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Keara Marie Apr 8
2 in the morning my mind is on you.
4 in the morning and it still hasn't moved.
Bhill Feb 25
how long has it been
where have you gone
was it worth all the grief
being gone for so long
it will never be the same
no matter how hard you try
where have you gone
do you have NO reply
now that you're back
the change is quite clear
you're not who you were
you’re something to fear
what did you do
you were gone so long
what did you see
you really moved on

  Brian Hill -2020 # 56
What is gone?  What is your thoughts of what I mean?
I might have moved on
But, my heart stayed.
Sketcher May 2019
These feelings,
I know them,
I’ve felt them before.
I was reeling,
In feelings,
I felt from a *****.
But now I’ve moved on,
That’s all in the past.
She’s out of my life, she’s gone,
I knew that **** wouldn’t last.

Then why, I ask,
Do I feel this way?
Towards the girl I love,
The girl that loves me.
I sit and I think,
About the feelings and thoughts,
That seem to come about,
When it seems I’ve forgot,
That she really cares,
Like nobody before,
Much more than Heather,
That stupid-*** *****.

Let’s think a second here,
She smokes and drinks beer,
Along with these habits,
Comes unending fear,
That she likes other addiction,
More than our love,
More than our friction,
Cause when push comes to shove,
I’ll let her shove me,
Right down the stairs,
Before I create some part of her,
That will need repairs,
Years and years from now,
If she ever left,
If she ever up and,
Stole my heart out my chest,
And ran and ran,
Blood spewing and spraying,
Like love was a game,
That is just meant for playing.

And she talks to this guy,
A past sugar daddy,
He thinks that he’s sly,
With Britney and Maddie,
And Courtney and Tia,
In all corners of the world,
He’s got girls that will be a,
Nice ***** for him,
And he likes my baby,
And she says she misses him,
So maybe... just maybe,
If she goes to Canada,
And decides to meet him,
They’ll get in a situation,
Where she decides to treat him...

I know this will never happen,
But there will always be the fear,
That one of us will **** up,
So I worry the end is near.
Soon I’ll gain trust,
This won’t last forever,
But, until then,
Trust issues I’ll sever,
I’ll cut them all off,
One by one,
Because feeling this feeling,
Is anything but fun.
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2019
Point B
Point C
is a distance
I'm not sure I will ever reach.
But I've moved
from where I stood and so far,
I think that's
pretty good.
At least I've gone from point A to point B...
Skye Lawrence Mar 2019
The wind May Say it moves me
but I don’t feel moved.
The People say they love me
but I don’t feel loved.
The Doctors says he’ll cure me
but I don’t feel cured.
I’m not sure of the meaning
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