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Snipes May 4
Is death disordered
Is life intermediate
Can I talk to peace
Tell it what I mean
Instead of it telling me
What it all really means
Will I die being a villain
Or live as the hero
Hanging from a ceiling
Can I talk to you
One last time
So I can know
What it all really means
This could be forever
Don’t let me die
Off of a cliffhanger
Anais Vionet Apr 4
It’s a Saturday afternoon worth waiting for. It’s 52°f and the sky is clear except for a scattering of popcorn clouds. I’m eating lunch with Sophy, Lisa, Anna (my roommates) and Peter (a friend) at one of the two residential dining halls that have the best pizza (yeah, you KNOW who you are).

We’re touching base before we scatter, shrapnel like, for the night. I’ll be hemmed-up by circumstance and in my most diligent work-mode. I have a presentation due Monday.

Sophy says, reading from at her laptop, “Research suggests that cat owners are seen as better looking and have more ***.”

“I have two cats,” I say, “at home.” I preen in my double-catness.

“I’m a cat owner!” Anna announces.

“My cat DIED.” Lisa reveals sadly.

“THAT cat did its JOB,” Sophy pronounced saliently, as if proving the studies validity.

“I grew up in a cat house,” Peter says.

“Ooo! YOU must have learned a LOT!” I say, batting my eyes seductively.

“Maybe we should get a cat HERE!” Sophy suggests.

“To cement our status!” Anna laughs.

The pizza was really good.
BLT word of the day challenge: Salient: "of notable significance."
xavier thomas Mar 16
Hey God, Jesus, Angels, Kingdom of Heaven

This is my last letter I will be writing.
I want to thank you,
for my existence.
to let me write this story in my version.
for opening the door to speak to you.
to help express my thoughts & truth to the world.

Thank you for being in my corner through the years.
Because this is my final letter.

Eternity coming soon~Zay❤️

June 20, 2070
xavier thomas Mar 18
Dear God ,

When people ask you to deliver a gift,
how serious are they willing to accept it?

When people ask you to bless them,
how patient are they willing to wait?

When people ask you for forgiveness,
how fast are they willing to burn it?

When people question your existence,
how come they believe demons are real right out the gate?

When people refuse to accept their wrong,
how much blame are you receiving for your innocence?

July 7, 2077
Sometimes, tides behind teeth get stuck
as if the moon, distracted,
looses its inexorable pull

then all the weight of water
sits stagnant
while each pescatarian thought
from the zipping, inconsequential minnow
to the ponderous whale bulk
sulks, sick and stuck

If you see these green gills,
or the overspill in the eyes of those
you know
maybe sit awhile, harbour side
and cast a line or two
xavier thomas Mar 17
Dear God,

I want to be vulnerable real quick because I know it’s unacceptable in today’s world for a men to be.

One day back in my college days,
A man tried to force himself on me at a party who I considered a friend.
He low key kept serving drinks to me and my home girl so I would eventually black out.
He would grab a small piece of my shirt a certain way that had me thinking & question -“What is he doing?”
His focus and objective was only me. Not her.
Lucky for me I knew when to stop drinking and notice the odd vibe he was giving off.
After we left, he called me the next morning confessing his feelings + what he wanted to do to me.
Knowing I was straight. I told him I only love women, period.

So I’m telling this story today to forgive him.

October 1, 2016
xavier thomas Mar 16
Dear God,

Tonight I can’t sleep. We lost our child through a miscarriage, even though we’re young adults ourselves. Happy to being an unhappy daddy for a nameless child, hurts my soul. I personally was so ready to become a great father. I guess life has other plans for the two of us.

I pray my ******* child is in heaven & forgiven

April 2 , 2016
xavier thomas Mar 13
When people read this book.
I pray for them. For a clear open mind. With a genuine heart. They come with questions. Speak their truth. Take time to get to know you and themselves. No judgment here.
I pray they are able to see themselves for the first time in the mirror. Giving a high-5 of that inner star player right in front of them. Simply because healthcare is rich.
Nothing’s taken personal. Just understanding. Nobody being attacked. But heard. No disrespect. Just respect.
We, your creation, are here to have a conversation with you to learn more about the things you do.
So please grant us to ask questions. Not question your ability.
It is time to sit at the holy table.
~Present Day~
xavier thomas Mar 13
Dear God,

I am the ideal of what a man look like that brings protection, connection, while sometimes respected.
I carry open flaws that are continuously worked on daily.
A good 5-figure man , half way to 6-figures, that has his own everything.
My attitude’s attitude is in check,
the power I hold is self-controlled,
never to go on a rampage.
When one sees my character, it defines what a “man” is or can be.
An example of code ethics which give gifts and sacrifices time as if it’s my duty to live for others rather than myself.

And yet, I am not the man she wants.
Not the 60% rich men who lives in a 6-figure + size house, bank account, traveling anytime as one so do please.  
Not the 60% rich men who she thinks she deserves when she has absolutely nothing to bring to the table but only her temporary looks aging through time because she claims, “she is the table”.
The 60% rich men who is an illusion because in reality, social media & society continues to trick and cloud women minds under a false promise that there’s a huge amount of rich men, when in fact only 1% are. Yet, that 1% could care less.

March 13, 2013
I am the “ideal” man; just not the man she wants.
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