Kigbu Jan 7
Fuelled by love lost
Betrayal, paranoia, guilt and insecurities.
All in a conglomeration of fear. Routed and held steadfast by confusion.
Infusing into every
blood cell.
My breath has no navigation and its origin unknown.
The springs are clean and untouched but the water is bitter and dry.
Each sip I take burns a part of my throat.
Dryly drowning weak at the knees I can't move.
Im happy everything is going great, abiding by the doctrine of law of attraction and everything will be fine.
Okay let me offer you myself... Theres nothing left but it anyways, to stand
to cry
to laugh
to mock
to laugh
to cry
to feel. Its all yours.
With no hands I cannot take whats mine, with no legs I cannot run to safety.  With only eyes I can record but with no mouth I cannot sound the alarm. With only one heart I give you its beat.
With this, theres nothing left for me.
Part one.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
What can the words
tell of love?
Until it's found
heart to heart.
Amanda Nov 2018
You promised you'd always be there
When the sun became too bright to see
That you would get me a blindfold, pull down the shades
Until senses came to be

You promised that you'd save me from harm
If problems ever arose
Wrap me in strong arms
Fight away frightening foes

You promised me a thrilling ride
Living life in the moment free
No cares left in our lovestruck brains
Only thought there: you and me

Now you've broken us with lies
Stomped emotions out into the ground
I am sadly watching beloved memories
Falling with empty promises down
This is an uber old one
Jasmin Joy Oct 2018
The breeze was blowing strongly
I don't know from where it comes
Or where it goes.
It fades away smoke-wreath like.
At that moment I felt a cold on my feet
And realised that it was the wave.
The sun was dying at the end of the sea.
Sand under my feet rushed into the sea with the wave.
The crowd behind me, began to vanish
like the falling petals of a rose.
But I wished, you were with me
By giving a deep breath, eyes on the sun.
Again a cold wind surrounded me.
I felt his presence and a cold on my shoulders,
Mocked me by hugging and ran away to kiss the sun.
For a moment, was that heavenly presence.
Drops rolled down my eyes..
It kissed my cheek and went down
More drops flowed through that channel.
They rushed down through my cheek neck
and to my chest to touch my heart.
Memories flashed on my mind..
The proposal, love, first kiss
and all the happy days of love.
I wish those days would come again.
No, it will not come back any more.
Even if I wish, they will not
He will not hear me...
He will not come to me..
He is at a distance, miles away...
He is sleeping; an eternal sleep.
And he will not wake up; a fine sleep.
Another wave rushed into my feets
And stole away my good memories..
And hide them under her deep beds..
I love to write love poems coz it has the greatest power to conquer the world.
The true feeling of a lover whose beloved had left her in the earth and flew away to heaven
Artem Oct 2018
Fate is cruel to us and unfair,
But the truth in the words that I'll say:

Only way to be noticed -
Is to completely ignore,
Only way to be loved -
Is don't want to love anymore.

If you want a girl of your dreams to never love you

Tell her,
That she's the point of your pointless life,
and without her you feel like dead inside

That you would like embrace her all the time,
That for her you'll burn in any fire,
That without her you'd rather die

And whisper:
«i'll never let you fall
For you i'll give my all,
i'll never break your heart
Let's kiss without any sound

i don't care for any scar,
i love you as you are
and love stronger than ever.
Can we be together… forever? »

Say so, and you will lose your girl.
Don't even try to understand,
But if you wanna hold her hand
You not destined to be good friend
Just break girl's heart and start depart,
Break apart, without a doubt.

Destroy girls inmost hope and dream
And make her cry and wanna scream.
This way is very strange, i know
You need to tear her heart and throw
away, if you want to feeling love.

But as i said, tricky fate is cruel and unfair,
And when you make she love you this way
You'll no longer need your beloved,
You'll no longer need to be loved.
Poem is inspired by song Good Charlotte - Break apart her heart.
And by my life.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
Sometimes dancing on the floor  
                I tend to bring it down
Because I feel like I have read
the best poem ever  
                  This is the reason why.

Yet a moment or two passes
after a while, I crave a new one
                                     I wonder why?
My heart murmurs hisses to my ear
          Try reading the beloved's eye!
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