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Arden Sep 23
Let's make one thing clear
The future is not female
The future is
Nonbinary it's
Genderfluid it's
Queer it's
Trans it's
Natives it's
*** workers, it's
***, it's
Bi, it's
Pan, it's
Ace it's
People of color it's
People with disabilities
Freya Adirhe Sep 22
Advesarity consumed their unwilling fidelity
When traps and weapons emerge from its deformity
Becoming mortal enemy hits me harder than this distant identity
Fervently latching to me, imposing some closed-caused authority
In this dense haze of trees, masked perpetrators are high on their legacy
Legacy imprints self-esteem, potent drugs, but never talked about
View me as a punching bag or a litter box for communal deviance

My lovely margins keep being reinstated
Hail these double sided blades as irreplaceable
Close encounter with nature but ephemeral nights are our boundaries
Turbulent morning haze and filaments trip my appendages and rip it
Among the suspects, among forest whispers, potent but hidden between shadows
They view us as a submissive vessels for so called reluctant state of shows

When did the turnover happen?
Striding my stance quietly before waves consume me
Where did the roulette take place?
Deciding on who will stand in the front and spotlight
What base did the society decide on the course of my skin?
Deliriously, prancing on my left foot since I was never enough
Early youths have decided to view me as the carrier and the cause

Truly crash me hard enough, for these, born with double edge calls
Truly drive me close enough, isolation and constellation derive my sudden change of identity
View me quick enough, so my breathe will arrive sparse enough
View us low enough, so our garbs will distract lowly eyes
I'm working on it

-Conceptual Romance, 2016
Silverflame Sep 5
You do as you please.
I'm just a human,
in the form of a woman.
So of course, you can
do as you please.
How dare I speak up my mind?
I should just shut up.
My no means yes to you,
so why do I even bother?

But that ain't working,
not anymore at least.
This pushover has been
pushed too close to the edge.
Tornado meets volcano;
and destruction will lay upon you.
Let me erase your being,
so you can start anew.
And this time I'll help
by planting in your mind
a simple seed of common sense.

I'm a pretty calm person, I rarely ever get mad. But this one guy at the train pushed the wrong button when he decided to ***** me twice. I hope he learned his lesson when I snapped and told him off.
Jenay Jarvis Sep 5
My silver linings always got stuck in my teeth.
I was once less thrilled by rain.
You are most beautiful in water.

The corners of your lips like life forming from rich earth.
My thoughts, like droplets weighted with gravity.
Anticipated precipitation.

At times, I am unsure.
Shying from instincts,
Timid by nature.
I could question the elements
And find myself even less satisfied...

To write this off,
Would be unfathomable.
I am without doubt,
This is no passing phase.
For I have discovered this sun
From which I evolved.

At times, from you
I find myself silenced.
Moonstruck but present,
Presently awaiting, evaporating,

It's a comet,
I'm left to observe.
Maybe it's a change in course,
Cast down, an unmistakable sight,

Aimless and
Wandering, like
Jenay Jarvis Aug 28
To put into words
Would add a sense of permanence.

Instead can I skip around this one?
Can I instead speak of spilled sunlight?
Solitary thoughts? The windless moon?

And of a distant boy,

Here on a late August evening,
Somewhere dreaming.
taylormeadowe Aug 16
she is
never stable
forever shifting
iridescent light
burning fire
molded by
foreign hands
foreign trauma
infecting body
it still hurts
as if it were
her own
at first this was about me but it turned into someone i know
Abigail Aug 15
I am a smooth surface.
I am a number of hiding places.
I am meat, I am bone and
I am anything but my own.
Sarah Aug 11
a strong silent power,
rising steady and certain.
putting in the honest work,
day in and day out.
our feminine nature
is the kind of persistent presence
that withstands, and outlasts
life's constant challenges.
eternally exceeding expectations,
we overcome, we succeed,
we grow.
She is distinct
known For her vernacular
They say it's different for her "kind"
For her style, they say is peculiar yet captivating
Compared to the expected.

Is it who she is?

Surrounded by those who are "different"
So they say
But in what way
Looking different on the outside,
But she wasn't too blame
Or put to shame

Is it so she is?

Trying to find her place in a world so black so white

Is it so she is?

Is it who she tries to be.
Amaris Jul 24
Gods, I’ve been forsaken!
I – formerly blessed by the sun –
Cry out to you, you who leave
My words unheard.
Once a daughter to kings, I wait
Inside an indiscernible prison
For the fall of my beloved city.
I predicted this, my people, but
I cannot blame you, my people
I spurned the sun, burned my fate
And now no one will heed me.
They tell me I am
beautiful, I am brilliant, I am
They tell me
To leave the future to kings.
I spoke to you, my people
The contents of the horse
I spoke to you, my people
When we shall catch our demise
With axe and fire, I rush,
Only to face the barrage of disbelief
I hear them laughing, my people
Those who will carve their place
Where you once stood
But you will not listen.
Based on Greek myth of Kassandra, a Trojan princess cursed by Apollo to speak prophecies but never be believed.
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