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Nicole 4d
There’s something about a first love

They are the ones that will give you the sweet first taste of love
and all the butterflies and chills that swing along with it

The first of many that you will be vulnerable to
but the only one that will never lose your heart

I fear for a day where I will no longer feel love towards this old friend of mine
but I fear more that it will never stop

Anger and sorrow and missing the one who refuses to detach from your mind
will cause a war within yourself
and a heartbreak only you could ever know

Situations like these you may find yourself looking for a solution in places or people
that cannot fill the void forever

You may try to medicate yourself with poison
but when the high is over, the lows creep back around
and dance in your mind till you cant cope with the pressure of the rhythm they dance to.

My pillow is soaked and my lips are salty

A long hard stare in the mirror and puffy red eyes and burning hot cheeks
leave me with nothing less than hate for the one whos made me appear this way

**** love.

I was the one who took your ******* and I was the one always there
I loved you when you gave me a thousand reasons not to

I want to say no fair, but I was the one who took your *******,
and I was the one who loved and forgave you when I knew I shouldn’t have

My bad

But you see, there's something about a first love

He was never going to change
and deep down I knew that

I was stuck on the good memories
though the construction of those have came to a halt

I made myself vulnerable
and opened my heart to someone who never intended on keeping it safe.

One day, however, I will find myself freed from the madness and aching
and his image in my mind won't be so tense

And I will recover with the only medicine I ever needed,
self worth.
ZoeM Sep 16
Once upon a summer you encapsulated my dreams.

Your eyes enhanced my moonlight,
Your smile radiated my sunshine,
Your hands echoed home,
Your voice comforted my smile
Your skin became the canvas of my world.

Once upon a summer you encapsulated my dreams,



ktle Sep 7
you make me wish
i could stretch the seconds flat
so that my time with you can last forever.

we don’t know if we’ll still
hold each other close every morning
or have each other to lean on
years from now.

a year
a second

we might last forever
or we might become memories we ponder
when we reach a forever without each other.

but i will try
i will try to grasp your hand
as tightly as i can
as we approach the time ahead.

and even though we might not have a lifetime,
let us try to make it through what time has in store.
and if we don’t end  together
i pray that we can still glance at each other
from miles apart and still smile
at something that made
us dream about the slightest possibility
of a forever.
even if you’re not the one, i’m glad you’re here now
N Aug 25
Even if you have forgotten me, I will spend days thinking of you.

Even after our separation, the love I have for you will never fade.

Its been you since the start and it will always be you till the end.

I will love you always. You're forever in my heart ❤
I do come back
in dreams, lies
and broken down deja vu,
only I can't
find my way back to you.

I can't sneak out the old window,
I can't wait for the bus.
I can't write you letters.
I can't keep thinking of us.

How are you doing today?
I miss hearing your stories.
I miss hearing your laugh.
I miss being Eleanor.

(with references to Rainbow Rowell's "Eleanor and Park")
Sean Rosalez Aug 15
I miss putting my hands all over you.
I miss putting my lips on your parts
And when I blow
You you let out the sweetest sounds.
Your curves are just perfect.
Even the way your body glistens in the light is beautiful.
There isn’t any others like you.

You are broken now.
Many years of neglect.
You’re drying up and it’s my fault.
You don’t hold up like you used to.

I’ll love you again
And I will fix you.

I miss you
My sweet little saxophone ❤️
Siyana Aug 9
We were nine,
when we played in the woods,
wooden shields
and traded goods.
You climbed the tree,
when you fell on your knee,
and from the ground you called for me...

Seven years later,
we've distanced a slight.
You've got your friends,
I've got my pride.
Then all of a sudden,
fate brought you back,
before you know it,
we're back to our past.
But now we can drive,
and it's free and fun,
you put your hand on me
and i could touch the sun...
We pretended we forgot,
like nothing went on,
now, twenty years has past
what's done is done....

I've got my kids,
you've got your wife.
But in my heart,
I wonder what it would have been like...
If you were the dad,
If it were you and me...
But lets face the truth...
It never was, and it never will be..
A story about a woman who has a best friend from a young age, and when they grow into teenagers they catch feelings, but find it awkward so they avoid it, and when they're in their late thirties their lives are very different, and they cannot go back into their past, so they embrace their current, separate situations although she still holds a place for him in her heart.
ZoeM Aug 7
Walking away from you is like walking away from myself.

I have to find the strength to shed your light
Embrace my -OWN-
ZoeM Jul 17

These tears slide down my cheeks,
I wonder.

If I were to gather them all
and they formed an ocean,

Would you notice it then??
AnxiousOcean Jul 14
The flowers envied your every laughter
For thou art as vibrant as a city
When you smiled, I could hear the mouths’ murmur
And even Belle could not stand your beauty

Behind those miles of glasses were your eyes
Those eyes offered the gentle soul of thee
Can you still recall our dance? The pain sighs
Our memories still buzz like bees to me

Oh sun—so shiny, so shimmery—run
Bestow us the deafening peace I seek
For when the world swims beyond the ocean
Romeo’s love for Juliet would start to speak

You are the water that brought me to thirst
The moon knows that you’ll always be my first
Here's what I did following the Shakespearean sonnet rhyming scheme of abab-cdcd-efef-gg
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