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Rhesus Monkey Jan 14
Rosyln-- Bon Iver, St. Vincent.
I can't think about you anymore. Don't hold me down.
Sleepwalk-- Opus Dai
I would rather be dead than live without you.
Goner-- Twenty One Pilots
I wish you were here. I'm nothing without you. There you are. I see you within me. Someone, please help me.
Wasting My Young Years-- London Grammar
I'm wasting so much time on you. Nothing I ever did for you mattered. You're just selfish. You took away my childhood.
Another Love-- Tom Odell
I'm done crying for people. I loved you, but you let me down.
Out Loud-- Dispatch
If you called my name, I'd come running...
High & Low-- EZA
I don't want to think about you anymore. I thought you loved me. Now I just want you to leave me alone.
I Know-- Sharon Van Etten
I can't believe you lied to me for so long. Why her? You see me crying... I know you see it. How can you do this to me?
Almost Lover-- A Fine Frenzy
We could have been together... you were just a snake. Or a mistake...
Speak-- William Fitzsimmons
Gut-wrenching anger is all I feel for you. I will never speak of you again.
Sleeping Sickness-- City and Colour
I am no one. I feel nothing. I know I need help. **** the help.
Hold On-- Tom Waits
Homesick. On the edge of killing myself. Just hold on, you'll be okay.
Bleed Out-- Blue October
You keep stabbing me in the heart over and over... One more time and I will bleed out.
The Universe-- Gregory Alan Isakov
I am the universe. I am beautiful, and necessary. I can live without you in a way that is tolerable.
In order.. From 2015 to 2018. Every song so far that made me feel something for you. And I hate you for it.
In a crowd full of strangers, you're still the first I see.
With so much on my mind, you're still the first thought.
Somehow you always end up as first to me.
You are my most favorite soft spot.

I wouldn't consider you my first love,
but I can consider you as the best one.
I haven't been on here for a while, this is an old draft of mine.
Penny Rhode Jan 11
We talked last night- you and me
I’m engaged but we talked
I held myself back
I left you on read
It felt good
But it felt like we never dated
I’ve been waiting to get back to that point
Were you and I don’t glare
Where we can talk and it’s not a fight
You’re in love and so am I
We lost our battle
But won separate wars
We talked last night

We talked last night- you and me
Were both taken but we talked
Less than five minutes, not one of us blocked
Not one of us yelling-
Not one of us crying
We talked last night-
I’ve been waiting for this
Two years and it’s finally here
No more hate- No more love
It’s a conclusion we left undone

We talked last night- you and me
For once we just talked
Penny Rhode Jan 11
Tell me you still think about me
Tell me you watch to see me wrists
Please tell me you once again want to be
Tell me that we haven’t had our last kiss
Say that you hate to see me cry
Kiss my forehead as I stain your shirt
Tell me you’d hate to see me die
Lie and say you can take away the hurt
Lay with me and watch the stars
Tell me we finally see that same sky
Tell me to forget all the scars
Hold me when I begin to cry
Tell me it will finally be okay
Hold me in place until the shaking stops
Say you’re coming back to stay
Forget the past and all our flops
Say you don’t really hate me
Tell me the last 3 months were just a joke
Tell me what you once saw you again see
Tell me so that I can finally cope
To answer what I want you to say
Just tell me you’re still in love
Penny Rhode Jan 7
I hung her from the ceiling of a stairwell.

Looking down on two lovers pressed together
forced to watch upon her soulless sinful body,
as it allows foreign hands to mutilate her morals.
The arch of her back from being limp and lifeless.
Tears fall from her face,
each kiss tightens the noose.
The two mistake her tears as paralyzing pleasure.
She grinds her body to his hoping to become one.
For if they are one, is this truly wrong?
She envisions wedding bells,
hoping that her delusion will forge the knife that frees her.
She truly believes her breathless state is a result of pure ecstasy.
Unknowing that the further down his hands go,
the closer she comes to the grips of hells fire.

The rope breaks crippling her life

She falls to her knees suffocating.
He takes advantage of her weakened state,
her tears bring him joy
Breathing falls flat as he leaves her there
Hopelessly she grasps at his ankles
Screaming as regret cuts her wrists
One step at a time the vision of him disappears.
As her body cries in the corner,
Her soul lies in a pool of red regret

She, died in a stairwell.
Penny Rhode Jan 7
Our souls were intertwined
Lying in a pit of darkness.
You point out a constellation,
To me the sky remains blank.

All I see is you
All you see is what’s beyond

The Earth drifts from the Moon
4 centimeters each year.
You drift from me
4 days each hour.

A year, an eternity for planets,
A day, an eternity for us.
Penny Rhode Jan 7
He had this divine seduction
Like when you meet God or the Devil

My love for him was shallow
as the Aral Sea.

He was immaculate.


He had a beauty,
held by none,

a voice that hummed
like the flute of a snake charmer,

and eyes that gleamed
like the dead of night.

He could draw you in,
with just a wicked grin.

An Angel of God, that boy was,
And I worshiped him just the same.
Marissa Aug 2017
I still think about you sometimes
I'll still glance at your house when I pass by your road
I'll still hope you're safe when I hear the lightning strike
I'll still answer the phone when you call at 4am and I'm drunk
Or maybe, sometimes, even when I'm not
You'll always be my first love
And I'll always hope you'll never forget me
I still know how you take your coffee
And how you prefer baths
But your legs are too long to sit comfortably
You’re all long limbs and bones
Soft skin and freckles

I remember falling in love through a computer screen
Watching your hair grow out  
As we grew apart

Sixteen was magic for me
I met you and never went back
Even now I remember the curves of your back
And the night of our first date
Ice cream in May never felt more right

You still have my sweater
I still have forgotten hair ties
And your dads hat from a few summers ago
I can’t let go of you completely
You have a piece of me forever
And I don’t want it back
I just want to see you again
So I can thank you for loving me
When nobody else could
Taylor Renee Dec 2018
We're both staring at the T.V.
But we don't see the same thing
Yea, we're both watching National Geographic
But I'm looking at a pond
And you're looking at the sea.
We're both staring at the T.V.
But we don't feel the same thing.
You're moved by the ways of Mother Earth
I'm unbothered, cold as a winter day's dirt.
We're both staring at the T.V.
But we don't hear the same thing.
You're at peace with nature
I'm a freak of nature
The wind is calm to you
While to me they're spinning and breaking at different magnitudes

Baby we're both in this bed but we don't see the same thing.
You're hot.
I'm not.
We're in this bed but we don't feel the same thing.
You're cold.
I'm cold.
We're in this same bed but you don't hear what I hear.
Your distant.
I'm Reminiscent.
I wanted you every time
But my body was not yours and yours was not of mine.
I can remember that first time
Natural lubricant and still your love was dry.
Were you in me?
Or in her because I saw no compassion in your eyes.
Bittersweet this moment, because you were someone special
my first love and first time.
Oh how I was disposable.
Controllable, foldable, moldable
We were in the same bed, but we didn't want to watch the same thing.
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