Onomatopiyya Jan 10

It vibrates
I hope
It's you

It rings
Still hoping
It's you

In my dreams
That smile
It's yours

In my prayers
There's always
Your name

The world may separates us
But HE knows
We know
It's not the end

Rythum Jan 3

He said" Do you miss me? "
I simply said i don't...
He turned away, not saying a word...
And i just wished he knew..
Hope he knows it hurts me..
And beats inside like a second heart..
Showing me his worth and telling me that we're apart...
I lie to myself every time and pretend that it doesn't matter anymore..
But i cant keep up with this lie and i cant keep pretending..
I wanna tell him it hurts... i wanna know if it hurts him too..
Cause everyday that's passing by..makes me wonder what i'm gonna do..
But i wanna tell him that i don't miss him.. and i swear that's not a lie...
I don't miss him cause he's always here, right inside my heart.. stays with me and keeps me alive...
I think about him all the time..with every second that passes by..
i love him too much to let him go.. but why do i always stay quite..
I wanna tell him that i miss him ..i wanna make him mine...

mjad Nov 2017

my life is not yours
it is not yours to
      or break
                    or make new
my life belongs to me
it is mine to
         far away
                        from you

trying something new
Jim Musics Nov 2017

You have said it
I always thought so
But it bothers me in a new way this evening

The Christmas letters that were more popular a while ago
Were the children of ego
Yes, so nice to know how wonderful they all are

Overly accessible now, is the part of life that is displayed on
My Face (Not my face)
It is wonderful to see how my far away family and friends,
   such as  they are, are

I see the “Friends'giving” pictures and I nearly cry,
   but just hiss, 'shit”
I wasn't there. I would have made a laugh, had one.
My friends are many gone. My family too

But I still click on every day, not expecting to see
   Marty or Dick or Carol or Joe
But who is still out there, not with me,
   but available for pictures, videos and chat
Sometimes I am too, but I'm probably playing one of my guitars.

You may hear
My dear, my dears
I will listen for you too

lei Nov 2017

there's two hearts on the floor,

one of them is mine,

but both of them are yours.

Whitney Grey Nov 2017

I like the way your nose flairs when you laugh
And the way your lip quivers
I like how you stand
And how your words flow like the rivers
Your smile gives me butterflies
In your eyes I become lost
I want to be yours
I’ll keep my fingers crossed

Anivel Aidan Oct 2017

i like it
when you say my name
as if it's yours
as if it soothes your soul
it drips from your lips
so sweetly
like something fragile
that you're afraid to drop
i like it
when you call me yours
something inside me flutters
in silence -
a sense of belonging
- i've never belonged
to anything and
anyone before

for you;)
Azure Oct 2017

i am but a boyish female
i act like one
talk like one
shaved heads and piercings
tattoos and scars
sneakers and jeans
teeshirts and tanktops

but i am
also a girl
and i get reminded
because you made me fall in love
awakening the dreamy side of me
a hopeless romantic
heart racing movie scenes
awwww factors

i am
your girl

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