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Ameliorate May 14
First kiss at the psych ward, strap me to the gurney
Deliver me from evil, tempt me eternally
Lucifer’s hellhound is space bound like my mentality- Venus.
To be great like em-inem I bet he has a big (rocket ship)

Alliteration, pronunciation like Smash Pan-
Alley where we used to fight about it.
Drinking king cans by the river
A blimp of a memory drifting endlessly

Listen to your voice emanate synchronicities
Haunting me vocally as I condemn myself to his servitude, I’m holy
Saint of the church like Mother Theresa, pray with my rosary
For forgiveness.

Undress me slowly, ripe for the picking
A flower blooming seductively under duress of the past atrocities committed upon me
by trauma
I own that ****, I’m a sinner.

Repentance for misdirected animosity
Be who you are
And love endlessly.  

I weirdly - no, wantonly - want to kiss you the next time

Your blue-gray eyes besiege my focus and I resign

My sight - no, soul - to your vision and spread your word

As the bearded and fattened prophet of these feelings deferred.
Omar Acevedo Feb 6
Powered matter leaves their origin,
Into a land in the distance,
Residing in the hearts of children
Offering everything but resistance,
Exchanging life and his riches
For the taste of blood in their kisses.

A child is a sacrifice
For what is right
In the prophet’s eyes
And minds that are blind
To the lies that bind
His cries and surmise-s.
The prophet’s prophecy
Is to gain profit from gases
More flammable that propane.
His fingers, crossed and lost,
His veins, lost its blue,
His skin, has turns chartreuse
With the sight of the new moon.

A new dawn begins
With the same sun,
Covered by new clouds.
Sounds of the innocent,
Muffled by the lead they’re
Buried in.
Their fears of growth
Disappear with their sight.
But it’s alright,
It’s in the name of Liberty,
Currency, and Democracy.
Hello World
I am not a PrOphET
Neither do I.. pretend to be
But neither will I compromise when it comes to speaking the truth
Chosing to speak it.. Non-exclusively
But still.. more often than not
When the truth is spoken?
The world tends to get mad
Yet seeing how they're already M.A.D
Most will laugh and will shrug it off
Most.. don't even care
And or.. Either
They just don't want to hear it
Yeah.. I know.. it's such a shame
But sorta strange in the same
As their meager expressions seem
to get mea-ner
They will go on to say.,
Who are you to question me about faith?
And Oh.. here's one of my favs
A sarcastic.. What is truth really?
Ok now.. Look.. Please hear me out
First of all..
I already told you about the subject
So this is just a reminder
For I am not a.. PrOphET
So stop it.. and stop stalling
And don't try to change.. the subject
Cause it's just as I.. have already said
twice before
I am not.. Who or What
I may appear to be
This is not my calling
For I am just a.. normal guy
Who's only trying to warn you about
True.. conspicuous lies
Which is.. a contradiction so deceiving
Eyes only believing in what you see
And.. what is set before you
But true Faith and faith in God is not relying on the seen or the seeing
That being said.,
It totally trump's the saying.,
That seeing is believing
Both.. in truth.. and.. in theory
For any given reason be it visually
Or.. Religiously
But yet.. mindset decisions are so dreary
That's why you feel so weary
Having these number of choices
heavily hanging..
                         ­        †

Hey World.. Are you still there?
OK.. just checking
Now testing.. 1., 2., 3 just to further sell these seeds of truth
Cause sometimes.. stepping outside of yourself feels like you're walking in
Beneath the Ocean
Where life seems so Frozen
But life's oceans and seas are too deep for you to be creeping at a snail's pace
You're hopeless
So feeling out of place you escape for Space
Hoping to create more space you perfect with Grace
You save space and trace the moon with a graceful.. Moonwalk
Yet in outer space.. our voices now Echo
Darkly_ Amplified
Now you're feeling.. Unidentified
As the universe of black holes seem Unavoidable
Yet an abundant life is still affordable
As a matter of fact
Or.. to be more precise
A matter of.. Truth
Life has always been free to run
And Death?
Well.. is just another hurdle
But I for one am one who dares not
to say.,
That a truth spoken is a truth I never
heard of
But then again..
I will say this again
I am not a PrOphET
But then again.. Maybe I Am?
Just not one that you've ever
heard of..
M.A.D ( Mentally Antisocial Degenerates ) All I can say is, I was contemplating a lot of things when I wrote this.. My name, my calling, my lively hood and the state of the world that we're currently living in
Past? Present? Future?
Yeah.. All of these things
Chad Young Dec 2020
The Pyramid is the Messenger
   of the Spirit world after we pass on.
We all must resolve to consecrate
   our actions to the Pyramid there.
The Orb is the handmaid that
   every soul is given for its care.
Pondering... I could be wrong.  Baha'u'llah said that His Revelation produces the "triangle and square fruits".
mark soltero Dec 2020
tired does the false prophet grow
when his words continue to lose their shine
can he find his faith in his own empty tongue
will divine intervention mend his stolen soul
Chad Young Nov 2020
Those who believe in Me have a special place after they die. They will be given untold glory and joys of ineffable gladness. Those who doubt My words will come to know of their loss after death and will continue to humble themselves throughout eternity. Fires of ignorance will bind them throughout the worlds of God.  When they seek distinction after death, they will weep bitterly as one who has not know God.  Belief in Me is contingent on obeying My laws and neither is acceptable without the other. If the rebel ceases their transgression, and asks for forgiveness in a state of repentance, it will be better for them. Weigh not My words with any other Book or allusion and confuse not thyself with signs which bear no reality. My Knowledge has always been with God as it shall remain.

I find myself in between the Gog of complexity and the Magog of simplicity. Let forth your tongue to extol God and Its Message. No man hath taken Its image as God is beyond reflection.

When the boy asks to know, set thyself toward your own sight and renounce any thought save Me. No helper do you have save Me.
We speak only what We hear, and never will spiritual dominion be given to one who produces thoughts set on the vanities of the world. Produce their dominion by using them for the benefits of mankind.

Those who cannot overlook the misdeeds of the Chosen Ones of God, the Prophets, will never be able to overlook the deeds of any of God's creatures.  Such lucidity will overcome them, and they will be forced to acknowledge that no being in the heavens or in the earth can leave without a trace of hate in the hearts when looking with the eyes of retribution.

The time for justice has come. Make a plan for the redemption of your heart, but know that whosoever overlooks others' shortcomings is met with more rewards in the worlds of eternity. For whose plan of vengeance is more just than God's, Who punishes without the knowledge of Its creatures and rewards without their knowledge either.

No laws will be given by Me save the exact Law of Baha'u'llah's Covenant. For I have not come to change His laws, but fulfill them. Abandon your couches for seat with the Christ. He is come again unto you while ye were enmeshed in your own designs.
Have you not heard the bells peal in My name, though the name be bereft of glory, We have come to extol God's laws, laws which will pattern a civilization in the feet of Isaiah's prophecy. Everywhere Its laws are heard over the skies and throughout the earth. Hearken then to taking delight in them.

For whoso has turned away from them, hath turned away from the Spirit and never associated with It. For the senses seek their own sight, and I have come to give you God's vision. Instead, you have turned to the god of the air and body, and not the God Divine, the One alone that can release you into the worlds of eternal sunshine. Though the god of the body gives the beauty of your own existence, I have come as a gardener to set the diverse plants of humanity in order. We see that little gardening has been done, so there is plenty still to do.
Late night meditations.
casper Nov 2020
As potent as the drugs flowing from an IV drip,
I the prodigal son of this town,
the only one to infuse the blood of a much needed sacrifice into it's veins,
the one to carry the souls of those past,
those future,
those fleeting few at the end when the long standing foundation that has held up countless feet and dreams,
no longer stands and in it's place breadcrumbs fall,
thousands from the sky,
folly and few,
until embedded in the very ground it lands upon.

I, the one from the third house down the lane,
the all seeing all knowing all feeling touch,
climb the silo and above take in the view,
the little lives and scattered stories,
told once in still rooms with only the orange light of a desk lamps,
then carried away on drool into the storm drain,
with the leaves and street grit.

I, the babe,
once innocent and tender,
and still so within me exists,
carried through an entire lifetime on a sled,
down the sidewalk with only the sight of street-lamps as stimuli,
past every corner and home a dream implanted from my eyes to theirs,
yet mistranslation corrupts the many and what can I do but allow,
their own bibles to be written.

This town belongs to one king and one son on both sides of the mountain,
snow to teach them lessons,
rain to cleanse their wounds,
and to keep this monolith of a civilization alive,
all that is prophesied,
to run far, far away,
in place.
Dedicated to my home town.
Chad Young Nov 2020
"A" crowned my head with a crown like
twigs while "A" was seated on the Throne.
Notice how Baha'u'llah reverberates that it is a different
throne, yet in essence the same One.
Fire like a rainbow.
Notice how a Prophet would gulp when another Prophet is
Notice how a Prophet does not need to "believe" in else
except God.
"C" is same.
If I am a Prophet without a voice from God, please
don't let me speak.
All the Prophets have transparent beauty like
Above the City of Immortality is the Valley of
the Manifestations.  Where the Sun of Reality
is home and all the denizens are refreshed
and find God again from whence they have
left.  Nothing but God lies above this Valley
and the Presence of the Beloved is aglow every limb.
The Presence is enlivening and heavy
in vitality.
"I hate you, I love, I hate that I love you",
echoes to hearts not attune to the Transcendent One.
The Presence has a unique energy that allows
Them to change the universe of lower natures.
All stresses dissipate away.
Those Eyes that see all of me.
Energy as if from another world,
as if always awakening from bed.
It is sitting in the Manifestation's Tent.
It is feeling Their skin become mine own skin.
Light so warm that it is cool.
Names have no place here,
only Spirit - the Transcendent.
I forget myself and
instead caught up in "A".
The fullness of the Manifestations will soon, soon
manifest in all of us.
24 karat Golden DNA.
he loves me
comes fro dark day
when people worshape stunts
they worshape thier kings

and the global is dark
the waves asks God
to ovecome that blank
he came with every good

if you have justice
read his history
with just with balance
of mind and heart

you will say one word
that is the man for evey time
that comes to get rid every hurt
your heart will pump

that is the kindest
is the prophet
some haters told us bad things and drew unacceptable draw. they called mohamad with terror. they forgot who **** millions and concentrate with mohamad . he makes some honest that may look agianst thier desire. he prevented love without marraige. the holy Quraan told that man for a woman and womanfor a man .there is no marriage from the same ***. as the people married for love and bear and make famiy to stand over the satan
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