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Billy Wynne lover.
Best baseball pitcher ever
field of dreams 72 clever
And me Mestizo wife
Within your theme songs
Shaks restaurant-Cashier job:
You ate and came to me to pay.
you asked me to walk by the ocean
Your eyes glared so sea-sky blue
Tallest Knight with magical hands.
You didn't say you had a wife
and I didn't ask!.
"Sweet Caroline song blasted
on your radio cassette player
an" The great Pretender,*
all night long.
smooth passionate fallen Angel
Long thick gentle inside
I couldn't climb mountains
Americans seldom chose Mestizo
Women for a wife
this thought froze me iced still.
over a grand dinner table
by the lovers seashores
I simply asked you for your seed
you said;
You don't want to hurt me
you were a married man
and had a child.
  You sounded blue
by your inability
to see it simply otherwise.
A happier easier scenario
two wives not just one.
That was me.
Thanks for sharing your
wedding vous famed
theme songs to honor me too.
Our passionate
love making nights
and for calling me wife
a few bittersweet day,-nights.
I forever missed you and
Loved meeting you.
Wished you all the best.
I did meet the love of my life
We fell in love at first sight
an American like you
An elite chose me to change Earth
My once upon a time King of hearts
Due to abandonment syndrome
I let him go regretting it forever.
My billionaire loving mind
keeps me sane and safe
My Psalm 109.
By: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.
Honoring Karijinbba
I am a bit in the past
and in the present
were there always
And we are still a just.
One day you will love the blue sky that I see from here, when you ask me why it took me so long to pick you up after work, even though we spend time together in front of the screen—me, who at that time was still glued to the window; looking at some of the birds that managed to fly high into the sky, I'm sure at that time you were able to count them freely.

Later, if it rains in the afternoon, you will start to love the sun that never sets, telling you one of the most beautiful ways to leave, you will understand why what is far away seems close, and vice versa - you never prepared anything after parting and I are the people you care about; who also understands nothing but happiness.

Later, when the night comes with all its worries, you might find the shadows we've met before, I hope you don't run away. Because, wherever you go, everything will only end up hurting yourself.

You may find another pain from loneliness. Do not be afraid. After all, I've taught you how to sew wounds, even though I used to be blind.
Indonesia, 16th October 2022
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Make up is done
To be beautiful
To be who we want to be
To feel pleased
Most often to look appropriate
And may be
To mask who we are

Blessed are those
Who don’t need it

And here, she is
With a divine smile
Such is
An epitome of beauty
Genre: Purity in vibe
sky Feb 2022
staring out the window on hot summer dawn, as i look up in the sky, i vaguely recall becoming trapped in its twinkling stars and made me feel like i was in the midst of a mesmerizing little village at christmas or a sea of fireflies in the woods. however even the brightest star couldn't match with the splendor of the early morning light gleaming through your eyes, or the way you could see every star in your vision. in the wee hours of the night, their radiance was enough to illuminate a thousand cities.

you were the universe, and i was merely a tiny little particle that dropped to witness your brilliance, and so i reached out my hand to you only to be struck by the emptiness that had taken its place in your presence. for more days than i cared to remember, you were barred from embracing me. even yet, i'll keep reaching for yours in the desire that you'll show up along the way to meet my grip. despite the time of day or night, i only hope to genuinely love you like much more than i did the last time we met.

after all, why would anyone ever want to see you go? those moments when the summer breeze can't compete with your warmth and love. there is nothing more endearing than the bright sun rising in the morning. sometimes the flame is too hot to touch, and i have to find solace behind the tree for a while. your figure, on the other hand, will not decay, nor will you be eroded by the weather. your presence is the only one anyone would like to see, much like a bee that is longing for its flower to bloom— i'm a honey bee, and you're a delicate flower. reflecting rainbows after a little mist of summertime fog, having me within you will not bring an end to your dreams. our nights will get more luminous as well as our days as season goes by.
this is based on the kdrama entitled our beloved summer. i was so hooked by the story of it so i decided to create a short prose that is inspired from the kdrama itself. if you haven't watched it yet, better watch it now, sit back and relax!
Lalaouna Amina Feb 2022
One hour after noon
in C2 room
Jasmine makes a tonless reading
Nobody listens
I choose the Farewell to Arms'
final chapter
forty one
The last extract is alive
one more time:
"Every thing was gone inside me.
I did not think.
I could not think...
Please, please, please, dear God,
make her not die."
Just the same words passed through myself
Nobody knows
Dreadful Events
N Feb 2022
In the dark
I write you a letter
hoping it would reach you

It starts like this:
My beloved,
I love you still

From afar,
but I still love you
as tenderly
as ardently
as ever

I hunger for you
as violently
as madly  
as ever

And I wait
Hamna Dec 2021
Your absence is choking me.
Making me voiceless.
Did you hear that?
Words of pain are bleeding from my plastered mouth.

Is no more than agony.

Poignant promises shatter the floors.

My heartbeat rumbles your name.

My muffled cries are shedding salty tears,
Mercilessly tearing the tiles apart.

The salt from my tears evaporate.

And so do you...
My longing for your presence is so great that it chokes me, I can only speak in gasps and muffled cries. I can only speak by pouring out blood mixed with words from my mouth. My tears have become too salty, too sour that they tear the floors. Please come to make my tears sweet again and stop my mouth from bleeding for my ink for you never dries. Never.
Farah Taskin Oct 2021
in the absence
the beloved
feels like
the Kalahari
the Sahara
or the Mojave
I want to
write your name
in the sky,
but the wind
blows the cloud
and pours me the rain,
so I think
your name
will be erased
Indonesia, 27th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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