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Esther 20h
let's hug forever
under the stars
let our skins morph
until we melt into one

i've cried enough tears
to water this spark
but you chase away
the clouds in my heart

stepping off the last train
you marked me like a bloodstain
laid there in that central park
humming to our midnight lullabies

telling stories from our past
dreaming adventures for the future
with your body heat next to mine
there never was a cloudy night.
for James ☁️🖤
Martyr Oct 5
Have you ever stopped and looked up at the stars?
Have you ever gone for a long night drive in your car?
Have you ever felt love and that intricate feeling?
Sat in your room, alone, starring at the ceiling?
I was doing just that the other night.
Sitting outside, just writing my rhymes.
And something came across my mind.
So here is a question for you.
Have you been enjoying life as much as you know you could?
Because that is the question that hit me.
And, to be honest, I don’t think I have.
I'd like to say yes.
I’d love to tell you that I’m super happy, there’s no problems, and life is good.
But, I can’t lie, I haven’t been living life as much as I know I should.
Many terms have been thrown around.
And I’ve given so much oxygen to them.
I was so close to being drowned.
I gave away breath that they didn’t deserve.
I took my happiness and put it on reserve.
And that is why I’m writing all this down.
This poem’s my reminder for the next term thrown around.
A reminder to not give ear to a wolf’s stirring tongue.
A reminder that you need to enjoy life, because you’re still young.
Not gonna lie, it’s mentally hard.
Especially, when in people’s minds, the wolf has left you scarred.
But, do you remember, back when you used to hear the birds chirp?
Back when the playground was heaven in your eyes.
When nothing could compare to going down that slide.
And maybe, when you fell, you scrapped your knee and cried.
But you’d get right back up and go again next time.
Those are the days I miss.
Because I’ve aloud life to become an abyss.
And, yes, the wolf may talk.
But it’s up to you to choose to listen or walk.
So all I have to say… is remember the stars,
remember the cars,
remember that feeling,
remember that ceiling.
Because, today, I choose to walk.
I will no longer give breath to those who choose to talk.
miki Sep 13
a small town park
nearing dusk
the glow of the sun was golden
as i listened to the ripple
of a distant lake
even then
i loved you
even then

a big city house
nearing dawn
the glitter on the floor was blinding
as we watched the sun rise
through the abyss of trees
after the party
even then
i loved you
even then
Adi N Sep 11
It wakes up to the warmth of the morning rays,
The dew starts evaporating from the grass blades,
when the first joggers and pet dogs make their way.

As the day progresses, it becomes a playground
for young lovers, artists, birds and nature’s sounds,
Kids join the drama after school, and many more *** around.

My park is loaded with innumerable memories everyday
but all that is left is trash and dog poo at the end of the day,
Only to wake up again to the warmth of the sun the next day.
s a m Aug 26
Go, walk in the park.
Pick flowers and it will die
just like your feelings.
Easy love can lead to easy bust-up.

Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Joe Millard Aug 3
I began to weep seeing horrors
outside the Urakami Cathedral
amid skeletons of the horrific explosion,
that scarred innocent faces,
burnt patterns on human flesh,
and melted eyes of the pure
on that August day in 1945.
The day the bells did not ring
for those disfigured by flames,
charred by unseen radiation,
or left wandering among the dead.  
My tears became fears
outside Nagasaki Peace Park in 1956
seeing the insanity of igniting the air.
HeWhoExplores Jun 16
Blowing long grass on sun drenched land,
barbecue smoke rises high into the air above
Forming smokey marshmallow clouds,
bound for nowhere

A passenger plane, making its presence known
glides above; menacingly
Like a gull in search of its next meal;
loud and soaring.

People lay motionless on flat bedded land,
and forest creatures take refuge high into the treetops
Escaping the human threats from below;
For now, at least

Dogs run wild and children misbehave,
beetles bite and scuttle along the ground
Novels find their places on the grass,
falling from the faces of sleeping people

The sun masterfully floats above all,
defying odds that rain was ever to come today
Loud music floats hazily around the park,
as groups rejoice and discuss amongst themselves

As the past makes its way for the future,
it is the present moment which stands triumphant
Sitting back, watching the world go by I wonder;
Will I ever get the chance to see more days like this one?
Reflective thoughts by a tree in a park
HeWhoExplores Jun 11
They stood like three stooges, unaware of wondering eyes that locked onto them. The nameless men spoke gently, as murmurs of importance echoed softly around the park grounds. I looked at them, yet could not look away. But, such a sight was most peculiar as we had been living in pandemic times, shackled by refrain and virtue. You see, this petite park was a refuge for folk like us, constantly searching yet never settled in one spot. The Homeless, The Beatnik and the Middle Man was what I called them. Such callous names I'd acquired for them was not out of spite, but more so out of the visible narrative of what was openly occurring in front of my very eyes. As I watched, a deal was being penned in the cold day of light. The Middle Man, confident and defiant stood a-fixed to the spot and dealt out street lingo that made him as formidable as the warlords themselves. The Beatnik did not contest to his instructions, nor would he dare. And The Homeless stood agape and perplexed as he merely awaited for his evening fix.
Such a candid sight, one thought.
The police arrived only minutes later, revving their engine whilst catching the park folk off guard. The *******, now struggling to put 1+1 together hurriedly exchanged business dealings in the form of sterling for blow. It was over in a matter of seconds. The atmosphere had then become most quiet as only the tweets and low barks of innocent animals had laid bare the scene. I slowly gathered my composure and adjusted my posture once again. And after sighing a great sigh, all I could genuinely think about was The Homeless, The Beatnik and The Middle Man had forever gone. Disappeared, as if from time itself.
A candid recollective memory of a drug transaction in a public park
Tizzop Jun 9
memories of yesterday, we were kids
an hour would last for days
the taste of a candy meant the world to us

robocop, a father figure
two dollars stood for the eternity of luck
simple things counted

finding a piece of wood in the park
stones, bluely shimmering
an undisguised smile

social condemnation was a strange term
struggle and love grief far away
our friendship, my brother

rest in peace
i will never forget you
we will meet again
Today is a sad day.
William Marr May 25
everything seems so natural
so straightforward
as if there were no oppression
bending or twisting
in this world

innocent hands
all joyously stretching
to reach the sky
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