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lua Jun 7
i am a god that created the human
i am the human that the god created
but the god wants to be human
and the human wants to be the god
and it's a back and forth
the discontent
the want for more, for land and riches
for wealth larger than seas
and the need for simplicity,
to be held and to be loved.
Ahmad Attr Nov 2020
Are you happy now?
Look what happened
Your family’s gone and everybody’s dead
The world is decaying everything is black and red

Will you now let me protect you?
Will you now make me make you smile?
Will you stop hurting me now with all of your signature style?

Stop asking for help from others, dialing all those numbers
Everybody else has been crumbled
I am just waiting for you to acknowledge my existence
I can’t wait anymore I waited so long for this instance.

I know you are crying in your room, locked and scared
Exactly how I used to feel
but you won’t remember my feelings I shared
Now I’ll be able to be your hero and save you
Remember it’s all for you and all because of you
This is my world now, you see
So it’s about time when you come to me

So forget about the past and look at the future
us holding hands gazing at horizons
Dancing in the rain
trace on each other’s back, our names

I will be your salvation and reach out my hand when you call
I will get you out of this, I will give you my all

Are you happy now? Look what has happened
The world has begun a new
Let’s make it our Eden
A secret paradise all hidden.
Instead of reaching out to the person in need, God-complex develops wanting the other person to beg for it.

This poem is a follow up to ''End of the World'' and ''Wish''
Delta Swingline Apr 2017
Alright, alright...

Let's me be honest when I call myself out for being a narcissist.

Because I am a narcissist when it comes to things like music, or poetry, or worldview.

In short, I'm pretty terrible.

But in my narcissism, there is a bit of a God complex.

Feeling like I am invincible and unshakable. Like no one is above me and like nobody can possibly be in my way.

Like I am in control of everything.

Like God.

But definitely not like God.

I try to pull myself away from that kind of thinking because it dehumanizes me. It makes me something I don't want people to see.

It doesn't matter if I enjoy the insanity while it overtakes my body because eventually I will come to realize that this is not the life I want.

That I am better than this.

I mean...

Am I not better?

I don't know.


Can you tell me?
I need to figure out my complexes.
Heather Valvano Dec 2014
I am the God of my own worlds
I produce pain
I am cruel
Love is rare
A precious jewel
I create it all on the page
Mined diamonds from my mind
Or ****** battles written in rhyme

I am the God
I say what's real
I am the author
I make you feel

— The End —