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The open way is coming
Try to tie
Your love with your family
Call your parents
Ask in truly

Phone your sons
Greeting your daughters
Make a beautiful kiss
Flaying over clouds
Chattering the fear
Improving our tie

That is a way
In addition to obey
Our Gods who can forgive
The faults and can give
Happiness clouds that will save
Our plants of life
the love and makes good tie will overlap any and tie with your family
Mark Jan 19
I thought you loved her  
As we all should do    
Loving ones mummy, comes automatically    
Go ahead, say I love you too  
Yeah, Yeah, the bond is so strong  
But, I blew up like an atomic bomb  
I lost my lovin’ mom  
I stayed away for years  
And my letters never arrived    
Rubber stamped, ‘Return to Sender’
I miss my mother  
because the bond was once so strong    
I now realise my faults  
as some of you would understand  
to reunite someday soon  
My love for my mama  
For our bond is still so strong  
The risk of exploding, it’s in everyone  
But never forget every lost soul  
Was once a lovin’ son.
Jonathan Moya Dec 2019
We carry our fathers on our backs,
honey boys to their joys and violence,
absorbing their frustrations in memory
or dispersing their cries into indifferent winds.

Our hearts listen for the end of the cycle
powerless to the mind beating the rhythm anew
and the soul’s prayers for forgiveness
bounded in an eternal history of all tears.

Even Jesus felt betrayed by the father
and knew that peace only comes
with the last soft shuffle of dirt
and the new born son’s first scream.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Mom's joy
Dad's boy!

I learn,

God's Word
I heard

God's Will


Most good
I should

My call
help all

Some bad
some sad

My wife
great life

Our sons
blessed ones

Good friends
lives end

Grow old
be bold

Dear ones
death comes

Lord's call
stand tall
10/30/2018 - Poetry form: Footle series - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Love's cornerstone set
Forty-five years together
Dear wife of my youth
Our sons, their wives, our lives full
May love's embrace continue...

          ~ to the moon and back ~
7/14/2018 - Poetry form: Tanka (plus a celestial reference) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
CarolineSD Oct 2019
There is a little man
Staring at me,
Cradled in my arms,
With eyes so wide
It is as if
They could hold
All my stars.

And yet, to him,
I am the universe;
All the darkness
Folding gently
Around his innocence.

And in this galaxy
I will hold
His hands forever,
Cloaking these tiny fingers
In the astral winds
Of memory.

Always, my little man,
Clutched to the shores
Of my skin,
Forever sheltered by
The indestructible force that
Once born,
Cannot be undone;
A gravity of love between
A mother and her son.
Written for my son when he was a tiny baby. How he has grown; yet, I feel the same <3
hannah in summer Jul 2019
We aren't done yet
This isn't even a poem.
Planejane2 Jun 2019
I’ve been seeing hella signs
But I ain’t need to clear my mind
I don’t even wanna rhyme
For the first time in a long time I feel fine.
Tim Mansour Feb 2019
Through pain and prayer I emerge 

**** breath for the first time 

and though I see not you, but a blur

I know you from the inside

hand held, I am walked with care 

over linoleum and playground 

and altar, to grow into myself, 

cheek wiped. And then you let go

as all mothers must. But never leaving, 

even when, ungrateful, my brittle ego 

takes me far from you, pretending I can 

find a space more sacred on my own

You gave me that dream.

And everything else—for you gave me life.

And although I must, trying to improve
on that is futile.
Written for Mum's 90th birthday

You always know my true heart, for it is yours and yours is mine.
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