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When you have your heartbroken for the first time,
It feels your world lost one of its many wonders
And you wonder how its going to spin
When you have been completely thrown off your axis
When he leaves you in the middle of the journey
And takes the map, too
But don't worry you will get there
Just not anytime soon
You'll float around like a hot air balloon
Full of hot air, not knowing what to do
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

I would be lying if I told you
That the rest of your travels would be clear,
Because, my dear, if it was love
It doesn't disappear, for love isn't a feeling
Its an atmosphere, and some clouds will move with you
One road to the next, and sometimes you will take
A huge breath and miss him all over again
When it rains it pours; and it will pour on you
You will stop in your tracks and forget where you're going
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

Please, don't forget to fall in love again,
Keep your arm extended and your eyes open
Just because your heart is broken,
Doesn't make it dead; it'll be resurrected
With every grain of sand in the hour glass
Don't be defined by what you once thought to be true
That you will never fall in love with another
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do

I cannot lie and say you wont still cry some nights
Though it can subside for years at a time
Some songs will hit you in the wrong spot
Or on the wrong night, and you'll forget
You cant call or write him anymore,
Sometimes your heart with empathize with thunderstorms
When it rains it pours; and it will pour on you
You can miss someone forever
Not everyone will understand, so I will tell you
Its okay if you do
Its okay if you do
Giving a little light and empathy for those who will always love their first love.
Zuzanna 2d
If only I knew
How your laughter sounds like
How your hands fit in mine
How your kiss lingers on
Then maybe I'd know
If I'm really in love.
Guess who has a long distance relationship with the cutest ******* earth?? Its me ******* Too bad I'm literally in a different country rn ****
Black and white,
Try as you might,
The heart, body, soul and mind,
A humble boy and a sharp tongued girl albeit with a warm heart,
Their personalities were a world apart,
Found balance for over two and a half years,
A love so pure and true despite the occasionally shed tears,
Walking precariously along a tight rope,
filled with dreams and hope,
Her sharp tongue was what finally snapped the rope in half!
Filled with regret and undying love
They'll forever carry those sweet memories and always pray for each others well-being to the one above.
Never can really forget your first love can you?
If I told you I love you,
would that be enough.
If I told you, you are the only thing I think about,
would you give us another chance.
If I learned how to communicate,
would you take me back.
If I told you I loved you
would you say it back?
Sillva Nov 10
There are phrases that I cannot explain when I speak to you.
Maybe it's  just a thought or maybe I've gone soft.
Like the clouds thinking its cotton candy, passed memories made  

Tears that
made Rain.

Roses I met indeed,
but let here rose peddles leading my scents to other messes.
My passion became no more an made the seas quiet.
Juliet WAS the name for all my lovers.
Juliet WAS only a costume to hide there names.
An empire I created with flirts
But it BURSTED -
out into flames
an became my worse nightmares
an my worst pains.
Trying to cover the sun with just a finger
Blindly out shined by it's own beauty.
A Mystery
Where misery has chased me,
An started to become Happy endings.
Errors paint my screen beneath the dark
Unworthy to ever press spellcheck.

Maybe is a curse of ur endless beauty
or has my eyes seen through  your purity.
A world of matters
Where I have dissolved my pasted.
To tell my thoughts that they have never forgotten you.
An say opportunities come rarely,  an let me be your overcoat when NightFalls.
                                          Yours Truly
Edith Leal Nov 6
For years I kept my pain on the low
I couldn’t show you the lasting effect, I couldn’t let you know.
I was in a vulnerable state and my pain was real
It was the scariest thing that my heart did feel.

You did not have any consideration of saving me from the pain,
My vision of love did not remain the same because in it you left behind a stain.
Countless times I almost gave in and chased after you,

But you were so cruel.

You thought giving me false hopes was amusing and cool.

You turned me into your fool.

But I am better now because I realize that it’s just the way life goes
I keep making gold out of the things that life throws.
You taught me love, you taught me patience and you taught me pain
Now I no longer crave you,
I no longer search for you because now I am sane.
Now and again I begin to miss you because of who you were, but I recognize that it was only a facade of who you really are.
Ollie D Nov 4
Butterflies in my
Stars in my
A grin on your
You are my
New feelings ahhhh
I don't know how to start,
Believing with this beginner's luck,
With you here inside my heart,
which I haven't sealed with lock

I don't know what to say
When you're always mouthing, you're okay.

At the end of the day,
Our smiles definitely fade away.

I don't know why we had to end our story
When everything I did, I was not really sorry.

I don't know where did I pulled out this guts
-To try once again
Despite of what you said I've already lost your trust
-Pain, we both gain

I really don't know when we fell out of love
Or maybe we haven't felt it from the start
Dedicated to those who fell in love for the first time.
Lost Soul Nov 1
Dear J
when everything happened the way it did
I thought I'd never be okay
I wanted to end my life
stop being a burden
stop hurting other people
give in to the knife
these past months have changed me
I had no one to talk to
I sat at home
I hated myself , didn't know who to be
thank you for breaking my heart
I guess I had to fall on my face
reach rock bottom
to wanna fight for myself
to realize i need a new start
I still struggle everyday to get out of bed
I cant eat meals
demons occupy my head
but I'm going to live for me now
no longer will I be silenced
or be pushed down
I need to be me
unapologetically me
scarred, broken me
spontaneous me
i need to love me
Absent Smile Oct 20
I feel odd.
No, odd couldn't possibly describe
how I feel at this moment. Its frustration
mixed with gleefulness. Tears paired with a smile.
My muted lips listening to my screaming mind.
I feel a joyous-sadness, like I could dance at wakes
or mourn for a birth. Beating hearts seem to have stopped
as I shriek for undying love. The stars glow a colourful darkness
and the planets rotate in a square. I ascend from
****'s cotton-candy clouds and climb from the depths of heaven.
To love is to sin and to hate is what they praise.
My trees uproot themselves to find a place to drown.
The weeds are what I desire and flowers are a disgrace.
You, my dear, have caused earthquakes to
shake my sturdy world
and nothing is as I thought it was.

{if only you could feel this unease too.
but alas, this cannot be.
even if the brazen skies overhead became a maddening red
with the ocean of darkness made from our galaxy's shadow
spilling between newly found holes in our atmosphere;

even if the laws of gravity made us fall from above
and down towards the dark soil of this earth
whose seeds are planted with the intent of dishonesty
plaguing the lives of all those who dance on the ground;

even if our bodies ceased to exist from this reality,
so that you could no longer see my nervous glances and flushed cheeks,
and the thoughts of each other were the only ideas that drifted
between the turning planets and flickering stars;

you will never love me.

i know that there is no love that you can give to me.
that there is no unease when you think of me.
kisses from my desperate lips will never smother yours
nor shall our fingers adore how they entwined perfectly
between the spaces of our rough hands.

yes, you bring a certain kind of wonderfulness to my life,
one that allows me to carry a radiant smile
but you have brought a certain kind of pain too,
one that is the cause of clenched hearts and
glassy eyed teens trying to keep the darkness from their minds.}

I wonder, {i wonder,}
is this what first love feels like?
{is this what an unrequited love feels like?}

I hope {i truly hope that one day}
you feel this love too. {you'll feel this pain too.}
Sometimes I wonder if I'll remain in the beautiful, yet frightening state of first love.
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