Mae 3d
Fell on the end ,but.
When the moment you stand.
And as you offer your hand.
I was shaking but also glad.

My heart was filled with tears.
As you forgive all my sins.
Scars was within my blood.
Symbolizes to what I've done.

You are kind and pure.
Ready to give his heart to cure.
For he is ***.
And he is love.
myrrh 6d
It's sad to say that I know I'm not on anyone's mind
Being my friend is just a fad, nothing consistently kind
In just a tad, I know you're going to leave me behind
Wish I was stronger, I wish I had tough skin like rind
Leo Janowick Jan 12
None of us are getting out of this world alive,
  so please, stop treating yourself as an afterthought.
Eat delicious food.  Walk in the sunshine.
  Jump in the ocean.  Say the truth that you're carrying
  in your heart like a hidden treasure.
Be silly.  Be kind.  Be weird.
  There's no time for anything else.
Wolf Dec 2018
A lost stranger
Waved at me today
My aching heart
Hurt a little less
The corners of my lips
Raised a little more
Face every trial
Knowing that you made my day
Brighten a little more
To Lost, be strong through anything that you face.
Grey Jan 3
I’ve been selfish
I’ve been arrogant
I’ve been foolish
I’ve been suicidal
I’ve seen my demons
I’ve seen my hatred
I’ve seen my stupidity
I’ve seen my ignorance
I’ve hated loneliness
I’ve hated being empty
I’ve hated *** for my own mistakes
I’ve hated myself
I’ve loved those who do not feel the same
I’ve loved those that don’t even acknowledge me
I’ve loved alcohol to the point I’ve lost everything
I’ve loved my pride

It’s been an educational year to plainly speak
It’s been a trying year so simply put

I start the new year with confusion and with little
I’m struggling to be a better person than I have become
I’ve prayed to ***, not just for strength but so I can learn to be kind
I feel ashamed for neglecting those who care for me

They say a new year is a fresh start, but I do not feel that way
Like I’m being held back, being shackled down
I do not even know how to accept love or kindness
I do not know how to begin...
Pray Devil and dark clouds are no more
Pray I am stronger than my demons
Pray I am able to understand the darkness to grow
Pray I can learn to be human
I don’t even know where to begin
LearnfromBOBD Dec 2018
OluwaFisayomi my inamorata
If ever two were one, then surely we are.
If ever I love you dreamboat, yes I am’
I prized my love more than the whole mines of gold,
And all the wealth that the rich does hold’
My love is such that rivers cannot quench,
Nor like a recommended lens’
Our love for each other is clear, that no man can repay.
The heavens reward our truthfulness, I pray.
Then while we live in love let’s serve ***,
That when we live no more, we live forever up’
Where are the stars that show us to our love, And we gon’ live our whole young old lives away In the joys of a living ***’
Your body and soul are divine,
With a lovely fragrant with heavenly wine’
So kiss me Temi with your cold dry lips,
So I can hold you tight and sing you hymns’ Not what you think, but give me the love that so free please’
To my one and honey dreamboat
My life
Annika J Jan 2
This year
I'm trying to be kinder to myself

There's not much more
To say
Philomena Dec 2018
I never saw it coming
But she called me kind

Kind is not the first word I would use to describe one such as myself
Probably not the second word or even the third

And did I relay even know her?
Not at all, she was just another girl like me

Almost a year since I've seen her
And yet she remembers me enough to think of me as kind

She ignored my hellos, or didn't bother to listen
Maybe she has been listening all along

Maybe she has been watching and getting to know me
But the again if she really knew me she wouldn't call me kind
Thoroughly shook that one of my old classmates even still remembers my name.
blackbox Dec 2018
Another night savoring of loneliness,
when he stumbled upon a pretty countess.
Her gleaming eyes ready to cast a spell,
as she goes round and round on a carousel.
Galloping up on the wooden horse,
wishing to get ahead of time,
She couldn’t care less about the crowd
as she took off on cloud nine.
Enchanted with her grace and beauty galore,
He didn’t realize he was a mere paviour.
Expressing his love for her will be nothing but a crime,
When a voice interrupted his thoughts,
“Get off lady, you have no dime”.
Embarrassed and disheartened,
she ran off into the woods,
That moment it struck him,
she possesses no worldly goods.
In the hope to chase her through the blur,
the only fear in his heart was of losing her.
There she was sitting alone by the pond.
One gaze, and they instantly felt the bond.
She sobbed “I’m no princess”,
but he firmly said “will you be my bride?”,
And, this is how their love story began,
on a beautiful Carousel Ride!
Sam Tate Dec 2018
Her face is cracked and

Reflects her cold broken heart.

The world was not kind.
My first attempt at a Haiku
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