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Jun 2020
The prophet of Islam when came
He was sent to establish equalize between human kinds
No, no between all creatures

It is a camel came and complained its owner
," he carried it heavy burden
And did not feed it with enough food
It wanted some justice"
The prophet ordered him to feed
It with enough and good food.

He saw a bird
Flew down to his fellows and friends
He asked in his speech,''
Who made a tragedy with brutal?
Who took its children?"
When the men heard that
One of them returned to it.

He had his speech every Friday pray
He stood over the average trunk of old date
It was cut
So it was not grown
And considered it was considered dead
The prophet used to tell its speech
Until he made a new platform to speech on it
When Friday came
The prophet spoke on the new platform
All at mosque heard child crying
All moved their eyes toward the crying
They recognized it was the trunk
The prophet left the speech
And hugged the truck

The truck became quit
The prophet told it
"is not sufficient
To be my companion in the high heaven
The trunk got silent

The prophet looked when he passed with his friends
Between the prisoners
They saw a woman
Getting her breast and feeding every child
Was from the prisoners
Of war
He told them at his talks, "
Would you expect that woman will throw his child
At hell?"
They answered, " No!"
He talked, "thus! God will not throw his creatures
At hell!"

When there was a second war
Between two camps
Muslims and disbelieves
After the war ended
There was argument
One of them was white
The other was not
The white ticked the other one
, " you are the son of the black"
The black one who was closer as well as his white friend
To the prophet
Ran to the prophet
He complained to the prophet
The prophet got angry
The prophet was cute
He was white
His face was handsome
He looked to the white
At his speech and act
He said to the white."
You are a person blockhead"

The white one put his head
Down to the land
He swore he would not lift it up
Until his ***** friend will put his leg on his head
The other refused at first
When the white insisted
The other put its leg
For seconds or less
Then the white got up
He apologized
They got huge
They were crying.

When the prophet and Muslims opened Mecca
He destroyed all statues over Kaaba
He ordered his closely friend to get over Kaaba
He invited the Muslims to pray
He announced with call of pray
Two great masters of un believers passed
One of them said
They were white,'"
We have lived
To see that black
Became important than us
We are the masters of that land
The revelation was downed to the prophet
It said in the verse pf holy Quran in the meaning,"
O people, I created you
People and tribes to know
That I will honor you with God"

The honest of Islam nation
Was not white.
Two fiancΓ©e came to marry the daughter of the prophet
She was his heart move over the land
One was not poor and not white
He was also his cousin
He was so believer and honest
He had great science
Other was from rich tribe
His nation was respectable
He married her to the greater believer

He said in his speech and meanings,"
God does not look at your images and colors,
But God looks at what is in your hearts"

He said also in his speech and meanings,"
There is no credit for an Arab over foreigner
Except for piety"

When he moved up to sky
He heard sound of the moving shoes of his ***** friend
At the heavens so clearly
He asked, "
What do you do?
As I heard the sound of your moving shoes
At the heavens
His friend said, "
After I Perform ablution
I pray to my God
Only two prayers"

The prophet said,"
There is no credit for an Arab over foreigner
Except for piety"
Equality, between all men and women
Is the justice at every way
the prophet came with peace and equality. he did not come the sword and justice. he ordered his fellows to love and make great strong believe with their god as well as loving must grow between them. when the prisoners of unbelievers were as prison they was ordered as the prophet ordered his friends and fellows to feed them with bread.
Muslims with their poor and the breads was the great food to eat, they obeyed their prophet and feed them the bread and the ate the cheap  food.
Written by
mohamad taha safan  M/Egypt
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