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Serendipity Jun 20
Here's to the guy I'll never have,
Tell me what's like to lose the one who loved you,
And choose the one who 'settled' for you.
Years down the line, when there's no fire in your life,
Would you the miss the warmth, my love brought in your life?

I never truly got to know you,
but god! I really tried to,
You were like a movie I couldn't understand,
would've given everything to know what goes inside your head.
But even with the things i didnt know,
I knew it would only make my love grow.

Sometimes I'd lay awake at night,
Wondering where you go,
When things get hard and life takes a toll,
Do you look for arms to run and hide
Or do you to drown it with whisky or wine?

What's the song that always gets you on your feet,
Or the movie that always makes you weep?
What's the memory you hold close to your heart,
Or the wish you make under a shooting star?

To be with you was never a daydream but a prayer for me,
But sometimes, just sometimes I'd allow myself to think how it would be,

And i would see us ,at midnight, wide awake
Dancing around the kitchen, wondering what to bake.
You complain how I have the worst taste in songs,
But when my favourite song played, i catch you singing along.

But let's acknowledge the sad reality, shall we?
That's it's only in my mind where exist a 'you and me'.

I know, I should have told you how i felt,
But how can I, when you have your arms wrapped around someone else?
I hate the fact that you couldn't see,
Something as bright as the sun and loud as the sea.
You should have looked a little longer in my eyes,
You should have noticed the crack of my voice in our goodbyes,
There, you would've found my love,
Overflowing and overwhelming, escaping with all its might.

Now, this half written story will get locked in a cage,
Where it'll collect dust in every page.
Because I am everything you'll ever need
But nothing you'll ever want.
You're everything I'll ever want
But nothing I can ever have.

Here's to the guy I'll never have,
It took me a while to Mean it when I say,
"I hope she makes u happy and
I hope she makes you stay".
I thought I was done,
I thought words will bleed no more.
Yet, here I am, looking at nothing
thinking and writing about you.
Will this anguish and longing ever end?
Marga 梅香 Apr 29
nobody felt the way you do,
nobody showed affection like you do.
the moment i gazed into your eyes,
i knew i want to be a part of your life.

you knew i was hesitant to commit
and my inner feelings — i never did admit.
you made me breakthrough that shell
because you loved me so well.

thank you for all your understanding,
and forgive me for my foolishness;
with you, i'll always choose a love that's everlasting,
i hope we spend a longer time of togetherness.
Delyla Nunez Apr 9
Delyla and Gabe,
Sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
Then comes our dreams,
You went away and I was left to stay.
Our first kiss was up in a tree, all because you saw the way my eyes lit up to climbing. I miss you so **** much and 4 years still feels like yesterday..
Gabriel Isaiah Dion Martinez
•03•18•98 - 04•08•18•
You have your eyes on someone else
I am happy gazing at the shell
It's a nagging zeitgeist, well
I tried to keep a pretence
Could you tell?

I spinned in endless circles
Blinded by the sparkles
Thought there will be tell-tales
Measured self on  bad scales
Contemporary delusions hail
Careful calculations also fail

I am trying to move on
From something
That was only drawn
In my thoughts, which pawned
My heart, which still prolongs

Tell me
What should I do?
Everyday I am filled with blues
I could throw this forever
If I knew a little, how to!
Or if I had the slightest clue!
Trying to make it to the end
By trying to pretend
That you will comprehend it all!
It all, one some weekend

Listening to TS
Imagining scenarios, O yes!
This could be us
She says
But the world is our nemesis

You have your eyes on others
Might have a couple of lovers
I just shudder and hover
On love songs’ acoustics and covers

I know if we become a thing
You’ll break up and say it was a fling
I will write sad songs and sing
And give my friends a ring

You have your eyes on someone else
I am happy gazing at the shell
It's a nagging zeitgeist, well
I tried to keep a pretense
Could you tell?
vanessa marie Feb 20
im addicted to you
to your laugh and your smiles
your "i havent seen you around in a while" 's
and i've made most of it up in my mind anyway
i romanticize the little things
like your bedroom and the way your t shirt clings
i can see our future so clearly its scary
its not happily ever after by any means
but its enough for now
its enough for us in our teens
giovanna Feb 4
O ar desapareceu dos meus pulmões
Senti como se o hidrogênio tivesse tomado seu lugar
O tempo parou naquele momento e eu me vi em queda infinita
Dentro de um planeta que não tem chão
Dentro de um sentimento sem previsão
Eu corri, e quando senti seus braços, a temperatura derrepente ja passava dos mil
Não contei e nem tive tempo antes que o vento daquela imensa mancha vermelha me levasse consigo
Não há foguete que conseguiria me buscar
Eu não me importaria de chegar ao núcleo
nem mesmo de ser esmagada pela pressão
Então eu suplico, deixe Jupiter me levar
esse poema é especial para mim!
escrevi com base em
memórias que eu tenho da
primeira vez que eu o vi.
meu pitico, meu gatinho, meu yu
te amo.
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