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mace May 11
it didn't sneak up on me
i fell slowly
with every act of kindness where she'd go out of her way for

i could lean on her.

she loves me unashamedly.
but i was afraid and stuck in quicksand
but she pulled me up
again and again
no matter how many times i mistook the sinking death trap as ground

our mutual sacrifice for eachother
out of concern, out of care, just because;
is what love is
just another love poem for my gf don't mind me
Mel Kay Mar 28
And I think there are just too many things that break my heart, I fight too hard to stop from falling into pieces that I can't be spoken to, not even quietly.

There are too many people I've seen thoroughly, I can't separate myself from anything and I can't be looked at, not even briefly.

There are too many oceans, too deep to venture, no explorer will have courage enough to dip their toes in this water, and no one can touch me, not even kindly.

There are too many things that scare me now. I never leave from the bed I lay in and I can't be danced with, not even calmly.

There are too many ways to break my heart these days that I can't be moved, not even gently,

Not even at all.
It's not good but it's a poem.
selina Feb 28
my friends are all laughing
and the weather has been kind
i am about halfway to happy

and it is okay if i look utterly
atrocious in every picture
you've taken of me

i hate my smile with passion
and almost all of the time
but i like to think that

my smile is most
beautiful and genuine
when it is mirrored

by yours
i <3 my friends
Wishing for a pure love
The kind that
Wants to make me shine
When I hear your voice
Wants nothing for itself
In return
The kind that walks on white
Warm sands
The kind that comes
In a drop
Of rain
Falling on the leafs dry vein
The kind that looks like
A child giggling while
Twirling in the sun with her tresses
Entwined in flowers
Respect enough not to force affections
Or expect it as something in return
The kind that teaches
The kind that learns
Pure and innocently
That wishes everything good
For others
While it waits for
Its turn
We all want the best versions of ourselves for others. What about for ourselves? Then you can see if its real.
Create your own story with your
Glistening smiles
Kind words
Loving heart
Acts of kindness
Helping hands
Charitable deeds
Inspiring ideas
Unforgettable imprint
Make it a breath-taking story
A story that will inspire generations to come

Hussein Dekmak
nim Feb 2023
a puff of breath
slips into the cold air
while i sit on the ground.
i try to restart my heart.
i hope, when the sun
hits the clouds once again,
i can be kinder,
this next day.
"I've corrupted you."
Carl Sinderby Sep 2022
They are good kind true and bad,
Beautiful the people who seek love,
Dangerous the people who seek power,
God could be people or a person that people told untrue,
People learn from people,
Plenty are those who choose to follow,
Never-ending cycle of life we people proceed,
New old and missed of those who are people,
People believe in things others see even when it's been unseen,
They look towards the future bet yet look behind.
basil Dec 2021
someone told me i fall for kind people because i can't stop letting everyone walk all over me, and at least the kind ones will try not to leave bruises. and i laughed like it was a joke and i was the punchline, but i found another bruise in the mirror last night.

i fell for another kind person, but the problem is that kind people lie. and i never know how to distinguish the black and white from the grey. i'll never know if you like me because you treat everyone like stardust and glass.

but i actually am stardust and glass. i am precious and fragile and everywhere and i need to be held. i want it to be by you. but people that weren't as kind already broke me and now if you touch me the way i want you to you'll cut yourself. and blood doesn't wash out of a doormat.

so i don't initiate conversation. i hope you can't see my broken heart on my sleeve because it has your initials written on it in ink. i haven't decided how close i'll let you look. but maybe one day i'll let you walk all over me and hope that i feel like home.
so anyway, i have a crush <3
back to my regularly scheduled simping <3

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