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Norman Crane May 5
downpast where the divermin dont go
is an underwater sun
that casts a blackhole shadow
in to the fishes swim
but they donnot swim out
where oh where do they fishes go
after theybin drowngone in the shadow
after theybin infosucked by the blackhole
i say i dont know
but some days i think i seem them
floating on the cloud forms
as crows
Payton Feb 24
I will sleep with
       my eyes  o p e n .
I will breathe  u n d e r w a t e r .
I will drink my coffee  c o l d  if that is
what it takes to become less like  y o u .
The thought of being like you is so  p a i n f u l , I'd
rather  d r o w n .
Loving you is the most painful memory-I'd rather
p e e l  off my skin in the places you left your kisses. The places
you bit and licked and left your
l o v e .
Some say, "it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."
I cannot bring myself to agree with such words, because the pain of loosing you
was far too much to bear than the idea of never having known you.
Call me a ******* coward for running away from this pain,
but if I have to face it another day,
I would rather
d i e.
This poem was written in 2016.
Svetoslav Feb 20
poisonous trash thrown
lives underwater suffer
wide bricks hold them in
Toxic Wastes
It's our responsibility as human beings to protect environment.
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 5/7/5 ~ 11 words
by Svetli
Strying Dec 2020
I'm so used to
singing a note
no one else can hear
it's like I'm screaming
and no one's ever there
drowNing but it's okay
How is everyone doing?
As I lay here, I allow the water to wash over me.
It caresses my skin with its delicate touch, as it laps against my body.
I let it flow through my finger tips, as my thoughts pour out of me.

I plunge myself down inside of it's depths.
Hoping that it will wash away my misery.
Praying that it will bring some clarity to my eyes.

My hair floats around me.
I watch the thick locks swirl around the pool.
I can feel it's slick form wrap around my frame in it's serenity, as my strength bids me goodbye.

One by one my muscles loosen with slack.
They allow the substance engulf my form in a hug.
It's arms are cold and smooth, as they envelope around me.
Without hesitation, the substance drags me deeper into it's inky briny.

As we travel further into the depths, my throat burns with thirst.
I allow the chilled liquid in with hopes that it will relieve my discomfort.
Bubbles explode from my mouth like silent screams.
I trail them with my eyes, and watch them run to the surface.

As I sink to the bottom, I take one last look at the crystal surface above me.
For once, I feel at peace with the world.
This rocky surface is my home until I have to face reality.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
how tranquil it would be
to sleep as deeply
as an anchor
at the bottom of the sea
Corynne Dittrich Jun 2020
Under the water
below the sea
the whales are calling
They're calling to me

Divers discover the waters
bright glee
the fish are swimming for all to see

The sea holds tresures and souls
Secrets are waiting
in the under sea holes

What's waiting for me
in the depths of the sea
Is the answer I'm longing
It's the key to the sea.
Kairosclere May 2020
We miss out days of our lives
Slipping into oblivion
Of unrequited words
That were better off unsaid,
Screamed our judgement
Every time our eyes met.
Not a word escaped
Through the iron gates.
Our inhibitions,
The castle’s gargoyles.
Holding us back,
Holding us down
Till the world turned ugly,
Bleak and stinking
Of death;
The same as how you lay
In my arms
Unmoving and unfeeling
And now, now,
Those sly words break free
What use are those barriers now,
When you don’t exist anymore?

/written at the loss of a love unsaid/
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