Lure Pot Jul 12

You're sweet with glad smiles
You're lovely with kind eyes
You're happy with a lovely face
You're merry without hair lace
Melts someone your shiny teeth
You're so beautiful Claire Smith.

You're having shy with cute nose
You're looking decent like a rose
You're loving all with soft mind
You're talking to friends with kind
Your sweet voice melts every kith
You're so wonderful Claire Smith.

Lure Pot Jul 11

I am learning
With your smile
How to be kind
I am turning
With your acts
What'd the mind.

I am seeing
With your eyes
How to be lovely?
I am rewriting
With your voice
Talking to nicely

I am melting
With your beauty
And so burning
I am walking
On your path
To get some learning...

Hannah Jul 11

I am dreaming
beneath lilac skies
of a world with you
where it's easy to find
love and light,
raining down
from the minds
of those like us,
blessed and kind.

Ek Jul 8

Do ever feel like sometimes you need words?
Kind words, i mean, someone who will ask if how are you?
Ask if you need someone to listen to your problems?
But we all know that what we truly need is someone...
Someone who will listen without giving them words.

A good listener by heart...

Be gentle with my heart
It's fragile
Be careful with your words
The voices in my head do enough damage
Be kind with your actions
I've already hurt myself too many times

Ryan Holden Jun 26

Water is a mere
liquid yet it breaks even
The earth and mountains.

This shows that softness
Always overcomes hardness
Using persistence.

Evie Jun 26

this is a reminder that
even if every time he leaves is equivalent to having somber, misty eyes
even if my stupid quivering heart won't stop nagging at me
even if it makes my hands sweaty and the creak of the door louder than the ringing in my ears
even if i dissociate from my body but also feel this
even if..
there comes the sound of my life
a door opening and then a smile
bright eyes

Cynthia Ulloa Jun 13

Unexpectedly, like a thief in the night
Despair will introduce himself
and threaten your existence,
Testing your faith
Robbing you from your most
earthly possessions
Leaving behind only bitterness
in the darkest nights.

You may lose it all,
but never forget that your most valuable possession it's hidden inside your heart.

No one, not even the devil,
can't steal it from you.

There's is a hidden treasure inside of us. The heart is a valuable treasure, it is what flows out of it, that determines your character. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Psalms 119:11 Matthew 6:21
Daisy Rae Jun 19

Her love spreads like wildfire
Even though lies do the same
The world has many things to say to her
Kind words never came
But her love continues to shine
Even in the darkest days
Her light will never be put out
There's too much love in her gaze

She is love.
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