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Hakiim Oct 2020
they’re in a place of lost hopes,
silent drums on weekday vacation,
in rooms full to the brim,
oozing tar,
nightmares on sunny days.

palms mismatched like large and small.
we breathe on different intervals,
you have never seen yourself like me.
i don’t like what i see.
ever been with someone and you both knew you weren’t a match? there’s no toxicity, you just both know and it’s never spoken. not doves in love, but pigeons in partnership
Donna Jun 2020
Two pigeons on fence
Together they flew away
Together they live

Loving Nature **
Me and my hubby❤️saw two love pigeons sitting on a fence then we watched them fly off was so so cute **
SA Szumloz May 2020
The smell of hot dog and gas
Invades my nose like tiny trespassers
Scavenging pigeons peck and flap
Their wings at the sight of feet
Visitors with a pastry and map
At hand take in the chaos
Musicals like Follies and Cats
Perform on dazzling Broadway
There's no rest, no quick-nap
In this quick-paced place
You either sleep or move fast

In the biggest city in the world,
Known as New York, New York.
In honor of my favorite place in the world!
Jay M Mar 2020
My pigeon army
Made of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I make them when I'm empty
I make them when I'm weak
I make them when I'm running on little sleep for a week
I make them when I'm unhappy
I make them when I can't feel
Anything good or real

Blank or lined
I use what paper I can find
Then I fold
Then; behold!
A pigeon of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I fold and fold
My arms are filled as I hold
My little creations
Bringing me a slight smile
But they just sit with me for a while

So, I do what makes me truly happy;
I give them away
To others who could use something to brighten their day
And what better way
Than a gift
Of a small, little pigeon

How many I've made,
I'll never know
All I know is
This pigeon army will grow
And spread a smile
All the while
I still make more
And I never bore.

- Jay M
March 10, 2020
Whenever I'm not doing so great, I fold origami pigeons and give them away to people. Whoever seems like they could use something to brighten their day.
Donna May 2019
Pigeons on rooftops
Standing still staring at sky
A moment treasured
I love pigeons on rooftops so lovely to watch x
ms reluctance Apr 2019
Two eggs in winter –
Two baby pigeons chirping –
Two feathered fledgelings –
One took wing and flew away –
One lay stiff the next morning.
NaPoWriMo Day 7
Poetry form: Tanka
Donna Mar 2019
Pigeons are cooing
Sweet daffodils blossoming
And I sipping tea
:)been in my garden tis a  lovely sunny day **
Donna Dec 2018
Winter raindrops fell
Window wipers swished swished swished
Pigeons sat on roofs
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