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Laura 2d
I want what we once had
But I want it
With someone else
Because you didn't
My efforts

I just wish
I could find
A taker
Who wanted me
As much
As I wanted them

Because I'm tired of
Day dreaming
Over what
We once had

I'm through
Thinking of nothing
But ******* you

I'm through
Giving you time
That you don't
******* deserve

I'm through
Kissing frogs
And ******* ****
To get what
We once had
When I'm
So worthy of it
Without you
Michael King Dec 2018
I love my frog, my little Ever-Pie.
Beloved of my heart she is to me,
that when I caused my little one to cry,
I sensed her pain, and battled it, to flee.

I love her for she is my favourite lass,
she jumps into my arms, to see me smile.
I love to see her jumping in the grass,
or swimming contentedly all the while.

I love her for loves sake; she's worth it all,
she is the greatest pet, in all the world.
She'll be the best, til off the earth she falls,
and in her death, my sadness is unfurled.

Wait there for me, my glorious green sprite,
I'll seek you out; we'll travel through the night.
shima Sep 2018
the world was too small
the frog thought inside the well


the frog jumped outside and thought
the world was too big
There was a dog
hid  after a frog
He hid in a fog
Then he croaked
The dog left one leg
He croaks again
The dog listened again
He left the second
He stood on the two legs
The frog jumped on his back
He  fell at the mud
He got up with anger
But the frog was gone
Did you hear that cat?
Who chased that rat?
The rat saw a statue
He entered that body
The cat has been angry
He tried to be in
His body was not thin
He stuck in strongly
And the rat escaped
Do you see that butterfly?
That boy wanted to catch by
The strong and long trap
He ran and followed there
She learned that she could beat
Her hands and she might die
She stood as a die
He looked with an eye
She suddenly flew at
He feared and dipped
She can be escaped
Think with your mind
Believe in your God
You will be the first
the chase needs a mind and good plane that make one could escape
L Aug 2018
Ah, to be a little frog.

Allow me to hide amongst 'your' belongings.

Under the cushions of your swing set, upon your screen door, mayhaps even in your outside rainboots.

You may shoo me away at once, if you must. I will be back.

Ah, to be a little frog.

I think i shall hop away now.


Until next time.
Observances and thoughts.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
O' poor frog
flatten, grotesque and dried
with a bit of bone glisten white
You remind me of

I too have jumped in front of a speeding car.
Hg Jun 2018
little frog
from a little town
dreamed one day
to hop around

he played in sand
in rain, in mud
but he's older now
he's all grown up

momma frog
had a gentle soul
she took care
of eight tadpoles

dadda frog
was the rotten one
i'd squash him now
if he weren't gone

step father frog
was quite the suitor
till i learned he’s
a *** offender

us little frogs
from the lily pad
never had
any normal dad

we all hide
what we feel inside
cause amphibian
means double life

momma frog
had a gentle soul
she did her best
but i gotta go

this little frog
won't be around
this lily pad
this little town
Gray Jun 2018
Just let me sit here isolated on the kitchen floor.
Please, don't mind me. I rather not be a bother anymore.

If only me and her hadn’t kissed.
Now, it’s something i yearn to be dismissed

I don’t understand why they even care.
It just allows me to sink further into despair.

It’s honestly cold here where i sit.
I should get help, i admit.
Kissing a frog can can salmonella!
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