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You use me to let your frustrations out.
You use me to let your authority known.
You use me to fight battles you know you may lose.
I'm the pen, the greatest weapon you own.
Kris Balubar May 3
Beautiful, funny, smart
Who likes laughing, I love your smile
Who feels happy, you make me happy
Who wonders, I admire you

Beautiful, creative, amazing
Who loves to change hair color, clever
Who loves to paint, I love your artwork
Who loves to stay up talking to me
I’m thankful I met beautiful, funny, amazing, You.
What is new?
My eye knows your view
And remembers your way

To talk and explain
To say how you are weak
I fell in that plan

When then I see
You, I forget
And listen to you again

I fell in that plan
As I forget everything
And remember any thing

Belongs to your smart
whn one descides to mett his lover with his mind , he falls in trouble and gets his mind in long vacation and remebers only the smart
Karly Codr Oct 14
People say that I am smart
People say that I am beautiful
People say that I am funny
People say that I am happy-go-lucky
But am I really?
He gave her
A modicum of his❤️
She demanded more
Modicums followed
She now had the whole
Greater than the sum of its parts
She is quite smart
She used it
Abused it
Finally broke it
It's lying shattered and scattered
Down town
On lookers
What happened?
You may give a bit of your heart to anyone. When you constantly keep giving your heart in bits to someone, you are falling in love. Finally, you give whole of your heart. You are in love! This experience is greater than the sum of your experiences in bits. You know Aristotle spoke the truth when he said: " The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
M Solav Jul 19
Oh how I hate art!
So much noise
And false pretenses,
Such undeserved poise
For those vain promises.

Sure, in everything there’s a message,
Yes, anything you want to acknowledge.

How I hate art!
For it is far too fragile
To dare play so smart
How I hate art!

Oh how I hate art!
Whether I’m missing the point
Or whether there was none;
Whether it isn't what it ain’t
Or whether it’s just for fun.

How I hate art!
For it cannot do otherwise
Than state the obvious
And pretend to be wise.

Sure, you’ve convinced more than a few;
Yes, they’ve all grasped your great value.

How I hate art!
The cliche, the glamour
The whole thing and the part,
Oh how I hate art!
Written in December 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
She wore knee-high socks and black flats
A look only the incomparable her can pull off
Purple glasses sat heavily on the bridge of her nose
Like an old librarian with all the tea to spill
She was a giant compared to me, a beanstalk
With the knowledge of a renowned-dictionary
She was my best friend.
Nabil Falchou May 24
grant me wings
so i can fly away

grant me intelligence
so i don't have to use fancy words to sound smart

grant me wealth
so i don't have to act like i'm wealthy

grant me love
so i can forget what it feels like to be in pain
Poem from my book
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