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Yolanda 4d
I need to meditate
I need my space
I need some time to relieve my heart from all its heaviness.

As soon as I meditate
As soon as I get my space,
As soon as I get relieved from all the heavy burdens that strain my heart
The better

I will settle, when I've found a solution,
I will settle, when I've gotten my relief,
I will settle when my heart has found peace,
It has taken so much
And now is about to burst from all the heaviness,

My heart cannot talk,
My heart cannot scream,
And my heart cannot shout,
I will find a way to get my heart to rest.

It's never too late to relief my heart from all the heaviness,
I have a strong heart, a patient heart,
A passionate heart and a loving heart,
And the sooner the better to find me
And gain the confidence to free my heart.
Yolanda 4d
My heart searches for the Love it has,
But every beat sounds like broken glasses falling into pieces.
Tears falling, nourished lips,
How beautiful will it be if it was a healing process?  
Hope buried deep down my soul, but thy heart is weak.

A heart of precious glass, broken into pieces.
Can it be formed again?
I cry out loud for help,
But nobody could hear me,
I lay down to heal,
But still, the pain keeps gaining,
Hope, hope I cry to you. Do you exist?
I try to find the reason why,
I try to find the majestic being I once was,
But the search is a living pain.

I convince myself not to limit the courage of love,
But the wages of a broken heart keeps on gaining.
Love + love = Beauty.
Why can I not get a reason? I ask?
The answers blared deep down in thy heart.

Dear broken heart ✉️, I can no longer dance to thy melody🎶💔.
Caage Gaber Sep 21
My heart begins to melt
while my hands sweat.
I begin to hide where I dwelt.
Afraid to make you upset

You make me shake like never before.
My words slowly stumble and crumble.
Either I'm falling or taking off to soar.
I elegantly dance or tumble and fumble.

Staring into your soul through the depths of your eyes
Captured in your laughter and delirious grin
Reliving each moment as I agonize
what I should've said when it started to begin.

Can you love me? Do I love me?
If love is so powerful, why are we apart?
I guess sometimes life makes us set'em free
All I need to do is give up my heart
I'm not much of a romantic but I still have a soul. So here's one of my amateur love poems. I must say these things don't work as they did in the renaissance. Well, I guess being single has its pluses... I don't have to share food!
Amanda Sep 20
After the doomsday
Our relationship
Wasn't much left

My heart turned into a barren wasteland
No signs of life

Zero survivors

All feelings that used to flood my body had fallen victim to the slow disease poisoning my flesh called heartbreak

There was a deadly epidemic
No emotion was spared
Widespread and timely demise
From the word "goodbye"

Now living through each day is torture

Within a huge desert landscape I roam
To find a way to repopulate my soul with happiness again

The apocalypse ended up being a real *****
i am forever, cursed to never age
the death i have to repeat
is the heartbreak you've given me

you can choose to ignore me
but you know i am there
lingering softly, longing for the beat of my own chest

i am a ghost
plagued to haunt you forever
as much as you haunt me

is this what you wanted?
lily Sep 7
Kintsugi gold glue?
The smart ones stockpiled it.
I'm still in pieces.
black, like the sound of silence.
heavy, like the emptiness of your absence.
salty, like guilt.
impervious, like the road to reach you.
long, like the echo of your memory.
every single night,
Lexie Aug 20
I think

If I ever


With you again

Tears would come

And they would never stop

I will drown

In that moment

Pulled under

My undoing

I am sunk

To the bottom

Of a hollow



With nothing

To resurrect me

Because only those with souls


If this is the end,
Will we act like strangers again?
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