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luna 2d
i don’t know why it was so hard to admit. i was in love and i didn’t even want to notice it.

i now see it and i understand. how to not be in love with her. she was everything i ever dreamed. we were so mentally close it was scary for both. or maybe .. just for me.

but now she is gone. disappeared. perhaps lost. and im such a fool.

why did i realize that feeling was love when she is already gone?

i guess i was scared. or too busy falling for her.
Faith Apr 3
You pulled your gun
But I'll pull the trigger
You thought I weak
I guess that's what you figured
You were big
But now I'm bigger
Slowly, I'm standing up for who I am.
And fun fact, this is written about the same person that my poem "She Is" was written about. Obviously, things have changed
Jac Mar 30
on the platform i stand
waiting for the midnight train to Paris
the wind brings with her
a sweet strawberry scent
i follow its lead
and am met with a pair of emerald eyes
carefully studying my complexion
i look away
a soft rosy colour on my cheeks appears

i can count the stars reflecting in your eyes
it brings joy to my heart
you give me a soft smile
as i return it
your eyes light up
as beautiful as the moonlight
gleaming over the water
she silenced her phone
trashed the social media
cast off weary fake friends
ceased to lay eyes on junk
or accept empty invitations

she was like a tree or a flower
rudely dug up and replanted
in a grotesque garden

there was one way to wholeness
one unrushed road to finding self
and it wasn’t out there
or hiding somewhere

it was a gentle determined stroll
the deep measured cleanse
feeling the slow but sure growth
down to the roots of her tingly toes
until she and the earth around her lightly sighed
Never so lost,
Never less hope.
North Star was gone,
Let go my rope.

Never so dark
Never less light.
Landmarks were gone,
Left looked like right.

Never so tired,
Never less born.
Sunset was East,
And in the morn.

Never so scared,
Never less bold.
Map upside down,
My torch burned cold.

Never so sad,
Never less free.
Where’s that compass
Inside of me?
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Skywlkr Feb 24
She Was Just Anougher Girl,
A Pure Black Pearl,
One On Her Own I Took Her For My Own,
My Love For her Has Shown and I Will Make it Known,
                         For My Mind has Blown,
For Love She Felt Excluded but she Opened Up and My Heart Was included Struck By Cupid,,,,,
I'm Glad I Found This Black Pearl Girl She Pushes Me To Give Life A Whirl,,,,,
My wife loves black pearls was title of first song I said was her song
Oh no-
Is that what this is?
If I think about kissing you-
Or I think of us surviving a hostage situation-
Or if I think of us cuddling-
Or if I think of you walking me home when I’m drunk and me getting inside okay-
Or if I think of a theme for our hypothetical wedding-
Or if I think about what you smell like-
Am I just smitten?
Or am I in deep?
Or are these just one in the morning thoughts that I’ll never repeat?
Interrobang Feb 21
Somethings missing on the everyday count
when somethings there but always in small amount
Why people won't share is a mystery no man can bare
Thought that we could learn from our mistakes
but all we can do is sorrow at our everyday heartaches
When can we just sit back and take it all in
and see that the creatures that we create are always hiding within
Only then can we all sleep at night in peace
When something missing on the inside that needs to be released.
kiran goswami Feb 19
You search for him in the poems you read.
And he, well, he writes them.
Prayer 1: "Finding Jesus"

O’ Lord we sought You as our Savior,
And our King, and now we know
Your Holy Spirit is the Freer
  Of the heart to follow 
You move the soul to seek Your Kingdom
And Your glory, it is true
   We were not the ones who found You,
Jesus, we were found of You...

Prayer 2: "Choosing Jesus"
When every sin had sunk us deeper
Than the grave You came to save
   A Light into our world of darkness –
There we heard You call our name

     You then reached forth Your Sovereign hand
And, with our own, it did enfold
   It was not so much our own grasp,
It was Yours that took a hold...

Prayer 3: "Living For Jesus"
And when we fall into temptation;
And we’re burdened by our guilt
   Our eyes will always look upon the
Cross where precious blood was spilt

     You lived and died and rose to trade our
Filthy rags for Your own Robe
We’re, forever, justified by
Righteousness that’s not our own...

Prayer 4: "Loving Jesus"
O Lord, Your love is overwhelming!
Lord, no other can compare!
It is eternal, everlasting,
And it finds us everywhere!

       You loved before the world’s foundation,
And You’ll love until the end
Lord, upon Your love for us does
All the love we have depend...
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