When you find love,
open your arms wide.
Tell love that you’re happy it has finally stopped by to say hello.
Tell it to make itself feel comfortable.
Never ask how long it’s staying,
Because you may not want to know the answer.

When you find love,
It may not be at the time you think is right.
It may come in the midst of chaos.

But please, make sure you take the time to care for that love.
Make it feel safe, warm, and secure.
Make love feel better than it ever has before.

When you find love,
It may not look the way you thought it would,
Or the way you remember it.
It may be harder this time.
It could be darker, heavier, and more difficult to keep up with,
Or it may be lighter, and easier than ever.

It may be younger. More jittery and less mature.
Full of laughter and adventures.

It may be older, but still just as beautiful.
Calm and passionate, and always level-headed.

When you find love,
Tell it how beautiful it’s looking today.
Make love smile.
Make it feel better than it did the day before.

And once you find love,
Keep it in your grasp for as long as possible.
Never let it slip from your fingertips.

Love is kind.
Love is laughter.
Love is security.
Love is passion.
Love is beautiful.

Please, never let love feel any other way.
Ash 4d
you are beautiful beyond compare
you are beautiful beyond flesh and blood
you are beautiful beyond words
you are beautiful
in your own way
on your own terms
you are beautiful no matter what they say
don't let them ruin you
Sweetheart, I promise you
is going to see the kind, strong, bold, beautiful
soul, you are love more and more every day for it.

you are beautiful regardless of others say never forget that.
I hadn’t thought of my first boyfriend in years.
The way everything was new and he never felt silly when I asked him to dance in the  rain, even though I felt silly. The way he knew I loved when his cologne lingered on my clothes because I crawled into a space between his arm and his body.
I remember crying in the diner by my house late at night,
we were just friends, two years after we broke up but he always made me feel a warm sort of comfort, he always made me laugh when I was mad and he always managed to make me mad on my best of weeks. He was scared of going up to Georgia alone. I, naively confused, asked why would he go to Georgia alone. When I repeated the word army, it left a bitter taste on my mouth, did’t quite roll off the tongue like home. Like our small, loud city was home. Like when he biked to my house in the rain was home. Like going to the Colombian Bakery where worked, was home. Like he was home.
Except, my home was leaving, and when he asked me to go,
I cried, held onto him and said no, said I have a boyfriend who doesn’t love me like home does and my life is just starting.
That was 8 years ago. I’m 23 now. Made the same mistakes repeatedly. Changed my entire life and started over. Reinvented myself every time I rented the heart of a man who was not home. My home lives in Honolulu, has traveled the world, changed into a man who still has that wide smile I loved. My co-worker mentioned how certain smells remind her of certain people and asked if I agreed. I hadn’t thought of that boy, whose Kenneth Cole Reaction still lingers on my old high school uniform, in years. Told her certain smells remind me of a place I always found comfort in. I wonder if he knows he will always have a home here, always have a place to stay in my heart. I will leave the door open and when he picks up to leave again, I will say you are always welcome here, to this little corner of the world, where nothing exciting ever happened, but you will always be loved.
"I love you," a kind soul said.
"Don't do that to yourself," I replied.
"I take that love and use it for personal gain. Then once I'm done I throw you away, for who keeps the spare parts? I'll let you fill that void inside me for a little while and keep myself warm against the harsh and cold winter. I'll let you 'love' me then, just to be cruel, I'll drop you. You'll be sad and wonder, 'How could she?' or 'What did I do?' You didn't do a thing darling, I just grew tired and it was getting too hot for me (maybe i was getting attached we'll never know). So, ya, don't do that to yourself."
How to be a heartbreaker.
he was remarkable
he was intelligent
he was kind
he was...the worst thing that ever happened to me
please get out of my life // love always
She is but a tender seed,
Pull away your weed,
Do not sow doubts in her mind,
She is not one of your kind.
Ender Royalty Apr 12
Nobody could even care
If she got lost in a cave
It's malicious and unfair
All she does is work and slave

She took care of the kids
When her dad was sick
All she does is exert and give
Even if they're in-veracious and slick

Does anyone have a soul
Is everyone heartless
How could anyone be so cruel
To do that to a girl who's nothing but selfless
A piece dedicated to someone I know who is selfless and so kind but always get treated with disrespect and disloyalty because she doesn't conform and is unique and beautiful
Haleigh Apr 11
Standing in a place, empty, no one around waiting impatiently
for a bus that is way too late.

Noises suddenly occur behind and turning I see hordes of boys
crowding out of school, lining the street so as to be,
the first one on the bus when stopped alone.

Laughing quietly within, looking at their boyish faces of
determination, knowing I am the only woman standing there, they
choose to ignore the manners supposedly taught by their mothers.

Going along with it because I thought it was funny, blue line
bus arrives and I step back, watching shame-faced boys climb

Finally a few minutes later, Central zero bus comes, it can
not pull up to the bus stop, because the line of boys is still
getting on the other bus.

Walking down the streets towards it to get on, am suddenly
surrounded and passed by over a dozen clean cut, well dressed-

They hurriedly crowd in line and get on before me, pushing
and shoving like moronic grade school boys.

Finally at the very edge of the male species, a tall young
blonde looks me in the eye and lets me get on before him.

Thanking him, I smile and climb aboard, finding a seat, I
sit down and begin writing this little excerpt on boys having
no manners at all - except the one.
Sasha Raven Apr 11
I dream of her in my deepest dreams,
we are walking by the rivers - streams ...
She just smiles, she does not speak,
through all our walk I feel so weak ...
When she will tell me at least ''that'' word?
For ''that'' I am praying to the Almighty - Lord!!!
Our romance crushes like a house of cards,
at the end she says just: ''Kind regards!''
That is all, I guess, what she knows,
with every day my love for her grows ...
But I am sure, that she will start to talk,
that she loves me, at our long, long walk ...
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