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One day they  called each other
One day they dreamt to fly there
And wipe every fault they gain

The faults are burden over hearts
As the heavy loads over birds wings
Can they fly over clouds?

One was consisted of two parts
Soul and body , that is two things
Soul is created from light parts
It demands good things
Its home is the heavens
Under the throne of the God

The body was created of the mud
It demands and gets down to the land
It asks to get every desire or want
Even it leads to do the faults
It  leads to bad and to the underworld

The day now is coming
The souls are answering the calling
At the ancient to pilgrimages the holy home
They circled around the Kaaba with happy
As the planets  are doing around the sun
They also pray one God

They feel with great funny
The body are running in compete
Who will introduce its faith and confident?

The tears are overflowing to wipe faults
The hearts are moving số rapid with acts
The tongues are singing the deathless songs,”
We respond you our God times and times”

They are walking between two hills
Asking for mercy getting from up
Searching for forgiveness that is the demand

They moved to mount
Asking their God for accept their trip
Not return them with being refused
They demands peace and the heavens reward

Then they introduce the guidance
Showing they will sacrifice for getting the world
Happy and has purple and green action

They throw the devil at the feasts days
Every day to confident the holy deals
That the dismiss the devil and will not follow him
The men and women shaved and cut their hair

In order, to show they will begin
A new born and clear their brain
From bad thoughts these máy gain
Bad faults, they travelled to wipe and drain
It from their body as the fallen rain  

They return homes in white and clear
As they were born in white and green
the muslims go there to show their faith and honest and wipe thier faults and asking forgiveness
Hailey Apr 21
Feigned innocence
Chaotic purity
Ruby trickling down her sacred lips
And he shivered
Swollen and raw
Dark marks on impure skin
Golden blood running from ancient veins
Then screaming
And fading
Until secrets are unwoven
Like cloth unraveled on crooked forms
Throats pumping
Ruby trickling
Ichor strings
Sharp teeth
Sharper hearts
Glass shards
Wholly heaving
Pupils staring
She bit
He cowered
The king
And his queen
She was the one who ruled
This was inspired by persephone and Hades in Greek mythology
Hannah Apr 12
I am still alive
and that is all I know
about life and the
pursuit of living.
There is no meaning;
We are all floating
into space.
I am in one of these
lavender fields
scratching my itches.
I would love to be
tranquilized, for eternity
if not then I do not want
The hardest element I have
conquered in life is that
I have always been
fighting the living scrabble
out of myself each minute
to figure out the
And the dust I was made of- stardust.
The imperialistic house
should be burned
but I would rather
stay here
coated in substances.
More harm, less feel.
Hell is watching the people
you love; suffer.
Arisa Mar 2
Rich soil fills my mouth
And covers my eyelids in soot
As I hear the clank of a shovel against hard stone,
and feel the weight of dirt on my once pink-lips
Now faded to a dusty brown
As I'm buried
5 ft deep

Muffled footsteps leave my mortal presence,
The shovel left behind, next to my stump of a body.
No breaths to be taken,
No blinks to be had,
I think to myself, in this silent solace, surrounded by black:
Suffocation is slumber.
Not something to be admired,
But rather recognized.
I am one with the Earth
And the Earth is one with me.

If the police do find my body,
Or a stray dog digs up my death,
All I can say is that the burial was quick,
And that my
Deep breaths
Turned Shallow
I've once read a story about a child that was buried alive,and was miraculously saved by an old gravedigger who heard him scratch the roof of his coffin. This is based on that.
Paige Error Dec 2018
Lights flicker lamentfully leaning left. The metallic groan of the ship echoes through its chasms. It travels swiftly growing soft as it ventures further into the depths. The crash of waves ceaselessly chanting like an old drinking song. Cargo shifts suddenly straining against its restraint. The dank and damp deck is desolately decorated. In the dim light shadows torture the imagination with visions of fantastic nightmares and beautiful beasts. A violent stop sends you reeling backwards. You’re stomach fills with lead as you reluctantly climb to your feet. The door cracks open to reveal hollow eyes. As the door widens you are greeted by a devilish grin belonging to a devilishly handsome fellow. He exstends his hand but not in offering. No, this was a sinister demand. With shaking hands you sacrifice two golden coins to his strong hand. He grins and holds the door open for you with grandeur. Your breath catches in your thoat. Fear strangles you silently spreading though your body. Paralysis plagues you presently playing with your mind. But this is no time for fear. This is time for peace. So with closed eyes and baited breath you pass through the door and into eternity.
I really love Greek mythology so I thought I’d write about it
Every time I hit rock bottom
There is no way but up from here
Until I realized there's an underneath
That held even more despair
Closer to hell, closer to the depths
Of the underworld that lies beneath
I have yet to explore this world
In the deepest trenches of me
How far will I fall
I am actually digging deeper
So hard that I have to crawl
I am my own keeper
Thomas Bodoh Oct 2018
To live forever; to cheat Death's Plan;
To slaughter men; to be a Man;
Achaean glory saves their souls,
Written forever in Homer's scrolls.

The lists of names, the blood and gore,
All for one purpose: to die no more.
We sing the songs; we read their pain;
We are the minds that house the Slain.

We are the Underworld.
ThoughT Jul 2018
I'm all too used to the touch of your absence.  Your mother's wrath in that time can be a death sentence so tragic.  But when you come back, Demeter returns to her senses expressing light magic.   Life springs through the darkness, and flowers race to see who can reach the farthest.  Lovers emerge to nurture their gardens, and soak in sun to thaw out the hearts that hardened.  Birds sing songs highlighting your arrival.  Trees breathe easy seeing what their last set of leaves died for..
Yet when you retreat, mother again takes away her warmth.  The high-flyers no longer soar, and some paths feel too bitter to explore.  Bone-chill zones, a frozen reality stream.  I can't blame anyone for what's a part of me, as we fall into winter's annual dream.
Queen of the Underworld, I appreciate your harmony.  Thank you for teaching me to see the depths of my own duality.  Still, I can't help but wonder how existence would be had you not eaten those pomegranate seeds.  In the darkness of winter I want to curse Hades for his greedy need to leach on life through trickery.  Though to curse him I'd be cursing myself and ive had it with the blasphemy.  Besides I too know what it's like to rely on the dead as your only company.  I ride ebbs and flows of loss and hope, but I know your presence promotes healing.  So again I'll remain as the seasons change, taking layers and peeling.  I've found in light and dark we can succeed in setting our bound spirits free.  Communicator of both worlds, I want to Thank and honor you, Persephone~
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