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i send you my greeting
from my heart waiting
wanting  and times asking

when your appearing?
i write letter with my tears
surrounding it with my dreams

the purple covers inches
telling only one secret
i try to hide it in deep

but my words showed it indeed
that i like to see your heart instead
of any jewels over the wide way
secret of love is the honey and sweetest secret
Left Foot Poet Mar 2017


what she says when she doesn't want to say what she's thinking,
denying me her angered feelings.  

by all your judgmental metrics
the title alone
is a poem,


the original

so many stanzas on this,
ramp up my manly ragings -
all begging to say
"I have been released"

but I daren't unleash the hormonal

so, borrow her word
that says nothing while saying anything,
e v e r y t h i n g
you don't want to hear.  

hssss! i will tell a secret
awful! awful!

your heart knew
my secret!

it does not become a secret
because it went and moved

from my heart to your heart
but i hide it

what ?
a secret!

i love you indeed
that i wanted

i wanted
not to tell
your heart
love is good emotion especially who leads to fine and last end . marriage
John B Apr 2018
With a snap of my fingers

The fourth wall brakes

In a drop of the lights

I bow for the audience

Saying goodnight.

Kenna Marie Feb 2018
Great events turn on small wheels
Great events often turn on small wheels. It is a gear shift that is not easily obtained.
With time thinning, moments to turn around for better is lessening.
We don't build without foundation, the pyramids also were not built overnight.
So to be wan and weary when the seemingly endless journey advances,
you realize pace is adjustable.  
Baby steps are inevitable, but the worth of building up to better is just so patiently inclined.
Jean Sharlot Jan 2018
Those who loved you
Will definitely leave you
And when you chooses to stay
You will be hurt deeper.  

But people whom you left
Will always be there holding you
Those people whom you trying to forget
Will never be forgotten.
Arlene Corwin Nov 2017
Getting Loonier But Freer

Sitting in the bathtub come prepared:
Pen and pad squared off,
Ready for the spinoff
Boring or imploring
Phrase, theme, word
To make inspired this not tired,
Not yet batty lady
Who, in dotage her,
Is sounding more and more like Lear
(not king – the other one)
Using words in play from fun
To pleasure those with fun-ny bone
Or anyone come close –
With dose of looniness and freedom.

Each thought legitimized – seen through her eyes -
She writes as if the script were scripture,
Thought brought down from god-knows-where,
She, prepared to edit if she must,
Every bit writ down on trust.

The paper pad is soaking wet,
Words dimmed and saturate.
Time to get out of the tub,
Dry hair, the ***’
And superficially skin deeply
Watch the evening’s mediocre,
Scary, all too interruptedly TV.
(For TV’s actually for money,
Not for me, or them’s that’s like me.)

Getting Loonier But Freer 11.6.2017
A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Bath Book II;
Arlene Corwin
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