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Jack Jun 11
Cry me a river
I'll paddle to you,
Enough of wasting tears,
Don’t you see that I'm here for you?

Please smile,
Seeing your smile already made my day,
Your giggle is a lullaby to my ears,
like I'm living a dream,
But with you in it,

The word love, frozen in my mouth,
I can only kept it inside,
Can you make my life better?
I can wait,
Maybe a thousand years or more,

Touch my heart,
You'll feel the warmth,
as the last flame of mine,
exist for you,
Let me remain in your heart,
So we can connect as one,
we shall rejoice under brilliant night,
dance with million stars,
where you shine the brightest,
As you always do.
Allesha Eman Dec 2021
Broken words line these open seams
A bleeding heart rests in the palm of hope
You struggle to keep your hold on the ground
All your stitches are open doors
Ready to take in a lonely soul
At the expense of everything that was yours
Debbie Lydon Sep 2021
We all have something singularly unsayable within. Nothing can or will ever get to it, not even other souls. This is the loneliness we were all born with and this is our only salvation.
It is within you and me and you write a wrong in life's pages when you abandon it.
han Jul 2021
illuminating the skies
along with the flowers that have died
going up north,
further up forth

an ocean of stars
making up our galaxy
our universe will not die
because of these stars
an ocean in the sky
will be yours and mine
"What is your favorite song?", I asked you.

"What is your favorite love story?", I asked myself.

"What is yours?", the question asked herself.

"I am yours", the answers answered their will.
Indonesia, 7th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Isa May 2021
will my day change if the moon is out at 11:37 in the morning
and the sun at 1:02 at night?

will my feelings change with the wind or the waves?
the comparison is the same, and my feelings do not change
lua Mar 2021
let me be your girl
your world
and all the inbetween
ill be the the moon, the sun
the stars and the seas
ill be the rain, the snow
the hail, and the heat
i could tell you all i know
and all youll ever feel
ill be your crash course
the cause of your all-nighters
ill be your wake up call
and the whisper in your dreams
ill be everything i could ever be
ill be yours
i could be yours.
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
Its time to ******* rise
Rise above all the *******
Rise above this pain

Let yourself soar
Go after your desires
Make it happen now

We have had our wake up call
So make it happen
Fulfill your wants and needs
Say what you need to
Be unafraid

******* rise up
Be whole my spirit
Bless me with the good
Fullfill me
Release any fear

Rise up
Its now
Its time
Let us be whole
Time is now
Rise Rise Rise

© Jennifer L DeLong  🦏2/27/2021
jia Jun 2018
i heard you treasure your anklet,
to lose it you won't let,
in that case, I wanna be that bracelet,
that you'll never forget

you say you love this band,
though I do not really understand.
but if you demand,
I'll let myself be ******

and you tell you like your coffee
with a little side of berry,
if so let me be your cherry
if only you just let me.

true enough I liked you first,
these feelings perhaps are cursed.
however even in your worst,
i'd still wanna be yours.
i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys
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