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Shofi Ahmed Nov 21
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you were born
were summoned to the earth
far from heaven.
Far no more, no more
heaven becomes
closest to the souls!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment did you dip
your toe in this mortal soil.
Mortal no more, no more
it becomes sublimely
the most beautiful of all!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you breathed life
your perfume stirred the water
the meaning of life is obscured
no more, no more
it’s all clear as the full moon!
Michael Hart, the author of the book "The 100 Most Influential People", it took him 28 years to complete it. He ranked Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) No 1 on the list.

While he was giving a lecture in London, he was booed and interrupted.
People were complaining as to why he ranked Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as No 1?

He said:
"The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood in the middle of Makkah in the year 611 and said to the people: 'I am the Prophet of Allah'.
Four people believed in him; his BEST FRIEND, his WIFE and two KIDS!
Now, even after 1400 years, the number of Muslims has gone over 1.5 billion and still expanding.
He could not have been a liar, because a lie will not last 1400 years! nor could you fool 1.5 billion people!
Another thing to ponder is that even after all this time, millions of Muslims will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives over one word that would hurt their Prophet".

"Is there even one Christian willing to do that for Jesus?"

After that, there was DEAD SILENCE in the whole auditorium!
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2
No one has or will have a Light like his,
He, who was sent as a Mercy and bliss.

One man, yet much uncountable blessings,
Clueless how to repay for all of this.

I do envy those who have seen his face,
To times I have not seen I do reminisce.

We still have yet not seen his bright being.
Until that Day, it is the rose we miss.

Mâhî lacks rhymes to continue this praise,
That Day will show how luminous he is.
Ana Roe Oct 26
I said to Cassandra,
"If you are a prophet,
tell me of my future."
She told me,
"You would not believe."
Cassandra was a figure in ancient Greek mythology. She was a prophet that was cursed to utter true prophecies that no one would believe.
What do you mean they are also prophets?

Far below, on the beach, were his friends
Half-***** bums
Partying in the sun
There were atheists
There were *** maniacs
The fat old Bumbo was a crazy bartender

I thought I was the only One. The Chosen One
I never knew they came in packs
All of them?
Even Bumbo is a prophet?
You mean to say you make me climb this eyrie-high
To tell I'm just one of them?
I'd rather not be a prophet
Shofi Ahmed Jul 26
On the very edge the living earth
dared to replicate Queen Fathima
The Queen of Heaven’s footstep.
That way is graced by
thousands of the prophets of ***!

In the name of Allah she descends
on the Night of the Ascending.
From the odd night an unnumbered zone
The Night of Measure unlike the rest
it doesn't geometrised is transcended location.  

The earth steps in the gap making way for her:
The only asymmetric Golden Ratio.
Slips out to the symmetric prophet flock!
Sequenced in symmetric phi she moves on
in the veil, exposes her unique divine closeness
her golden spiral reaches out closer to ***!

The great women flock
mirrored the earth all along.
Treading on every atom on that angle
perfectly aligned down the Moon.
Till those beneath the skin atoms
bang, explode on approaching
the vibration beneath Fathima’s foot!

The seven seas billowed up
floating on the clouds.
Choreographed like little dews
hanging low on the rose
just to drip down on that hot spot
like a cool honey drop.

Even the Moon on the horizon
fancies to sip from this drop.
Ah, the lunar punter rowing down.
The sleeping beauty wakes up
eyes on the silver dance.
Eying on every star in the night.
The Moon is floating down
slices of the moonlight pushing the boat
full of fireflies rolling over  
to the cup of this pretty little drop.  
A poetry in motion is a sea on the ground
in the sky the Moon is its title!

The storylines jump ever more
on that way over the shady grove.
Painting the colour of the winds
the sky rains down on that spot
singing the sweetest title songs.  

Never were a woman prophet of ***
nor was paradise hidden anymore
to one woman it was the open shore!
The heaven turns upside down
turning for the earth the last stone.

For the rest of the rocks
it was the stepping stone.
As many times more
the earth may try on
it will still be tangent fluid
until the very one woman
The Queen Fathima steps on.

Her presence connects the dots
the nadir and zenith perfectly line up
intersect into one grand perfect circle.
She will close it with the pi once for all
without a gap spilling new decimals.
At last putting it all on the map ‘as above,
so below’, all in all, pure scientia scenario.

The heaven will open its grand door
where The Queen will stand on.
No more reverse engineering physically
the original, Fathima will step on,
on this last turned stone.
Paradise starts from here on.
From the one great woman
from beneath the mother’s foot!
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 12

I was inspired by a lovely queen,
Who granted my mind a beautiful scene.
I found this picture in the rose-garden,
This sight disturbed my gaze, without a pardon:
The grayish, flowing smoke is like a curtain,
Who might be behind it? It is uncertain.
It hides perhaps the face of a beauty,
With misty clouds of locks, swinging with glee.

There is a cigarette within the rose!
The gentle breezes carry its thick smoke.
Who put that cigarette who burns at there?
It's strange, but beauty makes it look so fair;
It's in balance to my adoring eyes;
Nature who is pure meets with smoky sighs.

But what about that rose, who is embraced
By smoke? Those leaves have sorrow's taste.
To reflect upon this, that is my task,
So with curiosity I ask:
Why so sad? Your dewy tears are like silver,
How can you be so sad? I am your lover.
Why so sad, dainty flower of the fresh spring?
You are the queen; the nightingale the king.
You are the lip who does talk to my muse!
You are the pink; the rosy 'gainst the blues.
You are the cup with the wine of my love,
Who goes around with the sign of my love.
Your hue appears upon the face of beauty –
Those glows upon your face – they are so rosy!
Some faces look like roses, who don't harden,
As a matter of fact, like fine rose-gardens.
With your brilliant glows they do compare
The beauties of mankind, who're kind and fair.
Your lovely imagery they did overuse
But oh, alas; I am in love with you,
So, it's hard for me to refrain 'bout roses,
That is what my poetic soul proposes.

2: Autumn and Winter

Now let´s turn our attention to the winter
And autumn, where icy breezes saunter.

O beautiful rose, you wait and you wait,
Till this garden becomes a sunny state.
Your stem does wait patiently, asleep,
The sun won't help that time; your slumber's deep.
The rosebud-lips do open up much slower,
Like each and every fresh and fragrant flower.

And that's the way of fleeting, pretty nature,
It can dispirit, it can enrapture.

3: On the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

I know a Friend, very dear to my soul,
That Rose – without a crime my heart he stole.
With love, to him this piece I dedicate,
The pearly Rose who's in the purest state:
I wish I had rose-leaves to write upon,
To show, to proof to him; for him my love.
So that marks of my writing will release
The scent who lies within the fragrant rose.
While dancing in the air, I will blow it
Towards his direction, from me: a poet.
A poet who loves the rose and loves him,
And loves mankind and more within this dream.
I was inspired by a picture of a rose. I find this poem very associative.
I don't indulge that much in religious verses but sometimes it just happens with a passion.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2017
If there ever was a golden age
The smile on the cherubim’s grill,
Wistfully look into her eyes,
Devoted to her algorithms---
Like Christine there are no eyes,
Desoto algorithms---if there
Ever was a golden age
She’s sleeping in,

Evolutionarily destroyed by fire---
Mysteriously her eyes go blank,
Blank for all eternity,
If there ever was an algorithm
For the golden age---she was one---
For a quarter of eternity or an hour
Show her the pile of stones
The men will use

Saints go under the bridge
While over the bridge go the lions---
Her bones thick and mammalian
If there ever was a golden age of stripping,
She was there, her ideas and sciences
dawning on troglodyte mankind---
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2017
It’s still hanging low
since the moon
came down so close.

The seven seas dance
beneath her polished feet
but could never touch it.

Then the intact moon,
in fact, once did unleash
only when one popped
out ahead of the rest.
Down from the earth
luminary Muhammad
Peace be upon him
pointed his finger towards it.
And into two halves
did the Moon split!

But the man wouldn’t touch it
remained with us all
with every human the Moon dwarfs!
Commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of his miracles was that he split the moon after some pagans asked him to show them a miracle to prove he is a prophet.
Shu hang Nov 2017
What he says may roar through the crowd
But on deaf ears it falls
after years of sunken silence
The profit becomes an equal
His thoughts remain untill
they don't
The rain falls a new
and out of the pool more musings rise
To which music is played
respect is shown and hands are thrown up
He too does revel
in his following, his pool of delight
it's turned to acid, by ***
of course.
An image is shown
All who gaze upon it shall remember
untill no one does
and long after
one thousand cycles past
We are all shown as equal
as no one is left to remember
what is good or bad
the creator of words is gone
There is only what is
but meaning there is not
for we too
upon taking that first breath
we too were fooled
Xallan Oct 2017
I'm fighting for tomorrow
Not another day, another year
A whole future
Sometimes you have to trust ice
But I'll need the fire anyway
If I truly can see, then I'm doing it wrong
Because there is no horizon here
Just mountains and valleys, my white land
It's got a sheen of fresh linen, it's a ghost
It's burning
I have books, I have tomes, I have texts
Knowledge of six basic wonders
Six that guide the little earth
Will I add to the flames
I'm needed to read my future today
In writing scrawled across sheet paper
Like the moon, I only have a chance
I'm fighting for what I've chosen
No summer forever
I'll go straight to the place to learn later
I got the system sold
I don't have a magic ball
I don't have a crystal pillar
I don't have a witchy spell
No prophets of my future left in my bones
There's no spirit residing in my timeline
I'm following the ice on written digits
I'll throw it all away and let it burn
Counter the moon
Romance was never interpreted on my walls
Who is this person, what monster
When the wallpaper is gone
I'll practice divination while blinded
I'm coming for tomorrow
I'm needed to read my future today.
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