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I could never put into words until now
the warm sensation of menstrual blood trickling down my hand
or the smell of dried blood stuck to public hair
and how every time I walked passed the butchers or deli department at the local grocery store
I could recognize the smell of blood dripping from tissue left on white sheets displaying the cuts of meat
sheets the same color as the toilet paper I use every month
to examine the clumps of the ****** that flow downwards
to be born life-less much like a flank stake behind the glass case
****** stuff
A young man stood in his bedroom.
It just so happened that that day was his birthday.

A young woman stands in that same bedroom.
It just so happens that today is her birthday.

A young man sat by his computer,
Playing a game with his friends.

A young woman sits at a picnic,
Deciding between meat or candy.

To go back and die so everyone can live,
Or sit back and watch as reality crumbles.

To struggle to chew raw, uncooked meat,
Or savour the sweet cherub blood candy.

A young woman sits back and reminisces
About the times when everything was simple.

When a young man stood in his bedroom.
When a young woman stood in her bedroom.

And his name was JOHN EGBERT.
And her name was JUNE EGBERT.
i just wanted to write something about the homestuck epilogues and about june egbert.
cherub blood candy — the candy isn’t made with actual cherub blood, but it is both colours of cherub blood (red and lime green) if i remember correctly.

john is never referred to as june in the epilogues, i just wanted to write something with her because john is canonically trans and idk if it’s an official thing but most people that i know of in the fandom call her june.
Your eyes fall so naturally over the body of every girl that walks by,
And they avoid me like I am diseased meat.
Men are wolves and when tamed, they're dogs.
But dogs still eat meat,
And she is quiet the piece.
This is not a reflection of my emotions towards all men. Just a demonstration of **** culture.
Your appetite is gaping.. huge,
and I lie down to feed just you.
With all this sacred flesh and bone,
what can I long to do alone?

The world around is not enough,
for those who like to play so rough.
To dismember all my sense of self,
would be to trickle back through hell.

All that glitters is not gold.
Endless image fills the mold..
and your stomach, where my heart lies.
Dive back in, and take a bite.
Is love true.. or do we simply consume?
Amy Perry Jun 25
What do I have at my disposal?
A knack for always wanting to write
My intuitive messages down.
But it’s got no substance,
It’s got no meat.
I’m all bread and cheese and
Condiment without any meat.
It’s fitting for a vegan, I suppose,
But not for a poet.
The poet has to lead breadcrumbs
For the reader in order to get to the meat
Of the poem, the substance, the protein.
Where is it?
I’m lacking substance where I have all these
Nice little toppings and sauces and vegetables,
I have a dipping sauce for this sandwich,
But no meat!
I have to go to the store,
I have to keep honing my skill.
I have to develop a hunger for meat.
Maria Mitea May 16
Lean                                                             ­       
Delicate                                                 ­                                                     
“ne plus ultra”                                      
Cooked slow                              
Gastronomically Intelligent        
Gentle ­                                   
“ne plus ultra”                                          
Ethical         ­                                         
Ecological ...    
...voices rumbling through refined-dining,

Excuse Moi, Mr.Gluttony

Since when is Meat Ethical?
If meat became so Ethical,
How Ethical You are?

Sheathing your hypocrisy                
and luck of humanity                                
with pompous words,                      
style and fancy clothes,
while you tingling your gustative papillae
with  “le goût friand”, étiquette,
capris and mannerism.
You                                                            ­    

Don’t **** the rabbit! so                                                    
the rabbit can **** you in no time, “pooka”
Don’t tell                                                  
No one pre-empt you,                            
when asking for healing.
The story behind;

Rabbit meat is popular in refined dining cooking in France and Europe. On the menu, cooking magazines, media, cooking books it is called Ethical Meat.

Gluttony means over-indulging, over-consuming food, drink, or wealth items, particularly as status symbols.

Pooka is a rabbit creature in Celtic Folklore,   considered to bring bad fortune when perpetuating harm to others.
Nigdaw May 8
we are all accomplices
the plate cannot lie
something murdered casually
so we can finely dine
oozing still the blood
that once coursed it's veins
a rare and gruesome pallet
enjoyed with chips and peas

yet we pet the dog
call him companion and friend
invited into the family
like a furry surrogate child
stroke the cat on our evening lap
cooing and talking
like they understand
they have the protection of PET

otherwise we'd be cuddling a snack
Poetic T May 3
hunger wasnt a joke
laughing eagerly fresh meat

cub roars fathers voice
Mark Wanless Apr 28
my freezer is full
of vegetables and meat
I wonder what to eat
Salvador Kent Mar 29
You don't like meat nowadays
Your appetite for it's flown into space.
Understandable, considering
Your circumstance and all.

You've lost the will to touch
It if it's on the plate
Oh! Not for me. You say staring
At the dish for tonight.

You can't stand the thought
Of eating flesh. There's no excuse
Really. Unless you want to justify it
By saying it gives you pleasure.

*******. Raw.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Tastes good.
Real good.

That's most peoples excuse
For eating it. Meat I mean.
They enjoy eating meat anywhere
Really. Bed. Floor. Table.

But your appetite for it is gone.
You've gone vegetarian if you like.
Makes life easier for you in a way,
Now you're not chasing it for hours

Hours on end. You used to shop
For meat online for hours. There's
Various apps if you know they exist
And where to find them. Play store.

You still don't understand why
You got so attached to meat.
Probably because you had some
Good meat once.

You wanted to recreate that experience
Of eating good meat. So you chased
Cheap meat for days and days.
Varying levels of success. Not the same.

It was only decent one summer.
One winter night.
Apart from that it never wetted
Your appetite.

You still chased it regardless.
Funny really.
Maybe it was a coping mechanism
To get over Frenchie.

She loved meat.
In both ways.
Oh. She loved meat.

I don't care really.

You never care about me.

I know... oh... tastes good if you
Do it right... not the last time I'm
Going to hear that tonight...
Oh... oh... oh...
Hehe this ones got a double meaning.
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