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Pyrrha Jan 14
Her eyes saw only eternal springs in every sight
Her heart knew only compassion and nurturing
She had so much left inside of her to give
She gave it all to the man who had nothing left in him
He was lonely, castaway, feared, despised and hated
But Persephone had patience
She had a heart larger than the Underworld
Deeper than the river of Styx
And brighter than Mount Olympus
Her love was quicksand
And it swallowed him whole
One smile at a time
A woman so kind
Taken from home
Taken from familiarity
From a life of flowers and sunlight
Condemned to afterlife with a beating heart
She saw beyond herself, beyond her own situation
She filled the Underworld with color and warmth
Just as she did with it's ruler, one smile at a time
i always thought freedom looked like this
with all flowers blossoming, scattered petals
freely flowing through the ripe golden fields
all my days were bright and welcoming sights
the laughter and beauty was all we see in our eyes

the sweet blessings gifted by the sunrise
we were lucky in sunset, we never realize
there is a place where there is no sunrise
a place where they all say the darkness will rise
with many sweet temptations, with a sweet demise

i remember the moment our eyes met, i know
i suddenly knew i will begin to reap what i had sow
you came to me and asked me so wonderfully slow
you said up here is boring, its not like downlow
i fell for your devilish smile, i fell into your world
then you said to me join me in the underworld

you were so mesmerizing, dazzling and new
never set my eyes before on someone like you
you were the excitement i've been wanting, i knew
because i have been locked in a cage, that we both knew
you know i wanted to see something that was true
cause i've been hidden from all of it, unlike you

and so it didn't matter who you were to everyone else
you seem intriguing to me by just being yourself
you were able to enchant me, stole my heart in a theft
i know we have just met and i should have just left
but no one would leave someone as interesting as yourself

and so i let temptation tempt me, i let me play with the rules
i pretended to be unhappy, but i was enjoying all the jewels
i kept myself calm, i knew i had to play it cool
but i knew i was the one playing it all like a fool
cause i see it in your dark eyes, you already knew

that i would want something else, i didn't want the old days
those had already bored me enough, even if i won't say
i want an adventure, i want to feel a zest for life
i want to know excitement, i want to know about strife
perhaps you can teach me all of it, if i stay here and be a part of your life

but she won't let me, she will not let me be here and stay
cause she does not understand that i don't want to keep living that way
and so i think and i think and then i found another way
but it was dangerous and uncertain, there is a price to pay
then again in the end i ate it, i don't care about what they say

cause sometimes the darkness is greater than the light
sometimes people don't see it because of fright
but there shouldn't be fear to feel because of the unknown
in fact, its more exciting than knowing what is set in stone
cause then you'll live your life appreciating the way before its known

she screams in anguish and she screams in horror of what i have done
but i want to live my life, what is done is already done
i want to be free, i want to be able to live my life
for my sake
you think its the best path but its not what i want to take
so whatever happens in my life, the path will be mine to make

and so he finally speaks and tells me i can do what i want
i can stay with him and not have to worry about her wants
it felt like the weigh of the world came rushing out
cause sacrifices made for joy are never ought for naught
i am finally free to be myself, i can be with him in the underworld

i rip off the colors from me, i stand there and feel excitement
you stand there loving my smile, its your entertainment
you said my eyes were suited to the silk of the pigment
i like it just as much as you do, that's why we are always consistent
because you and i are both sure this is our best commitment

and so i gleam in beauty, down to the fabrics and the jewelry
people are astounded and surprised, they thought it was sorcery
but even the king of the undeworld needs a woman by his side
after all like the seas, the direction changes with the tide
we both sit side by side, we are one together nothing to hide

you should go down on your knees and bow down to me
you should be grateful to be lucky enough to have eyes to see
the majesty of both of us together in this scene
so go on and get down to bow to us, on your knees
i am the queen of the underworld, your one and only persephone
so this is my thought of what if persephone was tired of her life and wanted something else
Anya Mar 10
You saw it as I did, clear as day:
Orpheus, with his heart on display
Raising his golden voice as if to pray
That Hades would not make his lover stay.

I saw it as you did, on that stage,
Eurydice opposing Hades' rage,
Rallying the dead-eyed workers to engage,
A songbird trying to break free from her cage.

We watched it unfold before our eyes:
Hades penned that fateful compromise,
Persephone, her arms raised to the skies,
Hermes already fearing their demise.

And in those final moments, I was sure
As lovers faced each other on death's door
And went their separate ways to love no more
That I'd never loved you so much before.
The honey venom strikes quickly
She sinks into the earth,
into embraces of the sickly
sweet blankness, the dirt-
clotted lilies, the trembling musk
of the wind in her nostrils
eyes quivering with dusk,
with the moans of her apostles.
She thrashes through her blood,
through the smother of sunlight
through the Byzantine flood
of amber and honeysuckle,
         of nectar and twilight.

And she forgets her own name,
so she wails out strangers’.
She’s Eurydice. Persephone.
She is no one’s. She’s nameless.
Nails scratching at the soil
at the buds, at the symphony
of the viper’s tight coil.
Her name is Persephone.
And she sinks into the earth
Into the deafening silence
of the heavenly pyres
of petals and honey
        and dirt-clotted violets.

She tastes the remembrance,
She’s Cleopatra. Persephone.
She tastes love, her own fragrance
She is ready for death as she  
releases the breath
that she drank from the flames.
Her name was Persephone,
when she still had a name.
And the sweetness of pale
rose-perfume that lifts from her
is lost on the exhale,
on the glittering dawn,
         on the first breeze of summer.
Inspired by Kirsty Mitchell's photograph "The Suicide of Spring" (check it out!)
Euphrosyne Feb 23
I'll be your hades
And you'll be my persephone
I'll love you unconditionally
In a world full of Zeus like mentality.

I Hades left my underworld domain
I rose to the surface after being restrained
And Persephone there in a field of flowers
So lovely was she I watched for hours
Her beauty there was none to compare
I hid as she picked flowers with care

I had to have her then I could not wait
Told my brother Zeus my love was great
We hatched a plan to trap my new love
Opened the earth beneath she fell from above
I rose in my chariot took her into my arms
She frightened told her I would not harm

I took her home with me underground
My horse’s hooves did fly and pound
I gave her jewels and pricely precious stones
Taking her hand begged to share my throne
I wooed her with words from my heart
But her being such a rare work of art

How could she love such a beast as me
Banished from above by the gods decree
Somehow her heart softened toward myself
I gained her love kept it high on a shelf
Married I made love to that alabaster skin
I took her sweet body from way within.

Her lips I did taste as much as I dared
She kissed me back she had come to care
But as happy as I tried to make her be
Her sadness resurfaced she longed to be free
I kept her underground in my palace dome
All the while saddened she wanted to go home

Demeter my sister did beg and cry
Her daughter she wept to see by and by
It broke my heart to see my lady love
Wanting so much to visit above
So I hatched a plan with Zeus my brother
I played a trick so she could love no other

I gave her a ripe pomegranate to eat
A deal I made and did so complete
I would allow her to visit the earthly realm
Even as it broke my heart I fed her whelm
But she could only stay for months of spring
In winter she would come back to her king.
Just like hades I'll love you unconditionally diane.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 15
the bantering of rain
the insinuation it might snow
the mirage of moonglade
the mountain drink
the desert thirst

resolves with flowers

a withered realm
a crestfallen kingdom
their copper queen withdrawing
from the bitter harvest
in the spirit of Persephone

dissolves into flowers
fray narte Feb 2
I. Persephone

Naive girls don't make good lovers
but I will sink into the comfort
of your clementine lips, grazing,
staking claim on my skin —
an offering to your kisses made of molten lead,
oh, how surely, how gently they trail,
like a river following its memory lane.

And yet, I have apologies etched on my skin;
I am a poem that bruises quickly
like petals on the soil.
So much for being the goddess of spring
when all I have are wildflowers
and moans scattered on the sheets of the dusk.

We know naive girls don't make good lovers
so cast me, Hecate, into firelight
where all your daughters burned.
Strip me of this sundress;
my chest was half of Demeter's softness
and half of the underworld's wrath.

And yet, I, too, am made of papercuts
forged to look like carmellia buds
lost and slow dancing in broad daylight,
your hands on my waist —
a quiet breath,
a delicate touch:

such curious ways of coming home.
Naive girls, they don't make good lovers
but I will pick you stray sunlights and goldenrods —
leave them by your bed;
these sheets know that
I belong to no throne.
I belong to no man.

And they say that naive girls don't make good lovers,
but only just;
darling, your walls are an eyewitness
to your gaze and my corruption.

So much for innocence
now neck-deep in mildew and anomalies.
So much for springtime,
its fields, now made
for us coming undone.
And so much for winter, darling —
so much for winter.

It may never come.
morseismyjam Jan 21
As he sinks down,
Down into the soil
he recalls everything.

Remembers what it was like
to taste the sky, and run
through fields of flowers
and he wonders if the man
whose hand he holds
is worth losing everything.

He thinks of the kitchen table,
and of the note he left for Mother:
"Going now. Back by spring."

He locks the door,
puts the last bag in the trunk,
and as he gets into the car
he looks back once
before turning away from
the sun.
it's sad and gay. Just like me.
Kore Jan 19
you took rubies dripping
from my lips
threw me out of my
infernal home
took from me the jewels
in ropes round my neck
those that dripped from my hair
and the flowers that up sprang
from my step
all for your glory
this is from a few months ago and I just found it again in one of my notebooks - it needs some work but I like how this looks on the first try
Sylph Nov 2019
He finally remembered the song
that song that called Persephone to his Cold sunless world
That spoke the words he couldn't say
The song of love

Hades remember?
That love you felt for Persephone
The feeling that the world was in your arms
All weight lifted from your shoulders
All there is and all there ever was
                                      ­                   Her
Inspired by Broadway HadesTown
Epic lll  - Reeve Carney, Hadestown original Broadway Company, Anais Mitchell

*Full soundtrack*:
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