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Xaela San Nov 2019
If this was a movie

We'll end up together

Happily ever after
Aleena Jun 2019
Walk simultaneously
Feel the rhythm
Feel the beat
Symmetry and shadows
Follow as we speak
ALIN NUR JR Apr 2019
Don't love again coz it's full of tests and trials,
It gives you a full rapture without any factual denials,
Don't love again if you are not that strong,
For there are nothing of love you belong,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

Love is the deepest and strongest affection,
That none can bother with its complications,
Love is like a bridge held high,
You don't have the heart to look at the sky,
Especially when love is leaking blood from the sky to your eye,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

No sanity after madness of love,
It always gives you a different curve,
Don't bother with the mind you have,
Coz love is like a lawless landlord,
Your rental is only what he can afford,
None can judge him but only your Lord,
Don't love again
You will cry again

©Alin Nur Jr
Mariam Shittu Mar 2019
Maybe there’s no happily ever after,
Brad and Angie ended.
Jack died, Rose lived.

Maybe there’s no together forever
no till death do us part.
no fairytale ending.

Maybe its okay to have
several beginnings
and different endings.

Maybe we are only meant
to hold on to our happy
for as long as we can.
A Simillacrum Feb 2019
How am I
still walking
still breathing
thoughts & feelings?
How am I
still drinking
still eating
in the earth's stomach?
Feeding myself to feed you.

Feeding myself to feed you.

. . .

Wet fingertip offered to the wind itself,
summon me personal heaven,
please, summon me
personal heaven.

Flat foot big toe tapping out the pulse
of the bare ground on concrete,
asking heaven of
the soil. Pleading.

Feeding myself to feed you.
Happily happening,
as but a terrible chance.

Happily happening.
soli Nov 2018
you give me paper cuts
small, yet deep
and i still happily,
bleed for you.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
My times are changing so
fast, how strange my life
does seem, different but
just a short time ago a life
of being a happily a married
man, years ahead still to
come I thought how wrong
I was
Then all gone like washed
away with the evening tide
only our loved ones miss
us left with just our photos
and the memories If not for
those, no one would even
know we'd ever been
Photos memories washed tide gone married
happily wrong
There is a sheep
Playing in the court
That is wide
He jumps happily
He feels funny
He sings loudly
But suddenly
He felt lonely
He goes immediately
To search for friendly
He walks shortly
He walks straightly
He walks  unlikely
Till he finds them
They are great
They are like him
Sheep and goats'
He invites them
They get hesitated
He says obviously
The court is wide
The plants are great
They are green
Who wants happy?
Must live there
Who wants heaven?
Must  go yonder
They look at faces
Why don't they go?
Why don't  they do"
The effort to get more
To make their life happy
They deal with themselves
with honest and funny
feeling at inner
with the sense of satisfy
of the sense of ready
to thank their God truly
They are all going happily
to live happily, you must feel it in yourself
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