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Thomas Steyer Jul 17
I looked out the window, goodness me
torrential rainfall in Germany

on the TV a reporter said
people are missing, many are dead

aerial views of the devastation
leave no room for the imagination

they show the extend of the flood
which left the area covered in mud

horrendous stories and detailed accounts
explain what happened and no one doubts

this is a direct result of the climate change
experts say, it's neither surprising nor very strange
kevin wright Sep 2
On tippy toe the brown mud smiles
Trails of mud trapping some unaware
Boots no match when bare footed with painted toes

Drawn down into caressing clutches
Suckling mud burgeoning a surprise
Rain washing suffering from ones muddy eyes

Freshly cut hay thrown into the melee
A raft floats on muddy surf
Regretfully, revellers begin the paddle home
Musical festivals bask in everything from sun to mud
Debbie Lydon Aug 30
The strangest of things can save you when your mind takes its metrical dive,
Thank the lord for the consoling and tedious frequency of next door's vacuum cleaner,
And the birds have been calling to my soul these days, and forget-me-nots keep me alive,
The dandelion seeds fly on wind these days,
I am saved by their graceful demeanour.
Lily Audra Jul 31
Blankets of verdant emerald over fallen limbs,
Crooken arms,
Enclosing up and over and under,
Walk, sting, stop, puddle,
Ankle deep in laughter and brown, murky water,
Joy spread across our faces,
Mud smeared up our arms, legs, hands and hats,
Indestructible powerhouses with totally vulnerable feet,
Like ducks and foxes and rabbits.
The spongy bark or mighty trees fills me with hope,
That my wounds will heal.
and sometimes it feels like
i have been living the same life
for a while now

but however unremarkable
a single blade of grass
pushing through the sticky april mud

and however unextraordinary
the murky river meandering
through modest midwestern hills

however bleak
the cloudy midwinter sky
shadowing frozen earth

the grass still sprouts
a thousand shades
of enduring green

the river still rushes
purposefully toward
greater estuaries

and every single cloud decorating
the daytime sky will never paint this picture
quite the same way ever again
Dave Robertson Dec 2020
I’ve missed this language,
this tongue in my ear of birdsong,
branch creak and rattle,
this chattered water flowing with thought
and question
immobile months have seen my soul ossify
so I’ll embrace this caked mud and heavy boot
and whistle-tread awake
Dinesh Padisetti Dec 2020
I solve problems
To get my blood flowing
I play like a happy child
When I'm on an obstacle course

Getting ever more complex
And solving it even more gratifying
I make a mud castle
And kick it down, when I'm bored
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