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i never got to hear your heart beat
i never got to choose a name
i keep losing you before i have you
and all i feel for you is pain

i never got to hold you
or comfort you when you cried
because again i’ve lost you
and no longer have you inside

they say that healing helps you
and moving on is for the best
but how can i sleep peacefully
knowing now you’ll forever rest

i’ve cried a million tears for you
and sang a thousand songs
because in my arms my love
is right where you belong
Josiah Bates Sep 27
We are a mess
Can't live without one another
but I wasn't your another.
broken hearted now

This wasn't what you promised me
now I mean nothing to you
do you care? No.

Sick of regret
I throw up
Why did you do this to me?
I can still feel you between my fingers--
an empty ghost of pleasure,
a cigarette to the skin.
the longer I hold you,
temptation heats from within.

your kisses ache my teeth--
I'm so hungry,
but it hurts.
it hurts to let you in.

and when you leave me,
choking for your breath,
I start to fear heaven
and yearn for hell instead--
for all life's pleasures
seem to burn between my hands.

an empty ghost of pleasure,
embers burning in the sand.
cigarettes man... you are my sunday cigarette
tinnnafish Sep 19
I just want you, to want me,
All of me.
I want to tell you everything,
Even the bad stuff...
But I'm afraid you'll run away,
Or worse.
Just want to be friends.
I want someone like you by my side,
holding my hand,
Telling me it's going to be ok,
I want you to be strong when I’m not,
Help me hold my head high.
I want to call you, hear your voice, hear my name roll off your lips.
I don't want to scare you away.
I don't know how to do this...
I’m trying too hard.
Please help me get this right.
Im afraid you’ll decide you only want a part of me,
Because the whole me is too much to handle.
I don't want to be alone,
I feel like we are so close to having this.
You don’t understand,
I can’t find the right words to say it.
Why can’t I find the words?
Can you understand without the words?
I can feel you pulling away,
I know why, but at the same time I don’t.
I don't know what I did,
But I did so many thing wrong.
You’re unsure.
I want you to come back,
I want you, to want me.
I want you to want this.
Destiny Odeh Sep 17
Your name is just another word without meaning to me.
I don’t miss hearing your lies.
I don’t even feel the butterflies anymore.

Your name is just another word without meaning to me.
You have lost your spark.
Like a dying star in the vast darkness of space.

Your name is just another word without meaning to me.
You’ve vacated my heart, and my dreams too.
I no longer have sweet dreams about you.

Your name is just another word without meaning to me.
I will find myself, no matter how lost I feel.
I will find true love, no matter how broken I am.

Your name is just another word without meaning to me.
liv bennet Sep 15
we are broken pieces of glass
scattered on the ground
no one picks us up
we don't make a sound
original poetry written in june 2018
Mary Frances Sep 13
That's the thing about having a broken heart.
When the love you felt was true and pure,
it still hurts overtime.
No matter how long time has passed,
the scar is as painful as the wound.
It's a ticking time bomb.
When triggered, you burst to tears.
Crying all the questions and regrets you have over the years.
And sometimes all you can do is breathe in deep
as there are certain pain and tears you try so hard to keep.
Broken heart filled with rage,
All the pieces become burning stakes,
Sorrowful eyes filled with tears,
Yet the face gleams in joy.
Tightening my veins,
Because the blood boils,
This anger so confusing,
Why can’t it hide the hurt inside?
This poem for the unknown intense feelings of anger and hurt that sometimes come together.
a girl so clever, prideful, a ego so large to fool you into thinking you were at fault and undeserving, the one mistreating her.

She'd have in the corner as she told you your feelings and how you were to be,  and all you wanted was more.

Blind to the fact she was drowning you with her presence,  walking you to deep waters of sadness, and twisted truths.

She smashes souls and closes the door without a mere glance back, to bait another into the fog of disfunction

Sadly she had my heart completely, she opened it, filled like never before and crushed it because she could in a matter of years

Hearts mend, but the scars are permanent
A girl had me completely like none had ever had, twisted me turned like a sail in the wind, and one day without notice found fault in me so deep to cut me in two, and leave me, my life scrambled and heart broken in tiny peices not easily found
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