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Dusty old and gray
Always either spinning or perfectly still
It creaks when it spins
Like the bones of an elderly woman  
One bulb is almost burnt out flickering on and off
Wanting the motivation to stay alive but losing it anyway
Losing it,
Losing it,
and now this bulb has run out of light
Now encompassed in darkness
Two bulbs remain shining so luminously Optimistic like they’ll never burn out
unknowing the impending darkness to come
that they are unable to pause
unable to slow
unable to stop
I’ve never seen a ceiling fan and it’s bulbs like this before
Excuse me if when I said an elderly woman instead of human triggered you it just sounded better
Mia Kuhnle Dec 2018
Ceiling of stars
Saturated dreams, not yet
Seizing the future, her, harbored in pink princess prints
Scribbled walls of verses, covered child yet without vain
Cemented in my mind, childhood bedroom I haven’t forgotten at all
Ceiling of stars, from above, I hope you don’t witness my fall.
A depiction of the first bedroom I remember as a child, with a ceiling covered in adhesive, glowing stars and walls covered in punchy princess wallpaper
what makes bubbles fail?
the men like to fell
and show themselves honor and they are dis illegal
i love you

said to her
she believes
she gives him hers

he vanishes
the women does
i love you

he believes
she steals and takes
what she demands

she vanishes

people say we are heroes
we will give hand to every weakness
when this asks

they polish it off
and they will be off
bubbles will be downed

downed and not be ever up
tear of orphan girl is downed
planting tree of sad over

up, up till the sky ceiling
it ascends water of answering over heads
making the justice occuring

if every one gives hand
the things will not be bad
and the weather will not be sad
the justice will be the first of the life
Cherisse May Sep 2018
I tried suspending a heavy object
from my ceiling,
testing a hook ***** I found
lying around in my room.

As soon as it fell,
I took some superglue
and squeezed it onto the *****'s threads,
hoping it'll stick into the ceiling well.

Superglue advertisements often endorse
their superb sticking ability;
let's see,
can it properly hang me?
I should be studying but these nasty thoughts are consuming me.
Manny Aug 2018
If I close my eyes all I ever see is you
Drown the world in black and deprive the sky of blue
Deep down I always sort of knew

My heart will dance despite its bruise
All I have to do is let you in
If I close my eyes all I ever see is you
And just take all of the abuse
Kiss me, hold me then throw me after I've been used
Deep down I always sort of knew

Close your eyes and tell me who you see
Say my name regardless if it's me
If I close my eyes all I ever see is you
A shame that you could never love me too
If love gives you wings then it's no surprise I never flew
Deep down I always sort of knew

The days of bliss have become few
How could I ever move on to someone new
If I closed my eyes all I ever saw was you
Deep down I always sort of knew
Sometimes love is hard.
Amanda Jul 2018
Lately I have not been able to sleep
Instead ride a dangerous wave
Thoughts careen around and back
Crashing into a rocky cave

Lie awake in bed and stare
At the ceiling or the wall
Thinking until I am almost numb
Until I cannot think at all
Relentless thoughts
Scarlett Jul 2018
She stares at the ceiling at night,
hand over her mouth.
tears rolling down her cheek,
shutting her eyes to try and stop them.
And she thinks to herself,
the ceiling has seen more of her than anyone else ever will.
III Jul 2018
    When I'm grasping
          For something to say,

I lay on my back
And stare carefully
     At the dizzy dance
Of the ceiling fan's motion,

And think of all the other times
      I longed for the sky to
      The ground to shake,
      The leaves to tell me
             Their secrets,

All the times I yearned
For something,
To come crashing in a
      Passionate heat
      Into my life again.
Umi Feb 2018
The glory of the heavens which reflect such delicate blue,
Are alike a protective ceiling, keeping us safe from harm,
Where might this harm come from if above is empty space ?
Well, firstly it manages to brighten up the day more
Secondly it takes care of the sun's deadly rays, filtering,
purifying it in the most noble sense, a breathing sky.
The heavens far above are not without danger, but worry not,
for they are too far out of our reach, thus our eyes are the only,
fragile, valuable sense which is able to grap it's visibility,
Beyond this ceiling is where the stars inhabit, all of the planets too!
But the heaven is which gifts us the wonderful, stunning, warm,
bright colours of sunrise and sunset, thus alone is a reason to
love them furthermore.
In this wretched, corrupt and unrighteous world it is of great
importance to keep track of little things which cheer our way.
It could be a simple word, heaven or just the light of day.

~ Umi
I tried a new style once I hope it is somewhat enjoyable
Alex Greenwell Oct 2017
I tend to lay everyday against the yellowed, tile floor looking up at the textured ceiling that wraps around wood beams. The ceiling looking cracked and fractured like a child's bone laying in a florescent cast. I lay there seeing faces against the platform above like angels looking through a fogged, glass ceiling. Gazing down into a fishbowl called reality. I wonder if they ever question what really happens down here. What really tends to grow.

A cool rag placed against a heated forehead, wondering if heaven exists - how long we are left to sleep. Someday we'll know.

Someday we'll know,
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