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Emma May 13
She is drowning slowly
So far away beneath the water
Refractory, she’s a distortion of what she used to be
And you want her back
There where your hands could control her
But she is underwater
It’s in her ears and her eyes
She can’t be your girl anymore
She can’t even be her own
Osiria Melody Apr 14
                                          don't tell me
                   ­                             what love is
                                                   ­                 Why so?

                                                 i've never felt it

                              So what should i do?

                                       well, it's quite simple

                                                         ­          show me

                                But, love ain't simple!

                                                        ­     exactly, so don't


                                                               ­  loving me

                                                    You're always

                                  like the ocean,

                                                always there

                                                               ­       to sway

                                                      me into

                                                               ­  you

                                                never come back

These apricot grains of sand snuggle against my toes, a malleable shelter.
rofan Apr 4
under the beating hearts
where whispers hide
I keep it all inside  
the precious smiles
that they as sin
I close my eyes
and I put the palm of my hand where it beats the most
I dance it in and dance it out
and even though I can't see the moon
I feel it deep melting its way to my vein
I spin my  head around the different skies
levels of wonders and silents eyes
there are scratches on my knees
nails in my throat
and flames in my lungs
my tongue is underwater
and I am breathless from the  words that are turning to air
thick and heavy
strong and bold
shifting itself
to embrace what is hold
to lift up the sparks
and to lead the lights
into the truth and into what is whole
Anne J Feb 24
Her Imperious Canticle rewarded
From the butterflies of monarchy
Mermaid scales are her bouquet
A ombre is the debut
Crystal corals are the stars on her face
Below pink rings that scale a tune
Which the winged beauties will charm in too
An amazing debut for the see through
Of a dynasty that glows in the prism moon.
My first poem of 2019, based on this amazing artwork:
Please follow this artist, she is astounding. Also, I tried to make an unrhyming poem that instead focused on description...Free verse is the name of the genre, thx Flo for reminding me lol
Arianna Dec 2018
"... inhaling, Gravity loosens its claws,
its burden alleviated
as my lungs expand and I rise
up with the air that fills them
through translucent obscurity
towards the blinding radiance
peering warm and unapologetic
beneath the surface
myrrh Dec 2018
Starved of care & love
Head's underwater & I struggle to stay above
Because I'm empty inside, so I cannot float
The taste of metal on my tongue
& Lead passes through my throat
Waking up from up from those inner desires
Life's a cruel mistress & she never tires
Renee Danes Oct 2018
Waves crashing,
Over my head
Over my head...

Am I sinking?
Am I sinking fast
Am I dead?
Am I dead...?

No, there is
No, there is a heart
Is it beating?
Is it beating...?

Slowly, but
Slowly, but softly
Will I be ok?
Will I be ok...?

I hear waves
I hear waves crashing...
I know,
I know it will be ok...

The water is my friend...
Sinking into the soft music... Silience-Toonorth
elaine Jul 2018
It feels as if I’m drowning. I can’t see up out of the water, and I’m to frightened to see what this place holds below. I can hear nothing but mumbled shouts and prayers. But no one listens in a place like this.

It is not peaceful being trapped underwater. You are left with the choice of letting go, and floating all the way up into the never-ending abyss. But you stay still, holding your breath while the demons in your head decide to come out and play. You often ponder whether or not you should have just ended it before it all went downhill.

The world would still be the same disfigured mess, but the only difference would be one less drowning soul trapped in a cage. Unable to escape. Unable to dream of a place outside this  ****.

We are trapped. Afraid and damaged. All sitting still holding our breath, waiting for a sweet release into open airs. Waiting for a thing never to come.
Jon Thenes Aug 2018
I Sleep ;
I Slip
In Doze, I Seep out into the Scenes ;

In Potions Deep
In Notions Cold and Preasuring
I Fit and Knit my Crown
I Coral
I Knot and Concrete a Frown
But though I Invite my Efforts
My Thoughting is Leaks and Tearing *

Over Whale but Underwater
I Recover Nothing Reassuring
Slowing to a Pale
In Ocean Cold
My Feedings are Slurring to a Drown
My Motions ; Enwombed and Collected
An Unfoetal, my Body Undertakes a Vulnerable Mould

The Surface
The Ship Blinks, on Fire
And Gifts from the Broken Hold Sink to me
It's all a Wink Directed at me
A Humour

But I am become Prepared Still
For the Next Life
I Discard, Decending Still
A Treat Sunk Below
A Monsterous Breakfast

                                                 *note­ : as in, secreting saline, watery fluid
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