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Quiet Justin Apr 18
You never realize how happy you are
until you can walk through a park,
a smile on your face, not a single worry.

You actually notice how nice the weather is.
The sunlight on the grass.
The child beating his son at badminton.
All the people just enjoying the day.
And you're one of them.
My self esteem is much higher.
And the knowledge of the hedgerow plant, I found embedded in leaf veins ... like in mine, etched along blue lines of a notebook. In the ripples on the remnants of water that pooled, before the mudflats claimed them are the striations of  ol'butot near  Naivasha. His stories tell of caves, a gleaming obsidian of a pre historic introspection. Do forty day fasts suffice to exorcise the springs of sulphur or the forced baptism of a flash flood washing six souls to Hades ? The sun glinted at me through a narrowness of fate, a gorge of interminable seconds and I marvelled at the strata of time in a warp, for it blurted out a moan.

Love spoke in nuanced layers of molten flow that crawled to stillness. Can I not say that stone speaks? A couple of hundred years back in time, self titled discoverers  had seen land that had not been unseen by the thousands who lived for thousands until then. So yes, the strata spoke to me, like the striations in the leaves and the lines that were everywhere telling stories of interminable seconds. Time grooves like a death valley in an engraving, etched like a memory of that which has never been, ripples on sand, circles on water,
Anything can trigger a poem, this one dominoed into Hell’s Gate Park in Kenya. Down below, a random photo I took inside, a few years earlier. It was strange, there was hardly anyone there that day, except the hot sun and a tiny array of grassland herbivores.

“A sparse region of natural beauty, Hell’s Gate runs west of the ancient lava flows of Mount Longonot, a 9,111-foot-high extinct volcano dominating Lake Naivasha and the Rift Valley. Combined with Longonot and Naivasha, the region forms a unique sanctuary for bird and animal life. It has been a longtime favorite of hikers, rock climbers, and nature lovers” [Ref~]
A warp speed roller coaster of emotional trauma
Cork ******* and looping into deadly empty space
I slipped out of the cart but my foot got caught up on a cage
Now trailing behind this rocket ride of misery and pain
Exquisite are the flames
Burning up like a shooting star
Now where to f*cking aim
I’ll crash and burn all alone
Somewhere far away
A walk through the parks
A dog barks
Its teeth as sharp as sharks
'That's not a good rhyme' my brother remarks
: Then how would you fix it?
'You're not a good poet, you must admit'
: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
'You're not smarter, even if you are older'
I hit him lightly on the shoulder
'Ow, that felt like a boulder'
: Back to the rhyme
'All in due time,'
'My talents are all truly sublime'
: Ya, like the times you got your hair stuck in slime
'That was no crime'
'So, A dog barks, and gets in one of those arks'
: Arks? as in the boat?
'Yup, the ones that float'
My brother brays like a goat
: I'll take note
: If you stop acting like a goat
This was a random conversation I had with my younger brother once, it made me laugh a lot so I decided to write a poem about it. :P
Svetoslav Feb 16
Walking down the park
Moon hides behind a cloud
Stars bringing a spark
Silence changes to sound

Fireworks in the distance
The universe is making a vow
Filling the void with existence
Your mind is there to allow

Galaxies beyond measurement
Twilight shines in the dark
Changing my usual temperament
Twinkle my eyes through the park

Grim mood no longer in consistence
Gods are furnishing to endow
An end to perishing is my insistence
To my will countless planets vow
by Svetli
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
gently and easily
across a riverside park,
my sports-shoe clad feet
pressing down and rebounding on soft lush green grass
with each gentle easy step;

I see
the wide blue river
alongside the park and
I gaze at
white yachts anchored and
I smell
the refreshing pungent scent of salt-water and
I look up at
the mid-blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating across and
I feel
Laura Dec 2020
there's a place i want to take you
it's not very far
the miles we will travel
reveal who you are
little by little
giggle by giggle
take my hand, solve this riddle
between us
I've seen us
on a movie screen
I know this scene
you will be my queen
your eyes I have seen
Man Nov 2020
we talked
ad infinitum
on the docks, at the pier, in the park
it was midsummer, with a warmth like it too
and two sailboats streaked the lake
but for the life of me
I've forgotten what we said
her washed out blond hair
inviting rose colored lips
polka-dotted red & white skirt
and mustard yellow blouse

it was sparsely more than a few
but they seemed to say
"drink it in"
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