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Agnes k 1h
They say falling in love takes a while
But I knew the second you made me smile

When we said our goodbyes
I only wanted to close my eyes

The thing is that a broken heart almost heals
The shattered pieces goes back to the old feels

But my heart will always ache
Because there's a splint which didn't find its place

And I know when I try loving someone new
That splint will remember you

Even tough i in every place
Keeps seeing your face

I'll let the memories fade
Continue my live in a haze

I want you to know I wish we were soulmates
But i guess that just isn't our fates
In danish there's a word called "Sønderknust" .
There's no direct translation, but it means that you're in such emotional pain, you feel absolutely broken. That is the feeling, that I was facing writing this poem.

- I love feedback if anyone takes the time to read this
i wish
i wish i could reach out
reach out and hug you
reach into your mind
massage your thoughts
clear away the pain
scare away those demons
flip the switch
that is causing so much pain
and then
reach again
reach into your broken heart
and gently put it back together
“happy valentine’s day baby”

“stop texting me”

“don’t force love”

“i don’t love you like i used to”

“we can still be friends”
true times, true story.
I remember
When you had time.
When you were available
When you were open to talk/text
Remember when you
had time for me.

I remember
That was when we were close
When you needed company
When you needed something

I remember when I was once
Not annoying, your favorite.

Those days when You’d hurt me but I’d crawl to you when you called for my presence.
When my lips were sewed shut because I really loved you so I put up with everything.

Those days begun to fade ,
When I Recognized the way I was treated wasn’t ok.
When I started to speak up towards behaviors youd do that’d make me upset .

Once I no longer stayed quiet
Once I no longer let you treat me how you wanted
I suddenly became annoying
A bother , a Waste Of space
A person you no longer really seen interest in anymore
angele 6d
she told me my writing is sad
too depressing to read
why don't i just write about happy things?

she said i write as though it's always raining outside
and i told her when it rains
it pours

and when the sun and rainbows are out
there is nothing left of my shattered soul to pour

until another rainstorm.
Melancholy spires through the clouds
Loneliness aroused
Seeing normality through furrowed brows
As we wonder how we got here
To this point of no return
With every word chosen
Someone's heart is broken
Reality is awoken
As sorrowed words are spoken

We Ache for something more
But what?
Who could say beyond the door
Of life that lies before us
At what point do we forsake trust?
At what point do we give in to ****,
Of people  places and things
Money, relationships?
It's all very tiring.

On our separate paths we chose to stray
Once together yesterday but today we're not the same
With different eyes speculating now differing arrays
Our love on delay as we've ultimately arranged
With all the choices we have made.
Residing at depth so deep,
Encapsulated by madness,
A heart once broken heals itself.

Darkness itself has no meaning
There, where light has never been seen,
The place that hearts must go to heal.

The infinite is closer than
The distance away from sorrow
A heart must travel to be healed.

A place no love can *******,
Where loneliness is redundant,
Broken hearts become whole again.

In that beyond, the seconds tick,
As time, ever the master waits.
Time, immanent time, heals the heart.
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DD Feb 9
When I asked for advice they said:
“Stuck between two, who would you choose? The one that you love? Or the one that loves you?”
And I chose to break the heart of the one who loved me, to stay near the one I love.
But he too was faced with this decision, and he too chose the one he loves.
And now here I am
Alone &
he left me for the sea

and when he left, he took my heart
and never returned it to me
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