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We are never alone
Alone doesn't exists for us
There are witnesses
Guardians and angels
Watching over us
Never leaves us alone

They're not there for you
But they're watching over you
The sky and the stars too
That's the truth
In all time and space
We're protected
Omar Ibn Elkhatab went to visit the blessing land
Where his successor was there

He was honest of this nation
This was the calling by the prophet

Ibn Elgrah was the little men
Who believed in the prophet

The prophet evaluated him
He was so strongest at his thought
He believed in God

He believed that he the only
Who control the all creatures
Who created everything
Who could hurt or get useful
Who made the sun rose

He believed that the prophet will get victory
And beat other opinion
He believed that infidels be at undermost

The believers who were hurt
Asked Mohamad to pray to his God
To get these atheists

They worshipped another god
They worshipped some statues
The begin of statues were from that person
Amro ibn lohie was the first Arabian who worshipped these statues
Who was so ranked an important person
All Arab heard and obeyed
They looked to him as a persuade

As he was so pious
He saw the humans at elsham land
"the blessing land"
Included Syria, Jordon and palatine

He saw them worshipped these statues
He asked,” Why?
They said,' as we asked them to down the rains
They rained "
He asked to give one of them
They gave "Hobal"
Hobal was the first statue
Was put at Mecca
The honor men were irresolute
They final worshipped

Afterword the statue increased
Mecca was filled with statues
Equal to the year's days
Two of them were famous

They called " Ellat and Elozza"
They were woman and man
They loved each other
Their love was so strong
They went to Kaaba
The holy home of the God
They take a chance when the mosque was empty

They entered Kaaba
They did the sin

The anger had prevailed
They converted into statues
Naked as they were born
For the ancient Arab's foolishness
They put one of them at elasafa
The mount where the umrah and hajj Muslims
Walked to it
And Marwa they walked to it
Doing as hager did

Hager was the wife of Abraham
The grandfather of the prophets
He married her
When she had pregnant
And got a child
, his old wife got jealous
So he was ordered to immigrate
He immigrated to the holy land

She was so empty
The dessert was so the queen
When his family established
He leaved them
Hager called at
" where do you go?"
She was an old Egyptian princess
Of the elmenia governor
When hexoses occupied Egypt
They took her as a slave
She took a snake as a pet
No one could rap
She was so honorable
And the king of Egypt admired
So he gave her as a gift
Her wife loved her

So they became friends
The respected family had good character
They deal her as free as an honest
Sarah the old wife of Abraham
Advised him to marry
To get his dream child and get his happy
He married and got the child

Hager called at
" where do you go?"
She repeated three times
There were no answers
She asked, "Does your god order?"
He answered with yes
She said," so he will not lose us!"
He went

The food and water was finished
She went to the mount
She had to get food
She looked at right
And ran towards the mountain
It called "Elsafa"
She got over it
She looked towards the valley
Where did the holy home of God exist
She must still believe in God
That upper power prevents every worst
That gives goodness, luxury, blessing,
She learned everything from the prophet
He cultivated the faith in her heart
She gazed at her son
She ran towards him
As he cried a lot
She carried him and rocked
He became so calm
But after some silent
He cried again as the hungry bit him
She stood and ran towards the another amount
It is called
She got over it
Looked at the wide valley of the land
To find any one carrying food
Or even carrying water for the drink

She looked again towards the place of the holy home
And looked towards her son
Her heart called her
To get some aid to get him calm
She stood again
As her child cried
She ran towards the mount
Who is called
She did it seven times begins with mount
Ended with mount
She prayed to her God
Every drop of her blood
Every atom, every part
Let the rain of happiness covering the world
Let the seed of love growing so full
And get green and good fruits

Let the day covering every seed
To make the feast appeared
Let the hearts praying one word
Thanks our God

She got up over the mount
After she looked at the wide valley
After she found no help
After the mind of human thought
That he would fell in destroying
She looked towards the blessing point
Even the devils lied eggs of failure
After the crows got off every pigeons
After the injustice was the announcement of the world
The hope must overflow
She found her son got calm
She thought worst thing had come

Her heart flew her up
She moved with a blink at his leg
The great angel downed
He dug that land
The water flew up

She was so happy
Her kinder got calm
The angel must deal him with happy
She faired that the overflow of water
May destroy every point
No hager, your God is the highness
No Hager, no
Your God knows the fare
She said,"Zam, Zam"
It became zam zam
Muslims when do vesting the holy home
When they do Umrah or hajj
They walked between tow mounts
Elsafa and Marwa , as they get known
They also drank from zam zam
Blessing water

to be continued
inside the pains, inside the hopeless, there will be a hole of light. God will get every happy
believe in it
Bhill Dec 2019
The Bridge - Haiku

There exists a bridge
This bridge is for everyone
What is it's reason

Brian Hill - 2019 # 317
Do you know
piper Apr 2019
feels like,
I'm about to run out of time.
I'm literally chasing him, begging him,
to stay with me..

like just about almost everybody in my life,
he gets tired of me,
and wants to leave.

and so,
he does.

but little does he know,
him of all people,
I actually need most.

i miss him. everyday. but he's by my side, always.
Bhill Mar 2019
What is,
What was,
THE greatest thing,
you have ever known?
Living or unknown.

I know this question,
is very hard,
to answer and explain.
What you've seen,
What you've done,
is over and gone,
and yet,
YOU still remain.

What exists is
and really not
why not do it
Do something
take it as far as you
see how you end your

Brian Hill - 2019 - February
Sometimes as I watch shows someone says something that inspires a few words.  This is one of those...
Isaac Oct 2018
Reality exists,
and you can do what you want here.
Written 19 October 2018
Nylee May 2018
We created all the words
all the meanings
to increase the complexity
of every thing that exists
or it does not.
CE Feb 2015
I've never thought of anything as existing without me there to interact with it
How can something exist without the acknowledgement of me?
Because I am the only one who I can be sure exists therefore anything outside of what I know cannot be proven to be real
I can touch
I can feel
I can hear
But I can never be sure

This is why I do not think your honesty is real
I have never seen, nor heard of it
I have only guessed at it
I have not experienced your truthfulness
Therefore such a thing cannot exist
I can't prove it
And I'm pretty sure neither can you

And I know, for sure, that everything I felt was not real

As I did not feel anything that was towards anything real

They are null
They are void

Smile and giggle and frown and tear

Null and void

You do not exist anymore

I start to wonder if you ever did

Your truth-

I know that didn't

Nothing but this page

Nothing but this poetry

That is all that exists now

It just

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