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The black and evil steps behind me.
You try to treading on my heels.
Atrocious, ruthless and cruel.
Going like a phantom afterwards me.

You want to know my secrets?
I astound you, I haven't one.
I open like a book.
You want to trying on my jacket.
But why I ask!?
Does you uncomfortable in own?
Don't touch my stuff.
It's not yours.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 8
I know I am not crazy nor delusional,
but you think I am -
even when I fell in love with you.

Thought you would call yourself lucky,
but instead you called me crazy.
I guess because we fell in love way too fast,
and the feeling in my heart still last.

Even when you said those words,
reminds me that I am such a lucky girl -
to have such a wonderful man like you
and to be wrapped up in your arms -
makes me feel so safe and secure.

I'm so glad that you're mine,
and I know that you're lucky
that I'm yours.
a l e x Apr 7
you were not the first,
        but my beating heart cloudburst.
you were not the one,
        but you still shined like the sun.
 maybe it's time to give it up,
        the last sip from my death cup.
yours is my hardest try
        and yours is my hardest cry.
onlylovepoetry Feb 2018
Parkland: Oh My divine, We Wrestle Over What is Yours

and what is mine

it took days for the after- shock and awe to arrive;

the bizarre tempo reversal, myself, out of order,
is my shame, after the mind’s pretense ennui of “yet another,”
had to slow seep away beneath the
firewall cutting off the pain of my the true self
and the I, of ordinary

how else, to keep the madness away?
it’s disguised in a well tended secured lockbox
chamber labeled, I, all about me,
deep hid in the rear, not too near the true self,
must keep the unseeing functioning, functioning

but bus-ted poet is triggered and the weep welling
in the eyes commencing that makes writing on a cell
on a moving vehicle an annoying frosting
on what is an inconsolable ****

everyone stares unawares that the shock,
is without awe, and the only awe is in awful awful awful awful

we sit at the Friday eve sabbath table to begin our negotiation;
but there is no negotiating though the excuses and the divine’s stumbling, flailing failings are pre-prepared,
we know this battle too well and the outcome as well,
it is mine true self’s to win, have me not
words and stanzas and music suffice
to convict the lord of the hosts, adonai

take all your seventy names in vain to crush the vanity of
omnipotence for your godliness degrades and your instant access to where the good in me resides is cutoff;
under My Contacts
you have been


we shall meet as always on the Day of Atonement
but this year no repentance to be granted, the pardons shared
with my kind only, none left for the lonely gone-gods,
no longer seek yours for me, there are 17 extra to be given out*

the left foot and the falsehoods join in the denunciation,
though some suggest reprieve and only reproach
for isn’t atonement possible for even gods?  No. not,
for a god who got human kindness installed in all his devices
but then never opened the app

my name was
but for now, till the culling of the agonies is done,
till the hollows are refilled and the curses fully final expended,
till the sudden eye tearing ceases to render me torn, messed,
you may call me nothing but this:


should you come calling
there will be no beseeching,
just the stoic bearing witness of my silence,
my finger-pointing judgement,
and my angels presence

“May the angel Michael be at my right,
and the angel Gabriel be at my left;
and in front of me the angel Uriel,
and behind me the angel Raphael...”
and above me seventeen new protectors
whose names my true self will now memorize,

for now they are mine


2/16/18 4:34pm  ~ 2/17/18  3:34am
Eden Quinn Mar 6
How many times
did I try to hold back my heart
when it was clearly
craving for yours
to crave mine?


No explanation needed...
Poetic T Mar 9
We are all locks,
           that only a few keys
                          can unlock.

But you weren't like the
you picked mine and discarded it.

From then on, I was always open to you..
Casey Rodger Mar 7
When you cross my mind
There's nothing i can do
My face can not hide
What i feel for you

I wish that you could see
Even just for moments
Yourself through me
And all your best components

From our first kiss
Stealing random items
Talking about cactus
My spirits you have lightened

More then just today
I'll be your valentine
In every other way
I'll be yours and you be mine
Xgaizer Mar 6
you told me  to sing
cause its what  i love
you told me to write
cause i love the tale
you told me to dance
to our un-choreography move
you told me to draw
cause i love to scratch
you told me to play
cause i just love the game
you told me to dress
because i love to show
you told me to smile
cause it just makes me shine
you told me to trust
cause you say you won't break it for sure
you told me to love
cause i deserve it all
you ask me to be yours
are you even sure?
and if its a yes
then is a yes.
to girl that can always make me feel like everything
and sometimes you just have to let them go,
not because you are  not strong enough to fight for them,
but because they wont even try to win you
i had to let you go because i was tired, tired of everything ...i just couldnt take it anymore..........
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