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Color 3d
she probably hates me
why are you looking at me
i shouldn't have done that
why am i so dumb?
i cannot do math
wasn't i supposed to be good at this?
why did i say that
just talk to her *******
no no no

there is always an awkwardness when you talk to a girl,
why that happens? well maybe that's because its something,
you have never learnt,
you just stand there in front of the crush, trying to speak so much but so little comes out,
and there she goes to the cooler ones, so you always blow the chance.
this feeling," always thought she liked me too, lets talk to her, ask who she is into",
this conversation will do you no good,
as for you are the awkward one,
no one would give a **** to!
so yes, you should learn to talk, learn to respect,
have a clear prospect,
dont do anything sudden, not anything random,
as for people are chosen on their hearts,
and if yours is not the good one,
ultimately you will be left with no one.
I'll live with arms wide open...

So you won't have too.

I'll talk without stuttering...

Just to please you.

I'll smile with best intentions...

To save everyone else.

Except for myself.

So, this is how the story begins;

Who saves her?
I'm still standing-
KM Hanslik May 11
Pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
from your 72-inch flatscreen;
if walls could talk, I hear you'd be in a pretty tight spot
but I'd rather not
shoot my shot with your skeleton crew,
because I've got a little angel, she just fell to earth too soon;
her halo choked her in her mother's womb, so she knows
pristine prisons,
probably the prettiest you've ever seen
windows painted lavender and walls bathed in evergreen;
peach-round face & woodsmoke eyes,
I want to comfort her with soft-spilled lies
but she already knows the horrid truth,
so I'll take her to a dim-lit roof
and talk about the moon.
dailythoughts May 11
It’s easy talking the talk
Show me you are more than that
Show me you are not like the rest

I will hang on to your promises
When I see your effort
When I see your compassion  

I will be on your side
Moving with your loyalty
Alongside our royalty

You repeat your mistakes
Disappear I will
Rest you will

Twice you will think
With the deck in your hands
Next move on your sleeves  

If you are the King
I am an empty card
I hold the winning act

Surprise you will be
When I hit you
With all the power invested in me
Passion May 2
I can’t confess! So why do I try? I swear I am going to die. It’s not a lie. Who can I go to? Parents no theirs not connection there so they won’t just be silent and bear all things I have to share. I have no close friends. My brothers don’t care and no one will hear. So I am here bleeding my hurt to you. My precious note pad. Thanks for listening, and never turning away. You soak up my tears and hide my fears. I compose on you and you never would tell another. But how I wish you were a person. For then the situation wouldn’t worsen. And you could recite to me the boldness of  my past. You could tell me my success and hold me though I felt like I was dirt. And indeed I am. Nothing beyond that. Thanks for trying though it’s nice to at least get off me and on to you. You bear so much thanks but I wish for a human touch. My heart is broke but without that I have no crutch. Oh well this is life and I have to wait for it to end so that pain can die.
Passion May 2
Be bold                                                             ­                                                   
Be stubborn                                                         ­                                               
Never fold                                                             ­                                             
You were born to run                                                              ­                        

                                      ­                                                          You pice of ****
                                                            ­                              You ******* failure
                                                                ­                        You’ll never make it
                                                              ­                   You could never endure

Thoughts flow faster then my hands may move how could I capture what does rapture me? Can someone help me I am so torn and this struggle is real but no one lintels can you please listen and take time to read this little things I have to say. At times this is an outlet other times its just a hobby but I want to be accepted but I know I won’t be. But thanks for reading I hope you liked the show. I got to go but I’ll be back later.
mjad May 1
I could really use one of the many conversations we used to have right now

But you aren't here
And you don't want to be around
Lisa Conway Apr 23
Your silence filled the space between us
I felt dejected as I walked away
You'd destroyed my feelings
My heart was hurting
Ripped in two

We were so unhappy
Dragged down by bitterness
Disprited and dejected
Saddened by our failure
Did we still love each other ?

Were our hearts too battered
By our own hand
Could we walk away
Or talk through our woes
And ressurect our love?

©L Conway 2020
StormriderIX Apr 21
do I talk
to anyone?

I need
to talk to.


no one

maybe they

They just take all the
things from the conversation.

I can't
another argument.

Great way of getting anxiety out, poetry.
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