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4.8k · Sep 2019
death sat beside me
lua Sep 2019
there was a moment in time
when death sat beside me on a park bench
and he had rested his hand on the gap between us



rested my hand there
and brushed my fingers against his

and for a chaste moment
i savoured the warmth of his skin
and intertwined my hand with his

but he stood up

and left

and maybe he knew,

it was for the better.
it was the right option
1.2k · Sep 2019
let's watch
lua Sep 2019
hold my hand
hold it tight
don't let go
and let's watch
as the sun swallows the earth.
don't leave my side
937 · Nov 2019
like the dawn
lua Nov 2019
kiss me like the dawn
when the light of your sun touches the earth for the first time
when every single thing lights up and bursts into flames
burning bright tongues of fire and warmth into my heart
it showers the hills with orange, yellow light
waking everything up
as if breathing life into them once more
i'll love you even if my moon has a dark side you'll never reach
i'll love you even if when i am awake, you are off to sleep
i'll love you even if the only times our fingers touch
is when the world silences
as it watches the eclipse

kiss me like the dawn.
we'll never know when the last dawn will be
741 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
All the acrid smoke
And dust of the world
Fills my lungs
Burning like a fire
I can taste the sulfur on my tongue
And feel the charcoal sticking to my fingertips
I look around
And all I see is a wasteland.
547 · Sep 2019
she's so pretty
lua Sep 2019
she's so pretty
the way her smile lightens up the room
to how her hair sways when she walks
to the little things she does that make my heartbeat sky rocket
she fills my stomach with butterflies
i'd be lying if she didn't make me cry a little inside
but she's so pretty it hurts
everything about her makes my chest ache
from the way she laughs, the sweetness of its sound
to the way her gentle voice says my name
the little things she does make my poor heart throb
even thinking about her makes me want to sob
she's so pretty.
529 · Nov 2019
she's made of words
lua Nov 2019
she's made of words
of unspoken poetry
a series of novels in the making
and skin littered in love letters

each time she whispers in my ear
i hear lyrics and verses of unsung songs
a melody so sweet
sweeter than wine
and candy combined

each letter she strings together
looks like constellations across the evening
and every syllable she utters blows up in sparks
like lightning in the night sky

yes, she may be hard to read
but she's fun to analyse
how one can be so complex
so beautiful
at the same time

there is no one like her
someone who can speak her own mind
she's unique, fantastical
one of a kind.
521 · Oct 2019
lua Oct 2019
there is no beauty in her words
only a hatred so strong
it turns every breath of hers to ash.
439 · Nov 2019
golden hour
lua Nov 2019
the road home wound and swirled like a coil
the music on the radio tuned out like white-noise
and the sun had set to a point where everything lit up in red
a crimson so deep
it stained the trees, the grass
the tall towering buildings, the calm suburban neighbourhoods
the cracked pavements, the dark alleyways
the glass shop windows, the exposed brick of an abandoned structure
the glossy sides of the cars that drove infront of us, the concrete we drove on
the faux leather seats, the metal of the adjustable headrest
the tips of my hair, the tips of my fingernails
my skin, and all of the things that sat with me in silence

i close my eyes

and i feel.
other title: crimson hour
422 · Feb 22
i fear no one today
lua Feb 22
i fear no one today
i am my own escape
in this world of pain
i fear no one today

i'll scream and i will run
the fun has just begun
i'll fall, and my knees scrape
for i fear no one today

i'll live life like a dream
one no one's ever seen
i'll cry til my lungs ache
i'll fear no one today

i'll love with all my heart
for love is but an art
i'll give this heart away
'cause i fear no one today

i've cut off all your strings
what does tomorrow bring?
i am my own escape
i fear no one today.
a song by me
349 · Sep 2019
what does love feel like?
lua Sep 2019
what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like butterflies in my stomach
fluttering about inside
i heard it feels like fireworks
an explosion of colours i'd never even think of seeing

what does love feel like?
they say it feels like fire
warm and slow
and sometimes it grows so big it can burn whole buildings
they say it feels like floating on a cloud
it's soft and smooth
and so high up, that they can only see the flickering lights of cities down below

what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like skin against skin
and lips against soft lips
i heard it feels like a magnet,
pulling you closer and closer to someone
until you're completely inseperable

what does love feel like?

i've never been in love before.
323 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
My heart pounded against my chest so hard
It felt as if something was punching me
We ran,
Hand in hand
And never took a second to look back
For there was nothing left to look back on
But the charred silhouettes of memories
Soon to be forgotten.
we left it all behind when the fires started
277 · Oct 2019
lua Oct 2019
you slipped and slipped from my fingers
until i could no longer feel yours
and the earth devoured you,
swallowed you,
ate you whole

you left me alone as the ground rippled and cracked beneath me
you left me alone as the waters grabbed my ankles and pulled me down
you left me alone as death came like raging ocean waves
like an explosion so spontaneous
i never had the time to open my mouth
to scream your name

you left me alone.
260 · Dec 2019
lua Dec 2019
I could feel the longing in her eyes
As we spoke
Each word she whispered stung and ached
Like the bite of a venomous snake
But every move she made had screamed
With unspoken apologies
Apologies for what,
I did not know.
She did not do anything wrong
245 · Sep 2019
sun and moon
lua Sep 2019
the moon writes its poetry for the sun
the sun writes its songs for the moon
they write for each other
because they know that when they meet
it will last only as long as a chaste kiss.
224 · Nov 2019
death comes with a message
lua Nov 2019
they came to me at night with messages to bring

i won't ever forget the silence they carried to me

in arms that cradled words i could not understand

each syllable they uttered through chapped lips vibrated in my head

they reach out to me with molding skin

i see it fall to the ground in rotting clumps

they wrap me in their decaying embrace one last time

and when i awake

i find myself crying.
a final goodbye
222 · Jan 15
k it ch en f lo o r
lua Jan 15
the sink's faucet drips into its empty metal basin
as the fires from the stoves all burn out
the lights are off
but the glow of the moon
high in the sky
leaks through parted black-out curtains
and it dances along the edges of the marble countertops
there is no sound
only the muffled hum of cars outside
as they drive past
and i lay unmoving
on my kitchen floor.
208 · Mar 7
lua Mar 7
You remember the fire in black and white
Like an old movie
How the pictures on the wall burned
How they crumbled to the flaming ground
As if descending into the inferno
The fabrics singed,
The kitchen had fallen apart
The stairs to the second floor had collapsed
But the glass-eyed look she gave you
Was the only thing in colour.
203 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
There are certain things that are easy to understand but are hard to accept
And there will always be the guilt that comes with it
And maybe the ignorant should stay ignorant
Because then they wouldn't know what hurts.
184 · Nov 2019
lua Nov 2019
From his back, grew feathers
Those so dark but when the light hits them, a thousand colours shine through
The skin around his hind legs bulged and swolen
And with each right step, he grew flowers
And with each left step, it leaked fire

His face morphed from person to person
Yet his eyes, they stayed the same
They followed me, every move I made
Meadows behind his shadow wasted away to ash

I rest my palm on his cheek
He rests a feathered wing on the back of my hand
"Who are you?"
I ask him

He tells me:

"I am everyone and anyone

I am someone you see everyday

I am the face you see in the crowd

I am the thunderstorms in the night

I am the gentle breeze that hits your face

I am the sound of children's laughter in your ears

I am the wind below your feet

I am the first tear that drips down your cheeks

I am the sweat down your temples

I am the tremble in your hands, the shiver down your spine

I am the place the light can not reach, yet I am the light

I drink yet I do not thirst

I eat yet I am not hungry

I breathe in air that does not exist

I want what I do not need

I take what I do not want

Yet I am not a god

I am not a man

Nor anything in this world

I am no one

I am nobody

I am nothing."
182 · Nov 2019
let it burn
lua Nov 2019
there was a fire in his soul, i could see it through his eyes
how it burned and raged from deep within
a flaming pyre for what he lost
what he gave up
what he chose to discard
he let it burn
he let him burn.
180 · Mar 9
whale heart
lua Mar 9
the heart of a whale
each beat i hear through the sea
but empty, it is
no more love to give
only sadness and woe
only regret to show
to you
and to me.
179 · Feb 1
lua Feb 1
Morning comes, the world is set on fire
Our state is quite dire
But that doesn't stop me
From picking up a flower
A flower that bloomed in the spring
Alone, at a wasteland
The flower of the wasteland

Evening comes, the flames have died down
There are ashes on the ground
Not a single sound
But the light is still here
Hope never disappeared
Even here
In this wasteland
In this wasteland
a song by me
167 · Sep 2019
A single sunflower
lua Sep 2019
A single sunflower
Its brothers and sisters have withered away
But it continues to rise and grow
And when the time comes, it shall bloom and turn its head to the sky
To follow the sun.
164 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
Lips red and sweet as wine
And eyes that will never leave my mind
Her voice is calm and puts me in a trance
But loving her is a crime
And I'll accept the consequence as it is
For a chance to have a dance
And I'll seal my fate with every kiss
And hands intertwined.
160 · Feb 2
The City
lua Feb 2
The glow of orange streetlights
The neons, the stale greys, the ***** whites
The many shades of skin I see
Oh how I love the city

A dreamer's den
And sights to see
The souvenir pens
And skyscrapers so high you can't see the peak

The mix of language
The workers' plight
The late night hours
And the fear of heights

All these one night stands
All these broken hearts
All these underground bands
All the vandalised street art

This concrete jungle
This cement sea
To where my heart belongs
Despite the battles, we don't fight alone
I love the city
I love my home.
156 · Oct 2019
the sun
lua Oct 2019
the sun awoke from its slumber
and rose
i watched it shower the land in mellow hues
and the rays of the sun tinged your skin an orange so deep
you could have been the sun incarnated
casting your light on the flesh of my bones
warming the frigid touch of my fingers

(and maybe i,

your moon)

when you kissed me
it felt as if i'd burn under your touch
as if i'd melt away with a meeting of our lips
and you tasted like fireworks
of all that sparked,
and burned brighter than anything in this world
a kind of sweetness;
a flavour i can't quite pinpoint
i can't seem to get enough of you

(an eclipse)

you're ethereal. divine
ever stunning, ever radiant
glittering brilliantly in the still dark sky
glowing like a god, a celestial being
and only the light of the sun can touch you.
i am the moon, you are the sun.
151 · Nov 2019
lua Nov 2019
the sun rose high in the sky and burned the land beneath it
and i watched a thousand ants
crawling on a butterfly's dying figure
claiming its wings
as it frantically *****, erratic
but ultimately
143 · Nov 2019
even in the setting sun
lua Nov 2019
your light crept into the nooks and crannies of neighbourhoods
lighting up the darkest of alleyways
when i step foot into your house
the space shines with colours i never knew i could see
i'll breathe in your radiance
even when your light fades into a familiar glow
i'll bask in you
even when the skies fade into the evening's blue
and all i ask is to feel your embrace
to feel your golden arms around me
even in the setting sun.
137 · Oct 2019
a wild pack of wolves
lua Oct 2019
i feel their eyes on me as i walk along the street
their mouths hung agape, panting like dogs
like a wild pack of wolves
ready to pounce
ready to strike
ready to ****
i lower my head in fear
my heartbeat quickens as it sinks to my stomach
i walk and i walk and i walk
i run and i run and i run
and when i turn my head over my shoulder
i don't see them behind me
but i watch them from afar
each howl and snarl that slither through the cracks and gaps between jagged teeth
their blood stained paws move to the side
and i see it
i see it
i see it!
it was another wolf!
but it had collapsed
and when i turned my head to the side
all i saw was teeth marks
and red
it was a traitor
135 · Jan 15
the knight
lua Jan 15
the white knight did not make eye contact
when he left
simply, he picked up his sword
and walked out to a starless evening sky

he left the fireplace lit
clinging to the remnants of blackened, ashy fire wood
as his heavy metal boots clanged
every step of the way

i watched him climb atop his neighing stead
and heard the clip-clops of hooves fade in the night

i told him to stay
he didn't

soon after
he returned
but only what was left of him.
126 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
Love feels like fire
Like fire in my skin
It's tingling,
And aching all over
But it's warm

Love feels like lightning
Like booming thunder
Rattling and nervous
But after the storm,
Comes the rainbow

Love feels like water
Like water levels rising
And it's frightening going down
But the currents are calming
And the deeper you go, the more to discover

Love tastes sweet,
And bitter, and salty, and sour
It's a flavour no one has ever truly tasted
But everyone will say it tastes like everything
Everything and anything and nothing at all

Love sounds loud
But quiet too
Like hushed whispers,
Sweet nothings,
And screaming into megaphones

Love is the colour red,
And blue, and green, and yellow
Love comes in a spectrum of colour
Filling each space like colour-by-numbers
It's everything we see

Love is everything.
124 · Mar 12
I reach out to you
lua Mar 12
Roses and daffodils
Peach blossoms too
Sunflowers, bright and tall
I reach out to you

Valleys and flower fields
Ranges and runes
Magic spells, hieroglyphs
A world just for two

Crystal ***** and hooded cloaks
The future and more
Blinding lights and silent thrills
This dream of yours

Armour and the clang of steel
The monsters you slay
Broken glass upon the floors
You push me away

The brave warrior's battle cry
The fire in your soul
The dreams that you set aside
The blood overflows

Strong hands that once were warm
Ones that held me
You lay there upon your crimson pool
The Gods will hear my scream

Sunflowers, bright and tall
Roses, red and blue
Your memory stays close to me
As I reach out to you.
a witch falls in love with a knight, but fate has different plans
lua Dec 2019
where do the bad people go if hell isn't real?
will they linger on in a never ending limbo,
walking never ending roads to never ending nothingness?
will they cease to exist,
dissipate into thin air?
would they think back on their lives,
the crimes they've committed?
would they try to seek forgiveness,
for every ounce, every drop of blood or sweat or tears they've shed for their own selfishness?
would they be sorry for what they did?
or would they remain prideful and allow the maggots to eat away at their flesh?
maybe they'll remain on earth
to watch others go on with their lives
maybe they'll watch their families,
how they go on with their daily business without them
maybe they'll watch the lives of the people they've wronged,
how they smile knowing they're gone
maybe they'll rewatch their lives,
from the day they were born to the day they died
over and over and over again

and maybe that's the hell
maybe hell was within them
and they were hell itself.
some people just ****
120 · Sep 2019
lua Sep 2019
I'm an Icarus in the sky
Leave me to fall
I know what I've done
I flew too close
But it had called my name
Chanted it
Sung it, like a song
And I knew I had to
I knew its rays would burn the flesh of my body
But I'll bathe in them
For the only thing I want to feel when I die
Is the warmth of the sun
Against my skin.
inspired by the greek myth of icarus, son of daedalus.
116 · Nov 2019
The Weight of the Skies
lua Nov 2019
I feel the weight of the skies rest upon my shoulder blades
And the burn and stretch of the meat beneath my skin
As I carry it, sweat rolls down my temples
And I walk an endless winding path

I look up and I see you
Sitting on your high throne
Cackling like the mighty claps of thunder
Voice bleeding into the world’s innermost core
Shaking the ground beneath me
As if to taunt me
To mock my ever wobbling knees
To tell me “This is what you deserve!”
I weaken
I fall

My body limps and meets the darkened soil with a loud thud
A sound that rippled through the atmosphere as I wither away
The skies collapse
Breaking and shattering into thousands, millions of glass shards
Showering the earth like rainfall
A reminder of my defeat
Of the weakness I possessed
Of the weight of it all.
inspired by the myth of the titan atlas
115 · Oct 2019
lua Oct 2019
there are some people in the world
who we forget to say goodbye to
even if its simply going to school
or to work
to the moment their body lays limp on their deathbed
a simple "bye"
or a "see you later"
would suffice

if you can say hello
you can say goodbye.
before it's too late
115 · Nov 2019
Fear of God
lua Nov 2019
When the world implodes and burns from the inside, I will not fear God
I will hear the prayers of folks fallen to their knees
Calling out to you
Calling out your name
In begging for mercy
Fear of death
That soon would swallow them whole
As the earth devours itself
But I will not fear you
I will not
So be it the planet dies
So be it it crumbles beneath my feet
So be it I shall die too
So be it the death I shall go through is slow and painful
So be it I will scream in anguish and agony as the life drains out of me
So be it the hundred, thousand hands grasping my ankles
Calling out to me to kneel before you
Crying out to me to beg before you
For your forgiveness
To be spared from retribution
To be spared from the cackling fires of Hell
I will not kneel before you
I will not ***** my knees for you
I will not cover them in bruises and mud for you
I will not bow my head in silence for you
I will not silence my voice and thoughts for you
I will not cower under your stare
I will not fear you.
You are nothing to me
113 · Oct 2019
lua Oct 2019
I saw you in the underworld when the earth collapsed

The incendiary skies burned bright;
And I saw you beneath its scorching glare
Standing by the banks of the river Styx
Your supple skin marred and stained
By soot and mud from below your feet
And burnmarks;
I know not where you got them

I called your name
Shouted it
Screamed it
But you did not hear me
You did not listen
Simply stared off into the distance
Body glowing, body burning
World glowing, world burning

(I never saw you again)
108 · Sep 2019
The First Swing
lua Sep 2019
The blade shone in the sun's rays
My breathing was stuttered and frantic
My body shivered and trembled
Shaking and quivered
I could taste the blood on my tongue
And feel the ache
The throbbing of my heart
The churning of my stomach with fear
I see the way your grip tightens with every beat of your heart
You watched me
I watched you
We both take a stance

I listen to your prayers
Prayers to the sun
You asked for guidance

I take the first swing

And I take the last.
taken from my original story
107 · Oct 2019
i don't want to die
lua Oct 2019
i don't want to die, not yet at least
but the world is eating itself from the inside
and i feel your fingers slipping away from my grasp
the dogs are barking, their howls resonating in my head
bouncing off the walls of my subconscious
like sirens, a sign
a sign of the end of times
one that all should know of
when the waters begin to swallow nations whole
when the fires begin to devour the earth
when the earth freezes over and shatters, drifting across the solar system
when the earth burns to nothing but ash—

—"but i don't want to die"

i'll take what you said to the grave
even if its the last thing i'll ever hold on to.
104 · 6d
lua 6d
ang mga salitang nais **** sabihin
natutunaw na lamang sa dulo ng iyong mga labi
natutunaw na lamang sa dulo ng iyong mga daliri
na tila'y kandila
tumutulo sa sahig
habang ang ilaw ng apoy nito'y sumasayaw sa hangin
lumalaki, lumiliit
at sa huli ay mawawala.
103 · Feb 24
lua Feb 24
i miss feeling like i never cared
as if life was merely something id get to experience when im older
but the reality sinks
and hits me in the face
and now im having a mid life crisis during my teen years
and the desire to die makes me high and low at the same time
to the point where i can't distinguish what's real or not
it's a wonderful day
a wonderful day
a wonderful
a wonder

i wonder.
98 · Mar 20
Lions' Den
lua Mar 20
Of midnight dreary and starlight’s end
Singing gentle tunes in the lions’ den
Each growl muddled with a lonely saint’s cry
Drinking in the sorrows of sinners who’ve died
I pray to a dead god, an exploding star in the night
The words overflow, thick and bright
Like blood in my veins, like roses in the summer
It reaches out to me with its cold, bluing fingers
A lion roars, they wither, they die
And in seconds, ever wondrous, they breathe life
I see this, I scream, I shout, I cry out
I say, Take me out
Take me out!
Take me out!
Give me the thing I’ve yearned for
The thing that my heart aches for!
The thing that I crave!
S e t   t h i s   d e n   a b l a z e
81 · Sep 2019
Summer is like a dream
lua Sep 2019
Summer is like a dream
The one without the chill of winter winds
Or the pretty oranges and browns of autumn leaves that fall unto the earth
Where the flowers bloom and bees a-buzzing along
Yes, summer is like a dream
A dream where the sun reaches into places that's never seen the sun before
The smell of roses in the heat is sweet
The feeling of sweat rolling down my cheeks reminds me of my youth
The floaty dresses, the loose pants
The sunglasses and widebrimmed hats
And all the picnics under the shade of cool trees
I still taste the taste of peaches on my tongue
And feel the feeling of the dirt and grass beneath my palms
The gentle strum of a guitar during a scorching hot night
The tender breeze against my skin, I can still feel it
Everything is foreign and all too familiar at the same time
Because summer is like a dream.
64 · Feb 13
lua Feb 13
she was just the shadow of a memory
dancing in the night
a faded silhouette
63 · Sep 2019
a type of sadness
lua Sep 2019
Sometimes it's having trouble falling asleep
Sometimes it's having trouble waking up
Sometimes it's sleeping the entire day
Sometimes it's waking up at ungodly hours
Sometimes it's eating everything in your fridge in one sitting
Sometimes it's not eating anything at all
Sometimes it's blood stains
Sometimes it's bruises
Sometimes it hurts
Sometimes it's numb
Sometimes it's running until you can't breathe
Sometimes it's being motionless for days on end
Sometimes it's the feeling of a blade
Or lukewarm water
Sometimes it's how hard you grip your pen
Or the balled up, crumpled pieces of paper
Sometimes it's watching every move you make in the mirror
Sometimes it's not looking your reflection in the eyes
Sometimes it tastes sweet
Sometimes bitter
Or salty
Or sour
Sometimes it's the cold feeling of the floor against your back
Sometimes it's the soft mattress you lay your head on in slumber
Sometimes it's the day
The afternoon
The night
Sometimes it's the guilt
The wrath
The fright
Sometimes it's clear as can be
Sometimes it's all fogged
Sometimes it's doing everything at once
And sometimes it's doing nothing at all.

There's a word for this.
63 · Mar 8
lua Mar 8
i can take the pictures down
and place them in a box
i'll seal it with tape
and i'll keep it in the attic
until you return.
i know you won't but i like to think you will
62 · Feb 13
a dreamer dreams
lua Feb 13
the evening light
a dreamer dreams
of sunshine days
and full moon nights
the summer's overheat
the spring full of life
the autumn's browning leaves
the chill of winter's ice
the seasons come and go
and to and fro
the days, they pass by
and the times we all care
the moments we all share
in the days we say goodbye
the memories we hold within
inside, they hide
for a dreamer simply dreams
and dreams don't come alive.
62 · Mar 23
lua Mar 23
bawat na tibok ng puso'y umaagos ang luha
sa mga matang bukas,
nakikita ang ilaw ng kadiliman
at ang pagbuhos ng tubig galing sa langit
na tila umiiyak din.
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