ZzyiP 5h
We could talk for eternity.
If me and her were in the pitts of hell doomed to suffer the eternal flames and pain,
it'd be okay because we would just talk.

Time slips by like a knife through soft butter when we talk

We could talk about how we say talk instead of speak because it sounds more ...Whats the word..

then we'd talk about finding the word and how words sometimes slip by just as time does

I feel her, not physically
but mentally.
She teaches me lots and i teach her not as much.
I like to understand her.
It makes me feel happy when she smiles and i like it when she is excited and when she shouts a little too loud.
I like it because we dont ever think about how long we've been talking for ; it just happens.

Sometimes we just sit in silence and stare.
But its okay because we understand eachother.
We feel eachother.

Thats why i like talking to her.
Ashley Kane Mar 15
Let me hear your thoughts
So loud I can feel your heart
So silent I’m drowned in your soul
So soft it will melt me to tears
(C) Ashley Kane
Sprkinthedrk Mar 15
in and out
in and out
up and down
up and down
in my mouth
their way out
in my mouth
swallow them down
and smile delicately
as if i have not another thing to say
because who can stand
the lengthened sentences
of a romanticist ?
it seems, only me
Tsunami 7d
I talk to the moon every night,
During my evening smoke break.
Bathed in moonlight,
I ache.

Her and I,
Waltzing around the subject of goodbye.
We parley.

The stars,
Inquire of my lonliness
As if my memoirs
were written anonymous

Whisper to the nebulous clouds
resembling smoke from my lit cigarette
nothing to make a sound
Looping over and over on a cassette
i know you hurt me and you think its funny but i still love you and i still miss you
KRM Mar 8
I envied the cadavers haunting my nightmares,
watching those before me
spread upon a metal slab
bodies are hand-me-downs of regurgitated poetry,
with wretched closets in which I take their place.

This ventilator called "loved ones"
forcing breath into anguished lungs-
tragedies belonging to these poets meant something,
a desire to save the words written,
but never the one who becomes a eulogy.

Agony burrows inside of me,
conversations with my mother's ghost
the living are possessed by
the dead's shortened tomorrows.

To die by suicide wouldn't give,
authenticity to hurt.

I am learning the autopsy of a soul:
extracting a heart from the chest,
as it's sense of belonging was never there.
An inability to weigh the words bleeding from valves,
aside lungs I'm unable to breathe through.

How ungrateful is it of sorrow to ask for hope?
placed in a pill divider to swallow,
muscles within my throat so tight.
How many times did I diminish my voice?

Inside the brain,
schematics of labyrinths with no end to betterment.
Surgeons reach for a soul,
an iridescence small enough
held in a gloved palm,
watching it writhe.
Placed upon a slide,
but even a microscope
cannot perceive the pain a soul hides.

Once more,
stitched with needle and thread.

Wilting of my own garden,
comes one day-
an incision is made opening me up.
My heart showed the same
blood-red ink, writing apologies
on the marble floor.

They opened my arm,
displaying a noose of veins.
In this moment,
they removed my soul
only to gift it to another
birthed from torment
ripped out of the arm's of their mother
& into the embrace of woe.
Hopefully, it makes sense.
Two souls carried by the breeze through, lucid, epic, prophetic, hopes and dreams;  Conceived on beds of salty steam whilst drifting on a raft of love to the sleepy land of nod.

With pillow talk and sheets for sails we’ll storm the cotton midnight realms and keep our simple craft afloat with sex and love and silly jokes before catching zZz’s with gods.

Dedicated to Pixie.
Two souls sharing sex, love and silly jokes, pillow talk, dreams and hopes before catching zZz’s with gods. On our little raft of dreams.

To slumber in the arms of Morpheus !
Kylie Mar 5
Tough love,
Is there even a single benefit?
In one ear and out the other,
Why even bother?

Tough love,
I don’t get it.
I tried to be less sensitive this time,
but sensitivity was never a crime.

Instead of hearing that, "it’s all in my head,"
I just wanted that response;
I understand.
How could I forget?
Simply talking about this has me hanging by a thread.

Tough love,
Not always a wakeup call.
It’s one of those,
“I shouldn't have opened my mouth,”
I guess whatever they say goes.

Tough love,
Still shit
Instead of ripping my hair out strand by strand,
I just wanted you to hold my hand.
That wasn't the plan

Isn’t tough love another way of saying, "You're stupid?"
Not blind
Forget about what’s on my mind,
I'm handling this situation all wrong.

Tough love
Only because it's not what I want to hear

Tough love
Is there even a single benefit?
Doesn’t it go in one ear and out the other
Why even bother?
Arcassin B Mar 5
by Arcassin Burrnham

What do you put all your faith in?
When it all ends where do you begin?
Gotta live sometimes,
Don't let no one tells lies,
It's all in you.

Jump the gun with some brand new nikes,
Can't let this world ruin all of my psyche,
Can't let it run over my chakra,
The ripples keep calling,
Let nobody stop ya',

What do you put all your faith in?
When it all ends where do you begin?
Gotta live sometimes,
Don't let no one tells lies,

It's all in you.

Where do you find the light at?
When it all ends what can you take back?
The gem is in your eyes,
Can't handle all these lies,
I hope he comes through.

R Miller Mar 4
I woke up suddenly at 3am
Disoriented and dizzy
Not sure if from a dream
or nightmare
My eyes scanned the
Trying to reassure myself
of the here and now
My breathing shallow
My body trembling and
covered in a cold sweat
Overcome with the urge to
talk to you like I
use to
A thrumming need to have you
close pulsed beneath
my chilled skin
I sighed and
adjusted for comfort
Tucked NotBob back under my
Closed my eyes and calm
breathed myself back
to sleep
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