A frog has set up home with me
not a metaphor, dream or illicit trip
a small greeny grey amphibian
hides under my recycling bins
on the first occasion I gently
manoeuvered my new found froggy friend
to a quiet corner of the garden
I bade kermit farewell on his
cold blooded onward journey

Within days kermit returned
sanctuary sought under bin
of local authority plastic
I watched him curiously
and voiced my concern
why does your life's pathway
rebound to my back door?

He squinted and cautiously jumped
one. two, three, four
towards the garden shed door
he offends me not
nor would it appear, do I him.
we live happily together now
we sustain ourselves
and demand nothing of each other
"I wish the human race were this simple", I mused

life with a frog
Star BG Aug 3

A frog did crock to me one day.
It sang with light and love.
When it jumped across the pond,
it flew just like a dove.

His song lit up all the trees.
They shinned with sacred song.
Time did stop inside quiet
The frog could do no wrong.

It echoed with great wisdom pure.
He was so cute and dear.
As I said my gratitude
I called to him, "come near."

Come and croak loud a clear.
Come enjoy the day.
We will take a joined deep breath
in oneness we will stay.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie Aug 2

I saw a lovely frog today
a hopping in my garden
he stopped a sec -
to quickly say hello

I said hello to Mr frog
how do you do you do
how do you do,
my lil' hopping fellow?

he said I'm fine
no point to whine
this life is good
so why not be just mellow?

I said good point
just like the sun
in happy summer yellow

we both just sighed
a tad misty eyed,
so grateful for the lovely warmth
becuz in the light we are freed
and as we looked up- agreed
it is what we all need,

that it is always best
to just allow

Ma Cherie © 2017

Lol ; ) love you poets

I climbed an old oak
I fell, and
Bones broke and I croaked

Donna Jones Jun 30

Ending page with there
full-stop bodies , they than go
on to write a book

Tadpoles remind me of full-stops (I know tis silly) anyway they than grow into frogs so this is where this one was created from x

"If only I were a toad,
I would be in heaven living on a lilypad."

© By Amanda D Shelton

I love frogs. I fell in love with them as I was growing up. I use to catch them and let them go when I would go camping with my family in Washington State and Seattle, where my mom grew up. My favorite place to catch frogs is in Seattle, their camping grounds are perfect for  frog hunting.
Jim Davis Mar 7

Unexpected things
Sound of a frog leaping in
Love's stab of a heart

© 2017 Jim Davis

Oops, I had to edit and add  ("in") to the second line.

Of course, a tribute
To the great poet Bashō

αιώνια λίμνη
στου βατράχου την βουτιά
σκιάζεται! Άκου

Greek translation from "Frog Haikou-Old Pond" - Matsuo Bashō   (1644 - 1694, Japanese)

frog splashing in pond

Peacock dances in snow valley

monsoon knocking at

Monsoon Reaches (Haiku Poem)
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