I know he loves me,
With it easy to tell.
For years we don't talk,
With the years as its spell.
What more can I do,
Letting the time on dwell?
This so a story,
The nights I seek to roam.
A mystery paved,
A place I feel is Rome.
Haunted away home,
Here out my love to own.
Beyond something ours,
Knowing love us afar.
III May 11
Ever so slowly,
I am seeing
Glimmering shards of myself
Creep back into the
Beat of my heart and
The cadence of my words.
Kivanc May 9
I slept well,
Maybe someone made me sleep,
I could say only thing,
I rejected it without wanting.

I imprinted all of my memories,
All of my disturbed feelings
With the meteors fall down in my dream.

I saw Devil's hell,
Not with its hot but with its cold,
I found out with cold,
I lost my everything.
If life was fair.

Where would be the fun of finding a new adventure?

                           With love,
Jimmy Apr 20
I've been searching for you forever. I've swam across many great seas and crawled across many treacherous deserts making sure not to leave a single stone unturned. I've been chasing you like a rainbow hoping that I'll find the pot of gold. I keep getting more clues but unlike Nancy Drew, I'm no detective sleuth. You're moving too fast and I'm starting to get tired. Eventually I will find you even if it's only in my dreams.
Raegan Meyer Apr 10
we are finding out
the indecipherable
and then it kills us.
Jean Sharlot Apr 6
Two syllables
makes me weak
my knees are shaking
and my heart's breaking.

Two syllables one word
leave me breathless
makes me speechless
but it gives me spaces.

No, Yes, No, but Yes
One word give me happiness
it takes away my eagerness
but leave me full of tears.

Madeleine Apr 5
Sometimes the only way to know yourself truly
Is to find yourself completely broken
Casey Rodger Apr 5
Finding love for life was easy,
I felt that grow within my soul,
Although not everything does please me,
I've always had respect for life's goal,
To teach us lessons hard or not,
Maybe even 2 or 3 times round,
You could have to climb to the top,
Or know what it's like to fall down.

Finding love for myself is a journey,
It's not been as simple to do,
Every straight road just keeps turning,
It looks so easy when I look at you,
As if the opposite has occurred,
You're just hateful towards your gift,
And in love with the mirror that's blurred,
I think your perception needs to shift.

Finding love for the ones who've hurt me,
Different ego's in different ways,
Feels almost impossible you see,
But they're making moves and running plays,
I work at letting it not bother myself,
And try my best to understand them,
I will find space in my heart on the shelf,
That is labeled "Old time friend".
I found happy,
He's nice,
and kind,
his eyes are the ocean,
and his mind is the universe.
I found happy.
I love his smile,
and his laugh,
but his jokes are by far the best.
I found Happy.

~A Little Girl
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