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Pedro Vialle Oct 8
Ever so gently
lay your head on my shoulder
dreaming of a better place
while I'll be awake
fighting your nightmares away
and when you wake up
I'll still be here
and I swear to be, for ever,
                                                                                                         your love
No courage to say out loud... There goes a poem, then!
Anna Sep 14
Staring at the sun that are your eyes
Star of my universe
Anomic love
No rules
Chaotic as a crisis
You had me dancing over my own feet.
clever Sep 6
you said you wanted to be next,
but you'll never be unless you learn to put me first
you kissed me until all of the pain evaporated
until the echoes of my past fell to a hush
quietly, suddenly the agony dissipated
like there was no room for it here
you repossessed the places my past called home
you called them yours and I called you mine
Anna Sep 3
I can't stop writing
At the sound of The Piña Colada Song
My sweet piece of liberty
Won't you take me free as you?

Set me out on the rain
Let me taste your salty tear drops
As they fall down on your cheeks
Red cheeks bathed by the flutter and sun.

Made me go with no air your gaze
As I saw in your lips all the blaze
I could lie and tell the truth at the same time
But would you get either?

Naughty boy from South Carolina
Won't you take me to the streets?
Call me your sweet and extremely white cotton candy
And be my *** on the coke
Watch the stars with me and name it me one.
I am yours in the first month of fall when the trees begin to dance their autumn song.
I am yours when the sun smothers your cheeks and I envy the way it kisses you.
I am yours when December air pulls against your lips and sends shivers down your spine.
I am yours in the crowd of a million people and I am especially yours when the silence of your solace drives you mad.
I love you.
and I am yours.
The Vault Aug 6
I got something to ask
For you only, darling
My brown eyed bear
My love of all loves

Will you miss me when the world gets dark?
Will you kiss me even when I am old?
Will you love me through the pain?

I have a question for you
My sun and my world
My air and my ocean

Will you be my rock and will you let me be yours?
Can I be the smile on your cheeks?
Or the pep in your step?
Can I be the reason for your laugh and the reason for your happiness?

Can I be yours?
GulRukh Jul 10
Love made me forget my worth
I am aware
I am not even your shoe's dust
We are different in every manner, you are sky high I am dust on this earth still I love you and will until my heart beats. You are my moon, I am a wolf that howls and cry but can't reach it's moon.
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