soft words
falling from your mouth like rose petals
surrounding me with a sweet fragrance
you make me believe in love
Stacey 1d
I liked us better
When we didn't speak
When our hate was silent
And I could hate in peace
Now words sprout from your lips
Like mold and decease
Call it my fault for asking
How have you been?
Wyatt 1d
Please come inside
and kindly leave
your shoes at the door by
the mat that says "welcome".
Allow me to show you
the living room.
There's a lot of things here
in this little place I've got
but for now please take a seat
on the sofa I so adore.
It's comfortable, I promise.

I see you've noticed
a few photographs,
I've taken the initiative
to put them up as decorations.
They're beautiful, aren't they?
One of them is a portrait
that depicts a happy family.
Another one here is from
a birthday party for my niece.
She was three then
and now she is almost five.
She reminds me of times
where I definitely felt alive.
There's some artwork here aswell,
they inspire me everyday to think
despite the times where I'd rather not.
This is room is always here for me
because it is all I got,
I think about this place a lot.

Anyways, please come with me.
We can move on to the kitchen
where we can sit and share tea.
This is nice, isn't it?
Thank you for coming by.

Take the chair on the left,
we've got a few hours to waste,
isn't that right?
I hope I cleaned up enough...
I try to keep tidy
just in-case somebody happens
to stop by just like yourself.
Anyways, here's your cup.
How are you feeling?
Where did grow up?
That's nice.
If I'm completely honest,
today I feel a lot better with you here.
I'm from South Carolina,
a tight-knit place of love.
Do you have any kids?
One with another on the way?
I see, that's a true blessing.
You should always keep them
close to your heart when things get hard.
I don't have any kids yet,
honestly I wouldn't know where to start.
What's on your mind?
You're stressed out right now?
You're in a tough patch in school?
College getting you down as you
chase after a degree?
I know it may be difficult,
but know you have a friend in me.
What College do I attend?
Actually, I'm not currently enrolled.
I thought about it, but some things
came up back home that made me rethink.
Maybe I'll go one day, but who knows?
By the way, what are you majoring?
Oh, you're going into law?
That's an admirable aspiration,
with me I don't know what I want yet.
I'm working a job that recently
has drained me of my "youthful" energy.
Don't laugh, I get it. I'm so young.
I understand I'm only twenty,
but it's more of a figure of speech.
This home I built for myself
sustains me well at times,
but sometimes I miss home.
I miss where I grew up
and what I used to know
but sometimes you just have to
find a way to let it all go.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to make the conversation
all about me.
You want another cup?
I've got plenty of tea,
I'll pour it up.
Don't worry about it,
I appreciate this talk.
Not many people come by,
I haven't seen a genuine soul in years.
I just sit most of the time watching TV,
thinking about how I got here.
You've got a nice smile,
I hope you don't mind me saying.
It's very warm, it almost makes me
forget how I'm slowly decaying.
Forgive me, a bit of a dark joke.

No need to thank me,
I like to make people smile.
I like when people come by
so I feel something a little more.
Nobody should be alone all the time,
wouldn't you agree with what I'm saying?
Oh by the way,
we talked on the phone some time back.
I just wanted to apologize
for being a little bit short
and possibly pretty awkward.
I love getting that random call,
but sometimes it catches me off guard.
I'm a little shy, I admit.
Haha, I'm glad you understand.
Ever since I created this home,
it's felt like a dream.
Like this isn't so real
and things aren't what they seem.
I have to leave a lot of times
and dust seems to pile up.
The real world can scare me a lot
and sometimes I wanna give up.
Sometimes this house I'm in
doesn't even feel real.

I appreciate the kind words,
thank you for the compliment.
I'll try to stay strong like you say.
Oh, you have to go now?
You forgot that you have a class at three?
Forgive me for taking your time,
you may go ahead and leave.
I know you're really busy
and I'm borderline anti-social,
but feel free to come by any time
you want to talk or need something.
I'll be here any time.
And you're welcome for the tea,
just be sure to close the door behind you.
Goodbye, I'll miss you.
I went at this piece differently. I took a different perspective. I packed so many different pieces of my life and my experience into this poem, including one big revelation. This is my "home" described out in words. "You" is the reader. Thank you for reading.
I held onto you
for as long as I could
It doesn’t last long
When you live in the hood

Came from the sticks
I came from the woods
Rolling stoned
Down the backroads
Of these backwoods
Rolling up backwoods
Bumping Rolling Stones
I never was that good

Of keeping within reach
Of the ones closest to me
Sometimes feel
Like I wish I didn’t have to
Feel at all

Had a ball
It didn’t last too long
Xanax and Adderall
Falling down the hall

But you were always there
To pick me up
jai 3d
it’s falling, it’s falling.. everything is falling all of a sudden.

but why is it falling?

because i am alone. because i am not being currently distracted from anything.

ahh, there you go again misplacing your emptiness for loneliness. why do you do that?


because you can’t stand to be around yourself for longer than five seconds in a clear head.

i mean-

i did not miss your rude interruptions.. so you fill me up with anything you can find in the moment; smoke, drugs, men, food that i’m not hungry for, or perhaps i’m in dire need of and you neglect me.
now, it seeeems like you’re trying to get rid of me.

no offense but you cause all of the pain i feel. like is it really my fault when you decide to start aching deeeep inside that i eliminate it through punishment? you hurt people and you get hurt back, besides you wear the shades of blue and purple rather well.

hold up, you think i am the one causing that ache? i’ve lain dormant for years, constantly kicked in the face each time i try to get up. you suffocate me, you deprive me, you do not honor me as you should. you lay me down time and time again to feed your sick habits. it would be like YOU to throw your nastiness on someone else, though. reminds me of someone in particular we know-

don’t. you. dare.

go look at me and tell me i’m wrong?
you can’t.
i was in a depressive state, sitting alone in a dark room, having this very talk inside my head.
AB 3d
You smiled today.
I caught the curve of your lip drag up your face,
Creases on your right cheek,
Your body sat at an angle
- but I saw you.

You spoke today.
Confident and all at once
The small stammers and heavy sighs,
- but I heard you.

You thought today
You would only exist in the world that we prance about in.
You live not only in the world,
But in my head,

in this poem.
Emilie Jun 13
The first part of any small talk is...
"how are you?"
They say "good, how are you?"
I say "I am good too"
Then I must compliment their hair
Ask them about their week
Show them that I care
By smiling cheek to cheek
But deep inside I'm feeling rather weak
Small talk has never come naturally
Anyone relate?
Josh Jun 11
Today I walk home alone.
This is unusual.
I look at those who pass the other way.
I hear snippets of what they say.

Three girls -
"'Cos am a student, yeah, it's like, at the front of my mind, it's always, like, money"
- on a night out.

Front of your mind? It's BACK.

I wonder what's in mine.
I've been talking to God a lot.
He gives me answers.
       forgotten a lot
of the French I learned at school.
I'd try harder if I had those classes again
Would you?

Your French might be perfect.

I have nothing to say.
No words to write;
My brain is blank.
No rhythm to recite.
Why can’t I talk right now?
I’ve got so much to say.
And yet, I can’t say enough.
The old words have no meaning.
The new words have no value.
Words can’t say much;
Actions talk so much more.
And words today have no final say,
Actions stage the show.
But I know you’re too close.
You’re too close.
What can I say to make my heart stay?
I really don’t want to know.
Words can't say much...
I'm pissed off,
in absolute tears
and wishing that I could take it back.
I want to just curl up
and blast music into my eardrums,
but I don't have my earphones
because they're in the same room as you.
And I cant just go in there,
pick them up and leave,
and I can't just listen to music without them;
it seems almost disrespectful
to do anything but
sit in my pitch-black room.
In silence.
That is what people will expect of me,
and I can't break the silence.
Even the sound of the buttons on my keyboard
are too loud that I'm scared someone will hear
and hate me even more than they do now.

I'm such an idiot

Why do I always do this?
people are just trying to be nice,
friendly, supportive.
They're my parents for fuck's sake!
why cant I manage to get out a sentence
that doesn't make my mother leave the kitchen table
so that she doesn't have to cry in front of her daughters?
That doesn't stop me from knowing though.
And all the while I spit venom from my mouth,
I think to myself;
you asshole, you asshole, you fucking asshole,
look what you did.
Why can't I just accept that I'm bad for everyone I love
and just cut to the chase
and kill myself
before anyone else gets hurt?
Another stupid argument. this could be about literally any day though, because this exact scenario happens at least five times a week.
- 10/06/18
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