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Peyton James Aug 31
“Hey, it’s me again. I don’t know if you care,
But I picked up a brand new bottle of dye
One of those do-it-at-home kits for blue hair;
I couldn’t do it, though, couldn’t think to try.

“I wanted to go dancing at that club you found,
Remember? The night of sushi and candy,
Our bodies making love to electric sound?
Turns out your voice can’t be drowned out by brandy.

“I can’t say that too much has happened lately;
I’ve succumbed to the addiction of couch life
And boredom. Do you know what I miss greatly?
Your voice, your drawl, your wit sharper than a knife.

“Sometimes I have these nightmares where you pick up,
And we talk again, the moments mixed up;
So I call back, waking, my stomach nervous,
Reminded that this number’s out of service.”
When I was a kid, my grandmother passed away. I had this strange habit of still picking up the phone to ask her advice. I would remember at the last minute that she wasn't there anymore, but it felt nice to have that connection again. Sometimes I would still tell the empty phone line my stories and problems.

I recently had a friend pass, and just staring at their abandoned social media made me remember calling an out-of-service phone number all over again.
Kamal Aug 2
Why you can reach me
But I cannot
You text, I am there
I text
You are no where to be be found
Your holding your phone in your in hand
Did you put it down?
It is your third hand
Ignoring me, playing hard to get?
Do I bore you?
Just say so, **** it
I can move on …
Kassan Jahmal Jul 30
Please call me back,
written message in the network's text. I don't have
enough airtime; so I'll borrow some. Knowing it's
not the best—in the fact of being underpaid.
I haven't been paid this month, so it's still a dream
of moving house. The funds are never enough,
but just tuck shop money, and a gin allowance for a
couple laughs.

But I'll call you soon.

7.50, left in my bank account. Maybe I could
pull out six to make the call. Insufficient funds to
complete this transaction,
the screen read in bold.
Feeling insufficient, sufficiently to say I've worked my due.
If I had a girlfriend; which place could I take her to,
and what would we do? As I'm broke and empty on funds
and dreams in my pocket. While driving past the mansions
of my two bosses.

But I'll call you soon.

I'm running out of rhymes, without any airtime
to Google new ones on Rhymezone. So I'm just
staring at the phone, hoping you make the repeating call.
I missed it the first time you beeped me, knowing I was
feeling tearful in my room alone. I must have been so focused
on staring at the pictures on the wall, to hear your call.

But I'll call you soon.

As both of my lines have pending debts, and I'm not
keen on borrowing  money to have debts with friends.
But in the end—your fun size pride rarely cares.
Still the anxiety of not making an effort to call back,
pushes a reason to swear. To pull my hairs, struggling
on why—why I can't return your call. As if I don't care
at all.

But I do; I'm just fighting to call you soon. Unfortunately
in the end; I never had the chance to support you my
friend. I never returned that call, and it's doing in my head.

It's an unfortunate one missed call.
snipes Jul 6
when the rain drys
we’ll sing for mankind
dying by the same pain
sink our teeth into fear and
we’ll see ice cold fangs hang
viruses bringing minuses
vaxations starting vacations
taxation setting aggression
eyes as fractal checkerboards
how insane
press play
your life’s a movie
press pause
for your unsecured
sing it through the blues
paint it through the pixels
I’m sick
when the rain drys
I’ll sing for mankind
die by its name
live in its air
as practice is
best repetitive
posting postponed
for hell is the phones but
heaven doesn’t allow bones
life is postponed
polarized protons
programs prompting
promotions probed
for eons
Stalwart Dull Feb 11
9th day of February I was happy
5 times, I wish you were here
Breaths heavily on count of 3
But after this is another three
0% possibility that somebody will help me
As I passed out around 6
I heard your voice called me 3 times
8 steps to follow your voice
But there's no one to see, it's 0 visibility
Because the 9th day of February ended sorrowfully —tin🍃
Nigdaw Feb 2
there are days
when even your own phone
doesn't recognise you

stranger face

it's when you find out
who your real friends are

the ones who make an effort
to talk to you
Kai Jan 8
Forgot what I searched for to find heaven.
But I know that at the age of seven
I seized my mother’s phone and found a god.
He led me to an arresting world with strings.

Strings that swept your hair the way the wind does
when your ego would reach the sparkling skies.
They touched your heart no matter how heartless.

I refused to blink because if I did
I would miss a second of his gentle
fingers gliding across the maple fretboard.
And no sane person would want to miss that!

Strings danced back and forth as he played a chord.
Oh, his fingers grew sore, but calluses
helped desensitize them from aches and pain.

The instrument he mastered was waiting
to call him master cause’ guitars love how
he manipulates and makes them his slave.
Strings begged for his touch, for sounds they could make.

My eyes felt heavier than dense gym weights.
I mustn’t stop gazing if I want to
stay lost in heaven. So **** riveting!

“School is tomorrow.” “******, I forgot.”
“Give the phone back. Hmm, what are you watching?”
“Heaven.” “What did you say?” “I said heaven.”
Mom didn’t say anything afterward.

A few hours came, she asked for the phone.
I gave it to her, prepared my backpack.
Maybe in a different universe.
I would have proclaimed, “Don’t take the phone back.”
My first encounter with the most remarkable instrument: the guitar.
Anya Dec 2021
The title is simply
a culmination of my whims
like the whim that keeps me
glued to my screen
tap taping away
tap tap

While my room looks like some monster's den
And I engorge myself on those chocolate almonds

My eyes grow hazy
As my waistline grows larger
The yellow light pierces my eyeballs

As I be tap
If you're feeling like me right now, you're not alone. It's so easy to get swallowed up by our screens, fight it, fight it so you have no lasting regrets for the time will slip through your fingers like sand.
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
those late texts
till my phone dies,
laughing by the corner
as i try not to,
  make a sound.
and spending late calls
on limited wi-fi.
Khoi Nov 2021


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