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Where have all the good girls gone?
The ones who prefer brains to brawn.
Today's girls seem to like tattoos;
They like bad boys who bring bad news.

When I grew up the girls were classy.
They were smart and kind and super sassy.
But now they're shallow and superficial;
They're so covetous and artificial.

Love should be about heart and soul.
About the truth that makes us whole.
Forget Facebook and Instagram;
Just talk to me: I'm an old school man.

Arcassin B Oct 6
By Arcassin Burnham

This pretty bond that we have , this lovely venue we set,
colorful flowers i gave you in this exchange,
i hope this doesn't cope from less hatred i have to pay,
In the morning grateful , next to me is where you lay,
i hope you are not mad that I forgot your birthday,
crossing fingers hoping you would not mind,
pacing as this line collapses in my eyes,
i hope you don't think i'm selfish,
while i dabble in anguish,
Lets me somewhere and have a talk.
Lyla Sep 29
Don’t think now
Don’t delve into your mind
Don’t even try.

But there’s so much to think about

You know what happens
When you get to know yourself
You remember
The problems
They get bigger the more you think of them
Just stop

How can they not
SAT’s, college
Work, homework
Should I keep this class
Don’t even get me started on my friendships
Who’s the real one
Would they even notice if I was gone
Would anyone’s world come crashing-

You’ve gotta stop.

I can’t
And my dad
He doesn’t have a job
I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks
I miss him

Stop, just watch an episode
Forget about yourself
For a little while

Okay...that sounds okay


But I’m sad...

Rainy Days Sep 25
How am I supposed to like you
When you wont even talk to me
I still do though
A whole lot
Even through the distance
I still like you
I just wish you would talk more
stupidity reigns in my brain
and I can’t get out the words
that I’m trying to say
sometimes I rhyme and I don’t
know why but I don’t like it
this way
when I speak it all comes out
in lame jokes and awkward
so I keep myself cornered
and silent to avoid any sort
of confrontations
if only I could talk like how
I write
I might just be able to live life
the way I like
a better car, a fully-stocked bar,
a nicer house, a less-stressed spouse,
god forbid I have ambitious kids or
give me a higher quality of wine
and I’ll be doing just fine
but the voices dampened my insensibility
to make it hard enough to get out the
sentence structure of my impossibilities
I stutter and twist and my mouth
fills up with spit
I choke and croak out the sounds
I make in my own throat
it’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard
allowing something you know is wrong
to be right
because you can’t speak up and you keep
your lips sealed tight
maybe it’s better this way, to live day by day
when silence outweighs the things your trying to say
I’ll just keep to myself with prose and poems
and lyrics and tomes
and let the loquacious bobble their heads
with halfway essays on ******* they did today.
Everything you do seems to be bad
From the way you walk and talk
I could tell you think your all that
I think I hate you
For hurting me a way no one has
But I know I love you
Abdulrhman Sep 13
You're kind
But you talk alot
I'm sorry
Luna Pan Sep 12
I know it was just a one night but i can't forget you.
The way you talk, the way you smile.
I know it was just a late night talk but i can't forget your intimacy.
The look in your deep egremnoi eyes while you are talking.
I know it was just a one night but i can't unlove you.
This Poem
Is Rated
For Do
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This At Work!!!

I read the following
Tweet today while
On my NSFW
And I litterally
Had to stop and
Pull over so I wouldn't


"Do you want
To be
For me

I love
When you
Start to slip

Just knowing that
I can put
Into that
Head space
Makes my heart


You're such a

Do you know


How about I get
You your paci,
Would that

9/2/18 12:10
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