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Neelam 2d
His blushed cheeks,
that subdued shyness,
Magical hues in his
vivid memories
of first love,

Kisses landed on my
lips softly like a butterfly,
Moments rendered by
unspoken words
immortalized in my heart.
I participated in today's writing prompt by Author Melisa Quigley and I must say I enjoyed writing this poem!
MELuhNEE Dec 2020
Sentimentality emanated from the Muzak
which loomed over my head.
Vivid memories seize my focus, out of line.

Encountering you paralyzes
my soul with dread.
The presence of you within my mind.

Aural reminiscence over song that
fell short to nothing but dead.
A hellhole of a batshit lover you are, a one of a kind.

M. 12/06/20
I miss those days when we used to be together, you batshit former lover.
Zane Smith Apr 30
all the time.
The night I let myself
love you entirely.
The way my brain
broke down from resistance
to the time left.
I've never FELT
that out of body.
adeadpoet Jul 2020
I was waltzing to the jazz
Done everything, leaving no dash
Could see the diamonds
Glistening in my gaze
In bel air,
I was paralyzed with happiness
But the barque of past
Borne back to me
Ceaselessly carrying the mess
With desire that never rest
Thought I was living my best
With the old money vibe
As my facade fave
Then I heard thou name again
My heart bestrew asunder apace
And that moment I knew
I was melancholy stuck
In my old same dreary age.
So actually this one was inspired by The Great Gatsby. It wasn't my best poem but yeah just wanted to share it and yep still learning.
Ten Mercado Apr 2
It was like the world’s
first thunderstorm
the rumbling began when
our hands touched

like the **** he is,
pushed me to
reach in for a kiss,
and because of lightning’s
true nature,
he surprised me
because you kissed back

from that day on,
I’ve always been hoping
the rainbows never end
Jenniff Hill Mar 26
i lay on my bed
writting poems, writting our lasts moments of love,
our memories.
Remembering myself why i fell in love with you
and why you're so worthy of every tear that has come through
my eyes.

I hope someday far away from this present your soul and mine
could connect the same way it once did.
In the meantime, may our souls be apart from each other.
For your good and for my bad.
This is a poem i wrote about my bestfriend who turns out to be the boy i fell in love with but we didnt work out because of a bad timing and a lack of comittment from his part.
10 years ago, I saw you next door, it skipped a beat
8 years ago, we talked for hours, till midnight
6 years ago, we fought, I cried, distanced myself
4 years ago, I'm ready to talk again, you already have someone
2 years ago, I dreamed, of us, woke with tears falling
I still see your silhouette, haunting me, need to move on
My Story of 10 Years
Delyla Nunez Feb 3
The grass smells sweet.
The breeze blows a warm wind,
Leaves floating from the trees and ground.
A beautiful day indeed.

Lightly moving a hand side to side,
The softness of the grass giving a sensation Indescribable.
A conversation so just and pure as a newborn.

Feeling safe and unworried.
Moments of happiness in a depressed mind.
The one thing known for sure.

A glance down.
Dog print
In the arms of his family Mar. 18, 1998
In the arms of Jesus Apr. 08, 2018
Grey and black granite block with a black and bronze plate on top.

Her safe place.
One day I’ll find someone as worthy as you were. Thank you for being around even though you’re no longer here.
I fell in love again,
This time it is so strong,
I never wanna let it go,
Nor I wanna turn it wrong

I am gonna keep your heart near my heart,
So that I could feel your breath beneath my skin,
I wanna feel the heat,
I want you to let me in,
The closer I get, the more I will know you,
You are the prince I am waiting for,
And I am the princess waiting for you,

The first look we exchanged,
The kiss we had,
It turned so strong,
I almost forgot my past,
I never felt the way I am feeling right now,
It's hard to explain when where and how?

Maybe I never understood the meaning of love before,
Now I know it's sweet, mercy, heaven, and more...
I want to give myself in
So can I trust you?
Can I trust that you will never break my heart?
That I gave you?
Will you be mine forever, just like my fairytale?
Just like the prince fell in love with the princess
Over over and again?
Do you promise to be mine, now, forever, and then?
This is a poem I wrote when I fell in love with my boyfriend
morgan Jan 27
Remember when we used to stay up until 6 am
The sun would be rising
Laughing incessantly at something you said
While the world was in a deep sleep
I was awake and dreaming

Staying up all night, not thinking it through
Body and soul on the verge of collapse
However, I only wanted you
To say something that would make butterflies inside
Fly crazy in my heart and mind

Now we wake to the sounds
Of alarm clocks and honking horns
But just a short time ago, we were saying goodnight
At 6 in the morning
When the oxytocin high had me soaring
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