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T Sep 19
First Love:
You were never cruel,
the "too good to be true."
You always remind me of youth,
as pure as young love.
I never thought that I would be writing again,
as I think of those days.
How I used to love writing about you.
Your smile,
your love for music,
and your soul.
They were my favorite subjects.
I'm writing again.
Being reminded of how pure I used to write.
But the truth is, I never told anyone.
The reason why I used to love writing.
It was because of that person.

Second love:
The love who also teaches most with my firsts.
How I learned about poetry.
She loves them more than I do.
She's my soulmate.
I love writing, and I bring her with me.
She was there in almost every behind-the-scenes of how I love things.
I was also never a fan of reading,
but I also learned to love it.
I got to learn to think deeply.
Again, she was there.
I carry her with me every time.
I also got to taste the harsh world as she first learned it.
Now, we are also sharing the same sentiments about the world.
How could we hate the world and everyone who made us who we are today.
I got to know most of my firsts from her.
It's like she'll have them first, so I can have her as the person who will understand me.
But now that time is something that we can no longer control,
I've got to learn things by myself too.
Thank you, even when I only learned to love you second.
You will always be my soulmate.
Still and will always have you as part of me.
How did i not know?
You weren't feeling okay.
You were feeling low,
Your world was probably gray.

I don't want to lose a part of me.
You're also my heart, you know?
Can't we go back to how we used to be?
I have loved you since hello.
Baby don’t go away.
Love me like you loved me.
Say you’re still mine.
ky Jul 19
I don't hate you.
After all that we went through,
I never hated you.
—I thought I could never hate you.

But then again,
I thought I knew you.

I thought you were that sweet, selfless guy,
the guy that cared about me more than anything,
who said he'd never hurt me.
Who told me he loved me.

But if you really cared about me more than anything,
and loved me as much as you claimed you did,
then you wouldn't have hurt me like you did now.

I wouldn't be sitting here
with tears streaming down my face,
writing these poems to get out the feelings
I otherwise bury inside.

I could never hate the boy I thought you were.
But you're not that boy at all,
at least, not anymore.
Ashwin Kumar Jul 18
When I started my MBA
I was looking forward to making new friends
And of course, excelling in academics
And thus redeeming myself
After my Engineering debacle
However, it never occurred to me
That I would fall in love
For the first time in my life
You changed everything
Right from our second meeting
I was drawn towards you
You were very shy
But in a good way
And of course, extremely sweet-natured
The kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly
Though you didn't know much Tamil
In spite of being a Tamilian
Your English more than made up for that
You didn't speak a lot
However, when you did speak
You were able to articulate your thoughts exceedingly well
And though we never had a detailed conversation
Apart from our debate on the movie "Ra One"
It was always a pleasure to interact with you
And of course, listen to your captivating voice
Last but not the least
Your handwriting was so exquisite
That it had the capability
To transform the dullest subject
Into an extremely fascinating one
Anyway, I truly loved you
But I couldn't muster the courage
To ask you out
However, I don't have any regrets whatsoever
And regardless of where you are currently
I hope you are having the time of your life
Just one last thing
I am utterly gobsmacked
That you knew all along
Something that I could never guess
From the way you spoke to me
Or behaved with me in general
You are indeed an incredible lady
And I hope you remain the way you are
Because the world needs more people like you
Dedicated to a girl with whom I fell in love with, during my MBA
you are a lover of
the night

you see
what the day is
too shy to reveal
Ashwin Kumar May 27
You may not remember me
As it has been ages
Since we last spoke
However, I probably won't be able to forget you
Right from the moment we met
I was drawn to you like a magnet
You were shy to a fault
And extremely sweet-natured
As I got to know you better
It didn't matter to me
That though you were a Tamilian
You spoke only in English
Because you were a great listener
And when you did speak
You were able to articulate your thoughts
Better than almost everyone in our college
Your mere presence was enough
To ensure that I didn't miss a single class
Except when my health was down
It is often said
That people lose focus
After falling in love
However, on the contrary
Thanks to you, I was able to develop extra focus
And achieve better grades
You inspired me
In a way that no one could have done
We once had a debate
On a rather forgettable movie
It didn't matter that our views were different
What mattered was your energy and intensity
And that fact that you took time out
To debate with a person whom you didn't know very well
You even taught me some tax calculations
Of course, it was a case of unrequited love
But totally worth it
And what was even better
Was the fact that you had known all along
And yet didn't shy away from talking to me
You really are one of a kind
As I mentioned earlier , I will never forget you
Poem dedicated to my first love.
lua Mar 31
first love, loud evening
blaring lights,
she cries into a puddle on the floor
i help her up as she drips through my fingers
it's funny, i laugh until my cheeks hurt
she's sobbing into her palms
first love, a crying mess
lipstick smeared, chocolate cake stains on her teeth
when i sing, i can't help but think of her
how it would feel to hold her
more than a friend
but first love remains a first love
she goes home, a stumbling mess in the night
slurring her goodbyes as she drags her feet to the car
first love, goodbye and good night
stay as my first love, it's better that way
i'll meet someone like you soon.
Sky Dec 2022
I once looked into your eyes, and felt time stop.
I once looked into your eyes, and saw nothing but black.

I’ve seen you soft, glowing and free;
I’ve also seen things you never wished for me

You turn as though caught in the phases of the moon;
full of light, half dark – a black hole in the sky

And somehow, every time I looked up,
you just never failed to catch my eye

And whether love is long lost,
and our futures set in stone,

I keep your memory tucked tightly away,
so that neither of us can truly be alone.
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