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Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
she's done so many things she never thought she could do. she's loved herself more than ever before, and yet, the revulsion when she looks in the mirror has never felt so true.
2019 has been a ride i never want to go on again.
River Reed Feb 2019
Imagine Hey trying idiot, to you process are two making voices a at fool the of same yourself. time.
Upon a midnight’s visage airy,
T’was a lake frozen by fairy,
…and weighing on mind’s tonnage bearing?
There for ice’ opaqueness winter’s seized,
…and arms encased in rime; trees.

“Oh my,”

At dark of sky thought the eye of something troubling upon my mind?

And the frosty cloudy glass,
Take to it upon my axe,
…and the sting of shards will pass.
And will I eat at last.

Thusly, thrusting through the skull, wettened, weakened for the cold.

…and burden carry I with me,
So encased in rime is he,
Doth make of fishing’s night a chore,
Something that I do abhor!
…and stare I did into that sea,
…my frory breathe in imagery,
Dismay it did fluster me, when my eye captured by Sea,
...and in whirling thoughts could reflection see?
…and something else came back with me.

Pool with drops, light curves, dark rings; in vapid mind now find nothing...

T’was a misty sheen seen after showers?

A damp muggy place of reflecting hours,
Typhoid strange did make snowing;
The Asteraceae of my wilted flowers,
…and that Wren philosophically sings,
…and at lake a lone be -ing,

Appearing peering my soliloquy, I am therefore I into thee.
…and fixed calm stared back at me,

“What pray tell I Enquiry?”

Did something else look back at me?

...and glaring gaze thus did see, something I had hid from me,
…and gawking in my mind did ogle; a malevolence of thought once frugal...

A gaping, oscillating, pierced Abyss, forced farther back into consciousness...

Deeper in and further still,
Climb atop Old Arthur’s hill,
…and the winged Raven’s nearer, reflected on me in my mirror?
…and time did pass turning frozen dying, icy tears of sadness from my crying,

…so did silent Hume release, all the pain that’s troubling me; whilst frozen frame thus held in peace?

I fell forward and felt submerged,
Both characters, both now have merged.
And that creature which accompanied me?

Found a solace back in wine dark sea.
David Hume and Narcissus.
Poetic T Jul 2017
Somewhere in this world
someone will be writing
this down, word for word.

"A doppelganger of thought,

Wondering what the other looks
like as they expel this on to white.
Words mirroring conciseness.
Peter Watkins May 2014
The mirror
is before me
taunting, goading
when it's inner
self is weak, crushed.
Like a bully.

Fragile, reflective;
of someone clinging
to their anger; counteractive.
Though they're shattered
no one sees the jagged shards;
cutting the inside.

Until the shards burst out
in destruction and anarchy
they fall without a doubt.
Eventually the shards melancholy
shows on the outside
and like glass does, it's jagged frame

Why must they project
past misery and not let go
of the sharp pain, building, rejecting.
The jagged metal, constricting steel.
Squeezing, heart to agony breaking.
No help they demand, only pain shared.
Misery loves company, the mirror says;
right before it shatters...
Hope you enjoyed this little thought provoking write. I'm trying this new style with shorter sentences - Peter

— The End —