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Elizabeth Kelly Sep 2021
“I think there’s something wrong with you and that’s okay,” she sings with all her heart
and strums the guitar with my pick.
I’m in charge of the chords,
holding the guitar so
she can reach it where she sits.
We dream it up together, but
I phone it in
I admit.

A, D, E - 1, 4, 5 -
arbitrarily chose.
She keeps it alive with her prose
Just 5 years old
A poet with her eyes closed.

You can be anything you want to be, and that’s okay as long as you’re happy.

Like she knows
The greatest longings of the whole of humanity,

Like she’s peered into the depths of the vast ocean of broken hearts,
And know this is the best place to start…

Like it’s easy.

“It’s okay”, she sings with closed eyes,
and strums the guitar in musical bliss.

And it is. For that moment. For a heartbeat.

It is.
Herena Rosas Aug 2021
You and your similarities to flowers;

Just like flowers you bloom

And your existence alone is aesthetically pleasing

You are one-of-a kind, a mesmerizing creature

Inside and out you are breathtakingly beautiful

Your tender and bold personality makes you unparalleled to everyone

My dear, you are divine
Suddenly, I fall asleep without knowing,
I started wooing in little knowledge that,
there is fire on the mountain.
The picture was failed to be captured, because I was capsized into
the palace full of candy,
forgetting that am the king of integrity and dignity
people knew.
They were voices I head at the back of my dream
As much as I slept, scripts of pages were randomly flipped.
They were scripts of consolation and recirculation of what I heard,
But It was  not for the rebellion i fought.
It was a rat in my house I knew for the past many decades,
I thought perhaps I would be one of them but it was a precision.
I was abide. Thus, I was split from goats  as a sheep,
Not knowing the principle, that  circulates
As it goes like, “ blood is thicker than water!”
friendship grew like  a frame of a Bunsen,
the bond was as strong as a stone,
And it was unbreakable.
As voices faded, I never knew that I was in another dream of a dreamer.
Again I was lost like a coin, I was no where to be found
As I was a dream chaser, not only that, but a breaker.
The senses came back to normal as i was out in one’s dream as a dreamer,
A picture which was failed to be captured flashed in my mind.
Again the picture failed to be captured,
because of the voices at the back of the dream.
It was an invade, no sound to be recognized because they were tip toes
Of people I intend rarely to know.
I do not think so, if they are the one I saw in the dream, the funny part is that I was in another  dream as dreamer .
Maybe it was a rat in my house  I intended to know,
Which wiped the beauty of the joy .
"Why Didn't you Say NO At First"

After all the moments we had in glitter of rains
The wishes and promises you told me turned into pain

Why didn't you say  No at first?

You would have said No!
For you knew that it was a fist you made to punch me afore your gain
Now I have failed to refrain
And all you have made
Is a monster with injuries,so I have to sustain
And all I see in other  people is  the zombie that should be chained

Why didn't you say No at first?

The  references the future held were bright
As sun was our blessings when darkness wanted to invade ,
But the darkness that came was you
Yes you!
You wore a fake smile on your face
Your words were as sweet as honey
I had to fall in that trap
For you were having coffee,
lovely words contained in that cup
Were crafting the coffin for me

Why didn't you say No at first?

The person I pictured in you
Later...was not you.
Now you are happy
That you have fulfilled your mission to **** me
Your kisses are that of Judas
The betrayal!
And you have buried me

You would have told me!

Now I have to enjoy in this place you buried me
The truth
is am in a warm coffin you crafted
I enjoy now to be with goasts that live a freely life.

Why didn't you say No at first?
everything passes good
every thing will be good
when you only look
with your shine good
and attractive carrying every atom
in every heart of the solid mount
to be soil and go as fluid

want no which is that?
your heart
good thing will pass good when you look at
So, now I have to hate you!
Okay, whatever you did was probably brilliant,
Your god will be proud of your grip, of your heart,
All your knowledge...
Oh love!

Whatever you did you did it to help me,
Twisted some ways of learning the truth,
Friendship can last only for a minute
And a minute means a lot more than I had hoped.

So, now I have to hate you!
Okay! Your game was brilliant!
Your gods must be so proud of you, your heart,
Your strong grip, your sorrowful end... a wile.
© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
ara Nov 2020
the very first time i looked up to the sky,
it was dark, and it was scary— still, i tried.
the world was so cruel, and my mind was in chaos
but someone told me, “it’ll be the most brilliant darkness in our eyes”

darkness has never felt this comforting before
so warm, it feels like home. so accepting it feels like a hug.
since then, i never took my eyes off darkness
because i know, it’ll be the most brilliant in our eyes.
someone told me darkness would be the most brilliant in our eyes :]
Safana Jul 2020
In the court chamber,
a love and the
law are
and cases
are filed and
Then, are placed in a
Brilliant suitcase, and
No more law
For  love
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