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Point B
Point C
is a distance
I'm not sure I will ever reach.
But I've moved
from where I stood and so far,
I think that's
pretty good.
At least I've gone from point A to point B...
Skye Lawrence Mar 21
The wind May Say it moves me
but I don’t feel moved.
The People say they love me
but I don’t feel loved.
The Doctors says he’ll cure me
but I don’t feel cured.
I’m not sure of the meaning
Johnny walker Feb 15
I knew Helen from the age of eight but as we up grew and went separate ways It wasn't till much later In life
We met again realising
then that I loved her wasn't long after this she said loved me too and
When true romance began
after a short courtship we
married and had a son he's
now twenty years old and just like his mother
happy days
I thought would never end and although they have gone true love still remains for love It never dies just moves to another time and to a place that lies beyond reality
I knew Helen from the age of eight but as we grew we moved on and didn't see each other till much later In life
when eventually married
MarKat Jan 23
Steady in my path
To be exact
To what's inside me
To react
Natural and its beauty
Physically gone
Defined its motion
Never alone.
she waited for the flirt
he promised he would write
poem equals her smart

he wrote nothing
he gave her white and sang
without voice he moved

his lips as he sang
she screamed and said," wht a worst!"
he ssaid,"Nothing equals your beauty

except that white appear as a day
telling the world you are shine
as the sun faces the earth to get fine

plant in green as your eye
the write to one who we loves, needs great suffer
Jay Lewis Dec 2018
Please don't get offended,
That I no longer care.
You see I wait around,
but you were never there.

I got tired
and angry,
and mad.
That you were happy
and I was sad.

But I realise now some things
aren't meant to be
And being with you
wasn't meant for me.
hssss! i will tell a secret
awful! awful!

your heart knew
my secret!

it does not become a secret
because it went and moved

from my heart to your heart
but i hide it

what ?
a secret!

i love you indeed
that i wanted

i wanted
not to tell
your heart
love is good emotion especially who leads to fine and last end . marriage
Spitz Nov 2018
You missed out
on one badass queen
who would have given you
her entire world.
This queen never needed saving.
She never needed you
and she sure as ****
didn’t need your ****.
But she wanted it.
She wanted to give you herself
and to accept every piece of you,
but you missed out
on the best thing that
could have happened to you
because you're too selfish.
And she got over you.
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