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Her hands are delicate from the burden she carries,
The lines seen on her palms trace journeys her ancestors traveled for her to be here today,
Her fingers grasp the pen firmly as she strokes a new narrative into existence,
Rings sparkle in the light with each motion as a symbol of sovereignty and culture,
Mehndi celebrates her heritage in a bashful pursuit for representation,
A female successor in the works,
Breaking the norms and defining her identity one step at a time.
Gods1son Apr 17
Women are very strong and powerful
No one can convince or confuse me
to think otherwise

I think Nature is not very nice to her
When she chooses to not fertilize her eggs,
she goes through pain every month
When she fertilizes her eggs, she has
to deal with changes in her body for
nine months. And then, childbirth pain.

Even the society is not very nice to her
If she's qualified for the job,
give her an equal chance
And pay her what she truly deserves
Also recognize her for her hardwork
But we know that's not how it goes

Against all odds, she still stands strong
Lots of accomplishments in this world wouldn't have been possible without her
Without her, the entire society will fall to the ground

Let's give her the respect and
credit she deserves.
Zoe Mei Apr 21
i like stories of
fiercely feral girls
who tear from the womb
short-tempered and clench-******
bawling tantrums with red faces
hungry like black holes
starving to scratch, and bite, and scream
to shake the world for not being their own
who have not yet been carved
hollow of their rage
for a lady
does not

i like stories
of girls who will never
be tamed
never give up their
fire because it hurts
who fight unto their final breath
and spit into the face of death

who are stronger than me).
If you want to read about angry murderous girls, I highly recommend the novels The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, And I Darken by Kiersten White, and Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. And if you want to understand female anger, read Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly.
I've got the power to create
The hips and thighs
Perfectly voluptuous

I've got the power to birth
I've got the power to make life
I've got the power to make breath

Don't tell me that I am powerless
Don't tell me to do what you said
You answer to me

I am The Goddess
you answer to me
Beckie Davies Mar 30
they told me that i was a girl
for i was wearing mascara and blush

they told me that i was a boy
for i was playing with trucks

they badgered me about my gender
they asked me where I fit in

i told them with wisdom that it was none of their business
my gender is not my identity
my gender is not who i am

they demanded to know what i am
i am a truck-loving, makeup-wearing human
female 💜
Neelam Mar 29
This tiny being is said to be an abomination which invites the wrath of gods

Its frail figure is a defilement to the divine sanctuary

This little creature casts evil spells on the ardent devotees

It's a being created by thousands of shadowy shrouds

No one has ever seen the soul within the physical casing of the creature

They're the busy onlookers who have the right amount of money to purchase this delicate creature

Those merciless clouds were showering this tiny little thing with acid

Hyenas shattered the fragile creature

No one has ever seen the rueful cries and pleas of this mysterious creature

And they'll never be able to translate the pain of an unwanted child...
I was deeply saddened by the demise of the children and women around the world.
Robert Rittel Mar 28
As the bride cries before the wedding so much,
the groom many years later, as such.
Better asking twice before loosing at once,
male river water feeding ocean female eloquence.
That sea of motions influences the river,
spawning spores and the flow to deliver.
The pleasing role to submit by natures order,
to keep motions of water in needed boarder.
Delta downstream where the sweet meets the salty bitter,
male and female twilight dance and glitter.
Tides of ******* circles turning to heat,
forces of spirit matter and its sublimity beat.
Adams rip taken to draw the new moon,
creation that flows through the female cocoon.
The silver cup with little golden eggs,
weaving heavens scent into gentle heads.
Natures diplomatic respected fire,
kindled by admiration from mountain higher.
To discover the heart is the greatest initiation,
life is time and death is its dividing appreciation.
Let me handle, said the man;
Detailed everything, but the woman.
I did everything, said the man;
Without hesitation clapped the woman.
In front; I will be, said the man;
Praised actual, but was the woman.
Wasn’t it just another rumor by man;
All did but unknown, the woman.
May be that’s why there’s no more green but sand;
Cause motherhood only defined the woman.
Dedicated to all woman out there, mostly housewives.
Heather Mar 19
I reached my hand out to you
And I was terrified
You could see it in my eyes
“You’re done with me”
No I say, I’m just afraid

Afraid of what?
You are bewildered
I take a pause and say
Your desire for me.

Because what men desire
They take.
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