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Smiling in style
Standing fashionably attired
He was a smart boy
His dress carried
A heavy price tag
Envied by passersby
Another boy stood
With heavy box
On his head
Body smeared
With sweat and dirt
**** cloth around
His girth
Watching the smart guy
He wondered
Why he was living
In flesh and blood
Back breaking
Toil in his luck
What sins he had done
He couldn't stand
Beautifully attired
Side by side
Non-living 'Mannequin'
The smart boy
In air conditioned environ
clmathew Feb 2
Weft and warp
started January 22nd, 2021

The cloth is woven
weft and warp
twigs and twine
bits and pieces
gaps and flaws
make the fabric
of my life.

I try to worry out
the threads that I know
aren't right
the flaws that threaten collapse
yet have become
integral parts
of the weft and warp
that is me.

I smooth this cloth
with my worn hands
then fold it up
and put it away
to work on
another day.
We are all looking for answers, to some question or problem. If I knew, I would tell you. Since I don't know, I will stay here with you as we work on us.
John McCafferty Jun 2020
A coop
Unannounced and spilt again
It's warmth a discontent
Clasping of the chest
Face now grimaced to
groan alone
Sensation dead
Hushed in quiet breath
Salty broth on cloth
musked in scent
This soup is not my friend
Isolation in the end
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Dark n Beautiful May 2020
"I have a name and it’s Jaylen Foster
I am two weeks old.
But the size of my big feet
Will foretell my future:
big things to come

I am the third generation of Fosters
What the world need now is love sweet love
It is the new normal, the beginning of a bad ending
Social distancing, mask trending, and facetime,

My new world..  Six feet apart, no options
Only restriction: for them or for me??
The truth for our futuristic endeavors is to
Wear a mask, or stay at home..

I saw the smile, on her face, her laughter is contagious  
The joy of being a grandmother, pretty Joy for Paula
Proud moments for my father and mother..
a new beginning for a grandfather: David

Love and happiness for a two weeks old me
And distance kisses for cousin: Annie
Annie said the meaning of my name is Joy

My grandmother's voice says nothing can surprise her.
My grandmothers’ voice, says wisdom,
My grandmother’s laughter is genuine,
When it comes to me.. Jaylen Foster
Keep the pictures coming?
Meant keeping Joy alive
Poetic T Feb 2020
Expelled before I could haunt
your time,
             I wanted to be within you.

Wanting to wonder your halls,
         but I wasn't given time


show you that not every floor board
    was creepy, I just wanted to show

that you weren't alone,
                            what did I have to lose
I was no body..

But you exorcized your right,
           had that cloth man come

in your house...

But I showed him
                     that there is more
than one way to

                           defrock a cloth...

I locked him in his mind,
for a man of god there were some
                       dark things in there to
keep him in purgatory
                                 for more than this life time.

I touched your face,
                        it wasn't cold but warmth,

            never to harm but to keep safely
from those who'd do you harm.

A ring spins on the floor, words circular
at speed spelling out in blurred exhaustion.

                                                       I love you....
Jenish Dec 2019
Wrapped in cloths I watched
Shedding everything she stood -
Foolish winter tree.
A B Faniki Jul 2019
There once was a girl who was sad
she wear what is black so to hide
when summer is here the dress,
it calls heat that drenches
these cloth in summer will have her mad.
Limerick about summet cloth. 7/20/2019
Kale Apr 2019
When we first basked
In the moonlight’s ever
Opposing gaze
Stating our soliloquies
Of admiration
Of love
You gave me a jacket
To warm the coldness of
My heart
Now you’re gone
And now I am left
With nothing more than
This cloth
To represent the love you had for me
Poetic T Mar 2019
Sniffing her **** cloth,
                    so fresh..

Hanging in the wind..
The moon shows him,
               there like flags on
                        a hill top to capture...

She wakes up in the morning
             to find that her Frenches

have gone a miss...

Hearing the sneezes,
             from her next door
but one neighbour..

"You perv..
                "Watch out what you sniff,

Her ****** never went missing after that day,

                           but her eyes did water a few
                                                              da­ys later...

Forgetting that the itching sneezing  powder
                                      wasn't in only one..
           and she giggled as she gently scratched.
the  boy was fatherless
the day was the feast
the boy stood beside the wall

he had more sadness
the poor is the worst
he had not money at all

the torn was his appearance
he could not say a word
or buy any valuable

the prophet saw him in clearance
he approached and asked
" why don't you stand beside the wall?"

"Why don't appear the happiness?"
he said, "oh! sir prophet Muhammad
my father was killed at a case

i have no money to buy a  game at all
or buy a new cloth"
the prophet wipe his head

he said," are you accept me to be your father
and my wife be your mother"
the boy smile and his tears were ascended

the prophet took him to the home at speed
he ordered his wife to wash him
and brought him a new cloth and a game

the boy became happy
he thanked the prophet and became gratefully
the prophet was sent to get the happy to all people and the world
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