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ALesiach Jul 27
All the animals have come to play,
before you gently rest your head.
They have been waiting all day,
to see you before you to go to bed.

The bunny excitedly jumps around,
wiggling his nose, not making a sound.
The teddy bear, a faithful friend,
hopes the friendship will never end.

The lion awakens from his slumber,
his growl as loud as thunder.
The panda eats his bamboo,
thinking he is lucky to have found you.

The frog with his body of green,
jumps on the bed with dangling feet.
Do not forget the elephant with floppy ears
for drying up your tiny tears.

ALesiach © 11/6/2014
Anastasia Jun 28
i often wonder
if perfection
is attainable
in simple things
like a rose
although it has thorns.
like the neon frogs
despite its poison.
like the sun
despite it's blinding beauty.
in you,
although all you've ever done is hurt me
an old draft I finished about an old dream I used to believe in
Steve Jun 8
I saw him crouched on a mossy log
Below, the brook babbled
And a dragonfly flitted ‘cross that flossy bog
Its shimmering shapely body dappled
In the iridescent fog of the morning
Meanwhile on the log he dabbled
Our smokey jokey croaky blokey
The glistening glands of a bloated bull frog.
Rivit he said from a bubble on his head
Before plunging in for his morning swim
And then diving down without a sound
Never to be found.
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Here come dat boi hey wassup?
Watch him rollin watch him go
Watch him rollin watch him go
He be rolling down the street he be rolling to dat beat
He be rolling down the street he be rolling to dat beat
Watch him roll
Hey wassup
Watch him roll
Here come dat boi
Bhill Mar 23
Do you remember frogs and their ribbit, ribbit sound?
Do you remember them hoping, all around and round?

Do you remember tadpoles, looking slimy and gray?
Do you remember catching them, made a very, very fun day?

Do you remember the first time, your tadpole lost its tail?
His legs were bigger, his tail was gone and he wasn't quite so frail.

Those memories flooded back to me, as I did my morning stroll.
The sound of frogs was ribbitting as if they were on patrol.

It seems like forever, since I had heard that sound.
I had to stop and hold my breath and slowly turn around.

Yep, it is, it really is frogs, that are wishing me good day.
I'm glad I heard, their ribbit sound, and these memories flowed my way.

Brian Hill - 2019#73
Inspired by the welcoming frogs this morning..
I had not heard the sounds of frogs since forever.  It is so cool to be where they can be heard again.
Laura Feb 16
I want what we once had
But I want it
With someone else
Because you didn't
My efforts

I just wish
I could find
A taker
Who wanted me
As much
As I wanted them

Because I'm tired of
Day dreaming
Over what
We once had

I'm through
Thinking of nothing
But ******* you

I'm through
Giving you time
That you don't
******* deserve

I'm through
Kissing frogs
And ******* ****
To get what
We once had
When I'm
So worthy of it
Without you
Michael King Dec 2018
I love my frog, my little Ever-Pie.
Beloved of my heart she is to me,
that when I caused my little one to cry,
I sensed her pain, and battled it, to flee.

I love her for she is my favourite lass,
she jumps into my arms, to see me smile.
I love to see her jumping in the grass,
or swimming contentedly all the while.

I love her for loves sake; she's worth it all,
she is the greatest pet, in all the world.
She'll be the best, til off the earth she falls,
and in her death, my sadness is unfurled.

Wait there for me, my glorious green sprite,
I'll seek you out; we'll travel through the night.
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