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Kada 1d
Our inability in life doesn't limit ***'s capability in our lives.
                                                                ­                            -Kada
What you may think is a problem can actually be your victory!
sky 1d
When I came home
I greeted the silence that had become my friend

he's kind and tranquil
and wraps around me like a blanket
he won't leave me
because you took all the sound from my life
and now the quiet is all I have left
Why is perfect the goal right now?
Perfect hair, perfect house, perfect waistline.
Whatever happened to just being happy...
Accepting the good, the wonderful, the fine.
There is so much more to life...
Than things, appearance and stuff.
If you spend your life looking for perfect...
Nothing will ever be enough!
Do what makes you happy...
Don't think about what they will say.
Who cares what other people think?
This is your life, live it your own way!
There is no such thing as perfect...
It's untouchable, unreal, untrue.
Do your best, be your best...
Be kind, be nice, be you!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
alone 3d
We need to fix my posture
We need to get a mask
We want to get several masks
I want to exercise for at least thirty minutes every day
We need several acceptable clothing pieces
We need to draw at least once a day
We need to at least think about a poem everyday
At most write… several poems
We want to reach Gold in League of Legends
We need to go outside
Get some sunlight
But the sun isn’t going to be around for a while…
So I guess never mind?
I want to become a better animator
I need a part-time job
I need to become a more active friend
Hanging out with the people I consider… friends
I need to raise my *** appeal
I want a girlfriend
We need to be a better person
And most importantly
I must remember to die
Because there is no life without death
That’s about it
Good luck :D
Not that anyone cares but these are my current goals in life
kind of
Amanda 6d
If I had never been born
Would there be a space left empty
Waiting to be filled with a human form

If I wasn’t here
Would the world mourn?
This child’s life, a star of Capricorn

Would my Family
Miss the laughter of jokes never told
Look for someone, they can never enfold

Would my friends
Act on advice never passed
Who will they turn to when feeling downcast?

And my love
The one I found, who will love you now?
Will they kiss the same when you make the vow?

If I was never here
There’ll be no change in discoveries of anything epic
And definitely not missed in the world academic

So there is no reason
Why I am here, that I can see
Living this life of mundane ordinary

Yet there was the time
I helped a stranger who was in need, in pain
Though I’m sure others would have done the same

Maybe that’s why I am here
Not to live a life of fame and celebrity
Just to bestow one simple kind act of extraordinary
i should be listening to music,
while writing love poems.
but i’m busy,
and all i can manage is a short little note,
about something else.

my mind feels like clean paper today,
fresh and beautiful.
it’s been filled with the brightest colors
-someone telling me i’m beautiful,
someone loving my words,
someone whispering promises of heaven in a song.

it’s been filled with bright-eyed questions,
but always feeling oh so very right.
i feel oh so very right.

i ignore this small twinge in my gut,
my life is going so well,
that i do not doubt.
but i ignore that small twinge in gut,
when someone said i could be cured.

their face appears everywhere,
and their face is my mother’s inspiration.
does she think i can be cured?

i am the perfect daughter.
i study, i volunteer.
i am happy, i am kind.
i am in clubs. i am good with my friends,
reasonable and responsible.
but there’s a blight she doesn’t know -a blight that is not a disease.
but when your inspiration tells you so, would you dismiss it as an interesting view?
would you believe it if you knew my blight? or would you forget?

i, i can only describe my blight as bright.
i have been told i light, like every color in the world.
for once, i feel right.
i may not fit in, but i know the lines on which i walk.
or i know how to walk.

because you told me, to hear someone who said i was bright.
because you have always supported what i am.
Daniel eason Oct 12
As my mind wonders into the abyss of space and time
Trance like states blow my mind
These distant places
Different faces
Terrifying for some
Magical for others
But they try to judge
Be abit more like your mother
A kind hearted person
Nature can see
What's the problem it's up to me
A poem about judgement and how we should accept other people's decisions and actions. People change all the time
Brittney T Oct 10
Gifts from my mother
Were paper cuts from packages
That twinged and throbbed.
Beautiful bows in colorful patterns created a corset to not be removed.
Ribbons formed webs inside my chest.
They trap guilt, dread, and shame.
Now you give me a band-aid, scissors, and kisses.
And I know I'm enough.
He gives me emotional gifts every day that are intangible. And there are no strings attached. Love breeds love when you know you are worthy of it.
A kind word
is a tree with unlimited fruits,
a sun with its infinite sun shine,
a full moon with its abundant light,
a blue print to an inspiring life.

A kind word
is the 'angel of love' that can
win the heart of an enemy,
It has  power to heal a broken heart,
and change  someone’s life .

A kind word,
is a tsunami that can break
one hundred walls to reach the
heart of a being, and fill it with
with hope, love, and inspiration.

Hussein Dekmak

Dennise K Oct 5
not sure what im looking for exactly, but i can tell you what i do not want.
I do not want to be a moment that you dont think twice about.
I do not want to be someone you used to know.
I do not want to be something that was but that never meant much.
I want to be the moment you replay again and again.
I want to be someone who makes your heart full.
I want to be something you cant go without.

to be more then anyone ever has before.
to love you fully and whole heartily with no regrets.

to be enough.
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