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Apporva Arya Jun 2019
I told her to leave.
I am miserable .
Wont be able to give you anything.
But she stayed...
Now I am more miserable.
Now I am more afraid..I am afraid she is also a journey not my destination.
She come with beauty

She goes with unhappy

As she takes the hearts

She has no mercy

Her heart knows any kindly

She was very smart

She passed and looked

With the end of her sight

The hearts become imprisoned

She ordered ,they obeyed

She talked ,they listened

She pointed ,they raced

She stood ,they stood

She moved ,they followed

She went , they were gone

Who returns that run?
smart, obeyed,ordered, beauty, mercy,
Mary Frances Aug 2018
I opened my door to someone
who I thought won't leave.
I was torn apart.
Then you came.
You let yourself in
through the window and stayed.
And I feel alive again.
Death Horizon Aug 2018
Now I see

What I should have done, what I should have been
I don´t hate you...
I won´t hate you!

I just saw in you and him

What you and I didn´t had

And I´m sorry if i, me, myself was not capable
Of being as good of a ridding angel as he is
i just feel so small right now
As if my heart is about to explode out my chest

it all hurst so much now
how could i waste so much time
in someone who doesn´t even love me

Now I see,

But you don´t see me anymore don´t you...
it just hurst so ******* much sometimes
Jamilla Jul 2018
When you see her
She looks perfectly fine
Look closely into her eyes
You'll see a hundred reasons
No, a million reasons
That you should have stayed.
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