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Mark Wanless Mar 31
my freezer is full
of vegetables and meat
i wonder what to eat
Kennedy Jul 2021
my body is a cage.
it is nothing more than a blockade.
a hurdle.
a sack of meat too big for that space,
the one between your chair
and that wall.
The One Between Two ******* Parked Next To Each Other.
why do i have to be my body,
why is it,
that your first impression of me,
is based on what is simply flesh.
i am a sentient being, sure,
but what the ****.
why is it my body that you must see.
why do we as a species look like this?
i would've rather been a slug.
W H Y do I lOOk LiKE THIS.
i. have. *****.
i love *****.
once i lose it i'll be pretty.
At the walking distance from my home,
There's a small shop at the roadside.
A person is working hard there alone,
From 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night.

Wearing a white apron on his body,
Carrying a sharp chopper in his hand.
Enjoying his profession as his hobby,
Whoever is visiting his shop, he's greeting every man.

A big chopping board is placed on the counter,
He is chopping the meats, whether it's frozen or fresh.
If you want then give him a reminder,
He can cut the meat pieces in any shape.

Some peoples are calling him merciless,
Because he's killing the innocent creatures.
But, I think he is faultless,
After all, he is also doing everything for his survival...
hello everyone,
I was watching a documentary in which animal rights activists blame butchers for the declination in population of meat producing animals such as lamb and chickens... they think them as the culprit for their insensitive behavior towards animals... but I don't think that it's only their fault.. bcz they are also doing these cruel things for their livelihoods... if they don't **** those animals then they will die because of starvation and in need of money....
neth jones Nov 2020
snare is sprung
flesh from the forrest fruit
the humming drum
         of its fright
an untamed meat
          struggles like the life
wirey noose tightly
wrist hook and thumb
ridden to bone
energy shrugged
        in fits of the struggle
     and then the meat
        is untenanted
AP Vrdoljak Oct 2020
Don’t throw me in the meat locker
It’s dark and cold in there
Don’t cover me up in plastic
For I will have no air

Don’t cut me into pieces
For I’m not yours to sell
Don’t send me in and shut the door
It’s dark and cold as hell
I could never put into words until now
the warm sensation of menstrual blood trickling down my hand
or the smell of dried blood stuck to public hair
and how every time I walked passed the butchers or deli department at the local grocery store
I could recognize the smell of blood dripping from tissue left on white sheets displaying the cuts of meat
sheets the same color as the toilet paper I use every month
to examine the clumps of the ****** that flow downwards
to be born life-less much like a flank stake behind the glass case
****** stuff
Mariah Button Jul 2020
Your eyes fall so naturally over the body of every girl that walks by,
And they avoid me like I am diseased meat.
Men are wolves and when tamed, they're dogs.
But dogs still eat meat,
And she is quiet the piece.
This is not a reflection of my emotions towards all men. Just a demonstration of **** culture.
Rosen Blanche Jun 2020
Your appetite is gaping.. huge,
and I lie down to feed just you.
With all this sacred flesh and bone,
what can I long to do alone?

The world around is not enough,
for those who like to play so rough.
To dismember all my sense of self,
would be to trickle back through hell.

All that glitters is not gold.
Endless image fills the mold..
and your stomach, where my heart lies.
Dive back in, and take a bite.
Is love true.. or do we simply consume?
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