stank man 5d

radiating from your body
its all you know
it was once all you wanted

burning me from the inside out
but not the kind you can make
a mere fraction of what you know you can do

something oh-so-close to comfort
but the burning is all you've ever known
you gave me all you could

in both my eyes and hair
chapped lips which call desperately for yours
the fire which surrounds us is nothing compared the burning

i don't mind
now we can match

when i saw you
anger rippling in the flames you create
there is more to you than this

the first time you saw me again
the first time you let me hold you
the first time you felt heat
the first fire

The direction you have looked at
all your life.
Looking for the lost.
Searching for the reasons.
Waiting for your life.
Look opposite that direction.
You will find a kind heart.
It won’t be what you want or need.
But it will be enough
to live your life.
Enough to make you
never want to look back.

IrieSide 5d

Contemplating meaning
       known paths seceding
into an abyss
       of what could be

Lori Apr 14

my patience cascades down like the drip drip of a leaking
faucet i keep pulling my weight above my head to balance
out the stress my shirt is cropped to my waist a slight raise
of arm is a revelation of a world without questioning the habits
of mind phil-osophy that keeps telling me my thoughts and
experiences need to reach gravity a force unseen and invincible
you think you can let me trace the lines you dotted out for me
challenge the constellation i set out to follow so you can trap me in a box saying think flexibly this is the truth respond
with me in wonderment and awe
since you said to push
your box down a hill take a risk with me responsible
or not you're not allowed to fail but remain open to
continuous learning
think about your mistakes your
backwards thinking some metacognition will do you
good tell it all tattle all to your teacher it's thinking
because we value team work and
conformity not individuality and don't worry if it's too
much we are listening watching you **with
understanding and empathy
since you might be
persisting unrelenting to questioning and
problem solving
the loss of our authority see
the art of submission to authority is lost in your
generation that's why journaling the quality of
the habits of your mind is the solution to your lack
of creating, imagining and innovating
in a closed lid box necessity is the mother of invention
after all we are just churning out your land of milk and
honey we are finding humor in this style of learning
a new wave of apathy must be in place or else we
can't teach you thinking and communicating with clarity
and precision
we can't let you allow bias and hesitation
in the way we are striving for accuracy that you be
the student and child society and your parents want you
to be that's why we are gathering data through all senses
on your health to ensure the quality and payoff of their
investment child it's time you learn of applying past
we've proven you can't win against our
leader's AshkeNAZI intellect to eradicate the requirement
of the judgement of your own intellect in the form
of repressive anticlimactic required in every subject
unnecessary self confidence destroying
habits of mind journaling

Inspired by the 16 Habits of Mind. You should check it out if you haven't heard it before. It's used in schools. I think it's a good idea with good intentions but they can be taught in a different way rather than picking a few for every subject and asking a student to write their experiences that fit the HOM. But there's a catch, there's a rubric that makes it impossible to get a good grade in something as simple as journaling and sharing your experience.
Robert Zheng Apr 14

i collect stamps
not the mail kind
not the male kind
not the may hill kind
not the mayo ill kind
not the may hue kind
not the maim yew kind
not the mwaya view kind
not the mwayam myeil kind
not the amaway yilovski kind
not the mynsigwi malomisten kind
snot snee smail skind
rot tree trail rind
trotsky braille grind
hot bree hail's tine

don't tell me what is and isn't poetry fuck you
Jon Po Dom Apr 13

I'm not pro War
Pro Trump
Pro Assad
I choose no sides
All men
Past, present and future
Have evil within
Power is destructive
I don't have a
Hidden agenda
I'm not looking to deceive
Convince or argue a point
I am pro freedom
Pro expression
Pro peace
Pro humanity
Pro life
In the end
We are all
One of a Kind

JM 4/13/17

I don't know what everyone's opinions on current events are. Mine is peace is the only thing which can stabilize any region. Politics likes to interfere with that process and so I avoid political views. I hope for peace in the world. I'm not Syrian but I'm human. I wish you peace Syria and Iraq. You too North and South Korea. We're all humans. Each one of a kind.

The one pleasure
I am enjoying from this,
is that...
I can finally do everything
in my life
with someone.

although you might not be here
knowing that I can always feel
your presence
puts my heart at ease,
making each day
worth the experience.

'Nobuntu' is a Nguni word that means "mother of kindness" or "to be kind".

People say I don't have a heart
Because movies don't make cry
But just you show me
People being kind
And it will tear me apart.

i want to bite into you in the gentlest way
i want to feel your nectar dribble down my cheeks
i want to let you bite into me as well
peach fuzz, you look at the world and see it as it is
but you want to turn it into what it could be.
i see you planting trees and dropping seeds
wild, a blue haired enigma
i want to walk through the forests you sprout

Scarlet Keiller Mar 27

There is a girl somewhere, somehow;
impossible and true. She shouldn't exist -
she should have evaporated so long ago
yet somehow she kept on breathing and existing,
condensing and condensing
until she finally moved with solidity.
She sang in sorrowful silence,
was free in the terrors of the night,
lived and loved
regardless of the loss in her heart.
She survived because life told her not to
and now she is there, running
pure and clear as a dream,
wild and crazed bewilderment
shining in her alive eyes.
That Latin beauty, she is vivid and gleaming
in the light which shines
true and bright and effervescent.
She will be waiting for the liquid to return
and to dissolve into transparency once more but,
as she always forgets,
she will never die out.
We are all like her
in some way or another.

~~ For Katy. ~~
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