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the sun is raining
penetrating through dark clouds
it summons goodness
Commit all kinds of sins
Enjoy pleasures to the hilt
Being ruthless without guilt
Draw solace from others' pain
Exploit the poor for personal gains
Dilettante of art and literature
Make queens to serve your purpose
Bed breaking toil at night
Holy man during daytime
Enjoying clout of high and mighty
Social climber of the society
Not afraid of Almighty
For they taught you
He is forgiving and kind
Just bow before Him
And pray in a temple or church
He would condone all your sins
You could go scot free unpunished
Clumsy knees,
Wrinkled eyes
& rough palms.
Beauty is everywhere,
See what is behind the dark
& for this you need to look from within.
Make your heart fair,
Also, your thoughts clear
& this would be a clean place.
Winsome mind,
Complimentary lips
& a kind soul.
- Aishwarya Kulkarni
M Solav Mar 28
I just had a talk with death’s closest cousin;
He didn’t speak, but he was kind.
Written on January 8th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Sky Mar 26
There are scars all on me
But it shows my story
Don't be scared to let love in
Because it could help you
In ways you've never knew
Was possible

All around I hear echoes
That tell I'm not good enough
All around hear the wind blow
Telling me to let go
Of all the fear
That I'm afraid to hear

People fear what they don't understand
Then that leads to hate
But if you look around
You may realize you and I are the same

We don't have to be divided
We don't have to be misguided
But If we have some guidance
Maybe we could see
That we are all
A little broken
On the inside
We each have a story. The question is how are you going to live it? Don't let hate, fear control you. Be kind to everyone because you don't know what they are going through.
Are you just a kite without a string?
Perhaps a worn widow without her ring
Or two figures lost in a shallow summer fling  

Whatever it is, you’d better close your curtains  
For not every tale ends in a way that is certain  

Unmet expectations slice through like a knife
Lost heartfelt love and flirtations end in heated fights
Countless dreams unchased glow like wishing stars within the night    

Prenups, engagements, marriages take their place  
Monotonous paychecks keep troubled souls sane
The young think there’s forever, but time takes the cake

Aging is imminent, not one person can escape
They try to get by without too many bruises or scrapes

Life’s joys and shortcomings wrapped in a bow
The kindest kindred spirits just might tow you home
Shane Leigh Mar 2
The blindness in stones.
The cold, crumbling stones.
Rugged edges,
Almost jagged,
Scratching my palms,
Meeting abruptly
With smooth,
Like river stones –
Soft, silky,
Subtle, as if they were not there at all.
They are quiet.
Unmoving –
Although, I imagine their delicacies:
The way they stood,
Their fragile motions,
The nimble-ness
in the motion of their wrists,
their ankles,
their knees,
their fingers,
the roll of their necks
and twists of their hips
as they bent, and turned, and contorted
The warmth they must have had.
I feel them.
Their faces distorted
Forever frozen

Do you not mind?
The cold stones,
Their somber and angry faces …
Their harshness?
I do not.
They were harsh,
And cruel,
Vicious to you.

You are precious,

Your hands are soft and light,

They are calming.
And your stones …
They will be forever cursed
To be truly blind,
Crazed by their own ambitions.

You ask me if I mind …
I do not.

I do not see them.
That is my curse.
I do not see them.
As I do not see you
The pain that they bring,
The one I love.

*I am blind.
I wanted to envision a softer side to the harsh myth that is Medusa. Something warm and precious - like a blind lover. I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Hank Helman Feb 20
If you are sad, then sing,
About each and every anything.

If you're happy, then dance,
Maybe even in your underpants.

If you're violent, perhaps enlightenment,
Time to give up your entitlements.

If you love, it's from above,
From that celestial place we've all heard of.

Be kind. Please. First be kind.
We need a kinder world.
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