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She came from a small suburban town,
Her conservative parents shaped her background.
Her dreams were withered down to a trickle,
She had to be married off as per the societal shackles.

One fine day when her age was “right”,
Her parents shipped her off with man they considered a knight.
It was the beginning of a lifelong nightmare,
Every night a pair of patriarchal cuffs she was made to wear.

And thus with each passing night,
She was subjected to his vicious smite.
Her cries for help were paused
As marital **** was never stated in laws.

I welcome you behind these closed doors.
I have no other skeletons buried in my wardrobe.
on her arms
carve a delicate

each pinprick
a sandy glint
in her Martian landscape

canals of meaning fill
until finally the storm has left her streaking
like an iron sunrise

on her limbs
the word-tattoos dry
like calligraphy
on tree trunks

so mysterious

in motion

crimson flower
stamped with the light of dawn
I can’t blame you,
You never meant for the harm it caused.
Its my fault,
I chose to let it happen.
No really don’t worry about it,
they asked nicely.
Its not that serious,
If they ask for it I have to share. Right?
You taught me that.
Sharing is caring.
As long as they say please.
Don’t make them sad!
Be a nice girl.
nif Apr 30
above her feet
and lil tummies
above her teeth
tiny necks
and chubby arms
in final form
a female physique
all cheeks
i am woman
Carlo C Gomez Apr 15
He knew the signs
From studying her fault line
And was quick to act
In her best interest
See the poem "How Brenda Found Her Epicenter."
Carlo C Gomez Apr 14
Lost underneath the hood
she made sure
he stopped to ask for directions
then with map in hand
and strapped to the seismograph
she tremored into the land
of eternal sunshine
Eva B Apr 7
The female ****** is a rosebud
blossoming over the course of seconds.

Our organs were molded in the
image of clams and flowers.

God obviously
gave his blessing.
Her Preference
by Michael R. Burch

Not for her the pale incandescence of dreams,
the warm glow of imagination,
the hushed whispers of possibility,
or frail, blossoming hope.

No, she prefers the anguish and screams
of bitter condemnation,
the hissing of hostility,
damnation's rope.

Keywords/Tags: woman, female, preference, dreams, imagination, possibility, hope, anguish, screams, condemnation, hostility, damnation
Arold Apr 4
Fakes a smile when in need for comfort
Wears confidence when afraid of the unknown
Hides when in need of attention

Sees the good in people
For people to see the good in her
The world is a good place to be part of
They said

Is fireworks in obscure minds
Gives as if the world was deprived
And waits for a reward
But this is a man’s world
And woman are underpaid
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