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Willow Jul 27
Sometimes you just have to let loose from that leash and dance until you dance into a wall. :)
A tug of the string
Pulls me back
Into your reality
With a thwack!

Head throbbing and left questioning
Is this a leash or a noose?
Curiosity is festering

Step to the cliff’s edge
Will I be left to hang
Over the ledge
Or am I a boomerang?
Nyx Apr 9

It felt like I was the reason things started going wrong in your life
The leash of guilt tightening firmly around my neck
Was it love?
                           Was it Pity?
It sounds ******,
But once I was ******* in this invisible cage
I found it hard to escape from you
Like an idiot, I forgave you numerous times
For you knew how to twist things around
And every time i did something
I could feel as though this guilt was loosening
Even if it was just a bit,
I thought this is a fair price to pay
As he needs me
                        As much
                                          As I need him
But we both know that together we are Toxic

Poetic T Jul 2017
The mind is a misuse of reflections,
we gaze upon the maddening of our
life and make order from a doddle
of randomness.

"A tree barks, still no one hears it?

We have the wisdom of moments,
but are we still infants in the scheme
of our growth. Are we still crawling,
but the illusion of us standing gently wilts.

"Freedom is a leash, getting tighter everyday,

Sleep is the illusion of time, for we wake
reliving the same day, but envision it as new.
Time is non-existent, were just a tape replaying
different moments till its overplayed then just ceases.
Ravanna Dee Sep 2016
Your tongue was a leash, and it had held me captive for far too long.
Don't let people's words stop you from being you. You are your OWN person! And you are amazing.
You feel the sweat drip down,
Your tender neck, and all across your crown.
With a little flick of the whip,
That turns your frown upside down.
Curious, in thought but not in action,
For a sensuous kiss, the only reaction.
Woof woof, little dancing man,
You're only one among many a faction.
Straight up serenades, down familiar alleys,
Too mesmerised to notice this entrancing folly.
Crawl through mud and gold alike,
And feel the force of a thousand strong rally.  
Woof woof, you creature of hope,
Have you tasted the threads on this rope?
A silky, sweet aftertaste on your lips lingers,
Fluctuating your heart on this emotional *****.
Those seductive hands around your neck,
A lipstick brace, constructed from pecks.
Tad too tight, you can see the marks,
Get out of this reverie, and go on and check.
Woof woof, oh you puppet dangling from above,
Entangled in this wicked business called love.
Oh yes, it does most definitely exist ,
Haven't you heard of the two white doves?
Bite not the hand that feeds, they say,
Don't they realise that you're the prey?
A flicker of the lashes, and you're all gone,
All to give, with nothing to say.
Woof woof, you helpless soul,
In too deep, for this is your toll.
Forever a doll, a plaything of desire,
But you don't care, you like this role.
our flock creeps blissfully towards the abyss
we do not feel the tightened leash any longer
our heads full of beaming ignorance
because the network keeps us socially

our flock ***** judgements and squeezes them
laughing in other eyes until also the exaltation
that still remains becomes ordinary and slowly
extinguishes into a darkness in which no child
can read

our flock could graze upon new lands
but prefers to stay in a barren circle
pacing up and down

up and down
AnActualToaster Mar 2016
The day has me by a leash
Dragging me around where I don't want to be
The night sings me a lullaby
Come now, darling, why don't you sleep
But I don't blame them for the words they say
They've got it right, they know me
The names they shout and the games they play
They've got a certain truth to them, don't they?
But I'm just sitting on my cliff
Trying to enjoy the view
I didn't expect them to find me here
So they've pushed me towards my rocky doom
Nick Moser Feb 2016
She is beautiful.
Her smile can light up a room.
Her drive is unmatched by any other.
Her laugh is precious.
Her voice is as sweet as sugar.
Everything she does is magical.

I am battle-tested.
My smile can light up my paper.
My drive is unmatched by any other.
My laugh is required.
My voice is used to write these words.
Everything I do is poetic.

But, alas, we can never be together.

Because the poison she emits from her soul to touch me,
Mixed with the blood I bleed on this paper for my art,

Will never be a good combination.
A fraying, fraying leash.
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