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Isaac Feb 14
Your smokey voice adding a layer of fog
To all my thoughts, make my heart jump like a frog
For all it counts I be there when it counts
Every second and hour on the clock
Your words slip out of your mouth like a waterfall and I am parched
The conjunction of our energy is wonderful and I offer my heart
Clinging to optimism because I often fall and cannot be ripped apart
Mark Wanless Jun 2021
and the frog said
to the giraffe
kiss my tiny ***
Betty May 2021
Frog on a lilly
white flower fragrant and sweet
happy hoppy frog
Mel Apr 2021
I'm nothing more than a
little frog
sitting on a lilypad, listening to
hippie music
aeth Dec 2020
Norman Crane Sep 2020
He was a toad catching flies
Except that with each lashing of his tongue
He pulled down aircraft
And long could be heard their cries:
Blessed be, Amphibian Creator!
Death to America!
Frog is greater!
Betty Jul 2020
Frog on a lily
Jumps to catch a butterfly
Frog on a lily
Not a lot happens when you are a frog!

Trying to achieve some purity of expression and tell a story in 17 syllables.
Paige White Jun 2020
Uncovered rooster
Quiet; sliding frog retrieved
Storm front tails collide
Small observations during the storm
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