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noor Nov 3
being beautiful
in sight of my creator
is more fulfilling
than being beautiful
in the eyes of its creation
today was my very first day wearing the hijab and i absolutely loved it
The Light you Thought You Saw

That Day

In the Cave of Your Madness

Beyond The Sands of Time

Burnt Down The Metropolis we were

Trying To Build


I don't Know of any God, Angel and

Prophet coming out of Cave

But Snakes, Spiders and


(What ya all Say)

Crowd : (Screams)

(See, EYE never intended
to be the prophet of doom)

Reading From the Book Full Of Death

pages all blank with cigarette Spots

Ashe is the purest white

Eye lay my tarot cards

Death is on the left

(listen, listen carefully)

Devil is ALWAYS right

And EYE, and EYE, and


hanging in the middle on thin metal

everything is upside down from

where I'm


Your black Cube tree house God is on



it's darker from inside than the Cloth

which cover it



I'm the Prometheus and brought you



black cube in the meKKKa is on fire ;)))
When I cry my self
To sleep because of grief
Over Faisal
My beloved
I hear it raining
Allah is crying along with me
Over a life cute short
My spiritual abilities
My knowledge
Of religion
Bible or Quran
Where handed down to
Me via blood
Chad Young Sep 29
You look like the blessed Middle East.
Your smile is like 1000 Fatimas.
Your eyes so full and ready to serve humanity.
Jet black hair that portrays the night.
Cream skin like Pistachio ice cream.
Several hundred eyelashes as rays of a dark lit sun.
A nose of a hundred thousand prostrations to God.
To touch your jacket would give off
a mystical scent.
To straighten your tie would be a service to Mother Mary.
Fingers like petals of lillies.
"Hi Chad" you whisper with an ecstatic Hijaz.
Legs forgotten by a million Quranic recitations.
Pious seal of purity.
"I am not the beauty you seek" the black globe of your eye
One hundred 'Ali's have circled round me.
Ten Yusif's have proposed.
"I am a fairy tale like no other" you let out
with a diamond glint in your eye
"You and me, we'll make a love that cannot be forgotten."
"I will make you worship at my shrine."
A thousand Husayns cannot handle me.
I am my daddy's little girl.
You must pray five times with me
every day we are together.
You must testify to Muhammad
as the Seal of the Prophets.
"What of the Qaim?" I plead with her.
She replies, "Of that I don't know."
"Then a thousand mirrors of beauty are still shut
to you joon."
"Though you are moonshine of the Twelve Imams,
I must send you on your travels
and leave this page with a sploch."
Pinterest pilot picture
I am saddened by
What my precious
Had to go through
All those years ago
In opposing
Sides of the attacks
He was hurt by someone
Whom supposed to protect him
And I triggered by the idiots
Who caused the attacks

‎أنا حزين
‎ ما غالي
‎ كان لا بد من المرور
‎ كل تلك السنوات الماضية
‎ في المعارضة
‎ جوانب الهجمات
‎ لقد أصيب من قبل شخص ما
‎ من المفترض أن يحميه
‎ وأثارني الحمقى
‎ من تسبب في الهجمات
My devotion
Is to you my loving
My devotion
Is to Allah
My devotion is for our
Love and your country
My devotion is to Islam

‎ هو لك حبي
‎ فيصل
‎ تفاني
‎ هو لله
‎ إخلاصي لنا
‎ الحب وبلدك
‎ إخلاصي للإسلام
Fandiaz May 20
Telanjang bersebaran di permadani
Mencari memanisan di setiap bagian

Lekas sambar reremahan itu
Tak terhingga, Tak merasa
Perkasa namun serakah

Wahai Tuan-Ku, Sang Kekal
Apa Hamba orang lalai ?

Manis Hamba terasa sepai
Menanti Azab Sang Khalik
Doa Hamba teruntuk Tuan-Nya
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