Lure Pot Jul 15

I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily
Your love is Daddy Jonny
He looks handsome, funny.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

You are pretty cute shy
Your mind likes blue sky
Glad smile gives shining
And face gives charming.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

You're beauty queen Kitty
And so cute, simple chatty
Yours look likes lovely
You talk to all nicely.
I'm saying today really
You're happy sweet Lily.

ayame Jul 12

my love, you hold
a piece of my heart

i watch as
you tuck it into your pocket
for safe keeping, from who?
i have yet to discover
but you hold it with
care and you hold it with
desire, and i can
feel the warmth transfer
through your fingertips
into the crevices of my

my love, you hold
a piece of my heart

take the rest
for they belong to

they will always belong to you

Lure Pot Jun 20

Hey, cute, shy, sweet Willow
Rest your head on the pillow
Sweet dreams on blue gown
Sleep like sea deep down.

Hey, lovely, pretty Renee
Visit with friend Jeni
On the way in park at beach
Enjoyable is that you teach.

Hey, lovely beauty Ray
Enjoy yourself at the bay
Shining yours happy smile
And melting swan style.

Bolt, I'm slowing down
My heart is deep down
All are kept for you
Because I do love you.

The embrace says it all.
Your head resting on my chest,
our bodies pulled tightly together.
You breathe me in,
listening to my heartbeat.
The warmth of my breath across your skin ,
the strength of my arms are enough.
You come back for more.
In this moment
you are not mine;
I am yours.

Swimmer101 May 22

Stop calling me beautiful
Don't organize my things
Ignore your urge to kiss me
Forget about giving me goodnight texts
Don't tell me your deepest secrets
You shouldn't try to understand me
I may be an asshole
but your the hemorrhoid irritating the shit out of me

Yusof Asnan May 10

You are mine,

I am yours.

With this bond,

We bind with words.

You shan't leave,

And I shan't hurt,

That is the promise I give to you


Sadia May 9

In a world full of roses, I'm your sunflower.

TanyaAhmed May 3

Stay with me, just a little more,
Anytime destiny might be closing the doors.
So stay close a little more,
Hugging me against every inch of yours.
Making love in way never known before.
For it will be the last time,
You'll be mine and I'll be  yours.

This will be the last time that I'll  be by your side. After this I'll be gone. Like a wind blown. I will leave my essence in your memories. I will be like a dream you once had, and wont ever be again able to see.

A flower blossoms in
your shadow every
the moment you pass by

And the morning sun
becomes jealous of
the radiance gifted
to your eyes

The wind becomes envious
because there is never
a way he can cool the day

The way the sweet aroma
of your love soothes me
so easily when you come
my way

I am always lost in
your beauty which each
morning I am blessed
to see

Especially when I find
myself gazing into
your eyes whose loving
embrace never lets me be

Each moment with you
becomes more precious
when my heart cannot
escape your meaningful

And I am lifted by my
heart's flaming desire,
for you are the only one
it will ever think of

And the moments when
I am not with you this
daydream will surely
always begin

As my heart belongs to
you since that moment
when my heart your love
did win.

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Gracie Knoll Mar 29

I bring all that I have
I bring all that I am
I bring all that I hoped that I'd ever be

And I place it
On the alter
At your feet

I give all that I can
I give all that I own
I give all that I hoped that I'd ever have

And I give you
All my worries
My hopes and despairs

Because all that I am is yours!
All that I have is yours!
All that I am is yours
Forever I will be yours!

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