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Sarah May 26
To be a young girl
drawn in by Death
Her innocence still radiant
And flowers bloom where she walks
Yet she yearns for something
More careful
Than the chaos of spring
Enchanted by cold and called by Winter
She trades her blossoms for
Unaware that her flowers now bring only tears
Anne J Apr 27
She is a girl who is webbed in her own lies
Lies that inflict stringed poison deep into her heart
Heart to the bad and dark, hate to the good and light,
Light loses all fire in her hurt and lost eyes
Eyes closed to continue to dwell in delusions
Delusions that serenade a tune of death to her ears
Ears that flutter with pink liquid that falls
Falls down with the same pink shade of her mouth
Mouth says no evil but embraces all evil
Evil she believes gives love to her soul and mind
Mind forever tangled up for she is a pitiful Persephone
A poem based on another artwork. Link to artwork:
Hailey Apr 21
Feigned innocence
Chaotic purity
Ruby trickling down her sacred lips
And he shivered
Swollen and raw
Dark marks on impure skin
Golden blood running from ancient veins
Then screaming
And fading
Until secrets are unwoven
Like cloth unraveled on crooked forms
Throats pumping
Ruby trickling
Ichor strings
Sharp teeth
Sharper hearts
Glass shards
Wholly heaving
Pupils staring
She bit
He cowered
The king
And his queen
She was the one who ruled
This was inspired by persephone and Hades in Greek mythology
grace Apr 12
dance with the Angels,
they will wait for your beauty.
Aphrodite shows,
she falls in love with your soul.
the Angels feel jealous now.

sing with the Devils
they won't wait for your beauty.
Persephone shows,
she falls like Aphrodite.
the Devils could not care less.
Samuel Canerday Dec 2018
Seasons come and go, like the wind
On high
Maybe this time you can stay here
If you will
Nothing is ever assured, I fear, but the
Changing seasons
The world will turn and all my love
Will follow
In revolutions

The sun once set far below the earth
Out of sight
And there it met the moon and thought
What a delight
Is the sun any different, no matter where
It may be
Will the moon still find it as they turn
Somewhere out
In the galaxy

So stay here, alas, my sweetest love
Dear Persephone
No matter how the spring may call
Never leave
Your mother says that I'm no good
That may be
But I'll love you no matter the seasons
So please stay
Dear Persephone
dmperez Oct 2018
white world in wild winds
the one fair sun repelling
when Persephone rose

Published in Four Hundred and Two Snails, HSA's member anthology 2018. All rights reserved.
Daisy Sep 2018
The Greeks say that when the King of the Dead
Laid his eyes on Persephone for the first time,
He was struck by her innocence,
Her simple beauty as she tended to flowers.

He lured her in with an enchanted daffodil,
And when she drifted towards the small petals,
The earth opened its **** mouth,
Swallowing the child upon Hades orders.  

She may have been the first,
But there’s no such thing as a last.

Girls have grown up seeing the look in men's eyes,
When they realize how
How his heart softens when he sees her.
As though her innocence
Could cure him of his sickness.

As if breathing her bubble gum air
Will somehow make his life pop.
The ends of her bows tying knots
Helping him keep his **** together,

She becomes a savior
Before old enough to become a woman

He wears her like a bruise,
Privately poking as to see the shift in hues,
But in public who would have known.
They also say that her mother, Demeter, went mad
When she couldn’t find her daughter.
And even more so when she did find where she was.  

The Goddess of Agriculture killing the crops she planted,
Starving the people she created,
Raising hell up in the heavens.
Her anger was said to scare Zeus himself.

So when you,
As a man in your friends passenger seat,
Decide to open the earth,
And allow it to swallow somebody’s child whole,
How mad do you think her mother would be?
**** it, how mad would YOUR mother be?

I wonder if you have a sister,
And if you heard the way strangers speak to her on the street,
Would you still be laughing?
I wonder if you can smile more.
I wonder where you’re headed looking like that.
I wonder who mislead you.
Who taught you that this is what means to be man.
Who forced the human out of you.
Mother Nature was willing to destroy the world due to one monster who felt entitled.
What makes you think she’ll spare you?

I wish we could go back to that field,
Back to when Persephone was chasing her friends,
Before the flowers wilted from her disappearance.
Before the six pomegranate seeds that bound her to the underworld every six months.

I at least wish we could tell her that
One day, she’ll grow up.
She’ll move as far away from the past as she can get.
She will bloom,
And smile again.
Her roots stronger from the wind.
And Spring will fill the air as she passes by.
And he,
Will spend all of eternity burning in the fire she sparked.
Bethan Roberts Aug 2018
Years on from closed curtains and clacking teeth,
Groaning in the dark; he digs the gardens growing
Fruits, flowers, vegetables. Vegetation
For all seasons, for all uses, the ornamental
Alongside the agricultural, fancy and functional,
Practical and pretty. The seeds may lie
In trodden dirt, but already, each day,
They are straining for the sun.
Big brother you are tender to the flowers
As the world never was to us or others,
Still time shows that all things change and all things
With love, with hard earth broken by toil, can grow
- Take off the graveclothes and let him go! -
He is coming home, and the spring is at his heels.
This poem has been previously published in The Kindling:
Sha Aug 2018
Do not let joy be abducted from you. You are made to carpet the earth in spring
And bloom flowers to beautify the parched land.
Do not stay in the darkness.
Rise with gentleness and softness still embedded in you.
Light the world and remind everyone that you cannot be destroyed.
Make them dance like sunflowers swaying for the sun.
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