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someone else?
someone same?
a person, still?
a person, sane?

dry me out
critique is that
which denies
tangential arcs

do you
see me

if a meat
will be a meat
i will be
wet as i can
watch it become itself
watch it destroy itself
Karijinbba May 25
Men come easy but few dear get closer extracting beauty
from my beast.
Men often ask me how come I chose to be unmarried for so long why so cellective
I tell them most men do the same mistake they are attracted to my light smily eyes and cute plump femenine shape and never fail to see me as tishue paper meat to satiate some pure carnal need most disregard my pristine womanly motherly wifely
innate nature my spirit soul

i am not just a mule who anyman can mount harness lead walk and run mounted onto without accountability
nor to fill mans grassy other needing wear without genuine commitment to then just leave my heart behind used broken having lost time effort physical inand mental piece of mind

Many other women in this city this country are just a body to be used "no strings attached!." in other words "no love" nor loving commited relationship intended!

I can't for the life of me sucumb to such shallow tribial macho pass time
diseases can become
a lifetime burden
I am not willing to drag with me stds as companions.
Solitude is my bittersweet virtue my passion is my physical and mental health my family and writing primordial to staying alife family matters most to me.
not competing with other women for a user male in trivial heat
like dogs in hormonal instinctual ****** vices bluntly said;
I am no ***** for no dog in heat. Naturally I was open to reign Queen for one King of hearts only once upon a time knowing charm grace in his kingdom beauty-rest mattress-master bedroom, the utter boredom of married life, respectability the old folks the exquizite blessed joy of precious children to cherish protect and adore but those don't exist in my
late neighborhoods they call single mothers strugling alone like i did"disfunctional family, without a father figure!"
but no father was better to my kids existed certainly not the  seeder sadist psychoath poisoner greek human trafficant  nor second one ******* user impotent who couldn't control his forced emissions wasn't better then my Motherly Kali's instincts my single protective motherhood was best.
I was better father-Mom in my daughters case.

the worst city for love and marriage to last on earth or
to raise children who won't treasure single divorced motherhood sacrifices is here Hollywood California.

Better is Houston Kemah Texas in USA England, Ireland India owning family values good marriages non greedy men children grow up better there because school friends
are rooted healthier at home
respecting family bonds
unity unbreakable is the key.

"A house divided by itself cannot stand, it will utterlly be destroyed says  "The holy book" and its true in my world.
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
{Revised again 06/11/19}
thanks for reading
liking, loving
or just flying by over
my field of dreams
lovely butterflies
Beautiful women single Moms divorcees battered wives Texas offers successful attainment of new husband with old fashion values perhaps England Ireland but its all over for me
love marruage joy has pass me by me like a photom of light streaming tgrough space and briefly missed here on H P.
Chris Slade May 24
They squeal & shriek as they career down the hill.
Not because of adrenalin, seeking a thrill. They don't know of the impending ‘****’.
You see, they’ve never been in the back of a truck before.
Even daylight and the cool breeze is something new they regard with awe.
But prodded, pushed, poked; overwhelming! Terrifying is what it is!

Herded into the light and across the ramp with brothers, sisters, cousins.
No more the cosy family unit, they’re now just some of dozens… hundreds!
The only thing they’ve known till now is darkness warmth and a mother’s love.
And today, at just 4 months and a day…right for butchery - and suddenly are shoved,
beaten… slaughtered, packaged, marketed, eaten!

There’s no realisation that this rude awakening, this beginning, is also…the end.
Their confusion is profound… No inkling… no message to receive or send,
that this first welcome breath of fresh air will also be their last.
But, having witnessed it , I’ve decided that I have a carnivorous past…

Et a partir de maintenant je suis végétarien!
Chris Bee May 12
I want to escape

My skin is a prison that I want to escape;
I know there is nothing underneath the flesh and bones I call mine,
but I can FEEL my essence angrily churning,
begging for release of this existence.

I want to escape

The flesh I occupy feels like a punishment
bestowed upon me for not being worthy of being truly free
by God who knows the tortment I wish
on those who are innocent.

I want to escape

The prison of meat I call mine was designed by a being
who isn't limited by one himself.
My flesh burns,
as my soul rejects it.

I want to escape

Can Father hear how
his creation screams inside the neat little prison
he made for me?

I want to escape

Can Father forgive me
for cutting into the walls of this prison
he made for me?

I want to escape

Can Father let me out
of this nightmare of a prison that
he made for me?

I want to escape
I want to escape
I want to escape.
Jon Thenes Apr 23
There's fierce work
Amoungst the Butchers
Tooling upon a diseased cattle cull
A mutter of meats
and turned pieces
To be discussed
by the Monies in charge
wet and heated
Thick knit
Behind clothed doors.
Jon Thenes Apr 19
‘****** is Meat’;
The Victorious Say
as the Spoilings of War
are tilled over in a Latrine
Gore-Flowers shall overthrow
and the next Eden Project is fed :
a Beacon for The Lovers to uncover
....and disregard
    ungratfully fertile
Yvonne Nice Apr 15
The lion
Her sleek coat, georejus and full
Her powerful paws, silently gliding across the earth
Her entrancing eyes, able to steal hearts and souls
Her blinding teeth, killing in an instant
And yet, all she has to do is lay
Lay in the sun, in your regal beauty
Lay in the sun, surveying your kingdom
Lay in the sun, and below your mighty roar
If i’m lucky, I may be fit to be your afternoon snack
I am not but a servant unworthy of your gaze that blesses my life.
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
Swimming in deep waters away from unchartered routes is prohibited except, Ahimsa is a word of the derived quality that has now become a normative statement on the state of violence. If you travel a path you’re not sure of, you will be stuck in the crossroads of choices that all seem delusional. Let’s see how raw fish can a polite example of simple resolution to preserve the flavor of delicacy. Watch how one can believe in a delicacy of cuisine, as well as education, and a person earning a stature in modern-day culinary pilgrimages. If you cultivate a habit for chopped purple seaweed and a crimson tide of sashimi, then it is a numinous moment.
Therefore, do not be stranger to choice. Try everything. When a moment of ahimsa and a path of delicacy are considered, Sashimi is flavorful, salty and jellied in its deliciousness. Therefore, well-seasoned fish can bring pure umami in life.
Business is flourishing to in Japan with the currency going down and the people in a myriad of bars explore a sundry of choices of whether to drink or eat. Sushi and sashimi have become cultural to Japanese cuisine and are served as with a plate of honesty and solid craftsmanship. Japanese take pride in their food and as a result, their food is in a very intricate fashion linked to their illustrious culture. The dresses are black with strobe lights. She claps and the colorful atmosphere lights and she realizes something. A hurt ego is like a hurt heart. She forgives and continues to eat the delicate fish to her fill.
An essay on ahimsa with shark meat
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