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I said I would always be there for you,
but at some point
I stopped sleeping with my phone on ring
It's simple really, a swipe, a bite, a tap, and a knife might pierce through your back.  

It's simple too, to get a date, a swipe to the left a swipe to the right, nah, we are the gods of this world.

Acting like the master of a master, the creator of the creator, acting like we yield the powers of the sea, or the power and mystery of gravity...

They escape from reality, they put their head down to sleep because their kids were noisy... using those games to replace what was a role of a father or a mother.

Her back was arched too, her chin pressed against the folds of her skin as she sat there, so focused, so engrossed and enjoying the ...... captivity in which she didn't want to look up, no no no, she preferred to look into virtual screens and when she wanted to scream in pain she went to her phone to check that she isn't alone..
That if people didn't like her photos she was an outcast.

People keep talking about MK ultra, but what if it's already controlling us. How those heaps of wires and chips and circuits so easily lures us in it's wake...

Parents, they use those sirens of the technology world to shut up their children. Soon, they would have missed the voices of the once innocent and unbroken child. They would miss the times they talk as a family, only realising those times were filled with "can I use the phone."

Arched backs and arched necks. This is society now.
I don't accept this. It's so annoying to see parents especially using the phones as ways to shut their children up ahhhh sooner of later, their children is gonna grow up, and they are gonna want their children to spend time with him and they are gonna feel awkward because they were never close in the first place....but j can understand of course, that is hard and tiring but I hope we can get away from the phone and start living.
Gods1son Sep 7
Woke up in the middle of the night
Reached out for my phone to check the time
Two notifications from Instagram
Quick check and now it's 30mins on the Gram

Decided to put the phone down
Then came a message from a buddy from another town

We texted till the dawn of the day
Oops, I think I forgot to say
It was 3am when I checked the time
Damn! I couldn't think straight for the rest of the day!
Our phones could be used for our benefits but they could also be a big distraction. Have you ever been a victim of this?
that word
isnt something i have.
i was close
to actually doing it today
but i still get so nervous around you.
so i took it to my phone,
and let her do my dirty work.
its much easier that way.
less stressful and awkward, too.
im glad i did it.
i hope this can be the start
of something better.
i want better.
but if you dont, thats cool i guess. i cant change how you feel about me.
Melo Sep 4
Three am
A faint glow that steals me from my dreams
An eerie light, I stare with bloodshot eyes
I try to peel myself away but find no solace in my bed
The machine calls to me
It's inhuman humming floods my mind from rationality
Exhaustion appears at four
But sleep eludes me still
I scroll through the endless distractions to tire my brain with stimuli
The headphones now causing my ears to ring, harmonizing with the inhuman hum
The sound of the insomniac, I can almost make out the words
By five I have conceded
Pointlessly laying down while begging to the ether for at least an hour of rest
Six I pass out
Seven time to get ready for school
Haleigh Aug 21
There's a comforting feeling,
seeing that number on my phone,
feeling that panic,
closing my eyes quickly
and making a wish,
that I know won't come true.
Daisy Marrow Aug 19
I don't want to apologize,
but I am sorry.
I understand I can be a bit dramatic sometimes,
and over think every situation.
However, I just wish I could understand how you feel about me.
Maybe I wouldn't hold on to every little thing
if you just gave me a sign that is clear for me to read.
I've never been able to enjoy the company of another,
so I'm not sure how this is suppose to play out.
Don't leave me in the morning
feeling used and forgotten.
However, I find myself waiting by the phone as the evening passes
wondering if I should keep trying.
I'm holding on but I know I deserve something more.
It's been 9 months and it's been hundreds of miles.
Sorry if this sounds selfish,
but I can't wait forever and hold onto nothing
when I know I deserve something more.
I love your company
and in my head, we are happy
because I know you feel the same.
I don't want to sound dramatic,
but just please don't leave me in this haze.
Haleigh Aug 16
not so long ago
they made you feel
not so alone

the compulsive criteria
of social media

and the claustrophobia
that comes
when you can understand people
but not love them

It sits in a blind corner
like a forgotten foreigner
mentioned in sentences
that start with
"remember back when..."

The lesson of technology is to go with the flow

The lesson of time is in old and fading photos
where you are holding
a landline phone and
pretending to
I confess I’m addicted to my phone
My observations tell me I’m not alone
For when you venture out it’s plain to see
The majority of us are glued to our screens

Whether on the tube or pushing a pram
We all have devices in our hands
Surfing the net or social networking
Everyone obsessed with being plugged in

It’s getting so bad even in company
We’re not fully there as we view our screens
And now there are warnings from TFL
Not to fall down escalators as a result of this swell

In checking our messages, writing posts
Face to face interaction up in smoke
We’d rather be alone in the cyber world
Than engaging in reality with other boys and girls

It is an epidemic that’s spreading extremely fast
Thus it seems that human contact
could become a thing of the past
No need to leave the house anymore
When everything can be ordered and delivered to your door

A society of zombies isolated could we become
If we don’t down devices and venture out into the scrum
And mingle with other beings physically there
Where we can look them in the eye
and maintain that stare

Connecting on a basic level without the aid of WiFi
And concentrating on each other
instead of being distracted by
Notifications and little beeps
Incoming communication that never sleeps

And keeps you up all night as your brain just can’t switch off
From all the incessant stimuli we’re inundated with
Time to give it a rest, take a break just for a while
Look up from your laptops and perhaps give someone a smile

Watch where you are going, don’t get yourself run over
Be present in the moment and you hopefully won’t fall over
Have a coffee with someone instead of instant messaging
Regard the world around you taking note of everything

Don’t zone out and go into a solitary trance
Assemble your tribe, spin some tunes, have a little dance
Limit your time on the World Wide Web
Grab yourself a hottie and get jiggy with them instead

I’m talking to myself
As well as anyone else
Your family and chums are precious
And deserve nothing less

Than your undivided attention
For one day there’ll come a time
When perhaps they’re no longer around
And you regret being online.
Steve Page Aug 2
Where are you now?
Well I'm here. Here at the -
I can't see you.
Well I'm looking at it n- Yes.
What do you see?
Okay. Okay.
No, I'll come to you now. Yes. You stay there.
- -
What a ninny!  This is going to be a long day.
Overheard phone conversation
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