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Zywa 1d
My diligent half

does homework, my dreaming half --

still lingers with her.
Novel "Terug tot Ina Damman - De geschiedenis van een jeugdliefde" ("Back to Ina Damman - The history of an adolescent love", 1934, Simon Vestdijk), II-1, page 109

Collection "Inmost"
Khoisan Mar 27
I found myself
in a circle of chips
fighting the circus of life
if only the old oak
could shed some light
I guess his bark
was bigger than his bite.
snipes Jun 2022
Absent voices and
powered off treble.

When I lay my
eyes off from
the ceiling
God please
play my verses

You’ve given me
the soul
It’s only right
I give you
the hymns

You’ve shown me
the gates
It’s only right
I show you
the keys

I’ve been in the right place
In the wrong time
I’ve pitched reverses
In the right time
I’ve been in the wrong fates

So tomorrow
I’ll press play
Surrounded by
in this great
I’ll walk to the
to follow the
I’ll turn up the
and listen to the
absent voices with
iridescent melodies
Jaicob Jul 2021
You aren't here
You aren't anywhere.
All you ever do in life
Is blow clouds through the air,
Wasting away through strife.
You know your wife hates it.
You know your children do.
You know that all our money goes
To your selfish habits and you
As your addiction grows

I love you though...
I just wish you'd end this phase-
The one that's spending all our cash
And shortening your days until
You're turned into dust and ash.

You're an absent father
(MY absent father..)
Only here when you need to be
Then you're gone for the end of this verse
And most in between
Either spaced out, asleep, or hearsed.
John McCafferty Jan 2021
Complex indirect energy effects
Dominos tipped in motion from years ahead
Solar waves continue to rollover again
Subtle state flows felt beyond present tense

Self reflection an important order
To step forward in the right direction
Fear not the unknown events
Souls sewn into space with grace

Shadow self flexes when stressed
Amongst absent minded friends
Less of our conscious contempt
Form learned actions instead
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Man Nov 2020
cutting the brush away
only to discover thorns
this prickly cactus person
who has become burdensome
in their self-loathing
is no more a plant for my ***
to spare a drop
i should want not
and waste none
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Let my silence be a lesson
To be careful what you choose
You dropped what you assumed would always be there
Now you covet the thing you lose

Your life is absent of my sincere words
And you miss the way they sound
Yet you took my voice for granted
All the time it was around

What you did not bother to say
Was what my spoken thoughts meant to you
I expressed my love for you every day
But you couldn't tell me too
Khoisan Sep 2020
Likened to characters
horror movie
mother did her best
release the stress
most villains act dead
biological father
a monster in her bed
(some)were never seen equal
leaving room
confessed the last born
blessing the sequel
Who knows what the difference would have been if only the father could have been where he should have been
lmnsinner Jul 2020
no fame, no claim, no name

who shall we say is calling?

I am a man of
no fame, no claim, no name,
an average sinner, absent glory

a few seconds of rustling bustle.

did you ever write poetry?

once. but everything of earthly substance,
destined to fade into the ignominy of forgotten
vaults, where time takes it time and erodes all
into dust.

here, every word preserved. there is no time
in the dominion of creators, and you are friend
are numbered in their midst, enshrined in many
hearts and eyes, and with every reading, each
reimagination, you are a reincarnated being
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