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Bullet Oct 7
Apple lights keep hurting my eyes
Street corners breaking my threads
The concrete is now heating up
The constant noise I’m hearing fades
I’m fighting dreams of other cities
This phone keeps bussing me
I feel like a ghost in my reality
I’m busy but not keeping it busy
The screen distracting me from the concrete
All I’m asking for is an everything bagel
I’m hungry and dizzy in an empire wonderland of hopeful thinking

I’m trying to speak all these lights into an existence
I’m trying to walk in the streets best for me
Apple Empire lights have my eyes awake
Sipping on juice but eyes keep sleep crawling
Keep me from breaking bridges
I want to go for loop-de-loops in a six speed
Burning at the light and time we have all day
I want to follow my dreams but in order to be successful I might have too move. But I want to better my own city. I want it to be fun at the end of the day.
show me
how to be

what I need
who I am
why I care

when's the new?
where am I?
you look very nice in that box.
Safana Sep 12
A white flower
wearing an eyeglass,
her eyelash rolled
Like calla lily,
her bright beautiful
sciera looks glassy
like, brown iris and
chocolate pupil rouned,
Stood up
her face
Brighten the Android
phone is softly touching,
when Funda closed the
shop door, she turn
her face to me
and she said
a beautiful flower
Hugo Pierce Aug 21
I am not scared of thunder
The low rumbles cause no fear
but when thunder is on the table
It's my phone beckoning my ear

I am not scared of lightning
I look at the electric sky in awe
But the candescent screen terrifies me
because of the Caller ID that I saw

I am not scared of storms
the rain doesn't make me sad
but a raincloud is hanging over me
for that phone call was from my dad

I am not scared of hail
though the crystal bullets cause pain
you have never cared about me
so a call from you hurts just the same

I am not scared of hurricanes
though I think I probably should be
I'm not here to soothe your conscience
making you feel good is not my responsibility

I am not scared of the weather
for I know that it will always fluctuate
storms don't stick around for long
neither did you for the son you helped create
Thanks dad
Alex Aug 11
Thirty hours non - stop,
My weary eyes on a rectangular screen,
Trying all the guilt trips,
And it failed me to cease,
Just one scroll on,
But then I lied,
All these funny memes,
I lost the track of time,
'Thirty minutes more' i say,
It adds up the duration,
It adds up the lies,
I've never been better,
I am deteriorating myself,
With my gadgets, I became a freak.
Getting out of one’s comfort zone,
Trying out travelling alone,
Making decisions that are risk-prone,
Is no doubt difficult - like trying to live without a phone!

Often leads to breakdowns,
Often makes one look like a clown
And often makes one frown.

But then if one doesn’t live for these things,
They are just like a bird without wings.
Even if their day-to-day life doesn’t sting,
They miss out on life and all that it brings.
Wind turbines
Are nothing
Compared to my
Phone line

Travelling through utility poles
Filling the hole of my lost soul

Wind to electricity
Is saddening

Phone to chemistry
Is ever so satisfying

The winds cool breeze freeze the hearts

The wires divine line admires our scorching spark

Emerging fire
Others admire
As she gently moans under my tangled wire

My electricity intensifies
Within my phone line

Oh she's so fine
So fine
And all mine

I ignite a fatal spark to those who dare wish to repair my line

I'm fine
Can't you see that I am not alone
I have my phone
In hand

And yes, I understand she's long away
But whenever she dances
I sense her in my arms
She has a tender sway
Long Distance relationships is adventure with no meaning

Just fun
E Jul 19
Checking my phone
Don’t want to go
My heart has settled
Somewhere else
Where the wild things are
In the forest of dreams
Do u ever feel this way?
I have looked through flowers
They are dying without the attention
So are other beings
Waiting for a notice
A text, a message
A phone ring.

It is surprising,
Not meeting
A sudden situation
missing out on exchange
the needs are simple
short greetings.

You know them
Don't you,
Met in the corridor
The canteen,
In the bus,
In a cafe,
the bakery
The number saved on phone.

You call out
They'll hide
You reach
Be in touch
Kindness needs to be shown
Or they'd be gone
Far far away
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