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kell Sep 12
listen, look around for a second

for you too

are a slave to society

Your phone keeps you distracted from the world

Are you there?


Your more enveloped by a screen than relationships

wake up please before it takes us completely

we might be the most connected

but not with emotions we're all alone  

disconnected from ourselves

why do you think you feel so lost?

Its because you are

stuck in a virtual world

imagine a world
Real connections
wifi to relationships
Amanda Sep 11
Have a happy happy birthday Mark
You are very nice and smart
I hope your life is full of cheer
Not just today-but throughout the year!
To my co-worker
Tony Tweedy Jul 24
Can a wise man follow his heart and it not be a contradiction?
Can wisdom come from the heart?
Intelligence is something very different to wisdom... does this also mean it resides somewhere other than the mind?
Can you measure these things of yourself and be either?
I sure as **** don't.....
Shin Jul 22
I like to think I'm bright sometimes,
mindlessly warbling my words.
Dropping subtle reference to
the allegory of the cave,
the 101 of a white guy.

I have a confession to make.
I'm a liar, a ****** fool.
There is nothing academic
in my bones, just spit and hot air.
Perhaps once these words had meaning,
but for now it's merely static.
Zywa Jul 14
A conspiracy

ideation makes you smart –

smarter than the facts.
"Grand Hotel Europa" (2018, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)
say to her that is right
or you must go wide

she ordered him at bright
the river is blue as her eyes  colored

she told again as she was in fight
the sun as her face is white

she told him you listened at my guide
he nodded his head as her hair was as a flight

her hair was yellow as wheat at feilds side
she was angry, her face got red for fight

he got sweat as her smart so clear as white
milk that souped in his heart to get tide

to calm, but she ordered to go wide
he smiled and said," i will after i had my fine

if one sees that smart so near no so wide
his heart will certainly bow and say at right

as the sun appears at a day not at night
your smart prisoned me and i can't fight
the smart prisons every one who tries to run  or escape
Shakespeare's ghost!
Writing from the grave!
Trading the host!
Useful zombie slave!

Channel his ghost through a record player.
The sound of his song gets stuck in my head.
I hum the melody and it catches ear,
The sickness spreads like a trend.

Stupid people copy smart people
To make themselves feel smarter.
Smart people use stupid people,
To make themselves seem smarter.

Minds like channels on the television,
Eyes like ceiling fans collison.
A house with no walls!
A burgler can just walk right in!
You pretty smart fish now.
Don't fall on same fish-hook. Inside a blue big ocean.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 23
With intellect alone
can't find God.
God is smarter
try with love!
Be up and doing - act today
Put power behind the words you say
See your vision with mind and eyes
Use action to help you reach new highs

Be up and doing - follow through
It’s easy to say what you PLAN to do
Actions prove who you really are
Mere talk alone won’t get you far

Be up and doing - stop your fear
Fulfill your purpose while you’re here
Great ideas are a place to start
But success takes doing, acting smart

Be up and doing - take that chance
And every prosperous circumstance
Will come to you, and like a friend
Help you accomplish what you intend
This is
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