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Jonathan Sep 9
I will carve out a cave and leave them there,
Only with you, will I share.

What pieces I have left of my heart, you bear.
Do what you will, take care.
romy Aug 13
can I be your morning coffee
right when you wake up

and your warm cup of tea
before you go to sleep

wishing I was the cup against your lips
held right below my hips

can I be the tears running down your cheeks
and the shadow right under your nose

can I be the music you listen to on a rainy day
and the dimple right below your eyes

can I be your breath after walking up the stairs
and your late nights completely unaware
of all the things I want to be to you

can I be yours?
Aer Jul 23
we sail ahead
with sweet words on our lips,
and roses blooming in our heart.
our love comes and goes with the waves—
never fully escaping our awaiting mouths, nor
slipping through our brushing fingertips.
we're full of fear of repercussions, yet
a passion threatening to crack our
oh so precious facade.
yet that night as you cross the undefinable line
reached for my hands
pressed your lips to mine.
and just like that,

call me yours.
the line may be electrifying, but can we take the next step?
during my wait
there is a question
from heart
my heart

no it does not
belongs to one
you know

i know
the first steal happens
immediately at once
stealing occurs

it could go
i got happiness
my eyes sees blossoms

open every pulse
doing by my heart
sorry, it becomes your heart

so it feared
who belongs to that cute
be  worry to be dismissed
the time goes good when your smile attends and my heart shows your face
Isaac May 20
Seize the speedway.
Try going outdoors.
For at the end of the day
This day was yours.
Written 20 May 2020
basil May 15
i'll never say
"all rights reserved"
these poems aren't
really mine.

as soon as you
with my inky words,
they are
idk. i hope you're doing alright, lovely.

Jandra Apr 24
Cut me open;
To learn my fears.
Gouge my eyes,
To hold the truth.
Slit my throat;
To witness the pain.
Kiss me;
To taste the words I cannot say.
Suffocate me,
With your healing embrace.
Open my heart;
To feel the love I have inside.
It's hard to give yourself to another person.
Hamies Apr 25
the enchantment of your fingers reaches my heart digging in between my clothes slowly touching my warm skin irresistibly makes me wanna escape from my body and become one with yours
i want our souls to collide
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