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Wings of a butterfly fluttering in air,
never knew his  life extends not far
livin' to the fullest,only he care
savouring each moment, can only be fair
            Realising his  beauty,wishes to live some more
            flirts with his wings only he wear
            however, life's ending soon does, doesn't he fear
            lives the life till he got,
            loves the life with all his might...
We all got only one life. But we have more days than a butterfly to live.
Like it enjoys its each moment till Fortnight,we must enjoy our each moment till we got!!!
Wary Oct 2020
Stopped drowning in your memories
Started living happily in my own dreams
Because being stable and self loving
That's the spirit of a happy human being
Happy life
Wary Oct 2020
I plucked flowers for him from someone's garden and text him how much he loved them..?
he merrily replied...
I'm no longer owner of these flowers...
He left her and moved on
Your eyes smiling at me
Your kisses tender
Your words heartfelt
I am imagine being with you
Loving you
Making you happy
As we rule our Saudi Arabia

‎عيناك تبتسمان لي
‎ قبلاتك العطاء
‎ كلماتك صادقة
‎ أنا أتخيل أن أكون معك
‎ أحبك
‎ يجعلك سعيدا
‎ كما نحكم السعودية
Daniel Mashburn Mar 2020
I’m so used to writing sad songs
But I’m not sad anymore.
I stopped letting those disasters
Define me to the core.

And I’ve been content with what I’m doing;
No longer bruised, no longer sore
From this hard beating I’ve endured
(From this heart beating I’ve endured.)
And I’m not sad anymore

I’m so tired of writing sad songs
I can’t shake these feelings I’ve ignored
Like when I fell to pieces in the bedroom
Or when I passed out on the floor.

I was broken and alone
But you felt like home to me.

And you felt like home to me
And I’m listening to those songs I wrote when I was seventeen
I never thought I’d let that go
And so I think that you should know

That you feel like home to me
Audrey Feb 2020
You loved him even after that
when the thunder came out of his body
and met you at the skin

You opened up like a shotgun
feeding the wounds with words
that never met the mirror
never came out clearer.

You loved him even after that
when the rage spilled over the rim of his cup
dousing his tongue
with the pain of you
the bitterness grew

Even after
ever after

When the nights made you hungry
and he kept you pinned under
all his lonely

You loved him even after that
You kept the scar
and swallowed the tar of his affection
opened up like a lobotomy

Even after
ever after

When he buried you
in words soaked in toxins
left you with a virus
he picked up from a married woman

You saw him even after that
even after that
never after all
never after that.
Xaela San Nov 2019
If this was a movie

We'll end up together

Happily ever after
ALIN NUR JR Apr 2019
Don't love again coz it's full of tests and trials,
It gives you a full rapture without any factual denials,
Don't love again if you are not that strong,
For there are nothing of love you belong,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

Love is the deepest and strongest affection,
That none can bother with its complications,
Love is like a bridge held high,
You don't have the heart to look at the sky,
Especially when love is leaking blood from the sky to your eye,
Don't love again,
You will cry again.

No sanity after madness of love,
It always gives you a different curve,
Don't bother with the mind you have,
Coz love is like a lawless landlord,
Your rental is only what he can afford,
None can judge him but only your Lord,
Don't love again
You will cry again

©Alin Nur Jr
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