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Chandler Ames Jun 10
Tarry too much, her mind eluded
Hasty in lust, her desire excluded
Faithful with trust, well and proven
Love is such, balance in movement
Darryl M May 8
I don’t have a lot of time.
Just give me some time.
To love you, keeping check of no time.
I’ll love you till the ends of time.
This is my time.

I won’t own you, coz you aren’t a slave of mine.
But won’t you be mine.
I love you now, but better is to come if you’re mine.
In a list of jewelry stores, you’re the whole gold mine.

I’m a wanna-be.
I wanna see myself with you.
I wanna grab on to the thoughts of you.
I wanna survey your beauty, no fog, no dew.
I wanna gaze at your eyes, my perfect view.

My love goes deep to the core.
I won’t make you my chore.
I don’t want to ruin my amore.
I love you now, I love you more.
It would be better if I could score.

You’re the one I want.
But you aren’t a want.
You’ve made it to my needs.
Darryl M May 8
Out of all the flowers.
You grab my attention.
I feel like an idiot with a rose.
Loves me, loves me not.
I guess this is my fate, why would I hate?

Dark and Lovely is the brand.
I want your name written on my wristband.
I could call you, my Chocolate.
But chocolate is overrated, you way much sweeter.
And of course you aren’t mine.
But won’t you be mine?

You’re a princess in my eyes.
Let me climb the highest tower.
I want to see this beautiful flower.
Joe Bandini Apr 8
The infinite brushing of the world
From the waters
From long to wide
I, I head for the open sea
From the world
The waters
More than
For any
All the way
Where all
All hatreds
In our veins
Are in vain
And get lost
The world
The waters
The world
The infinite brushing of worlds
Collide with the stars
All sails stretched
Like the elastic of a sling
The spread-out stars reveal
The whole pond of
COSMOS, which is only DUSTINESS
Like the infinite spinning of the worlds
I mean the unbearable brushing
The endless flood
dmperez Mar 21
you showing interest in me
        showing interest in you
How will you feel
If someone says

He/She would like to
A better life project
With you
Genre: Fantasy
Theme: For the believers of forever
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
sushii Sep 2018
i approached the door,
and fear approached me.

i stood in front of the
door and
anticipation stood in front of me.

the air smelled like a
fresh day by the salty sea and the
air tasted like salt.

my heart beat






the salty air grabbed hold of my tongue and
pervaded its tastebuds and
with a salty fist it
punched my teeth in and
now the taste of salt had invaded my mouth.

the pores on my body
then leaked a hot liquid—
so hot and salty that
it ran cold over my overheating body.
the unpleasant liquid was
relieving during that moment.

peripheral vision had
clouds that slowly moved along,
clouding my judgement,
clouding my mind.

my body underwent multiple tremors
at the expense of the intensity everything seemed to have in that moment.

with one
nervous hand, i
turned the **** on the door—

and all that lay behind it was

a barren room. nothing more,

                            nothing less.
undefined Nov 2016
winter approaches

my left arm aches
where it broke
into 4 distinct pieces
back in 2004

my shoulder aches
where it was injured
scoring the winning shot
in a match in 2009

my forearm aches
where it suffered
from a hairline fracture
due to a friend's elbow in 2011

winter approaches
all my aches return
still persisting
after all those years

pain is still in my bones.
ryan Aug 2016
As the rate of change of life seems
To increase ever more as
Days pass, I would hope to approach
You asymptoticly-

Forever approaching you

Closer and closer

Until finally

We cross
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