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Nylee Aug 2020
much louder
was the noise
not aiding my
timid voice.

how to approach
how to not
easy to fuel
the doubt.

easier to shrink away
will leave it like this
just for today
no one will miss.

speed way faster
as I draw my step
no use of any prep.

As I am back
where I was before,
feeling far worse
as I close the door
behind me.
I'll try tomorrow again.
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2020
I have looked through flowers
They are dying without the attention
So are other beings
Waiting for a notice
A text, a message
A phone ring.

It is surprising,
Not meeting
A sudden situation
missing out on exchange
the needs are simple
short greetings.

You know them
Don't you,
Met in the corridor
The canteen,
In the bus,
In a cafe,
the bakery
The number saved on phone.

You call out
They'll hide
You reach
Be in touch
Kindness needs to be shown
Or they'd be gone
Far far away
jerely Apr 2020
With deep sense
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
मलाई सोधियो
"त्यो मुर्ख छ, कसरी व्यवहार गर्ने ?"

मैले प्रतीप्रश्न गरे, "के तिमी पक्का छाै कि ऊ मुर्ख छ?
[ हो जवाफ आउने प्रवल सम्भावना थियो, म सुन्न तयार थिए ]

"हो, सबैलाई यो थाहा छ।" सोही जवाफ आयो

सक्छाै भने दूरी बढाउ
टाढा बस
त्यती सक्दैनै भने..........

"भने के" सोधीहाल्यो

"उ भन्दा मुर्ख बन"
"ठूलो मुर्ख देखि, मुर्खपनि डराउछ"

फोन राखेको संकेत आयो.......
शैली : प्रयोगात्मक
विषय : दैनिक जीवन
ध्यानाकर्षण: कृपया संवाद सुनीसकेपछि सबै श्रोताले पुष्पाञ्जली लिनु र मन्नन गर्नु ।
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
You love

Stay close
To heart

If needed
Be afar
With mind

You love
Don't hate
Be on
Silent service
Every time
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Art Of Living
MDH Dec 2019
I can sense your approach
but looking at you would be too painful.
Your eyes, your nose, your hands, your clothes;
never do I see them with a clear eye.
And I do not love you.

Your voice, your laugh, your talk;
I do not wish to hear it
but I always do, time and time again.
I cannot escape you, no matter how much I try.
But I cannot love you.

The things you say, the things you do,
what you like, what you hate,
your friends, your enemies.
I know them all, through and through.
But I must not love you.

A barrier, a fog, a wall,
they block me from you.
Once I talked to you with ease,
now the idea fills my head with sorrow.
So I may love you.

And I know, too, that this
will prevent you from knowing me.
You do not care about my looks or laugh.
You will not talk to me at all.
You shall not love me.
This one hurts more than it should, but I will relish the pain,
Starry Sep 2019
Shouldn't we all
Be hippies
And flower childrrn
For they are happy
And easy going
The world would
Be a better and
Happier place.
Colm Aug 2019
When you can hear the rain running through the trees
Scampering out from the great unknown
With a booming, thunderus, parental wave
The cosmos sounds
And the thunder calls it's children home
That sound of a storm running towards you. Amazing.
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