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Silver Hawk Jun 2022
He looks in the mirror
He sees himself
Young, driven and about the make
the same mistakes again
I look back at him, feeling
young, driven and wiser

Each attempt to right the wrongs
of the past
to live a second life through me
is like one rock striking another
until one day
age finally numbs the sparks
and the reflections in the glass
turn to one of understanding

When I am older
I want to look in the mirror
at my son, proud at the
refined version that he is
knowing that I did not tell him
how to live his life
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Hey son
what it do!
You know how much I love you.
How did you get so far from me. Hey son between us two you've put quite some distance.  
Feels like seeing I'm mother as your growing up I'm now the resistance.  
Remember I'm not the enemy. Hey son I love you from the Earth to the Moon and the distant Sun.
Hi little Gemini.
I want to see you take your wings  to soar I want to see you fly.
I give you your time, distance and your space. But I  remember when you were a little boy who didn't mind me planting kisses on your face.
Hi son I remember June 20th the day you were born.
From every moment I've helped you grow through every storm.
Hey young Gemini.
It's like now we can't see eye-to-eye.
But you'll always be the apple of my eye.
I know that you're on your way to being a strong young man
Just don't forget I'm here with an outreached hand.
I'm your mom a go hard fan.
With you I've done the best that I can.
Your journey has begun.
Go on now son.. Enjoy Life
I get to see you live and continue to learn and to grow and grow.
@H.E.R_Poetry S.A.M
For the struggling times of growth.. Not a momma boy.. Just out to make their own way.. let them go through the phases of life.. space, prayers and time..
Mark Toney Dec 2021
Enter the winter of our life as one
The months and years have rushed on by
Together we’ve endured what life has dealt
Our true love’s the reason why

We both were sweet 16 when introduced
We waved hello across the room
Was one year later till we met again
Wasn’t long before love bloomed

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

Our vows were said when we were just 18
We pledged a love to last the years
Such declaration gave us confidence
Helped mitigate our fears

Our firstborn son came after nineteen months
Our second son just eighteen more
Now in their forties with wives of their own
Ladies whom we so adore

       When reminiscing through our life
        there’s so much that we hold dear
         Regret is not a word that we would use
          despite all the tears …

And so we live to love another day
You smile at me and take my hand
Assured that as we face life’s obstacles
Together we will stand

Just for a moment, I go back in time
Freshness of youth as memories soar
If I were asked to do it all again
I would wish to love you more …

Mark Toney © 2021
12/22/2021 - Poetry form: Lyric - Mark Toney © 2021
SelinaSharday Jun 2021
Hoping the sun don't fail by your eyes be seen. hoping light don't fail to show in the darkness where hope need grow.
Reaching where cruelty always strikes mean, as it's stealing comfort where love wants to gleam.
reflecting on a day was born.. and realizing this is where landed earths storm.
Trying to be grateful, and gives thanks. while being punished in sorrowful branks.
Imprisoned and legendary.. worldwide outside or small roomed inside. Your eyes can see whats visionary,. And nothing can steal your imaginary. Till away you go soaring where earthly eyes can't see... man can't understand God forgiving plans... Or how he makes you whiter then snow in his cleansing hands.
For every fed up day..
Just pray .... pray away walls.. scars.. pains and alls.. faith walk  just walk.. and heavenly talk.. God frees the caged lions...Gives them his blessing new beginnings..
Better then where you are.. you are better then what you have done..
your are better then what's said by any man.. Lift your hands.. Clap your hands oh earthly man..
LIFT Your HANDS.. IN WORSHIP LET FLOW God praise from thy lips..
Be ye comforted.. down to your bones...wrapped in psalms 91.. be covered..
selinasharday s.a.m 2021
confined, alone
princenobody Apr 2021
Is your source of comfort from God or the news?
Is your source of joy from God or the number of your followers, likes and views?
Who sets your standards, Jesus or your favorite singers or rappers?
Who sets your standards, Jesus or your favorite celebrities, actresses or actors?
Do you follow God or do you follow the trends?
Do you follow God or do you follow  so called 'woke' social media influencers and friends?
Do you do it for Jesus or for the culture and clout?
Do you do it for Jesus or to be talked about?
Are your sights on God or on money, ***, and fame?
Are your sights on God or on ruling the whole world and it knowing your name?
Red pill? Blue pill?
The world or God's will?
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