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She was my everything until she said I ment nothing to her
Like a passage in a dream remembered
Being that the best are forgotten and relearned like lessons from our past

She had scared my heart and that will last
Shes a stranger to me now just as she wanted it
Like an old book urning to be read but forbidden to be opened
Lonely thoughts of an emptied heart are all that's left
How sad is it to be broken and not repaired
She was my other half the one I was certain I was with for life no distraction no strife then all at once she closed her heart and never explained a thing.
Sally A Bayan Apr 2019

This afternoon gets warmer by the hour,
weird, sweaty, sere water,
not even a shy wind to blow a feather
an unwanted restrain....very much, a tether
senses seem numbed.....unaware,

clouds a flick of a finger,
a bolt of lightning.....then, roars the thunder
sweet energy cracks in a simple quiver

tap ruptures........rain pours
releasing scent of sweet petrichor
withered soil and rain unite
nourishing roses...yellow, pink, white
soul is sparked....instantly inspired

eyes and mind are drunk, yet, they concur
bulging with ideas and images without blur
all are energized by the miraculous rainwater

behind the wet bushes, an open mic unfolds,
frogs' croaks alternate with lizards' call...behold,
up the trees, crickets, katydids sing relentlessly
ahhh, a kind's a bit colder...finally

where sun dips, and beyond...amidst a cold
dark, a slam poetry session is live, where the bold
one's hiss, shriek, or sing in rules,
all do their thing at the same fools.

rain has stopped, folks are out, taking it easy
............mosquitoes are ever ready
this night.....could really be ****** :)


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    October 6, 2018---
...water or electric service interruptions are infuriating, esp. in the summer)
There is a sheep
Playing in the court
That is wide
He jumps happily
He feels funny
He sings loudly
But suddenly
He felt lonely
He goes immediately
To search for friendly
He walks shortly
He walks straightly
He walks  unlikely
Till he finds them
They are great
They are like him
Sheep and goats'
He invites them
They get hesitated
He says obviously
The court is wide
The plants are great
They are green
Who wants happy?
Must live there
Who wants heaven?
Must  go yonder
They look at faces
Why don't they go?
Why don't  they do"
The effort to get more
To make their life happy
They deal with themselves
with honest and funny
feeling at inner
with the sense of satisfy
of the sense of ready
to thank their God truly
They are all going happily
to live happily, you must feel it in yourself
trinity Mar 2018
i finally remembered what it was
to feel happy and content
instead of just "not sad"
the sun comes around more often
sticks around longer
it paints my world in colors more beautiful
than those it gives the sky because suddenly,
when my friends laugh , i can too
and i am loud again
and instead of walking, i skip
suddenly, instead of dreading the day,
i wake up to moments full of potential
and i worry less about every single thing i do
suddenly, being with people
is as invigorating as it used to be
once upon a time ago.
of course, the rain will come again
and the sun will leave with summer
and it is then, especially, that i will hurt again
but suddenly, i have hope.
story time! i've suffered from depression, and more recently, anxiety on and off for a few years. my parents can't afford to get an official diagnosis done, but in looking at my symptoms and consulting others, i think i may have seasonal affective disorder (or s.a.d.). of course, it's technically a self-diagnosis and i hate to be "that person", but this is just how i've been feeling the past few days as spring rolls around so i thought i'd explain about s.a.d. for some clarity.
suddenly the world is beautiful
suddenly the world looks wonderful
suddenly the world sings with delight
suddenly the world has skies so bright

it's all because we've*
found love my dear
and our shared love
shall always endear

in divine devotion
our hearts shall stay
with an accord so
glowing of day

suddenly the world has a closeness
suddenly the world shows such happiness
suddenly the world dances in perfect time
suddenly the world gifts a lasting chime

forever our love
shall be so lush
in each and every
season of lovely blush

darling our love
was meant to be
a combination
of such blissful lee

suddenly the world speaks of harmony
suddenly the world is a symphony
suddenly the world feels so ideal
*suddenly the world has a starry appeal
Jean Sharlot Nov 2017
I right thousands of letters.
But only “u” hurts me a lot.
It tears me apart every time it pops.
But all I can do is just write it down,
To  keep my alphabet complete.
For me to learn how to move on.
nica Jan 2018

I saw you months ago but I was too busy chasing the past
Keep on blaming myself for losing something that I wish would've last
I lost interest to everything, broke down and worst, I thought I wanted to die
But thank goodness I was snapped and brought back to my sanity
Through God, family and closest friends, I slowly healed
Till now I know Im a working progress
So when new year's came, new perspective came as well
And you're one of them
On a cold day of January, I saw you on a different light
Now you're all I think about
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