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Wilkes Arnold Jan 13
Have you ever been to Nomansland?
It's full of smiles, laughter, dread and dearth
Of any repercussions
If you're Russian or a serf
On a wave that leads to everything
Tho nothing you want first.
Come on down to Nomansland
And quench your nagging thirst

Tired of your burden, want to rest your restless mind?
We have trenches, dumps, and valleys
To poor thoughts of every kind
Relax, space out, while those thoughts race away
That's right
Shut up
Sit down
You have no choice but to stay!

Forget your problems
Lose your worries
Ignore your friends
And family too!
Let your pain slip away
With your ecstasy in suit!
Look at everything, see nothing, through your eyes of faded hue!
That's right
Little lost soul ...
...there is no real you.

Once, in a stupor,
Long ago, through the grime,
Another came knocking here
Searching for their mind.
They were blissful,
A customer served full,
But for one little thought
That rattled round their skull

"I want... it... back."
They must have lost their head!!!
We examined it extensively:
It was perfectly braindead
Everything in order, we couldn't figure out
Where the clanging came from
When we jiggled them about

No matter, don't worry
It's of no concern to you,
We're usually successful
When we stir brains into stew.
Just relax to the ditty of our unlive band
I'm Noman by the way,
Welcome to my land!
Rama Krsna Sep 2021
just knowing you’re back
in time for the falling leaves,
perks up these pink roses in my room.
this city’s tap water feels a tad wetter,
even the meek new moon seems a lil’ brighter.

as the evening zephyr waltzes
across this moody park,
it seems to carry with it
a message of love, a beaming smile and knowing’s silence,
spruced with a whiff of those black orchids.

© 2021
“no point in living if you don’t feel alive”
i do not need you
you are a color on a rainbow
a color can be quickly painted over
i do not need you
you are something nice to look at
but beautiful things have a way of moving
you will move on too
i cannot need you
i have needed things before
when you put all of your hope in something
it becomes valuable
it becomes dangerous
it becomes flawed
nobody bothers to steal something that is not needed
i suppose you would be useless to a thief
if there is no attachment
there will be no grief
i do not need you
stop needing me
nobody bothers to steal something that is not needed
i suppose you would be useless to a thief
lua Jul 2021
no one really understands
but i get it
i dont understand either
why this ghost in my body
why this ghost in my body writhes
and tosses
and turns
and makes me sob and weep
shrill and high
yet silently, unobserved
i dont really get it either
why this ghost in my body falls in love with everyone it meets
and makes me green with envy
and a chilling blue of loneliness
that makes it hard to see anything
other than red
and rose
no one really understands
but thats okay
i dont understand either.
Maria Mitea Mar 2021
be dignified of every fall,
no matter the severity of the drama,
as a ”buen maestro” not a spectator
walk with dignity through the film of your own drama,
maintain the path, invest your soul,
you will never be who you were,
whether you're laughing or crying in pain,
do not compromise with the false spirits,
give up egocentrism, expectations, lamentations,
make time and create space, detach from everything,
every day do your inner work,
lie down on the floor and respiro, respiro, respiro …
more respiro, rest, rest, rest, float, float,
floating awareness, detach and let it go of everything,
let it flow ...
for your own soul to be reborn.
angel Dec 2020
I feel so detached from reality,
I begin to question everyone;  
everything; and anything around me.
12/02/20 draft
Maria Mitea Nov 2020
when listening to the birds
Seranaea Jones Nov 2020

oh, considerate

i fear the scars of your instruction
will never erode, even after i
melt down your mental
with a solution
that i hope will make
them chemically dissolve away,

leaving nothing but your staples.

what was it really ?
hyperactivity, autism,
anomalies of perception,
social detachment,

a Gift ?

well, i guess it would not have
made a difference, everybody
knew of this but

patching up my gray matter mistakes
with remedies permanently cemented
between impressionable foldings

i feel this cure like masonry damming
where free-flowing thoughts that ride
upon streams into oceans were supposed
to have discharged naturally,

stopping me from causing my
summers to mix with everybody
else's winters (or vise versa).

you see, my natural configuration
would have sated for me what
would —in turn— infuriate others,

thus the picket around me was built
sufficiently lofty so i would never
grow tall enough to oversee it.

these days i often mistaken this perimeter
for bricks that line the inside of a well,
complete with a leaky bucket
swinging overhead,
beyond my

of all things an adult child could ever
want for Christmas, the removal of
what now prohibits true potential

these things they instilled into me
so i could not violate the principals
of conventional wisdom in their day—

but this is
My Day
now !

and dead counselors need
not protect their world
from Me anymore !

and this Gift ?

it continues drifting
conspicuously aloft
in my gray ocean—

a Divine Gratuity that remains
—to this day— unsuitable
for redemption...

s jones
© 2020

preston Oct 2020
the forming of substance 04
Stephan W

"For years I’ve wanted to live
according to everyone else’s morals.
I’ve forced myself to live like everyone else,
to look like everyone else.
I said what was necessary to join together,
even when I felt separate.

And after all of this, catastrophe came.

Now I wander amid the debris,
I am lawless, torn to pieces,
alone and accepting to be so,
resigned to my singularity and to my infirmities.

And I must rebuild a truth–
after having lived all my life in a sort of lie."
~Albert Camus

Worlds apart,
there is a tension
an alienation--

now, strangers-
in a not so strange land

So many parts..
fighting the glow
fighting each other-

These parts, hiding--
From having to be seen- when needed,

From the pain of
having to need the other parts
who also are so unable,

From the visibility--
from having to be asked to join in-
to the process of
an integrated internal functioning;
the metabolizing of things.

From the pain of it all-
and the despondency that will come
from any attempt
         to even try.

~  ~
The spirit--
its dimly-lit distant memories
of a wholly different time

now afraid to ingrain itself
into a body- that is as of yet
wholly unable to even know itself--

Fragmented parts of the heart;
broken spirit,
a lonely longing-

There is a division
a separation
immersed in a dank mist of fear--

Parts-- nearly touching
but, so unable to see..

or even feel each other in the dark

And the greatest loneliness
becomes the one that is lived within oneself--

An unlived-living
within the broken internal-world
of fragmented parts-
now huddled into remote corners
with such large spaces in between;

parts, isolated from
other parts.

~  ~  ~
One day they will no longer be
so afraid of each other--

Even in its dimly-lit state of being,
the spirit yearns for a cohesiveness,
a wholeness--

      a re-integration of all the parts;
      a reassembling.

Until that time, everything will be partial;
dis- assembled


"The park is now empty and bare
with an abandoned shame about it--
the jungle gym, the slide, the swing
have all rusted together.
They're all so terribly alone now,
where did all the children go?

Didn't they know that the park needed them?

A child’s intelligent heart can fathom
the depth of many dark places,
but can it fathom the delicate moment
of its own detachment..”
~Henry Barthes
"Detachment" (2011)

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