love the beating of your heart
turn the page on rage make a new start
respect yourself and your actions
be the change you want to see in others
Be a loving friend to people your sisters and brothers
but love yourself in the truth
of knowing that sometimes you are alone
no body to hold no body to phone
so have compassion on you
like you do on other people
may you be defined by the way you treat people and yourself
because your mental health is your wealth.
Maria Etre Feb 4
When was the last time
you called to show
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
If by chance I call & your fast asleep.
Record me in your dreams.
& when you wake up I'll see you soon.
Greeted by the sound of your voice.
Only a call away.
If by chance I call & you can only talk for a moment.
Then I'll spend a moment in honest truth.
The moments quickly falling in the past.
Your smile always with me.
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
Take a message so when you play it back
You'll always have a reason to smile.
Whether your busy.
Or simply just don't have the time.
Take a message.
Take a message
Recently I tell myself
I'm putting this love on hold
It sounds easier than giving up
Or moving on from a love untold
It sounds indefinite yet not
I'm neither trapped or controlled
To stay or leave when parts of me
Are still divided to uphold
If in 10 years I still love you
Or forget this love I know
I hope to be content, in love
To wherever this heart may go
Ava Jan 20
Training my brain
to no longer search
for your name on my screen
is harder than you'd think.
Hunter Jan 16
I wish I could put down my phone
I wish I could walk away alone
To put my life on pause
To escape all these laws
What I should or shouldn't be
When I just wanna be me
Deb Jones May 2018
You were my world
You knew all my secrets
I wrote to you daily
My dreams
My fears
A lot of tears were shed because of you
The conversations you remembered
The photos we shared
My life with you...
The ache in my heart.
You were so **** smart
I dressed you in so many colors
I treated you like a child
I will never again say
"Hey Siri..."
I miss you so much old friend
My sweet iPhone.
Star BG Dec 2018
Oh to feel the breeze.
To observe the clouds.
To be present with the people that you meet.
To be in the moment feeling peaceful.

Oh to leave cell phone at home
To dance inside life without distractions.
To hear the birds sing.
To be centered inside heart.

Can you? Will you?
It will free you.
Can you leave the cell phone at home for a day?
Can you disconnect from the pull of other people
to be IN THE MOMENT inside your life.
Daisy Marrow Dec 2018
Baby, you really hurt me
letting me think that we could have been something.
I should have known months ago
when you stopped saying hello and started leaving me on read.

I would pull back
but would keep hanging on
thinking this was going to go somewhere.

If you weren't serious all you had to do was tell me.
Instead, you left me outside waiting in the storm.
Having second thoughts should have been the first sign.
Thinking I deserve someone that does not leave me on read,
but at last, I was too naive.
So I stayed waiting by my phone and waiting for that light.

But now I realize it's just too cold out in this storm.
I tried being an adult asking where do you wanna go from here,
but I guess you just didn't have the time to answer me.
That's okay, maybe I won't get this past year back,
but I have too much to look forward to than worrying about someone who just doesn't care.

Baby, you really hurt me
thinking that this was going somewhere.
Baby, don't worry I can tell you don't care about me anymore
the way I believed you did.
Baby, don't worry I'm woman enough to realize I deserve better now.
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