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There's an ocean,
Underneath me,
And a thought that
Can defeat me,

O, I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

There's a name,
I'm so ashamed,
I can't make it,
I'm to blame.

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

All the things
That I've done,
There's no battles
That I've won,

O, I'll cry
When I see you
Once more...

Inside I'm still dying,
Outside, I'm
Still trying,
There's no one
To hold open doors!

No lying , I'm crying,
My blood
Won't hit the floor;

But I'll cry,
When I see you
Once more...

I've got friends,
Til the end,
But no moments
I can rend,

There's nothing
But something
I adore!

Such a moment
Just a moment,
My atonement,
I abhor,

But I'll cry
When I see you
Once more!
A poem I wrote describing my depression. A year ago I caught a case for attempting to steal from a car, and pulling a gun on someone. Yeah... even I make serious mistakes. But the aggravated assault charge is going to be dropped, and I'll likely serve probation for attempted robbery of a motor vehicle. Thankfully it's a misdemeanor, and not the felony they wanted to charge me with... I wrote this today before court on Monday. Wish me luck and forgiveness... that's all I have the right to ask.

Brant Jul 13
After all this time I'm still looking,
Which is good,
Depends on what you're looking for
And how long you've been looking,
Unless you've been waiting
lua Nov 2021
whispers of green that linger in the air
wafting through the grey morning breeze
the sun is shy today, i think to myself
while i hide behind my own wall of clouds

the water is cold and seemingly bottomless
when i dip my toes in the murky black
i watch it ripple
and fogs of blue leak from my lips

jump in
the tide is waist-high
and sends shivers spiraling down your spine
wash away the tearstains of night
and you'll find yourself
looking for the sun.
Coralie Marie Aug 2021
maybe the point of arriving is finding one who´s just as lost
Cursive N Jul 2021
There's a girl I couldn't stop thinking about
She often smiles, she gives when she has none to give,
And she likes to do the right thing.

There's a girl I'll never stop thinking about
She winked, she took when I had nothing left to give,
And she liked what power could bring.

There's a girl in between that I sometimes forget
She did not talk, she had nothing to give,
And she liked to be honest in everything.

The girl I am is probably memorable
I flirt a lot, I give when there is something to get
I like a piece of each of them.

Where's the catch, where's the fairytale
I'm playing a game, all to no avail
Descovia Jul 2021
Words are nothing, without the meaning you give to them!

I am in pure absolution, you have as much strength, as the values and faith you have in fulfilling your very aspirations!

The combination of balance emotions and pure intentions will gracefully unfold wealth in abundance you sought for.

You can have your time in the dark.

Remember, your light is the spark responsible for continuous star life!

Believe me, you were born to shine!

If you won once before, you are going to get out there and do it again!
Cole May 2021
Holding me
But I soon realize
It's just in my head
He is not to be seen.
As I grow up and open my eyes
What if I was the savior I needed.
The villain just a cookie cut.
The God they speak of never came down.
I have been left here on my own.
Struggling with myself.
The eternal hell I live.
boy or girl
right or wrong.
God wasn't there.
I get older.
I realize
I'm alone again, of course.
We are one person.
Both of us.

"Who are you?"
"I just don't know you anymore"
Nobody May 2021
I often talk to myself,
Asking, screaming y I am the way I am?
Questioning every prayer ever made and Thoughts ever occurred,
And then there comes a point,
Where the decision of ending it all seems the best,
But never found the courage to do so,
I hate myself for making me believe that I am worst thing other person can ever experience,
But I love myself for being able to survive through all of it alone,
I hate myself for all those bad decisions,
But I love myself for holding on to me when no one else did,
I hate myself for being reckless,
But I also love that part of me,
Because I know if I had never hated myself
I would have never known how much I love myself
Poetic T Mar 2021
You were the cement boots around
my ankles and I would sink beneath
your gaze screaming as I sank to the

I saw the others the ones who failed
your questioning, your mind games
of unconscious action and reaction.

But with me, I screamed in laughter,
as I knew that you'd always let me
drown enough to be conscious of
                       your ever-changing needs.

We were the lime and the sand,
our words the water that would be
mixed together. We would be concrete
           metaphors of each other's needs..

And I found it slightly ***** when you
tried to metaphorically drown me in
                                       your mind.
I always learnt some depth to you the
                         longer you let me drown.
Careful dance
Under the rain
Only for once
Hiding the pain
Shoes on the damp
Innocent road
Glowing street lamps
It's sleeting and cold
Dust settled down
They've survived
Lucky to 've found
Each other's lives
Starting anew
Hoping for more –
They are the few
Who made it through war
Even if memories of people dying haunt them forever, at least they have each other to fight off nightmares... and this relative approximation of peace and happiness, so rare and such a fragile treasure
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