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So, now I have to hate you!
Okay, whatever you did was probably brilliant,
Your god will be proud of your grip, of your heart,
All your knowledge...
Oh love!

Whatever you did you did it to help me,
Twisted some ways of learning the truth,
Friendship can last only for a minute
And a minute means a lot more than I had hoped.

So, now I have to hate you!
Okay! Your game was brilliant!
Your gods must be so proud of you, your heart,
Your strong grip, your sorrowful end... a wile.
© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
han Nov 2020
the very first time i looked up to the sky,
it was dark, and it was scary— still, i tried.
the world was so cruel, and my mind was in chaos
but someone told me, “it’ll be the most brilliant darkness in our eyes”

darkness has never felt this comforting before
so warm, it feels like home. so accepting it feels like a hug.
since then, i never took my eyes off darkness
because i know, it’ll be the most brilliant in our eyes.
someone told me darkness would be the most brilliant in our eyes :]
Safana Jul 2020
In the court chamber,
a love and the
law are
and cases
are filed and
Then, are placed in a
Brilliant suitcase, and
No more law
For  love
near or wide
at kind or at wild

i will find
after near or long time
that you are the gift

you will be the right
choose ,finally i decide
and the only sign

showing at right sight
i can not ever lock
my eye

you are my diamond
i searched downed at lowest
and i may suffer to get

my dearest brilliant
the search for one who carried good heart and kind is worth to suffer more hurt
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Geode, a Resemblance
by Michael R. Burch

Take this geode with its rough exterior—
crude-skinned, brilliant-hearted ...

a diode of amethyst—wild, electric;
its sequined cavity—parted, revealing.

Find in its fire all brittle passion,
each jagged shard relentlessly aching.

Each spire inward—a fission startled;
in its shattered entrails—fractured light,

the heart ice breaking.

Published by Poet Lore, Poetry Magazine and the Net Poetry and Art Competition. Keywords/Tags: Geode, amethyst, quartz, rock, stone, sequin, sequined, jagged, shard, brilliant, fire, passion, light, fission, ice
Left Foot Poet Jun 2018
a thousand brilliant lies
(Hafiz,  Iran 1320-1389);      (L.F.P., USA 20~21st century)

- Hafez -                                 - Left Foot Poet-

“I have a                                  if only, in my meager possess,
thousand brilliant lies,          but one lie when easy asked
For the question:                    the simplest damning of,
How are you?                          are you generally happy?

I have a                                    what is god you ask,
thousand brilliant lies.          no lies required,
For the question:                    many answers upon my face visible,
What is God?                          unsure if any worthy of believing

If you think that the               8 centuries separate us, yet
Truth can be known,              you lie; we poets - you, I, all believe

From words                             in the divinity of words

If you think that the                a thousand brilliant sparkles
Sun and the Ocean,                 when Sun loves the Ocean,
Can pass through that            each one a poem passing,
tiny opening Called                my mouth, my wide eyes,
the mouth,                                uttering a Cohen's hallelujah

O someone should                 So we gleam, mirthing in glorious
start laughing!                         and gleeful delight at ourselves
Someone should start             for your brilliant happy lies easily
wildly Laughing Now!"       
­                            unravel into a thousand laughs
hazem al jaber Sep 2019
Brilliant diamond ...

between all stars ...
you are the main shiny star ..
that gives the bright light ...
to that dark sky ...
to be only star seen ...
to the lover's eyes ...

yes  you are ...
brilliant ...
amazing diamond ...
in a poetic night ...
gave me a muse ...
to write you ...
into my all poems ...

good evening ..

hazem al ..
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