Every day is like
Falling into a deep pit,
waiting to hit the ground
Hoping to reach home safe and sound
On my way, I tell myself;
"This  void inside  needs to be filled;
Somethings in life need to be fixed"
No one near me, seems to get a hint
So I keep it that way;
hide it all behind a wall
For even if they knew,
There's nothing much they could do
I see how they complain;
Still manage to live their life to the fullest
Maybe this is an art, I need to learn
Just to get rid of this pain
Cause God knows
How long will it take,
For everything to be better again.

baby angel Jan 9

i've felt this from the first embrace i shared with you:
the cool and chilled air you blew.
canopy of Leaves, can you block the light for me?
the heat is hot, and it is burning through my dusty skin.
you're nice, so nice for letting me use you in this manner.
thank you for this gift of nature.
i wish i could have been endowed with this lovely fortune;
you know you're a voice that whispers in my ear and coos sweet heresy in my ear.
all i've needed was this crazy feeling: this bite and nip at my cheeks;
(never freezing my heart)
cool me down from this heat, cool me from the inside out;
a refreshing breath of you -- i think i want this to stay.

i think i'm still using the semi-colon wrong. i've been feeling really embarrassed while writing... yikes.
Alaina Smith Dec 2017

Do we get what we deserve

Do I deserve the scars on my wrist

Did that little girl deserve an early death

Did that malicious man deserve a fulfilling life

Do I deserve such a kind love

Do we deserve music and poetry

O' bittersweet fate I am weary of your cruel and kind intentions

Are you my friend or foe

I know not


No longer will I let you decide what is to come...

Hello volition.

Eleanor Dec 2017


Elaina Dec 2017

It's been a while
Life's been good, been kind, been blessed
Immense gratitude

Words with meaning.
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