"If only I were a toad,
I would be in heaven living on a lilypad."

© By Amanda D Shelton

I love frogs. I fell in love with them as I was growing up. I use to catch them and let them go when I would go camping with my family in Washington State and Seattle, where my mom grew up. My favorite place to catch frogs is in Seattle, their camping grounds are perfect for  frog hunting.

Frog jumped out of the well
to catch adventures with a sticky tongue
and taste waves of  ocean swell

Maud Higgins Apr 13

I, uh, I was walking along an unfamilar road.
And then I saw a frog. Maybe he was my prince.
I said, hey. The frog spoke back to me, "Hi. I didn't think you'd notice me."
I'm free tonight, I told him.
"Touch me. Feel my roughness. I might pee, but you can trust me and my pee," he demanded.
It was the most glorious moment.
He would stick his tongue out to catch a fly while I rubbed him.
He leaped towards my knee and to my shoulder.
He peed on me. I turned my head to him. On my face, I said.
Afterwards, I wiped my face with both hands and licked away his pee from them.
He grew bigger. And bigger.
Until he was as tall as the lamp post.
Then he burst, and flies swarmed out of him.
He's dead now. Dead glorious.
I still haven't decided if I should kiss my sleeping beauty.

Jim Davis Mar 7

Unexpected things
Sound of a frog leaping in
Love's stab of a heart

© 2017 Jim Davis

Oops, I had to edit and add  ("in") to the second line.

Of course, a tribute
To the great poet Bashō

αιώνια λίμνη
στου βατράχου την βουτιά
σκιάζεται! Άκου

Greek translation from "Frog Haikou-Old Pond" - Matsuo Bashō   (1644 - 1694, Japanese)

frog splashing in pond

Peacock dances in snow valley

monsoon knocking at

Monsoon Reaches (Haiku Poem)
Lisbon Jul 2016

Let it be known throughout the land
From highest peak to wettest sand
With sharpened tongue and steady hand
The talking frog is in command

With belly white and skin of lime
A hero for the modern time
He uppered fun and lowered crime
His skillset includes pantomime

Of all the kings he is the best
A chiseled jaw and manly chest
We even put him on our crest
(He helped to found the turnip fest)

A friendly frog we all adore
With lots of fun and games in store
He'll make us smile, he has before
We thank you, frog, for this and more!

Sorry it's been so long since I uploaded anything! I haven't been feeling much poetic inspiration lately. Rest assured that more Fun Poems for Cool People™ will be coming soon!
Poetic T Jun 2016

Ever the musical wonderer, he happened
upon the perfect pad it harmonics were
excellent for the voice he had.

Through the day he would sing, he would
try other locations. The shore, but the waves
would  splash out his unique sound.

Trees were a challenge specially for those
rather stubbly knees. But he jumped and
Sang an for his troubles a splinter he had.

Under water was a choose but sound was
but bubbles that rose above, not sound but
more like burps with a tune singing out.

He went to his spot, many had he tried so
long had he been gone from home to long.
The best spot for the acoustics choosing of his voice.

But too his sorrow it was gone, had it been taken?
moved away? he sang on the shore in moonlights
glare as tears interrupted his angelic serenade.

But it had heard his voice and from the depths it
raised, it had missed its companion gone all these
days, it slowly opened it took a night and day.

For when it was ready the frog jumped with joy,
not with a splash, not a belly display. He landed
gently on this pad and his music did play.

The flower did blossom at such a harmony,
and not of the usual colours, for each petal was a
moment of this frog unique beautiful sound.

I made this up out the blue my daughter asked for a story, and this weaved its words from my mouth and now I give them too all of you.
Thank my little ladies love of stories for this piece :)
Emily R Jun 2016

I'm just a little old hoppy toad
a sitting here in the middle of the road
my skin is yellow and my spots are green
and folks all say I look real mean!

I'm just a little old hoppy toad
a sitting here in the middle of the road
my one eye is red and the other one's yellow
and if the truth be told I'm a pretty good fellow.

I'm just a little old hoppy toad
a sitting here in the middle of the road
I hop to the pond to take a swim
I plug my nose and jump right in.

I'm just a little old hoppy toad
a sitting here in the middle of the road
I jumped in the pond with a great ol' splash
here comes Mr. Snake better get away fast!

I'm just a little old hoppy toad
a sitting here in the middle of the road
just right now I'm as right as rain
and the snake to this day hasn't caused me any pain.

This is actually a song composed by my grandpa when we were on a mind-numbingly ( is that a word?)  boring car ride. Made us all laugh!
taia iverson Apr 2016

frogs leap and take flight
lily pads shift under weight
the still surface breaks

boom! another one haha
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