I thought your touch could be the cure I was looking for.

Little did I know, your love was poisonous
Helen Jan 8
tell me, how did it feel when my foot pierced your chest
when i told you to get off of me
tell me, was it hard when i told you no
when i made you realize that you are not the owner of my body
that you do not get to decide what choices i can and can not make
please, in full detail, for everyone in attendance, explain how your heart slowed when i proudly exclaimed “stop, do not touch me”
because i am not your property
somehow, i don’t remember signing the lease over to you
my shorts length is not a public property sign
saying “all are welcome”
because with my hand on a tarot deck, i will proudly exclaim that “my body is mine” that my words and decisions will not change unless i want them to
and maybe one day, i will allow someone to sign a lease and borrow the title
but today, i get to keep the pen
Leo Janowick Dec 2018
I'm your female who makes you extremely in those crazy nights, and the one you do. Full of ******* your body,
I am your female who breathes next to your chest suffocating your breathing and stirs every time you make yours,
Your custody under your power of a woman, I am your female who retires in that skin to skin, touching the senses in one I am just that your female who knows how to get you in the passions I am your *** turning the lamentations into a whimper of pleasure Infinite,...
I am your female who licks you every corner of the **** that embraces me without mercy,...
I'm your female who always awaits you in the room.. ready to feel under your emerald green look...
I am the female as beasts radiate the skin, with the nails feeling your body under the taste of my lips, I have you among my desire to belong to you-you are the one who bristles my skin
With Lips, kiss and lick my wet.. between my legs,
Feeling in my cavity... I'm your female, who knows how to get you in every space of your body succumb by playing with the lips, in your sweet ******.. that makes me scream and moan, I'm your Embrace me without limits I am the female of your most faithful *****,
I'm your female,, I drink from your body succumb the regrets of my mysteries tyrant master you that makes me scream of infinite pleasure and my delight between the lips kiss so aggressive in the nights full my lowest instincts culminating with my hands holding your ******* So taunt  the delight with the swing playing with the lips, I lick you, and hedgehog your skin with the wet tongue plays with the buds
I am your female who is reborn between your arms, moaning and screaming slogans that I excite every part erogenous in my mind submerged between ******* runs by me  in one just intertwined of my hells where I take your body succumb screaming of pleasure, I am you Female
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
Let the world be the rubber
And you be the glue
I'll bounce off others and stick to you
Catch you when you fall
Pick you up again in the winter
Even tend to your nasty splinters
I'll be the one that gathers your rosebuds in spring
And be your cooling shade in the summer.
And when
Sticks and stones
(Against you)
Will ***** and splinter,
And words for your beauty will never leave me
Remember ravishing is what you are,
As I am ravenous
(How do I know)
Because it takes poetry
To know poetry

And that is just what you are.
Poetry in motion
Tried to make a spin on old nursery rhymes and how one needs to defend themselves in some cases. they way that some women do, inspires me and this is what that is about.
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

You forget
I'm a girl,
you forget,
I'm a S.H.E..
you forget ...
I'm a.. me
you forget
I'm a woman.....
Be a gentleman
Don't be so ready
to lose your patience with me.
Remember to sometimes walk gently.
Don't be so readily available to slaughter me.  
Just because I may seem a little flimsy
sometimes you just need to take it easy.
In the morning when you say your brain is thinking so clearly.
Okay then take it easy remember that
I'm not perfectly always me..
There are moments that I'm selfishly being me and there are times I need you to approach gently less selfishly patiently more gently.
I may be a S.H.E (Emotionally) so let me be.
By.Sharday 12.13.18
being Her.
Zywa Dec 2018
Chained with my gaze
his desire tries to break loose

but my eyes force him, I take
half of my clothes off and wash him
with ice water until he glows
and wants more, then I pull out hairs
in sensitive places, treat him
until it hurts, I bite
where his skin is thin, lick
the blood, rub salt in the wounds
knock him off and arouse him
with my claws in his imagination
I nestle in his desire
for the end, keeping him *****
until he moans and stammers
sweet words, that reconcile me a while
Collection “Freend”
Leeli Barton Nov 2018
have you ever noticed that you never
see famous female poets who look
like marilyn or nicki or ari?

even the girls today whose words
are celebrated can't sell their rhymes
without selling their bodies.

i guess the new femme fatale
might be less feminist than i thought:
when your looks can ****, they ******
your ideas.

when your lips pucker like roses
and your body is angelic--
we let you take our libidos to heaven
but not our minds.
Louisa Coller Nov 2018
Must my jaw be firm,
to throw the first punch of a fight?

Must my hands be delicate,
to hold you tightly in my arms?

Must my voice be deep,
to show you how much I care?

Must my eyes be saddened,
to prove how much I want you there?
ACAC Nov 2018
the forest she calls, a feminine tweet echoes in a masculine wood, I trip and stumble like a newly born fawn, he pulls me up, but I'm not ready, 'it's ok we'll walk together'.
who went before us, are they here watching in the sultry mist, his manly arms make me forget my promises to 'feministia', I fall again happily caught by his stone age ignorance
the ground under my heel is a spongy blanket of moss so soft I feel myself float
drift far away from society's rules of my role as a strong independent woman, I smile and giggle like a sickening barbie doll
if society crumbles we could come here to live, he could be my provider and I could be his jane in the jungle...
but alas, it's 2018 and I am a 'feminsitia'
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