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Life was simple at twenty-one
there was hope for us
there was a chance we’d be
all of the things we promised we’d be
living on the coast
tangled in each other's arms
under skies full of stars
watching the waves roll in  
a world away from anyone
anything we know
Memories I will always want to relive
lua May 26
I like to fantasise
Every single part of my life
I like to walk through the streets
Wearing rose-tinted glasses
With little swirls of blue and gold
That engulfs each thing I touch and see
In rippling hues
Of pure fantasy and beauty
Even the trash along the sidewalks.
Morgan Vail May 2
The smell of cherries,
Rich, tangy, sweet,
Like syrup dripping down through my water,
Leaving my lungs filled with nauseatingly, gorgeous pink,
Outside the window’s damp metallic screen.
It pulls my eyes out,
Leaving across the city,
Dark and screaming as it is.
Screaming to be worth something,
To be known,
And all we are is above, in the clouds.
Pink, suffocatingly high,
All around us the air sings,
And I am choking,
Colliding with the atmosphere,
The heart envelops the mind,
I am here again,
All metal.
Waking nightmare,
The smell of cherries.
Morgan Vail Apr 19
it has been a while since i've sneaked some alcohol
but i don't worry, that's okay
i want to feel good tonight
like every other day
dullness brings fear
and the endless ******* rot
i feel i've left this place too much
like each friend i've never sought
i don't even have to start it anymore
it happens just so easily
like my body knows i need to escape
like i live
Edmundo Mar 25
Paintings must have a poetry for each eye
An escape for each truthful try
To evade what more scapes the dye
That paints a mind blind
That scrapes for single thought that is kind

Poems must paint a painting
For eyes that are fainting
Sore with the harsh and painful reality
Of feeling while fleeing
From thoughts that rush too fast
e Mar 24
I pull each of my teeth out, carefully
open a door to flee, get away from here
I go hunting for love, don’t find a single prey today
so I withdraw alone in the cold, close the door to this day
Zoe Mei Mar 19
all i have ever wanted
is to be
a ship
cast off
from the populated shores
into a sea of stars
to sail among cotton clouds
into fantasy beyonds
to need never look
on the world i leave below
and never glance back
on my body which my mind
leaves behind
on the lapping shores of the living
Zoe Mei Mar 16
Brown hair drip
drops down onto
black squishy flip flops
seamless white plastic shower floor.

Then it is tan sand
and saltwater spray;
and the great gray-blue ocean
lies before bare burrowing toes
and air vent breaths
are washing tides
and the shushing breeze.

She is naked and young and alone
tan, svelte and smooth
squeezing sea from dark tangled hair
on a beach
where air smells sweet
salt, not stinking seaweed
and everything the temperature of her body.
The sun burns not too hot or bright
in pastel-streaked sky
rays not of needle glares but cotton.

The standing,
quiet calm
no chatter but seagulls
air enough to fill both lungs:

a world that is plush and halcyon
and needs no reason
I wrote this poem when I was super anxious (obviously in the shower), and I just needed some fantasy to feel okay.
parker Mar 8
the bright light of the tv bleaches my eyes of any thought i ever conceived;  
A laugh track plays, as i slowly pull my chest to my knees.
my phone is screaming
and yelling
but i just leave it be.
I fuse to the couch and let darkness crawl over and cover me

until the roar of a laugh track sings me quietly to sleep
i use tv and other forms of media as escapism
Alicia Moore Feb 20
do you simply enjoy travelling to dreamland,
or is it that living in reality feels too much like a nightmare?
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