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I'm finding joy
I learned that the only way to find joy,
Is to think about all the good things
Yes there's bad things
But the good things are there to
It's the perfect time and the perfect place
To start finding joy
I'm trying...
Can't think of anything to compare to being In love
when you know that someone so special Is yours because you've won
her heart body and
The very first time ever you sleep with her, but she not
gone In the morning she still there so you're turn
Into her put your arm around
And to snuggle Into the beautiful warmth of her shapely body your own body fitting like a glove
to the lovely curves of
her charms smooth of
the skin you feel
the firmness of her breast cupped In your hand, ******* that harden at the touch of your fingers
you so happy to lay
and share her dreams so blissful you fall to sleep safe wrapped In the body of you're
Nothing compares to finding love first time you know you really love her
True love Is being there
no matter comes you
way, putting your loved
ones need first before
your own
Pleasure there ****** needs before your own respect and treat them as a woman should
Never take them for granted make every moment count If you're last, be grateful you've found someone who loves you
Always remember Love Is for the lucky, as It was for
Always felt love Is for lucky, as I considered It was for me finding Helen
Enzo Dec 3
Jobs that pay and jobs that don't
A passion to work in spaces of uninterest
A yesterday that's the same as tomorrow
A beginning carried over and copy pasted until the end
Stressing over the same thing for days on end
Working 9 to 5 in a pencil pushing company
Trapped in an endless cycle of routine and bore
Find me chaos, find me adventure
Take me out Dear Pathfinder in search of true passion and fun
I found my way then but it wasn't what I wanted
So take me away and make me lost for me to find myself again
If I ever land on a boring job I'll lose myself to find passion again
Ink Dec 2
She mapped him out before she met him.

When she saw him, she recognized
The grooves of his smiling face,
The rumbling sound of his voice,
His fresh scent when he embraced her.

When she saw him, she saw her map
Embodied in man that reflected the future
That she so longed to live,
But never thought she would.

He saw it in her, too.

They drifted towards the calm sea
With tomorrow stretching out before them
On a boat where their bodies collided
Like soft waves that engulfed one another.

Their bond sent ripples into the water,
Sizzled the skies with its urgency,
Guiding the boat closer to the shore
That seemed too looming.

She didn't want to reach it.

She had travelled the streets of her map
In search of finding something to fulfill her-
Something that wasn't there
Out on the calm, open sea.

They sailed to an island with greener grass,
But with no winds to uplift her spirit.
She had the map of him,
But the map of her lay in treacherous water.

She dived into the unknown.
For N.J.
I had always been invisible 
Like that first blank page in a novel
Passed over and forgotten as nothing at all

You have made me into something more
A beauty you found inside soaking through
As ink through my thin paper facade
That you drew out and alined
Making me into your work of art

Our eyes met in the long silences
as the lines between us we're inked
Not only by needles but by sparks
A lit match burns so hot
In it's short and glorious life

Now that I have your mark in my skin
They will stop and stare in wonder
But I finally do not need to be seen
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Destiny M Nov 18
Is it wrong to..
Feel too much
Do too much
Like too much
Love too much
Trust in your gut and your heart and soul trying to find control.
The balance between **** and fate
Love and hate . Searching finding loving learning ..
....wanting needing getting having ..
Bella R Nov 14
With your shining smile
Follows a twinge to my heart
Like pins and needles
And giggles bubble to the surface,
Yet I boldly exclaim: I don’t
Like you.

Your little everyday actions
Makes my heart sing
And my eyes sparkle
With secret adoration,
My cheeks bloom
Like roses on Valentine’s and my cherry red lips
Yet I stubbornly insist: I don’t
Like you.

But that day
Under the starry night sky,
As your arm brushes longingly against mine,
And you point out the constellations in the vast sky,
That are connected so naturally,
Fitting so perfectly,
I can’t help but think of
You and I.

-Bella R.
today i am love sick
Yesterday i was reckless
This year i am entirely lost

I let my heart break so quick
I have been crying like a complete mess
My heart was frozen into a frost

I laughed when told to enjoy these moments
I cried when told these would be my best years
I broke because this has been the worst year of all

But now in this car the night soothes the torment
Because i realize from this **** trip that  I lived through so many fears
I braved through it and got up after every fall

No one would understand the terror in my mind
The sadness in my soul
The feeling of having your gut constantly churn

Sometimes i stop and feel  growth changing within my mind
I'm learning to let awful things go
Alanis morrisette really was right when she said you live and you learn

I am so reckless
I'm currently deeply heartbroken
A rising alcholic with noone to call my own
Crying at every failure

But I'll look back at this and learn it's ok to be a mess
Having my heart broke made my eyes open
I wanted to live life and I'm being shown
That to have fun and love I'll have to often be a total failure
Ive been going through so very much. Very deoressed and stressed. Possibly worst year if my life. But i keep going and i dont know how. Im terrified it'll get worse but after this trip i had i realized some things. The trip was my last hope for something good to happen. While it didnt work out that way it taught me to let things go and to be ok with being reckless right now. Just don't go too far. And that no matter what i can be strong. Im still finding myself
Rose Oct 29
Those endless butterflies
that bring contagious
smiles to your face
and make it impossible
to think of anything but
those brown eyes
if you know, you know
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