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Surrounded in a sea of shivering fear,
Floating and bobbing until I come near
The tight, warm grasp of a human hand;
The thunderous triumph of standing on land.

I’m weak at my knees as I mindlessly drift.
What would I do to make water shift?
I need to be seen and I need to be read;
I’m gonna be crumpled and torn into shreds.

Day upon day, my plight never ends --
Destinations are missed, time and again.
See, my dear friend, it’s never over:
I keep floating around, over and over.
I really should be using Hello Poetry more. Either I've been busy or I've procrastinated. Sorry.
I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed

Maybe I just don’t have what it takes
Maybe it’s not meant to be
Maybe I don’t know what I really want
Maybe I should let the passion wash away

I keep trying to start over with you
You say I need independency
The decisions should be mine
You say, “Maybe you need love too”
And I realize I don’t think I could take it if you walk away
But there ain’t nothing to do
And I should let it go

I keep trying to start over with me
Maybe I should listen
Get some medicine
Make it pink, I’ll swallow it
But would I be me?
And would you still love me?
And will the sadness go away, or will I just be numb to it?

Lightning brings thunder
Lightning brings grey storms
Why can’t you love me like lightning?
Because I keep losing track of you
And I, I don’t want to listen
Because I keep losing touch with you
And you, you don’t want to listen

I keep chasing lightning
Trying to catch it, lock it in a bottle
but when I do the bottle cracks
and I’m left empty-handed
Starry Aug 31
This empty
Bottle of Lemonade
Though ankockious
It my minds play thing
I can set it up
Take pics
The way I want to.
Starry Aug 31
On the stone wall
There stands
An empty bottle of
It was throughly
By the person
Who left it there.
i pray you find this message
before it's lost in the sea
i pray it finds you
and you find your way back to me
Willow Trees
Erian Jul 30
I write the notes
Every day
Looking up
At what never be

I write the notes
Hoping you’d see
Capture the universe
Flying away

I write the universe
Every day
Dreaming upon the stars
Every word a stray

Catching the stars like fireflies
Filling bottle by bottle
I can only hope you’d see
My little universe in a bottle
I’ll give to you someday
m h John Jun 16
a father is suppose to be a child’s first
and mentor
however for me my father was my first
and the monster that hid under my bed
with a bottle to keep him company
happy father’s day to all the people who have  a dad like this, they have only made us stronger
s Willow May 7
Chained and shackled to the bottle
Disorderly conduct,
a DUI,
domestic violence report.
My guilt is shown in I front of the court.
Wanting to stop
Dreams are a flop.
Behind lock and key.
My new baby sister, I’m unable to see.
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