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Cutezeni Jan 15
I just don’t feel like an equal
“Life’s not meant to be equal”, you say
then what is it?
I don’t feel above people either..
I don’t feel good in my skin either

“What’s in a name?”, you say
I say it’s everything
It puts me in a box without ever giving any opinions
Gives me privilege and takes it away
Burns down the bridge of equality that’s left to stay

What’s in the gender?
Nowadays people mix and match
Men wear makeup and women wear slacks
Men wear their hair down and women move in a buzz
Idk what the fuss is about?

“You think too much” you say
“You’re young and fine and attractive” you say
It’s not that deep that comedian is mad
He’s just trying to pay his rent
His jokes are just sad

But if things stirred the ***
And brought
About a feeling of resentment
In caste and name and female and the lack of
Privilege as they claim
Know that money talks
In all it’s fame

That you don’t need to earn respect
you have it tailor made
That you don’t need equality
Money can tower the gap of wealth and fortune and fame

But I claim:
Life’s not fair when you’re a female brown minority in a hateful society
Where it’s all about the name
Check your privilege, check your privilege as they suppose
I don’t have any I begrudgingly oppose

He triggered me and reminded me of my position
He meant no offence but I’m reminded of my face
That has no place in this society
Just a pretty girl
Wow so light her skin
So pretty her features
Until they know my name.
shaina Jan 11
I'm just a female
who has empathy
a really nice
female friend
who has feelings
that you lack

you get scared,
at the thought
that I cry

you distanced yourself
from me
because I feel emotion.

Oh, I'm just a female
who has empathy
who's there
if you need a hug
or there to understand

but am I just a female to you?
am I nothing more?

I was just a female.
that's all I ever was.
"Female" is about how he only saw me as a female and not as a girl or a woman. He couldn't understand why I was run with emotion. While I was looking back into our messages to timeline, it became very clear that he never actually liked me or thought of me as a person. "I thought I could talk to a female because they are so empathetic"

This is from my project, "Rose Tinted," a collection of poems, drawings, and stories of reflection. The art can be found on my instagram in the upcoming months.
Lalaouna Amina Oct 2022
And if you were the only person to share knowledge with
I would take my leave.
Your too much reasoning disturbs my Wijdan.
nick armbrister Aug 2022
Small but terrible/looking lovely open shirt/my darling bright wraith
Destiny C Aug 2022
I'm a Feminist
My ovaries are in pain.

I'm a woman
I don't feel connected to my main vein.
I'm bleeding in places much deeper than my-

I'd say the word
But i'll refrain.

Instead of being taught to embrace,
I've learned to revel

Instead of
And unique.

Instead of taking agency,
I'm treated like an antique.
Even though i've survived
Everything men told me...

(I'll leave you to ponder but
won't describe. )

I love being a woman,
But it's a love/hate relationship
I can't lie. 
I take pride
But when my head hits the pillow,
I do cry.

In fact, I mourn.

I mourn the excitement society had for me when I was born.
Now i'm rejected,
Because of children i haven't ejected,
Penises i haven't erected,
a husband i haven't selected.

A pariah if you will,
But i have my own will.
Something women are shamed for because we feel,
Feel the need to take back our power
Because if we don't,
Someone else will,
Tell us
What to wear,
How to heal,
**** our souls until we cant feel,
Leaving us empty
Alone and afraid
Only to arrest us for a parade.
I love being a woman
But my heart is in pain,
I find solace in the depths of a woman,
So I know i'll remain...
Evie G Jul 2022
Pull up your shirt,
Put them away.
Though it’s the same shirt some girl wore yesterday,
It’s different cause her frame is dainty and chaste,
It’s just your biology causes disgrace.

Leered at by Men,
Jeered at by girls,
Disdained by Authority , making them hurl
Told to be thankful by those less endowed
While men get their wanksfull from staring in crowds .
Cause showing a shoulder
that means I deserved it,
Cause showing my body means I don’t deserve ****.

Pull up your shirt,
Put them away.
There’s nothing to do, nothing to say.
You’ll never look pretty but Hey it’s okay!
You’ll look **** or manly or just plain perverse
I’m tryna explain all my feelings in verse,

So why can’t I just say it?

Stop staring at my *****,
Some people need to hear this one.
Mark Wanless Jun 2022
an unrepentant poet
walks among the world
seeing and not believing
anything perceived

he dreams of inconsistent
anomalies of existanse
sees to the end of time
in imaginary universe

and no one says a word

the story begins in this sentence
and ends when you stop reading
you are the creator of all that will be

the door opened and you were born
did you knock or just drop into
it does not matter you are here now

male or female or something else
life was needed and you became it
walk if you can is a metaphor

the world is but a reflex
and dreams are made by god small g
a mess of confusion is it's problem
Lucius Furius Dec 2021
When the cold seeps through your skin,
thinking how many times you've walked here alone
when you might have been lying in the arms of lovers,
warm and comforting,
don't sit there shivering.
You weren't meant for those chains.
You were meant to rise on cool mornings
and swim in deep, clear ponds,
to walk along mountains
and stand at the edges of cliffs,
to gaze at stars --
drawing strength from their fiery motion.
Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
This poem is part of the Scraps of Faith collection of poems ( )
Justin Lai Oct 2021
The nights are long but the days are longer
Only in her sleep does she exhale
The rest of the world loosening its grip

She thinks of false promises and shallow hopes
Things all too familiar by now
And swears to do better for her child

The baby on her back now a young woman too
Still her precious light and hope
"My only sunshine" in the dark

She feels her bones and flesh aching from the race
Her heart beats stronger than rising tides
An indomitable force pushing at an irrational object

And so she wakes, smiles at the sky
Fixing sunny side ups for her kin
To get by in spite of everything

is sometimes the bravest act of all
inspired by Brandi Carlile's "The Joke"
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